13 Best Pullman Loaf Pans On The Market Right Now

Best Pullman Loaf Pan

As you were growing up, your parents probably used aluminum loaf pans for baking cakes and bread. However, with time, people have taken their preference to higher levels by switching to the Pullman loaf pan. They are made of cast aluminum with a non-stick surface that makes everything easy for you in terms of baking and cleaning afterward.

If you have a passion for baking amazing bread, then choosing the best Pullman loaf pan can be a bit of a challenge. While there are many options available on the market right now, it’s important to make sure that your choice is made with quality in mind and not just price. To help you out, here are 13 of the top-rated options currently on offer.

Pullman Loaf Pan

List of 13 Best Pullman Loaf Pans Reviews

1. LI-GELISI Nonstick Pullman Loaf Pan

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  • After being in the baking game for so long, you know there are a lot of different types. All are made with different materials and all serve different purposes. But since this is your bread pan–the one that always gets used when it comes to making loaves–we want to go over what makes yours better than any other.
  • With its special design, where each line forms along the outside edge of the cylinder (rather than the top center), it increases air circulation which means your baked goods rise more because they get really well-baked through evenly.
  • Along with these advantages, because our loaf pan has great food release properties due to its nonstick exterior material, once you take your beautiful creation out of the oven.

2. One Pound Pullman Loaf Pan with Cover – Toxic-Free NONSTICK

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  • For those who want to make perfect loaves of bread every time, the Nonstick Pullman Loaf Pan is an excellent investment. The pan features a special coating that will not stick or damage your dishes no matter how long you use it. Simply release after baking like normal and then simply scrape off any residue with ease before eating into this delicious treat.
  • When you’re making a sandwich loaf, it can be hard to know just what kind of shape your bread should have after cooling. That’s where this pan comes in handy – with its lid. The sleek design allows for the perfect distribution and even storage when not being used as an oven-baked dish.
  • Now you can cook without worrying about PFOA, PFOS, and other toxins. This nonstick coating is made from organic/natural materials that are safe for your family to use over long periods of time.
  • The best investment you can make is a quality oven thermometer that will last for years. This one has an easy-to-read display and stays accurate whether cooking at low or high temperatures, plus its DISHWASHER SAFE.

3. UgyDuky Bakeware Aluminized Steel Pullman Loaf Pan with Cover

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  • Make glorious, beautiful bread effortlessly with this top-rated Pullman loaf pan. Nonstick Americoat coating makes for quick and easy release of all baked goods and a minimal amount of clean-up. Made in China; measures 13in x 4in x 4in and includes a cover. 
  • A true commercial grade Pullman loaf pan made from aluminum-coated steel, perfect to make your dreams come true while keeping it simple. (It’s ok if you get carried away with your happiness). 
  • Wash the cookware with hot water, mild soap, and gentle scrub brush or sponge before first use, wipe dry immediately after washing, season the pan prior to first use only, hand washes cold water, mild soap if needed, be sure to dry it right.

4. KITESSENSU Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid

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  • This toast Pullman Loaf Pan is designed to be durable and convenient. It has an exterior dimension of 8×4 inches, coming in at just under one pound when loaded with 1 lbs worth of dough. The interior size measures 7.5″ x 4″ which means you can make more than enough sandwiches for your family or even some dessert pizzas if needed too (although I like making them on my regular oven).
  • If you want to make a loaf of bread that can be sliced and toasted, then this pan is perfect for your needs. It has both a cover so it will not get too much out or just remove the top if needed.
  • These heavy, reliable pans are made with carbon steel to ensure durability and provide fast dishwashing. The silicone coating makes it safe for food-grade use in high temperatures ensuring that you can focus on getting delicious things cooking.
  • You can easily pop out bread from a black toast pan without damaging its appearance. Secondly, the bottom vent design allows for even heating and has a richer taste when compared with other types of pans used in baking; it also helps to prevent burning your crispiness. To make sure that you get an excellent result every time – use parchment paper during batter cooking times because otherwise there might be scorch marks on top of yummy-looking browned bits delicious enough to eat plain or dipped into preserves like honey butter cream cheese frosting made sweetened condensed milk.

