80+ Foods that start with N (Dishes, Snack, Cocktail, Drinks, Healthy Foods, Vegetarian, Desserts)

The list of foods that start with N is not as extensive as some other letters in the alphabet, but there are still a few contenders that make this letter worth knowing. It’s not all about kale and nut butter, though, either. The most delicious savory dish probably starts with N and comes only from a word in Latin.

This list of foodstuffs containing the letter N intends to teach you new insight into food preparation techniques and taste preferences. If you’re ready to embrace your inner-Nerd even more than usual, then this article is for you!

Foods that start with N

Foods that start with N

Dishes that start with N

Nabe, or Japanese hot pot

A traditional form of Japanese food is often used to prepare larger amounts of food for parties. The dish is a selection of food boiled in a large pot in hot water.

Napa cabbage

Also known as Chinese cabbage, this savory vegetable is chosen because it is the first vegetable cultivated by Chinese farmers from the wild variant Brassica rapa chinensis. 

It is also known as Chinese cabbage or gai lan, and is widely popular in Asia as a healthy side dish or starter for Taiwanese and Indian dishes.


No matter which kind of noodles you choose, they’re all delicious and good for your nutritional needs. This word means “the practice or art of preparing and serving food with the use of a long, flexible piece of dough that is pliable enough to be squashed into the desired shape.” Noodles are consumed throughout Asia and Europe as a main dish or side dish for various dishes.



Noodle soup

A bowl of noodles in broth is often enjoyed in many parts of Asia. There are many different varieties such as ramen which comes in several different types including tonkatsu udon, shoyu ramen, and chicken ramen, but the most common variety is probably Chinese-style noodles in soup. Eating noodles have long been known to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, so why not indulge in a nice bowl of soup now and then?

Nut Butter

If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you might be interested in learning that this word has an almost identical Chinese translation: 花生黃油. According to folklore, a man named Marcellus Gilmore Edson was obsessed with creating a creamier version of peanut butter that he had first eaten while growing up on his family’s farm. 

This man named the new food “nama-hara” or “strong soil,” and thus the complete name of this whole-food, natural cereal food is “nut butter.”


There are countless kinds however if you’re looking to buy them already roasted and at your local supermarket, you probably want to get peanuts and almonds. There are many other varieties that nearly all people will recognize as ‘nuts’ though: cashews, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc.



Nshima, or nsima

This dish is a staple for many Africans and is also popular with the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. It’s a cereal dish made from cornmeal and beans or meat. It is usually served with either milk or sugar syrup.

Nsom or nsum (blackeyed peas)

These are the signature ingredient of African stews and are especially popular in New Orleans cuisine. The most popular variety in any recipe is the black-eyed pea, though there are also red-eyed varieties that make a delicious addition to a hot toddy cocktail if you’re feeling daring!


The long, hollow spine of this fish is a noodle-like shape. It’s also known as the “eel catfish” and is often caught in Africa. This fish is also known as the wormfish, snake eel, and still.




These are the leaves of a succulent. Some people enjoy the taste, while others consider them too bitter to be palatable. This vegetable is also known as Opuntia ficus-indica var. Albopilosa or prickly pear, and it’s popular in Mexican cuisine and also in China and Taiwan. It’s not something you see on an everyday basis, but it is certainly worth trying once in a while!

Snack Foods that start with N


Popular snack food is often served at sporting events. These chips are made up of corn tortillas, melted cheese, and your choice of meat toppings. 

This word comes from the Spanish word for ‘toasted,’ and it’s worth noting that when you’re eating nachos, you’ll probably want to get a good nacho cheese sauce.


This vegetable has the same name in Chinese as nopales and is often served in salads or cooked with eggs. It can be eaten raw as a snack or added to quesadillas or a number of recipes.

The flavor is described as being sour with a slightly bitter taste towards the root end of the cactus segment. This item is also known as cactus fruit or maguey.


Nutella [brand name]

Nutella is an Italian brand that produces two different kinds of chocolate hazelnut spread, one with whole hazelnuts and another with ground hazelnuts. If you’re in China, you might be looking for something a little closer to this brand’s Chinese translation: 花生露.

Niu Rou Mian or beef noodle soup

Northern China is known for this dish. It’s made up of noodles that are boiled in broth, which is then added to by green onions, garlic chives, and chili peppers. The broth contains bits of beef and your choice of vegetables.

Nougat [or with “nou” as a suffix]

According to folklore, this candy is named after the town of Nogent-sur-Marne in France because it was first produced there around 1690. This chewy candy was created by boiling sugar with honey and nuts until the mixture reaches a soft and malleable texture. 

It was first thought to be a torte, but the process of making nougat has been discovered to be a very different one. This sweet treat is often eaten with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. This word translates as “a mixture of honey, nuts, and sugar” in French.



