13 Best Spice Rack Organizer Ideas For A More Effective Kitchen

If you want to limit the number of trips grocery shopping just for ingredients like taco sauce or tomatoes then a spice rack organizer will be key. These can help organize your pantry and cabinets. There is an assortment available in many styles including wall-mounted shelving as well as organizers that sit on shelves-depending what’s best suited towards where they’ll go in their home

If you’re like most people, your kitchen drawers are a mess. You can never find what you’re looking for and everything is always crammed together. A spice rack organizer is a perfect way to fix that problem. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will also make your kitchen look more organized and chic. Check out these 13 best spice rack organizer ideas to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Spice Rack Organizer

What types of Spice Rack Organizers are there?

There are numerous types of spice rack organizers on the market. You can find organizers that sit on shelves, wall-mounted shelving, or even rotating carousels. It’s important to choose the type that will work best for your kitchen and your needs.

Spice Rack Organizers for Cabinet

These types of spice rack organizers sit on top of your cabinets. They are typically the least expensive option because they require zero installation and can be placed anywhere you need them to go. Since they don’t attach into the cabinet, these types of organizers often take up more space than other options. You should measure the width and depth of your cabinet before purchasing to make sure the organizer will fit.

Spice Rack Organizers for Drawer

If you’re looking for a more discreet option, then an organizer for the drawer is a great choice. These typically attach to the inside of your drawer with either magnets or Velcro. This keeps them hidden from view and takes up less space than an organizer that sits on top of the cabinet.

Spice Rack Organizers for Lazy Susan

These are similar to organizing shelves, but they include a lazy Susan in the center of the rack. The rotating motion makes it easy to access all items without having to take them out of their place. This is an ideal option for those who have limited space because typically only one or two spices can fit on each tier allowing you to store more than one type of spice on each organizer.

Spice Rack Organizers for Wall

If you have extra space, then a wall-mounted rack is the best option. These are perfect for either inside your pantry or above your countertops. The installation process varies depending on which style you choose, but it typically only requires attaching some type of brackets to the wall. This option leaves your countertops free of clutter and gives you easy access to all of your spices.

List of 13 Best Spice Rack Organizers Reviews

1. Lynk Professional Expandable Spice Rack Organizer

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  • Thelargecapacity4tier Tray is a great addition to your home. It expands up to 26-1/2″ to fit even the widest drawers and can organize all of your spices, essential oils, nail polish, herbs, medicine, vitamins, and more throughout your home – including up to 64 standard size spice jars. The tray also features a built-in groove for easy insertion into any drawer.
  • This heavy gauge steel organizer is made with a durable silver Metallic epoxy finish for a lifetime of trouble-free use. It has withstood breakage and yellowing, unlike plastic or wood organizers that will crack, warp, stain, and break. The organizer is also easy to wipe clean.
  • The Lynk Professional Pull Out Cabinet Organizers is an elegant and stylish solution for fitting a range of widths in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. This pull-out cabinet organizer fits in all these areas and looks beautiful. Dimensions are 13-1/4” to 26-1/2” W x 15-3/4” D x 1-3/4″ H.

2. Zevro Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer with 12 Canisters

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  • Looking for a way to keep your spices fresh and organized? Look no further than the Zevro Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer with 12 Canisters. ThisWall-mountable spice rack saves on counter space and features a unique space-saving design that keeps spices close at hand but out of the way. The spice canisters are made of plastic and have clear viewing windows, so you can see what’s in each one while you cook or store them. 
  • Plus, the airtight seal keeps your spices fresh without having to worry about them getting ruined. And if you’re looking for an easy way to organize your spices, look no further than the Zevro Zero Gravity Wall Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack.

3. SpaceAid Pull Out Spice Rack Organizer with 20 Jars

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  • This sliding spice rack organizer is perfect for holding a large number of spices in a small space. It slides out easily, so you can reach all the seasonings stored inside. This makes it easy to organize your cabinet and keep everything in place.
  • If you’re looking for a way to organize your spices, 801 Spice Labels is the perfect package. It comes with 801 labels and a chalk marker, so you can quickly find and label your spices. Plus, using this package makes cooking more efficient- it takes less time to find what you need and label it in a hurry. This way, you’ll always have the right tools at hand when cooking.
  • The Ball Bearing Spice Rack is a heavy-duty spice rack designed for kitchen cabinets. It features full extension Glides to ensure smooth sliding and easy access to all spices inside the cabinet. The bottom panel is designed to clear any cabinet lip, so you can place your spices where you want them without having to worry about them scraping against other items or cuts in the surface of the dishwasher.
  • This pull-out cabinet spice rack is easy to install, with a sliding base bottom that can be removed. It measures 5.2″ wide x 10.5″deep x 10″tall and has a shelf clearance of 12″. This USPTO patented Spice Rack also comes in black or white.

4. Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Spice Rack Organizer

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  • The Spice Rack can be used for a variety of purposes in the home. It can be used to organize spice bottles and jars, as well as keep cabinet pantries or cupboards tidy. In addition, it can also be used as a perfume and cologne rack in the bathroom.
  • The adjustable cabinet organizer is perfect for adding more storage to your kitchen. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and it’s made of wood. The depth of the shelves is from 2.28 to 2.56 inches, so it will fit most of the spice jars.
  • The Moso Bamboo kitchen cabinet organizer is made of durable and solid bamboo, a biodegradable and sustainable resource. The organization planks are easily clean with a damp cloth, then air dry thoroughly. The spice organizer should never be put into the dishwasher or submerged in water.

5. Lynk Professional Spice Rack Organizer

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  • The Lynk Professional Spice Rack Organizer is a large capacity 4-tier spice rack that can organize up to 32 standard size spice jars (jars not included). This organizing tool is heavy-duty with a durable silver epoxy finish and it will not crack, warp, stain, break, yellow, or splinters like plastic, acrylic, or wood organizers. 
  • The tray fits 13-1/2″ drawers in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. The Lynk Professional Spice Rack Organizer is available in three sizes: 10-1/4″ wide, 13-1/4″ wide & Expolandable 14″-26″ wide to fit all your needs. It is easy to wipe clean and it fits 13-1dides.

6. McCormick Gourmet Three Tier Wood 24 Piece Spice Rack Organizer

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  • The best of the best – this McCormick Gourmet Three Tier Wood 24 Piece Spice Rack Organizer. With a top-of-the-line organic selection of spices, herbs, and blends, this spice rack is perfect for the more discerning food lover. This Organize your kitchen into a speak only need to include this three-tier wood rack and this McCormick organizable spice rack with 24 high-quality organic herbs and spices. 
  • This kitchen must-have can be a countertop spice rack or mounted to the wall (requires 2 screws). This spice rack with spices included offers unbeatable value vs buying individual spices – perfect wedding, holiday or housewarming gift.

7. GEEBOBO 4 Tier Expandable Spice Rack Organizer

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  • You can use our spice rack to expand on both sides of the same size. We have a range of sizes for your storage needs. The large or medium size is perfect for your kitchen, pantry, or countertops. You can combine the two sides to make a larger space, or pull them together to make smaller space.
  • The spice rack is a great way to organize your home and keep your belongings safe and stable. The surface of the rack is treated with a special coating to prevent rust, which will protect from damage. The railing and mesh design on each step ensures that items are never lost or fall off.
  • The 4 Tier Spice Organizer is a step-shelf organizer that stores more items than 3 layers. It has a great feature for organizing spice jars, cans, vitamins, medicine bottles, sauces, salt, sugar, cooking oils, pepper, and jelly jars. It also has a space for small size jars. The organizer is perfect for storing your food in your kitchen pantry or bathroom.
  • This functional storage rack is a great way to organize your ingredients for your body shop. It’s 12.5-inch wide by 12.4-inch deep by 5.3-inch high, and it can hold small spice jars (like cash registers). You can also use it as a desktop organizer in the office, or a display shelf for collecting figurines, cars, toy collections, and more.

8. Seseno 3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet

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  • This Seseno 3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet is perfect for organizing spices, soup or vegetable cans, sauces, and more. With sturdy steel construction, it’s made of high-quality heavy-gauge steel and comes with a protective railing to keep your jars and bottles in place. Its organizer can be easily organized with spices, soup can, or vegetables, coming in at a little more than an inch thick. 
  • It’ll protect your dishes and make them easier to clean. For an even more sophisticated approach to spice organization, try this Seseno 3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet. They know what you want and more; perfect for the repeating kitchen scene or the modern home, this organizer includes everything you.

9. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 36 Empty Square Spice Jars

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  • The CountertopTeam’s new spice rack is the perfect way to keep your favorite spices organized and looking fresh. With 36 empty square spice jars, it has just the right amount of outlandish spiced up your kitchen. TheSpice Rack is ready for your favorite spices with 396 spice labels and a chalk marker for easy organization. 340 labels are preprinted, 56 labels are blank, and you can DIY your labels with a chalk marker. 
  • The funnel specially designed for spice makes it easier to add new spices to your spice jars. enjoy 396 spice labels and a chalk marker for easy organization. This CountertopTeam’s new Spice Rack is the perfect way to keep your favorite spices organized and looking fresh. With 36 empty square spice jars, it has just the right amount of spice to spice up your kitchen.