5. Chris. W Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid

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  • The Pullman pan has a shape that makes it easy to slice off charming shapes of loaf bread. The elastic edges allow you to take the dough out without ripping or deflating, making it easier for your top crusts to rise up evenly. 
  • Drawing air inside the small holes in its base will help give you perfect loaves every time. It’s made with commercial-grade Aluminum coated alloy material – long-lasting and won’t release toxic substances when baking. 
  • This is perfect for any baking – given its ease dealing with family dinners, friend gatherings, festival celebrations… whatever the occasion may be.

6. X-CHANGEABLE Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid

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  • The Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid is made of reliable, food-rated gauge carbon steel and nonstick coating. It has a Teflon release in high temperature so it can be used at a higher heat without sticking or releasing any toxic chemicals. This loaf pan also comes pre-seasoned which makes baking easy for beginners.
  • The pan has a unique corrugated surface design that improves the non-stick performance and adds extra strength, making this lidded toast baking dish durable. The sturdy quality means your bread will less likely bend out of shape while cooking as well.
  • This Pullman bread pan with a lid is the perfect solution for when you want to bake in a confined space. The holes on the bottom of this mold provide good breathability and promote air circulation, so your baked goods will turn out looking appetizing without scorching or becoming difficult to pop out later.
  • This package includes one Pullman loaf pan and 20 PCS of bread bags. The size is 8 3/8 x 4 9/16 inches external, 7 1/4 internal; weight is less than an lb with the capacity to hold up to 1 pound dough or more. This item can also be used for storing leftover pastries if needed as it’s made from durable materials including heavy-duty aluminum steel grade overlapping welds on both sides which makes them rustproof too.

7. Amagabeli Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid 8.4”x4.5”x4.1” Toast Mold

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  • The professional golden loaf pan is designed with food-grade nonstick coating and features a silicone coating. This means that it can be used safely in the oven, stovetop, or microwave. The high quality of these items will ensure you get your money’s worth out of them for years to come, brush butter onto pans before using for better results each time around.
  • This professional heavy, eco-friendly pan is made of carbon steel which can be used for both baking and toasting. The design allows you the option between covers or not (depending on what your preference maybe).
  • The bottom vent design of this baguette toast pan lets moisture escape, has good airflow and is heated more evenly. The premium wave pattern makes it easy to remove at high temperatures for those who want fresh bread without waiting.
  • Professional carbon steel material with a high-temperature resistance to 338℉ and a delicate smooth curling edge design. It’s the perfect tool for home or commercial use, suitable in both settings.

8. Focus Foodservice 16 by 4-Inch Single Pullman Loaf Pan

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  • As a professional baker, it’s important to have the tools that make your job easier. That’s why our Focus Pan is an essential ingredient for any baker; single Pullman loaf pans are designed for heavy-duty kitchen use. This pan bakes two pounds of bread in four square inches of space.
  • The 16 x 4 x 4-inch square dimensions make this odd-sized pan perfect for a large hotel or institutional setting with baking ovens that can’t accommodate standard-sized anything; there is no other pan like it on the market. 
  • This silicone glaze aluminized steel construction means perfect release every time you’re making loaves without the worry of sticking, while increased thickness provides superior strength and even heat distribution.

9. OJelay Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid 8.5 x 4.5 Nonstick

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  • The aluminum dough bowl is perfect for those who want to make better-tasting and healthier pizzas. This 1mm thick industrial-grade metal will help you save time by releasing any trapped air from inside the pan, as well as heat up much quicker because there’s no need with its nonstick coating.
  • These pans are perfect for making American flat-top bread, but not British hump toast. The loaf pan has a cover so you can bake the dough without any lid and it will stay fresh longer because there’s no chance of either drying out or burning during cooking time.
  • This small loaf pan is made of durable aluminum, so you can bake bread with ease. It’s 8.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches in size and could support up to 450g/1 lb dough because its interior space allows for more rising room than other pans on the market today.
  • Hand wash with warm water and gently wipe dry to avoid scrubbing the surface. The dishwasher is not advised as it will harm your dishes, making sure all corners are completely sealed in an oven at least 446℉ for best results.