Numbat meat

This delicious meal is made from native Australian animals – the mother wombats. Their diet consists mostly of grasses and leaves which leaves them with incredibly low amounts of Vitamin C, so when they’re killed for their meat it’s dried and then uses as food for humans. According to legend, it was the Numbat that saved the explorer Burke and Wills when they were lost in the Australian Outback in 1860. 

Despite the fact that this meat is said to have a “numbing effect” on your tongue, it’s still quite high in Vitamin C. People also enjoy eating this meat on its own or stuffed inside bread or puddings. This word translates as “camelid tree rat.”


Instead of making mashed potatoes out of these delicious morsels, you’ll want to choose a healthier snack that has less fat and carbohydrate than traditional potato chips such as baked chips.


This Indonesian dish is a spicy chicken salad that’s often served with steamed rice and other side dishes. It is similar to a taco salad, but the chicken filling is made from roasted or fried chicken hearts, lungs, and livers. Some varieties also include candlenuts and gula Melaka (palm sugar). 

This dish is often associated with grandmothers, as it was developed by women in Asian households. Many people enjoy this dish on festive occasions, as celebrations like Hari Raya Puasa (Hari Raya Aidilfitri), Diwali (the Festival of Lights), and Christmas will feature many nonya recipes.



Negg [brand name]

Neggs are candy from Australia that you can find at any candy shop. Neggs are made up of sweetened condensed milk and coconut, and they come in a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, mango, and even coffee creamer. This brand also offers negg varieties that include mini eggs in the middle of the candy (you can see an example here ). 

A fun name for cherries that are used in many liqueurs. There’s a story behind how this food got its delicious name: during the Black Plague in Europe, people noticed that birds were dying off en mass, so they ate them out of desperation.

Cocktail Recipes that start with N

Negroni [Italian]

This Italian cocktail is made of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, plus a dash of orange bitters. It was named after Count Negroni who asked for his Americano to be made with gin instead.


This cocktail is also known as a “constitution” because it was once referred to as a “bloody constitution.” It’s made from Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white. For those of you who enjoy sourness in your cocktails, this one has just the right amount!


Many people drink alcoholic drinks in the evening after work to relax and wind down before bedtime. This drink is a combination of whiskey and brandy and was the original sleep potion for hangovers.




This cocktail is made of gin, curacao, and lemon juice and is served shaken, not stirred.

Never on a Sunday [Greek]

This cocktail is a sweet wine mixed with lemon juice, water, and sugar syrup. It’s often used as a hangover cure or as an after-dinner drink.  

It was named after the 1960 movie of the same name starring Melina Mercouri, which takes place at a tavern in Athens called Never on Sunday.

Norwegian Apple

Some people are more familiar with this Danish drink than others, but this cocktail is often enjoyed by both Norwegians and Danes. It’s a mixture of gin, Campari, blue curacao, and cranberry syrup. This cocktail has also been seen on The Simpsons. It was referred to as “Norwegian Skyrocket” on the show.

Norwegian Apple cocktail

Norwegian Apple cocktail

Normans [brand name]

This type of wine is traditionally made in the Normandy region of France that borders England. This drink has been around since the 14th century and is usually set out with salad or cheese to go along with it.  

It may have originated from an English recipe that later made its way to France through trade routes.  The wine is usually a full-bodied red with a greenish tinge.

Noilly Prat [French]

This cocktail is made of cognac, vermouth, and bitters and has a bittersweet taste. It’s considered to be one of the first mixed drinks that were created in the late 19th century. 

The word “Prat” comes from the French term, “préféré,” which means “preferred one.” So this drink may have been named for its preference over similar drinks made at that time in France.

Noddy [brand name]

This type of drink comes in a variety of colors and flavors, but they’re all based on brandy and lemon juice that’s mixed with water or ginger ale.  One color, in particular, that’s been gaining popularity is pink, which is also known as “Noddy Pink.”   

This drink was created by an Englishman who took his favorite cocktail and added raspberry syrup to it at the family grocer – hence the name “Noddy.”



Nootka Sound

This drink is made with triple sec, gin, and orange juice. The cocktail is named after Nootka Sound in British Columbia, Canada.

Drinks that start with N

Nantucket [brand name]

This brand of the cocktail comes in several variations. This drink is often enjoyed on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts that’s known for its many beaches and parties. This drink is made with gin, white rum, lime juice, and coconut cream.

Nanaimo [brand name]

This Canadian brand is often enjoyed on Vancouver Island in British Columbia at any type of summer event or party. The cocktail begins with Canadian whisky, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine syrup. 

