18 Best Copper Tea Kettles Reviewed By Experts

The best copper tea kettles are durable, stylish, and can brew your favorite type of tea. Copper has the ability to heat water more evenly than other metals which are perfect for brewing delicate teas or loose-leaf varieties. It also retains heat better so you won’t have to re-heat your water as often. No matter what type of tea you prefer, there’s a copper kettle that will suit your needs perfectly.

The 20 Best Copper Tea Kettles Reviewed By Experts goes through all the features of each product in great detail so consumers know exactly what they’re buying before making their purchase decision. You’ll be sure to find just the right kettle for your home here.

List of 20 Best Copper Tea Kettles Reviews

1. Chantal Copper Classic Copper Tea Kettle

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  • Stovetop beauty, the Chantal Copper Classic Copper Tea Kettle takes your morning routine to new heights. Before you pour yourself a cuppa, you’ll find the smooth flat base makes contact with the glass and ceramic stovetops for rapid boiling and easy cleanup.
  • When it’s not tucked back on your porch for summertime brunch–nope this little guy’s made to take it all in–the extra-large opening enables handling and cleaning with ease (even when you’re juggling that recipe book). 
  • It still stays classy, though: The exterior is polished copper plating meant to last a lifetime, we’ve got one of those durable 18/10 stainless-steel interiors perfect for penny pinchers. In other words…hurry.

2. DEMMEX Copper Tea kettle

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  • The Heavy Gauge 1mm Thick Copper Teapot is a perfect gift for the tea enthusiast in your life. Made with Turkey’s famous and centuries-old tradition of crafting copper, this handcrafted pot can make all types of brews from green teas to black ones.
  • The DEMMEX Teapot is perfect for those who enjoy their tea with an extra special touch. The copper pot has been made by experienced craftsmen in Gaziantep, Turkey, and features some of the thickest material known to man! With this coffee maker, you’ll never need another type or kind because its durability will last forever (and it also looks great).

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3. Barista Warrior Copper Tea kettle

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  • The copper poured over the coffee kettle will be your new best friend. Boil water and use the gooseneck to create delicious, professional-looking cups of joe in just minutes. This kettle holds 1 liter but we recommend boiling 2 liters at once so it doesn’t overflow when heating up.
  • The kettle is perfect for brewing pour-over coffee. It has an auto-temperature gauge that allows you to brew your cup at the optimal water temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, so it won’t burn or extract flavor from the beans as other kettles do.
  • The pour-over teapot is a great way to make your favorite hot beverage. The easy-to-pour gooseneck spout can be used for precise water flow and ensures you get the perfect amount every time, so there’s no more guessing about how much liquid goes into each cup.
  • The most expensive stainless steel pour-over kettle is the one you need to have, and this particular model will be rust-free. It has a double-layer metal base that ensures your masterpiece stays leak-free for years.

4. Asahi Food Easy Studio Copper Tea kettle

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  • The Asahi Food Easy Studio Copper Tea Kettle is a gorgeous kitchen addition that’s not only functional but fun to look at. 
  • This metal pot heats up quickly and efficiently, and it keeps boiling hot water heating for hours-which comes in handy when you’re brewing an all-day event like mulled spices or roasting vegetables.
  • The easy-off lid will keep your fingers from burning while you refill the kettle with fresh cold water, perfect for entertaining guests without risking scalding someone.
  • Chop fruit on top of this sleek, modern appliance and prepare delicious tropical drinks: mango elixirs, classy cocktails with pineapple slices, and mint sprigs speared onto the side handles.

5. Old Dutch Copper Tea kettle

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  • The Old Dutch copper tea kettle is like a luxury sports car for boiling water. The all-copper body packs in the heat, ensuring near-instantaneous boils while dissipating excess energy without interference.
  • The interior is lined with Nickel – the kitchen’s superhero when it comes to easy cleaning and maintenance. You can boil your cup of tea or make a pot of noodles and wipe them clean with ease (just don’t use abrasives).
  • Features include: Brass Handle for easy pouring, enchanting red finish that even King Midas wouldn’t be able to resist, durable riveted handle loop at each side which provide extra stability on gas stoves and good grip surfaces reduces the risk of picking up hot handles.