10. CANTAMI Spice Rack Organizer with Jars for Cabinet

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  • “The spice organizer” is equipped with 20 3oz jars (in a variety of sizes), 30pcs seasoning cover, 1 silicone funnel, and 2 cup brushes. It also has 20 glass jar casters so you can easily move the spices around, as well as a metal sealing lid. The organizer is also equipped with a cup brush (for application water) and an oil brush (for decoys).
  • The spices rack is a modern design with an attractive stainless-steel & wooden finish that makes it suitable for every kitchen theme. It can be rotated 360°without any resistance, keeping spices within reach at all times. The flexibility and sturdiness of the spoons and stickers make it an easy tool to have on hand as well.
  • They provide four different-seeming glass bottles in which to place these spices. You can easily find the name of the bottle upon purchase. The label sticker provides you with information about the bottle’s shape and side content. You can also make sure that the bottle has a write-up inside for each sauce, amount, and powder.

11. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 24 Empty Round Spice Jars

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  • This oba’s SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 24 empty round spice jars is the perfect way to keep your favorite spices close by. The tier-three spice rack is ledger-style ready for cooking in the kitchen, and the glass bottle of spice means you can use it for just about any Mirroring you want. 
  • There are 36 spice labels with stickers preprinted, 400 labels with a chalk marker, and you can add new spices to the bowl with ease. The funnel is specifically designed for spice, so it’ll be easy to add new spices to your spice containers. enjoy your organizing through this oba’s SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 24 empty round spice jars.

12. GONGSHI 3 Tier Spice Rack Organizer with 21 Empty Spice Jars

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  • The 3-tier spice shelf is perfect for the kitchen. It has 21 different spices to help you do many different tasks, including countertop, cabinet, pantry, and wall-mounted. The shelves are also hardware included, so you can use them in any area of the kitchen.
  • This organizing spice rack comes with a range of cup racks and a variety of organizational abilities. It includes square spoons, which are backup models. The filling funnel shows how to put the jars in the rack, so there is no surprises.
  • You can make your own spices by measuring and looking for spices in their container. If you find a label that doesn’t match the one in the photograph, just cross all heirloom labels out of this document along with the ones printed.
  • The Spice rack is designed to fit most cabinets with a dimension of 13-1/3″L x 4-1/3″W x 8-1/2″H. The wall size is allowed to be up to 15′ wide and the height of the spice racks able to be set at 10’9″. The spice rack can also be used as a single shelf in a kitchen or paired with another spice rack in the kitchen for an eco-friendly addition.

13. Auledio 2 Pack Spice Rack Organizer

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  • The rack is made of durable metal construction and quickly mounts to the wall. It measures 16″ L x 3″ W x 14″ H and has a 5.1″ between shelves depth. The products you choose come in quantities of 3 spice jars and products not included. They measure approximately 16″ L x 3″ W x 14’000 with 3’’ shelf depth and 5 “” between shelves.
  • This kitchen and/or bathroom storage rack from Storage Hounds offers a beautiful way to organize your favorite ingredients. It is 3 tier shelves that feature a cool spice Rack design. The product is 100% made from plastic and making this storage solution easy to take with you. Plus, it’s available in two sizes to fit any space.
  • Something that is versatile can be a great storage container for things. They have a range of spices, condiments, small jars, tea bags, etc. That can be arranged on this site to create different groups or shopping lists.
  • The Chrome Finish rack is a stylish and functional organizer that will withstand the test of time. It is themed after chrome finishes, which are tough and durable. The rack is also made of a sturdy material that will stand up to years of use.

Tips and guide to buying the best Spice Rack Organizer

A Spice Rack Organizer is an invaluable storage item for any home. It can be used both in the kitchen and as a holder of other items, depending on its design. Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing your new one:


Wood is a popular choice because it’s sturdy and durable, but it’s only suitable for exposed kitchen cabinets. If you have enclosed cabinets or drawers then you will need to choose another material that can be attached without having to drill into the wood.


Knowing the size of your cabinet before purchasing your organizer is essential. Measure both the width and depth of your cabinet to make sure the Spice Rack Organizer will fit. Also, keep in mind that a larger rack will take up more room.

