80+ Foods that start with E (Dishes, Snack, Cocktail, Drinks, Healthy Foods, Vegetarian, Desserts)

Foods that start with E are the perfect mixture of sweet and salty- they are nice to bite into, creamy on your tongue, and can satisfy your appetite. They’re also a great snack food or an appetizer for a bigger meal.

However, when eating them, it is important to take a moment to savor each bite because each of these foods has many more delicacies waiting for you.

Foods that start with E

Foods that start with E

Dishes that start with E


Eclairs are a classic French pastry, and one of my favorites! They’re light, airy, sweet, and filled with creamy custard. What’s not to love? These delicious desserts are very simple to make if you have the right equipment. 

Make sure you have a piping bag and a star tip because this will save you A LOT of time. You’ll also need a rectangular pastry cut, a large baking sheet, and some egg wash.


If you’re looking for something snacky to eat, or maybe even appetizers, then try out Empanadas! They are my favorite go-to finger foods. These yummy snacks are crispy on the outside and warm and savory on the inside. They come in many different flavors to pick from such as chicken, broccoli, turkey,…etc.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried Escargot before, so I thought I’d give them a try! They were surprisingly good. The snails have a little bit of a crunch to them while the texture is chewy and filled with creamy garlicky butter.




Esquites are a Mexican snack that I’ve always wanted to try. For some reason, they just seem like a very exotic dish. They are like a cross between a corn dog and tater tots.

 They were crunchy on the outside and warm and meaty on the inside. I’m not sure how authentic this dish is, but it’s definitely one I’d like to try again!

Extra Filling 

I’m not sure what kind of dish Extra Filling is supposed to be, but it’s delicious! It’s creamy cheesy goodness in a crunchy bite. The spice is nice, but it’s not overpowering. It’s a very hot dish, so make sure you’re in the mood for a spicy treat.


Estragon is a fancy-looking dish that I found. It was very creamy, smooth, and warm. There were a lot of flavors going on, which was great. The sauce alone was a very appetizer as well as the cheese and bread crumbs on top.

Eton Mess 

Eton Mess is a delicious dessert I discovered at one of my favorite restaurants. I would have never guessed that strawberries, whipped cream, and meringue would make such a great combination! This dessert is very light and tasty- it’s best served cold along with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee!

Eton Mess 

Eton Mess 

Ewok Jerky 

Ewok Jerky is an exotic snack that I came across. It is named after a certain stuffed animal, but don’t be misled! This jerky is actually very tasty! It’s sweet in a complex way, and also contains spicy flavors. It’s actually pretty healthy for you too since it’s low in fat and calories.

Ewok Eyes 

Ewok Eyes are a tasty little treat. They are sweet, kind of chewy, and they have a little bit of crunch to them. I don’t know what the white stuff is, but it’s very yummy! Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance- these treats are not for the faint of heart!

Ewok Ice Cream 

If you can’t get enough of Ewok Jerky, why not try Ewok Ice Cream next? It’s just as tasty as the jerky with a similar texture and taste. It would be a nice treat to have with a cup of hot cocoa.

Snack Foods that start with E

Ea Tuna 

Ea Tuna is a type of canned tuna that can be paired with many different types of food. It’s fairly easy to make and comes in many flavors such as teriyaki (my personal favorite), taco, and spicy chile. 

The best part about it is the little chunks of avocado! This gem of a dish is great for parties or special occasions since it is very light and goes well with almost anything.

Ea Tuna 

Egg Salad 

Egg salad is a very delicious dish that can be made with almost any kind of meat. I’ve always liked egg salad, so I decided to try making my own. It was very easy to make for something so good, my mom also loved it!

Egg Rolls 

Wow, Egg Rolls are the perfect appetizer food! They’re crunchy on the outside and warm and savory on the inside. They’re a little bit spicy too, which is great since they taste very fresh and light! Egg Rolls come in many different flavors such as Pork, Chicken, Shrimp,…etc.

Egg Rolls 

Egg Rolls 

Egg Tarts 

I had never tried egg tarts before, so I decided to give them a try. They’re a very cute-looking dessert! They taste creamy and light, but also a little bit like spice. I’m not sure if that’s the cream filling or the cinnamon on top though. For this recipe, you’ll need an egg tart mold, condensed milk, butter,…etc.

Egg Salad Sandwich 

Egg salad sandwiches are always fun to make since you can make them however you like! My favorite way is with toasted bread slices spread with mustard and topped with flavorful chopped hard-boiled eggs that are seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper…etc.