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6. Simplex Copper Tea kettle

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  • The Simplex Copper Tea Kettle from Yorkshire is crafted from durable solid copper, so it can stand up to being used time and again for years on end. The rustic copper exterior will patina beautifully over time with little care required. 
  • In addition, the high-quality English construction ensures a nicely balanced weight, never heavy or slippery in your hands when pouring. 
  • You’ll also appreciate that this tea kettle has an ebonized beech handle that stays cool to the touch even as you are pouring boiling water into your pot. Finally, this tea kettle whistles when the boiling point of water is reached, you’re able to set it just right every single time.

7. SJMFGF Copper Tea kettle

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  • The whistling tea kettle may be the perfect way to start your day! This modern, titanium-haired design is easy to use as well as attractive. It’s an elegant addition to any kitchen with its mirror finish and revolutionary technology that makes you want it even more than before.
  • Whether you’re cooking on a gas or electric stove, the 2-quart tea kettle is perfect. The large fill opening makes it easy to add more water and clean out any residue that builds up inside over time. This one stays upright while still heating so there’s no risk of getting hot.
  • This teapot is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Not only does it look good, but this 18/0 stainless steel material ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your morning brews with ease even if there are constant distractions around.
  • A stainless steel whistling teapot is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to brew their own cup of loose leaf. The removable infuser makes it easy to tailor your drink any way you like, and there’s no need to worry about getting it dirty because this kettle won’t leave behind any residue.

8. Old Dutch Hammered Copper Tea Kettle

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  • Begin your morning the right way with a hot, steaming cup of tea. You may have noticed that stainless steel kettles fade to an unattractive shade over time and silver is worth its weight in gold at pot licker prices.
  • If you’re looking for a kettle that will last from now into years from now without being affected by stains or tarnishing then put down that old one already and grab this heavy-duty beauty. 
  • With two quarts capacity, it’ll hold enough water for any sized mug or hip flask, and the overall heft and solid construction means no loose-fitting parts like those puny little handles we see on most pans these days. Give this gift to someone who loves to prepare their breakfast at home but struggles every day.

9. Old Dutch Copper Tea kettle, 2 Qt

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  • Looking for a great option to make tea for your next event? Look no further than the Old Dutch Copper Tea Kettle
  • Boil-finish copper with a nickel lining, this is one of our most popular products! It’s been used by homeowners and caterers from coast to coast as an efficient way to heat water quickly. 
  • With its classic design, lovely hand-hammered finish, and wood knob handle, you’ll find it perfect at home or in any culinary environment that allows this type of metalwork due to the difficult clean-up requirements.

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10. Cuisinart Aura Copper Tea kettle

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  • Immerse yourself in the exquisite design and look of the Cuisinart Aura Kettle. Watch as beautiful dancing copper shimmers across its sleek exterior. Hear how safe, easy pouring with the Panacea handle is accomplished. 
  • Ponder stainless steel that’s durable yet elegant, hardened against corrosion without sacrificing a hint of beauty or a sound that cannot be replicated-the peaceful whistle announcing boiling water heralds your tea time ritual.
  • Behold this product for everything it has to offer: The infallible aesthetics paired with unquestionable quality make this kettle nothing short of an experience.

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11. DEMMEX Heavy Gauge 1mm Thick Hammered Copper Tea kettle

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  • You’ve always envied those copper pots and pans people use to cook, but didn’t want to look like a Lazy Susan every time you reached out for the handle.
  • This handsome, one-millimeter-thick copper teapot stovetop will stand up nice and tall with its beautiful hammered exterior. No need to worry about getting scared of snagging your finger on an unsightly blackhead or having someone go tumbling because they tripped over that dang pot.
  • You can finally have that warm feeling of ownership without all the setbacks that are often synonymous with it. Anyone who says cooking isn’t an art form hasn’t experienced this beauty firsthand yet.

12. BonJour Copper Tea Kettle

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  • This BonJour Copper Tea Kettle is the perfect way to “Boot Up” your mornings – or any other time of day. This eye-catching kettle is made from a combination of stainless steel and copper for increased effectiveness. 
  • The dome lid can be sealed on tightly with a secure fitting lid, while the rubberized handles offer comfort and control over pouring. 
  • A three-quart capacity means this kettle will be large enough to make lots of coffee, tea, or herbal infusions throughout the week without having to constantly refill it from an urn. 
  • Available in various colors, this kettle’s timeless elegance ensures that you’ll enjoy serving up hot drinks for years to come.