10. HiliStar Pullman Loaf Pan Set – with Lid Cover

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  • The HiliStar Pullman Loaf Pan Set is perfect for those interested in baking bread. The pan set comes with 1 loaf size, 2 half-loaf sizes (6-1/4″ x 3-1/8″) and 4 mini loaf sizes (2″x3″). 
  • Made of premium aluminum material, this Non-stick Pullman loaf pan with a lid set is perfect for long-lasting use to find the right match, whether you’re making delicious toast box recipes or cake recipes.
  • Bonus features include a handgrip on each side of the cardholder hole to aid with removing hot lids without burning fingers. It also supports the toast box against warping so you can have fresh loaves every day.

11. Monfish Pullman Loaf Pan w Cover Toast Mold

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  • This 1000g Pullman loaf pan with cover is made of metal that’s important for conducting heat quickly and evenly. The aluminum edging makes it commercial-grade, meaning you can use this to bake bread.
  • Having five holes on the bottom of your bread loaf pan can help improve performance when cooking with lid. These small vents make sure that there is proper circulation for even baking and avoiding burnt bottoms or over-cooked insides.
  • This food-safe pan with a nonstick coating is made of durable material and contains no artificial chemicals. You can be confident that it will last for years, even after dishwasher use.
  • This 2.2 lb bread pan with lid is made of food-safe material and has a coating free from BPA, PFOA or Teflon which means it contains no artificial chemicals.

12. Monfish Aluminum Pullman Loaf Pan Alloy Non-Stick Gold

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  • With its hard-to-break loaf pan and lid, this Pullman bread maker is perfect for those who want to make their own fresh loaves at home. The golden color will ensure that your finished product looks as good if not better than anything you can buy from a bakery.
  • The gold loaf pan with a Non-stick coating is the perfect choice for those who want a quick, easy bake. The aluminum material makes it light enough so that your goodies will come off of this metal sheet without any sticking or burning.
  • The Pullman loaf pan is a great way to make delicious, hot bread at home. It’s also an excellent gift for any foodie who loves the taste of fresh-from-the oven-baked goods.

13. USA Pan Bakeware Pullman Loaf Pan with Cover

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  • The USA Pan baking pans are perfect for people who want to make quick and easy cleanup after they’re done cooking. These heavy-duty, nonstick surfaces also promote the release of baked goods so your food doesn’t stick together while it cools down too much.
  • The Nonstick Americoat coating is a patented silicone that features PTFE, PFOA, and BPA-free material to provide a quick release of baked goods without any hassle.

Tips and guide to buying the best Pullman Loaf Pan


There are many different sizes to choose from. If you’re just looking to bake one or two loaves, then a small Pullman Loaf Pan is the best option for you. However, if you want something that can handle more than that, then go for larger options such as 7 x 4 inches and 8 x 4 inches.


The type of material used in making the Pullman loaf pan will determine not only its price but also how well it performs when in use. Cast aluminum is among the most durable materials available right now and makes sense when it comes to durability concerns (it’s tested and proven). Other types include carbon steel and stainless steel; however, these tend to be less affordable.


While many people focus on price when choosing the best Pullman loaf pan to buy, it’s important to remember that durability comes first in this case. The last thing you want is to waste money on a product that only lasts for three months before breaking down. Instead, focus on well-known brands such as USA Pan and Wilton when it comes to durability.


The two main types of handles available include welded and riveted options. Welded ones are just like they sound, it’s created using a single piece of metal that has been attached together via welding. They’re generally affordable and durable but can get uncomfortable after extended use because of heat conduction. Riveted ones consist of a separate piece of metal that’s been fastened with rivets. They tend to be longer and extend out of the Pullman Loaf Pan, which can make it easier for you to grip. However, they’re also more expensive than their welded counterparts.

Non-stick surface

As mentioned earlier, a non-stick surface is required if you want to make sure that cleaning and baking your Pullman loaf pans are as easy as possible (without having dough stuck on). A good example would be USA Pan’s own Super Non-Stick Coating. It’s made of medium carbon steel and has been treated with Teflon so that everything comes off easily after it has been baked in your oven or on your stovetop.

Quality assurance

The last thing you want is to buy a product that may look good on the outside but ends up breaking down after only a few uses. For this reason, always look for reputable brands such as USA Pan and Wilton when it comes to quality assurance and peace of mind. You should also check out the warranty details just in case something does happen while using your Pullman loaf pan. If it’s not long enough or doesn’t cover all bases, then move on to another model until you find one that works well along with having enough coverage should something go wrong later down the line.