I would have never thought to make a dessert with eggnog, but this eggnog is really good! It’s sweet and creamy just like the kind you get at the store, but it’s also light and refreshing. You could even add some cream and rum to make it taste more like the real thing!



Eggnog Ice Cream 

This eggnog ice cream is pretty good! It’s a great summer treat! I personally prefer it cold over room temperature. The flavors of the ice cream perfectly go with the eggnog. It’s best served with a cup of hot cocoa or warm milk- whatever you’re in the mood for!


Erbs is a dish I came across at one of my favorite restaurants. They are very rich and creamy, but not too rich or heavy. The sauce is actually the superstar! It’s sweet and warm, but not too hot! The pasta portion is very filling and I love it paired with the sauce.

Escargot Pasta 

Escargot Pasta is an appetizer that you must try! It’s very unique since it has all of the ingredients of a pasta dish, but none of the actual pasta! It’s just as good as an actual meal- they even taste pretty authentic. You’ll need some snail meat along with butter, cheese,…etc. to make this dish!

Escargot Pasta 

Escargot Pasta 

Escargot and Cheese 

I discovered escargot and cheese at one of my favorite restaurants. It was extremely creamy, delicious, and filling! The escargot tasted a little bit cheesy but it was a good substitute for actual pasta. This dish also made great leftovers since it went well with almost any kind of bread or pasta dish.

Cocktail Recipes that start with E


Esquilax is a cocktail that will give you a kick! It’s made from vodka, ginger ale, and crushed ice with a lemon slice at the bottom of the glass. This drink goes well with a sweet tooth or anyone who likes spicy drinks.

Etiquette Cocktail 

Etiquette Cocktail is a fun and different type of cocktail. It tastes very sweet. It’s similar to a martini, but just with a few differences. 

The main difference is the alcohol content- this drink contains only 1 ounce of alcohol while the martini has 8 ounces! I like this drink because it’s light and refreshing.

Eyeball Martini 

Eyeball Martini can be added to your cocktail collection too! It sounds crazy, but it’s really good! It’s made from champagne, blood orange juice, olives,…etc., and garnished with olive at the end. The blood orange juice really gives this drink a nice fruity flavor.

Eyeball Martini 

Eyeball Martini 

Eggnog Martini 

Eggnog Martini is an interesting combination of sweet and creamy eggnog and tangy gin with a hint of vermouth! This recipe calls for eggnog liqueur, gin, cracked ice,…etc. It’s just the perfect winter drink to warm you up after a long day.

Euphony Cocktail 

Euphony Cocktail is an extremely smooth cocktail that goes well with a sweet tooth! It’s made from vodka, peach schnapps, lemon juice,…etc. 

The peach schnapps gives this drink a nice fruity flavor without actually tasting like alcohol. It’s great for drinking during the hot summer months!

Evil Eye 

The Evil Eye is a tasty, tropical cocktail that is very smooth and refreshing! It contains white rum plus orange and peach flavors along with pineapple juice and blue curacao liqueur. This drink is perfect to make (or try) on an outdoor deck.

Eye Opener 

I love saying the name of this drink- it sounds like you’re getting ready to go into battle with it! It’s a very delicious cocktail that I usually make when I’m hosting guests. The best part about it is that you can play around with the liquor, juice, and ice cubes!

Extreme Watermelon 

The extreme watermelon cocktail is another drink I’ve tried at a restaurant called Red Robin’s in Orlando. This one was actually pretty good for something so unique in terms of taste! It was made from Tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice,…etc. It was so refreshing and a nice beverage to relax with on a hot summer day.

Extreme Watermelon 

Extreme Watermelon 

EZ Russian 

My sister and I really liked this drink since it was very sweet and fairly easy to make! It’s made from vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice,…etc. We really thought the pineapple juice gave the drink a nice tropical flavor. During the summer, it is refreshing and light.

Eyeball Shot 

The eyeball shot is a good choice if you want to get your drink on the cheap! It’s made from Tequila, pineapple juice, lime juice,…etc. The main ingredients are all pretty cheap and easy to find- you can even look them up at any liquor store.

Drinks that start with E


Emma’s is a drink that was made for me by a close friend of mine. She recommended it on the day of my bachelorette party and I fell in love! It’s made from vodka, cranberry juice, sweet and sour mix,…etc., and you use a straw to drink it through the straw. This is a great drink to serve at your bachelorette party.

Emma's drink

Emma’s drink


Evita’s is a fun and unique drink you should try when you’re having a party. It’s made from vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice,…etc. You can add different types of liquor to this drink to make it even more flavorful.