Installation Type

There are three installation types depending on the type of rack you choose: wall-mounted, drawer or shelf mounting, and lazy Susan. If you want a removable option then consider one that attaches with Velcro or magnets.


Before you purchase a Spice Rack Organizer, think about how you will be using it. If you want to store all of your spices in one place then a rack with multiple shelves is the best option. If you only need to store a few spices and don’t have a lot of space, then consider a rotating carousel.


The capacity of the rack will depend on its size. Make sure you choose an organizer that can accommodate all of your spices, even if you’re planning on purchasing more in the future.


An important factor with regard to accessibility is how easy it is for you to reach each shelf or space without having to move any other spices out of your way. You should also consider how easy it is for you to see each spice and read the labels from afar.


The design of the organizer is a personal preference and can depend on your kitchen’s style. Some racks come in different colors or with a matching spice jar set. Others have a more modern look and are made from stainless steel.

Tips for using your Spice Rack Organizer

Once you have your new organizer, here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of it.

  • Replace old spices: The first step is always to go through all of your old spices and replace them with fresh ones. Make sure you start off with a clean slate. This way there will be no confusion between an old and a new spice, and you won’t accidentally keep the old one.
  • Label each jar: This is especially important if you have more than one type of spice on each shelf or tier. It’s easy to get confused when there are multiple jars with similar-looking lids. You can either create your own labels with printer paper or purchase some that are already made.
  • Group spices together: This will help you when you’re looking for a specific spice. It’s easier to find all of the spices that are related to each other, such as all of the herbs, than to search through an entire rack.
  • Rotate the carousel: If you have a rotating carousel then make sure the spices are rotated properly. This way you won’t have to strain your arm to get to all of them. Just spin it until one spice is in front of you and reach for it.
  • Store larger jars on the bottom: If your rack has multiple tiers then store your larger, heavier jars on the bottom so that they don’t topple over. This will also free up some space on the upper shelves for smaller jars.
  • Create a system: If you’re like most people, then you probably have a specific way that you like to organize your spices. Try to create a similar system with your new organizer. This will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.
  • Keep the jars clean: Before you store each jar, make sure it is clean and free of any debris or old spice. This will also ensure that your spices stay fresh longer.

FAQs about a Spice Rack Organizer

How do I know if a Spice Rack Organizer is the right size for my cabinet?

The width and depth of your cabinet should be measured to make sure the organizer will fit. Keep in mind that a larger rack will take up more room.

What are the different types of organizers?

There are many options for spice racks, including wall-mounted, drawer or shelf mounting, and lazy Susan. If you want a removable option then consider one that attaches with Velcro or magnets. Choose one that is adjustable so it can be changed as your spices change.

What kind of material is best?

Stainless steel is the most common material for spice racks. It is also durable and easy to clean. Cedarwood or pine wood are other options, but they will need more maintenance to prevent cracking. Plastic organizers are another option. They can be molded into different shapes and usually come with matching jars, making them ideal for people who want a uniform look.

Can I use my Spice Rack Organizer to store other things?

Some organizers come with multiple shelves and tiers that can be used to store other things such as baking supplies, canned goods, or utensils. This is a great way to free up some space in your cabinets.

How do I clean my Spice Rack Organizer?

Cleaning utensils and jars will be much easier if you use a rack. Spices can easily get on the rims, making it difficult to clean them by hand. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is usually enough to keep your racks clean. You may want to invest in a special cleaner that will cut through the grime without scratching the surface.

How do I maintain my Spice Rack Organizer?

If you have a wooden rack then make sure to apply a coat of wood polish to it regularly. This will give it a nice shine and protect against cracking or other damage. You can also wax your cedar or pine racks for easier cleaning and more protection. Plastic racks can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution or an all-purpose cleaning product.


A spice rack organizer can be a great way to keep your spices organized and easy to find. There are many different types and sizes to choose from, so take the time to find the one that is best for you. Be sure to measure your cabinet dimensions to make sure it will fit. Keep in mind the type of material and whether or not it is adjustable. Make sure to clean and maintain your organizer regularly for best results.

When it comes to functional and aesthetically pleasing spice racks, we’ve got you covered. The 13 best spice rack organizer ideas we’ve shared here will help make your kitchen more efficient and less cluttered, which is great for cooking in the kitchen or just tidying up after a long day of hard work. We hope that these tips have been helpful. If not, feel free to reach out anytime with questions on how to get started organizing your spices better. Remember that if you need anything at all while shopping online look no further than our selection of top-quality products, one click away from being delivered right to your door.

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