When looking to buy Pullman loaf pans online, you’ll come across two main types. One is known as the “two-piece”, which consists of a separate top and bottom section that are joined together in order to create channels for your bread dough to rise. Next up, there’s the “four-piece” design that allows you to make the bread into four different shapes (square, triangular, round, and oval) by folding it in half twice before baking. Depending on what type of shape you like best when it comes to your bread, go with one or the other in terms of structure; however, keep in mind that they both work well when in use.

Tips for using your Pullman Loaf Pan

  • Before using your new loaf pan for the first time, make sure to wash it with mild soap and water (that way, there’s no dirt or residue left behind). You can then dry it off with paper towels/napkins before placing it in your oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once finished baking, you should let it cool down for about 15 minutes before removing your bread from inside.
  • As mentioned earlier, a non-stick surface is required in order to have an easy cleanup process anytime you use your Pullman loaf pan. Make sure that whatever brand you decide on has this feature so that everything comes together when in use. Also, keep in mind that not all products are dishwasher safe so be wary of any instructions telling you something different if you decide to go with lower quality products.
  • The last thing you want is for your Pullman loaf pan to break down after only a few months of being in use, which is why it’s important that you choose well-known brands such as USA Pan and Wilton when it comes to quality assurance. Make sure to check out the warranty just in case something does happen while using your new product. If it’s not long enough or doesn’t cover all bases, then move on and find another model until you find one that works well along with having enough coverage should something go wrong later down the line.
  • In addition to choosing quality products, it’s also important to watch out for any sharp edges that may be on your Pullman loaf pans. You can easily rectify this by either using a kitchen knife or an electric sander if the damage is extensive enough. Just remember that you should never use a metal file as this will scratch off any coating and leave you with a product that has been damaged beyond repair.

FAQs about a Pullman Loaf Pan

Do Pullman loaf pans need to be seasoned before use?

Some people may tell you that you need to season your new pan with oil up to three times before using it for the first time, but this isn’t necessary as alll pans are pre-treated prior to leaving the factory. However, if you’re not sure whether or not yours needs seasoning, you can always conduct a test by rubbing some vegetable oil on the surface and placing it over low heat for about 10 minutes. If there’s no smoke coming off of it after this time has elapsed, then you should be good to go so go ahead and start baking!

Are Pullman loaf pans dishwasher safe?

No, they are not. You should always hand wash them with mild soap and water to keep them in good shape over the long term. With that said, make sure to never ever use high heat when drying since this can cause damage to the surface of your product too. It’s best to go with low heat or no heat at all when proofing is required (if you need proofing, don’t bother looking for a Pullman pan).

Are Pullman loaf pans oven-safe?

Yes, most models are designed for both baking and broiling alike so it doesn’t matter if you plan on using an electric or gas-powered stovetop when in use. There are some models made of materials that aren’t safe for oven use though, so be sure to check the product description and/or manual if you’re unsure whether or not yours falls under this category.

How can I make my own Pullman loaf pan?

If you don’t like the idea of having to spend money on a single product (which is understandable), then why not try making one yourself? There are tons of guides online that show you how to put together your very own version at home with some basic supplies and parts that can all be purchased from your local hardware stores near you.

What does a Pullman loaf pan mean?

The term “Pullman” refers to the original design for this type of baking tray. This term originates from France and was patented in 1893 by an American engineer named Henry Frederick Taylor. Being referred to as such is also how these pans got their nickname, which can either be used to refer to them collectively or singularly depending on what you’re trying up at the time.

Conclusion for the Best Pullman Loaf Pan

Now that we’ve gone through some things you should look out for before buying your own Pullman Loaf Pan, we hope to have served our purpose well enough by delivering top-notch recommendations so that every one of you gets the best possible value for your money in the long-term. The last thing we want is for one of our loyal readers to get ripped off and end up with a low-quality product that breaks after little use, so we encourage you to leave any feedback or even your own Pullman loaf pan reviews in the comment section below.

The best Pullman loaf pan is the one that meets your needs. We’ve shared 13 of our favorites to help you find what you need without any hassle. With these pans, it is easy for anyone to make their favorite recipes with minimal effort and time spent in the kitchen. Buy now the best products we have shared above for a great experience.

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