13. DEMMEX 100% Handcrafted Copper Tea Kettle

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  • These copper pots are made from the finest material and will last for years to come. Made in Turkey, where they have centuries worth of experience with this craftsmanship.
  • This knife is made of 100% solid, antiqued copper. It has a nonreactive tin lining and will not react with foods you wish to cook or serve on it. The handle features brass for that traditional look as well as wooden inserts designed by us in-house at Hocking hills factory store.
  • After receiving the teapot, if for any reason you think it is not copper feel free to drill a hole on its body and check that 1mm thick metal sits around. We’ll be happy to send out a replacement immediately as soon as we know which one needs repairs.

14. Old Dutch DuraCopper Ganymeade Copper Tea Kettle

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  • From Old Dutch, this copper tea kettle is an indispensable brewing accessory. Its classic design and materials add beauty to any home while ensuring that your water is heated quickly and efficiently. 
  • Enjoy a full pot of hot water in less than seven minutes! It boils rapidly when the whistle sounds – just watch out when you’re filling it with cold water because its stainless steel construction also makes it quite heavy.
  • From Old Dutch, this attractive kettle will be a welcome addition to your kitchen décor yet is practical for day-to-day use. 
  • Physically durable and easy to clean with soap and hand washing, you’ll appreciate how well copper distributes heat evenly across its surface (so your tea tastes better) then let’s cool down quickly.

15. Creative Home 77066 Copper Tea Kettle

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  • With a sleek and stunning design, the Creative Home 77066 Copper Tea Kettle with an amazing 3.0-quart capacity will quickly become your go-to tool for quick boiling water any time of day. 
  • This handsome kettle features a metallic copper color on its body and has a mirror finish that covers a majority of its lid and bottom rim. Boil in literally seconds thanks to high-quality heavy gauge stainless steel construction, then let the whistle tell you when it is done.
  • It can be used on both gas and electric stovetops – though we recommend using an induction range if possible.
  • Quick heating up times makes this tea kettle perfect for use at small gatherings or coffee breaks per work. Plus, it retains heat well so no need to worry about boiling dry.

16. Gibson Mr. Coffee Belgrove Copper Tea Kettle  

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  • With an old-world feel, the solid stainless steel construction of the Gibson Mr. Coffee Belgrove Copper Tea Kettle with Metallic Finish is a reliable choice for tea lovers. 
  • The high-grade material has been tested and found to be resistant to stains, corrosion, scratching, and warping-ensuring its beauty lasts your lifetime. 
  • With a safety warning whistle at boiling point to let you know when your water is ready for pouring into cups or microwave dishes, this copper kettle provides any space with an elegant flare that will complement all décor styles.

17. DEMMEX Engraved Solid Copper Tea Pot Kettle


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  • Solid copper is not only beautiful but also provides one of the best alloys for cooking possible. 
  • Copper mixed with lead-free tin gives complete modern protection while taking on the natural patina that will only intensify over time.
  • Mealtime is always more enjoyable when you’re outfitting your kitchen with items that are not just practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Demmex’s teapot kettle allows you to enjoy both aspects in equal measure.

18. KitchenWorks Copper Tea Kettle

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  • The KitchenWorks tea kettle is always on the lookout for your water and will notify you with a shrill whistle when it’s ready. This makes boiling some instant Nescafé Lavazza or herbal infusions easy work without worrying about burning yourself.
  • This stylish tea kettle for the stovetop is the perfect way to make your kitchen look good and feel great. The color of this copper design will match any other appliances or decor in your house, so you can have an aesthetic appeal without being overwhelming.
  • The 2-quart tea kettle stovetop is a great option for people who love to brew their own beverages at home but want an extra-large pot. It’s perfect if you’re making drinks for yourself and the whole family.
  • This tea kettle whirling comes with a removable lid to make it easy when filling up with water. After boiling, the spout can be opened by twisting and lifting off for pouring without burning yourself or getting scalded.
  • If you want to make sure your tea tastes as good as it looks, this stainless steel kettle is just what you need. With a sleek design and quality construction that will withstand any type of heat source from gas stoves all the way down through electric ones.

Tips and guide to buying the best Copper Tea Kettle

Heating Surface

The heating surface is a very important factor when purchasing a new kettle. A larger heating surface will allow you to heat more water faster which is an advantage over kettles with smaller surfaces because the amount of time it takes to heat that water remains the same. You can think of it as being able to buy gallons instead of quarts or liters.

Although there are some models out there with adjustable temperatures for different types of tea, most kettles on the market right now feature preset temperatures, usually in increments close to 10 degrees Fahrenheit; this means having a larger surface area is becoming increasingly important due to all these variables and their effect on boiling point and thus temperature.