This may be a very popular choice for backyard barbeques this summer!  The flavors of this drink are followed by a sweet chocolate floral taste added from the strawberry grenadine syrup mixture.


This Italian cocktail is made of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, plus a dash of orange bitters. It was named after Count Negroni who asked for his Americano to be made with gin instead.


Nxivm [Brand name]

This brand may be more familiar to followers of the television show “The Apprentice.” This drink is a mixture of iced tea and vodka. Many people do not realize that this drink was actually named after the Nxivm cult, which was started by sex-trafficking guru Keith Raniere, who’s sometimes known as “Vanguard” to his followers.

Nr. 3 [brand name]

These liqueurs are also known as “Pineau des Charentes” and are made from sangria that’s blended with cognac. It’s become very popular in France, Spain, and the Philippines.  The brand name “Nr. 3” was inspired by the brandy that was smuggled out of Cognac during the early 1900s before WWI. The co-founder, Georges Duboeuf, decided to keep this recipe a family secret, which is why all bottles of Nr. 3 have numbers instead of letters on their labels.

Nyetimber [brand name]

This type of wine is made in the United Kingdom and has a lower acidity than other wines. These wines are also known as sparkling wines that can be served throughout the year. It’s often used in cocktails and is an excellent choice for white sangria champagne.



Noilly Prat [French]

This cocktail is made of cognac, vermouth, and bitters and has a bittersweet taste. It’s considered to be one of the first mixed drinks that were created in the late 19th century. The word “Prat” comes from the French term, “préféré,” which means “preferred one.” So this drink may have been named for its preference over similar drinks made at that time in France.


This cocktail combines a full-bodied red wine that’s mixed with white wine and then shaken with some orange juice and ice. It’s often served in South Africa as an after-dinner drink.  The word “tombs” means “sister” in the Xhosa language of the Zulu people.


This type of drink is a Greek cocktail that begins with green muscat wine that’s mixed with gin, lemon juice, honey and water. It’s often garnished with oranges or lemons on the rim of the glass to give it some extra flavor.

Healthy Foods that start with  N

Natural Fruits and Vegetables [brand name]

This brand is based in New York and specializes in healthy food, drinks, and snacks that are all organic. Founded decades ago, the company is still operating today.  Anyone who’s familiar with the brand may receive their quarterly magazine called “The Naturalist.”

Natural Fruits and Vegetables

Natural Fruits and Vegetables

Noni Juice

This juice is usually made from the fruit of a tropical tree that’s native to Polynesia, Australia, and Southeast Asia. This drink is said to have amazing health benefits like improving energy, mental function, and even digestive health. 

It’s also known to be an anti-inflammatory, which makes it a great option for anyone who’s dealing with sore muscles or aching.


This fruit is native to the South Pacific and has also been grown in many parts of Southeast Asia. The fruit has a very strong smell and tastes that only improve when pickled. It’s often used as medicine because it contains an enzyme called “nonimin.” This enzyme is said to destroy bacteria that cause food poisoning and ulcers.


This spice is made from the dried kernel of an East Indian fruit. It’s often used in Thai food and desserts, but it has also been used to help relieve coughing and digestive issues.



Navel Oranges

These oranges are grown in California, Colorado, and Arizona. They have thin skins and a sweet, juicy taste with a hint of bitterness. 

The fruit was chosen for its round shape and looks it was born to be on the dessert menu or on the cocktail menu! The round shape also makes it easier for bartenders to make margaritas when they’re not using coupe glasses!

Neapolitan (ice cream)

This ice cream is made after the traditional recipes of Italy that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The Italian flag on top of the scoop at Neapolitan means that this ice cream is made with all-natural milk, sweetened with honey, and dusted with cocoa powder.

Nectarines [brand name]

These are nectarines that are plump and sweet with a tinge of sourness. They were discovered in India and China, but now they’re grown all over the world in warm climates. The fruit is a natural choice for pairing with pomegranate syrup or for making other delicious desserts like scones or cheesecake!

Niu Lani

This drink is made of a delicious blend of guava nectar and pineapple juice. It’s also made with natural flavors and preservatives.  Many consumers enjoy these types of drinks after working out or after swimming laps at a pool.

Nutmeg Cookies [brand name]

These cookies are based in Washington state and are considered to be some of the best, healthy cookies in the world. They’re most famous for their thick chocolate chip cookies but they’re also known for their double chocolate cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, and sugar-free peanut butter cookies!

Nutmeg Cookies

Nutmeg Cookies

Nature’s Way Foods [brand name]

This company is based in Utah and specializes in natural foods that are made from “whole-food ingredients” (meaning they contain nothing artificial or synthetic).   “Nature’s Way” has been around since 1968.