Evelyn’s is a great drink to serve at your bachelorette party or any other type of party! It has so many different flavors that all complement each other very well! The main ingredients are vodka, fruit punch,…etc. It goes great with an ice cube in the bottom of the glass too (it looks really pretty and girly!).


The Eureka is a drink recipe I came across online. It’s made from whiskey, grapefruit juice,…etc. It is also garnished with an orange slice and cherry. It’s quite tasty and has a nice fruity flavor to it! I think it would be a great drink to serve at any party (especially the Christmas season)!

Eureka drink

Eureka drink

Empire State Cocktail 

The Empire State Cocktail is the kicker of all cocktails! It’s made from vodka, peppermint schnapps,…etc. This drink goes down very smoothly without tasting like alcohol. My friends say it tastes similar to toothpaste or bubble gum! Try it out for yourself when you want something new and different!

Explorers Club 

Explorer’s Club is another great drink made for a bachelorette party! It’s made from vodka, peach schnapps,…etc. You can also add other liquors to this drink to change up the flavor. This one is especially good at a summer bachelorette party.

Eric’s Special 

Eric’s Special is an interesting drink that most likely has more than one main ingredient. The ingredients for this drink are unknown, but you can try it out when you want something new and different! We all know vodka is a popular choice to use in cocktails.


Ereccion is a tasty and fruity cocktail that I’ve tried at a restaurant called Red Robin’s in Orlando. It contains lime juice, Tequila,…etc. The Tequila really gives it a strong flavor and also increases the alcohol content of the drink. It was quite refreshing too!

Espresso Martini 

The Espresso Martini is a great winter drink that you should add to your cocktail list! The recipe calls for Kahlua, vodka, coffee liqueur,…etc., but you can really leave the alcohol out of this one if you don’t want it to taste strong. It goes very well with coffee-flavored desserts or chocolate desserts!

Espresso Martini 

Espresso Martini 

Eve’s Kiss 

Eve’s Kiss is a delicious cocktail that was recommended by one of my close friends. Well, actually they both are- I combined the two recipes since I loved them so much! They were made from vanilla vodka and peach schnapps.

Healthy Foods that start with E


Escarole is a vegetable that is related to endive and chicory. It has a bitter taste and dark green leaves. The best part about escarole is that it’s very low in calories and contains no saturated fats!


Eggplant is an amazing vegetable that tastes like a cross between tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. It has thick-skinned fruits that are either purple or white in color. They’re also quite easy to find at any grocery store or farmer’s market!




Endive is a type of lettuce that has curly leaves and tall stalks. It has a small, round head, and it can be either green or red in color. Endive is often served as a salad or side dish made from chopped-up leaves.


Eggs are one of the best foods for people who have trouble with putting on weight! They’re packed with vitamins and minerals such as selenium, iron,…etc. One egg contains around 78 calories and 5 grams of protein. You can use eggs in recipes such as scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs!

Exotic Bush Beans

Exotic bush beans are a type of green bean that is very high in antioxidants. They have thin-skinned fruits and bright yellow seeds. Exotic bush beans can be found at most grocery stores or farmer’s markets!

Exotic Bush Beans

Exotic Bush Beans

Edamame Salad

Edamame salad is made from boiled edamame mixed into a salad followed by some sesame oil and soy sauce for dressing. It’s great to have with mashed potatoes and a side of sauteed spinach, it’s also a delicious starter to a meal!

Endive Mix Salad

Endive mix salad is made by adding slices of endive, apple, celery,…etc., to a bowl of salad. It’s served with some balsamic vinegar for dressing. It is not only healthy but refreshing too! You can make this one vegetarian if you don’t like mayonnaise!


Espargo is a vegetable that is related to asparagus. It comes from the Mediterranean area and has narrow, bright green leaves with a white stalk. Espargos tend to be more on the expensive side, but they’re worth every penny!




Ehara is a type of bean that has been cultivated in Africa for centuries! It’s also known as “African Lima Bean”. Ehara should be steamed rather than boiled since it becomes slimy after boiling, so you probably wouldn’t want to cook with ehara alone. 

If you can get past that little fact (which I don’t blame you if you can’t), then ehara is very healthy since it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C,…etc.


Eucommia is a tree that is native to the southern regions of China. The bark of Eastcommia trees is used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of back pain, hemorrhoids,…etc. The leaves and flowers can also be used to make tea!