Vegetarian dishes that start with N


This dish is a Japanese dish made from fermented soybean paste and it’s known for its “unique smell and strong flavor.”  It’s also very sticky, which is why it’s often served with rice. The beans used to make this dish are called “nattō” and are very high in protein.

Nopal Cactus

This cactus plant is native to Mexico, but it’s now grown in many tropical climates around the world. The cactus has been used as food since 6000 BC! It’s known for its crunchy texture and sour flavor. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Nopal Cactus

Nopal Cactus


This Japanese dish is often made with sweet potatoes that are cooked in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, butter, and mirin. It’s said to have its origins in China during the Han dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD).

Nutritional Yeast

This food is made from the yeast that’s grown on molasses and it’s used by vegetarians to give their food some extra flavor! It’s a nutritious food that’s rich in protein, B vitamins, and fiber. Nutritional yeast can be used to top salads or casseroles.


This ingredient is often used to create tofu. It also contains calcium and magnesium which are both essential for bone health and muscle growth. Refined nigari is often added to processed foods like soy milk and soy ice cream, but it can also be added directly to other foods too!


This dish is made with the fish of the bullhead catfish and it’s served in a traditional South African meal. This dish is usually made with the entire fish, including its head and guts. It’s eaten with a light sauce that often includes onions, garlic, and chilies!

Niçoise Olives

These olives are an amazing healthy snack that can be eaten as a “spread” or “finger food.” They’re often sold by the jar at grocery stores and they’re also used in recipes!   They’re very small and slender, which makes them fantastic for munching on.

Niçoise Olives

Niçoise Olives

Neat’s [brand name]

Neat’s has been around since 1885 and it makes different types of natural peanut butter. Its peanut butter is all non-GMO and it doesn’t use any oils or preservatives in its product.

Neat’s makes peanut butter that is similar to the classic brands of peanut butter, but it also makes “chocolate” and “honey roasted” flavors.

Nutritious Foods [brand name]

This company is based in New York and it specializes in healthy breakfast foods. It’s known for its oatmeal, bread, and granola products. Nutritious Foods is best known for its “squeeze-to-open” containers! 

This is different from traditional syrup bottles. Its containers are wide and flat with round edges that make them easy to squeeze open even if they’re stored on a shelf or in a drawer.

Natural Maple Syrup

Sap from maple trees is used to make this syrup. It’s often used to sweeten breakfast foods or desserts, but it can also be cooked with as well! Maple syrup gets its flavor from evaporation. 

Many people enjoy cooking with maple syrup because the syrup can be used in place of honey in baking recipes.

Desserts that start with N


Naan is an Indian flatbread that’s served in many different types of restaurants. It’s often served with butter or margarine and it can be eaten with meat, fish or even vegetable curries!



Nyonya [brand name]

This Malaysian dish is often eaten as a main dish but it’s also a popular snack. It’s made with ground meat and vegetables that are fried together and it can be served with rice. It’s often topped off with sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, chili garlic sauce and sambal oelek.


Nolenuts are a protein bar that has the health benefits of almonds without the bitterness of raw almonds! This bar is made from ground almonds with additional ingredients like sunflower seeds, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract!  These bars do not contain any oil or artificial additives so they’re free from most common allergens as well!

Nyiai [brand name]

This product is a sweet fruit that’s similar to a lychee. It’s used to make jams and jellies and it can also be eaten fresh! Nyiai is a common snack in Thailand.

Nooba [brand name]

Nooba is a Japanese noodle dish that’s often enjoyed during the summer months. It’s said to get its name from the noodles of the dish, which are “cloud-like” and “springy.” Whether it’s hot or cold, this dish tastes great. Nooba usually includes seaweed, vegetables, and tuna, but it’s sometimes made with chicken, beef, or even crab meat!



Nuts About Berries

These fruit snacks are 100% natural and they’re considered to be one of the healthiest desserts on the market today. They’re made with real fruit and high-quality ingredients like sunflower seeds, chia seeds, Brazilian nuts, and coconut flakes.

Olives, Pickled

These pickled olives are called “picholine” olives and they are often served with sausage or salami in a sandwich or on a plate! They’re slow-roasted to give them their salty flavor.


This nut is also known as “Brazil nut” and it’s very popular in Brazil. It’s roasted for a few minutes to give it its rich flavor and it’s often enjoyed alone or served with chocolate! Nuez can be eaten raw or cooked.


This traditional Korean dish is made from mixed vegetables and noodles. It’s served in a hot broth and it often has a spicy soy sauce flavor.



Final Thoughts on Foods that start with N

I hope you enjoyed this list of the healthiest desserts and snacks that start with the letter N! I tried to include a variety of healthy foods so you could mix some different ingredients together when you’re cooking or eating. I also included a bunch of plant-based foods for people who are trying to avoid processed ingredients.

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