Vegetarian dishes that start with E

Eo’s Special 

Eo’s Special is another healthy dish that you’ll really enjoy! It’s made from rice, green onion, soy sauce,…etc. You can also leave the soy sauce out if you don’t like it!

Eggplant Curry

Eggplant curry is a great dish to have at any meal (especially in the summertime)! It’s made from sliced eggplant mixed with curry powder and served with rice. This one goes very well with vegetables and potatoes!

Eggplant Curry

Eggplant Curry

Ei Daiko Donburi

Ei Daiko is a vegetarian dish native to Japan that contains vegetables, tofu,…etc. It’s deep-fried and served on a bed of rice. Ei daiko contains all of the essential amino acids!

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmigiana is a popular dish that has been around for ages. It’s made with eggplant covered in breadcrumbs and baked. It’s served with tomato sauce or marinara sauce and a side of bread. This is one of the best vegetarian dishes that you can make!


Ei-wana is a vegetarian dish that’s prepared using eggplants. Ei-wana contains a meat substitute made from wheat gluten and vegetables. It’s often served with a sauce to form a soup.

Edamame Salad

Edamame salad is made from boiled edamame mixed into a salad followed by some sesame oil and soy sauce for dressing. It’s great to have with mashed potatoes and a side of fresh vegetables such as carrots!

Edamame Salad

Edamame Salad


Enoki mushrooms are one of the most common types of Chinese mushrooms. They have white stems and triangular-shaped caps that are topped with a small tuft of brown hair. They’re also sometimes called “Tofu Mushrooms” because they look just like tofu! The best part about enoki mushrooms is that they contain essential nutrients, selenium,…etc.


Enokitake is a type of mushroom that is related to shiitake and maitake mushrooms. It has small, slender, tan-colored caps. Enokitake can be found in many Asian-style dishes such as soups, stir-fries,…etc.


Enchiladas are simply a type of rolled-up tortillas that are stuffed with cheese or meat. I decided to add some extra protein to my enchiladas by adding shredded chicken breast!

Egg Omelette Ring



Ejotes are green beans that come from Mexico. They have small, firm pods that are filled with green beans. In Mexico, ejotes are typically steamed or boiled and served with rice or tortillas. You can also use it to make vegetarian enchiladas!

Desserts that start with E

Egg Custard

Egg custard is an egg-based dessert made from eggs, milk, sugar,…etc. It’s a creamy and sweet-tasting dessert that is served cold. You can also top it off with some whipped cream for an added treat!

Egg Omelette Ring

Egg omelet rings are a type of egg omelet that is prepared using puff pastry or croissant dough. It’s made with eggs, onions,…etc.

Egg Omelette Ring

Eggplant Pie

Eggplant pie is a vegetarian dish that’s made from sliced eggplants that are filled with a meatless filling and baked. It’s very sweet and it can be eaten as a side or main dish!


Equmenic is one of the many types of cheeses made from cow’s milk. It is well known for its unique taste, however, it’s pretty rare to find any!

Esparago Bone

Espargo is a vegetable that is related to asparagus. It comes from the Mediterranean area and has narrow, bright green leaves with a white stalk. Espargos tend to be more on the expensive side, but they’re worth every penny!

European Cream Soup

European Cream Soup is a dessert soup made by adding sour cream and milk to a mixture of cream, egg yolk,…etc. It’s a sweet-tasting soup that goes very well with a slice of bread.

European Cream Soup

Eva’s Ice Cream

Eva’s ice cream is a vegetarian dish that’s made with egg whites, sugar, milk,…etc. It has become very popular in the past couple of years after its appearance on Club Penguin. If you like cheesecake, this is the dessert for you!


Etouffe is a vegetable that’s synonymous with celery. It has very long, stalky white with darker green leaves and it’s very similar to celery. Etouffee is typically cooked by simmering it in water or oil. 

Since this one is a French dish, you’ll need to use some form of mirepoix for seasoning and/or flavoring is given that there is only one type of mirepoix used in France.


Epinards are a popular salad ingredient in France. It’s often eaten raw and can be used to garnish various dishes. Epinards tend to be bitter in taste, so they’re usually eaten with a bit of olive oil and vinegar.


Etouffee is a spicy dish that is made with smoked sausage, okra, and tomatoes. It’s a popular recipe used in many parts of the world and an authentic etouffee will typically be made with alligator, chicken,…etc.



Final Thoughts on Foods that start with E

I hope you enjoyed the list of foods that start with E. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other letters of the alphabet! If you have any questions about anything I’ve talked about or the site in general feel free to comment or send me an email. In a few minutes, I will reply to your inquiry.

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