Temp Settings

Most copper tea kettles come with preset temperatures to brew different types of tea. This makes it easier for consumers to give their favorite type the perfect amount of heat and time for optimal flavor. However, some models that don’t feature preset temperatures will usually allow you to set your own temperate according to the type of water and tea you’re using.

This is a nice advantage if you want to take more control over the brewing process or if there’s a specific temperature you need (for example, if someone in your family has sensitive teeth and can only drink cold water).


Tea kettles tend to come in standard sizes: one-liter capacity, half-liter capacity, etc. But when it comes down to brass tacks, how much water does your household use on a daily basis? This is more important than the size of your kettle because if you have a family or lots of visitors on a regular basis, then you’ll need a larger capacity to brew more tea for everyone at once.

In some cases, tea kettles can be used for other purposes such as cooking pasta or boiling eggs so don’t let yourself be limited by the name only being used for its intended purpose.

Handle Design

The handle of your new copper tea kettle should feel comfortable in your hand and not get too hot to touch while water is heating inside. Some models feature silicone grips around the handle to keep it cool while others may come with their own accessories that minimize heat transfer from metal to skin. And although this isn’t an essential feature, having a whistle that lets you know when the water is boiling is definitely helpful for busy families who may not be in the kitchen when it starts to boil.

Copper Material

Brass kettles consist of at least 80% copper while stainless steel units are often made entirely out of this metal. But there are also models composed of high-grade ceramic materials which provide similar benefits to pure copper products but with some added bonuses such as induction-compatibility or insulating properties which can help reduce energy consumption and increase safety.

Some expert reviewers recommend using pure cooper products over all others because they won’t leave any metallic taste behind due to their lack of impurities. However, this isn’t a make-or-break type of feature and any kettle will work just fine, no matter the composition.


Tea kettles usually range in weight from 1 pound to more than 5 pounds. Generally, lighter models are preferred when you want to quickly heat large amounts of water with minimal effort while heavier pots are better when you need to leave them on the stove for long periods of time or use them outside.

Heavier units are also great at distributing heat throughout the pot whenever they’ve moved around so if you’ve got a rambunctious little one who likes to play near the kitchen then it might be worth investing in a safer product that’s harder to tip over.


Copper is a natural antimicrobial metal which means it can keep itself free from germs and other contaminants without the need for added chemicals. This quality makes this product perfect for anyone who’s trying to lead a more natural lifestyle and stay away from hazardous substances that could otherwise be found in plastic or toxic alloy components.

However, there aren’t any health benefits associated with cooking food in copper cookware because high temperatures will not only destroy the metal but also the nutrients present within the food itself. Therefore, experts recommend buying pure copper tea kettles as opposed to those made out of brass or stainless steel because they won’t leach harmful chemicals into your water even after long periods of use.

Heat Transfer

Since pure copper products are less dense than brass or stainless steel ones, their ability to conduct heat is far superior. Kettles made out of this metal will provide you with faster and more efficient heating options in terms of both waiting time and electricity consumption when compared to other models. However, the purest versions tend to be the most expensive so if you don’t want to break your budget then choose a less costly unit composed of 99% copper instead of 100%.

Temperature Control

Most kettles allow for full temperature control since there are low- and high- setting available. But some sellers offer products with an automatic shutoff function that turns off the stove whenever the water reaches boiling point. This feature might not be present in all units but it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for a long-term investment that will help avoid overheating accidents.

Tips for Using your Copper Tea Kettle

  • Always remove the kettle from the heat source before removing the lid. Otherwise, you will get burned by hot steam escaping through this opening which is why some models come with a small hole in the cover so there’s always somewhere for excess pressure to escape.
  • Wipe dry your copper tea kettle after every use since water left on metal can leave residue behind that might eventually corrode or rust its surface over time if it’s not cleaned up promptly. Also, make sure to dry your hands after handling this product because pure cooper isn’t naturally nonstick and food particles left inside might cause an unpleasant metallic taste if transferred into your beverage later on.
  • Always serve tea straight out of the pot instead of using other receptacles because they will absorb the metal’s unique taste. Using alternative mugs, cups or pitchers will leave traces of metal on your tongue which can be quite unpleasant if you’re not expecting it so why take the risk?
  • Never expose this product to extreme temperatures because doing so might deform its shape or even cause damages that aren’t easy to spot at first sight due to its location inside the pot. Also, avoid placing empty vessels over direct heat sources because empty ones tend to reach higher temperatures than those already filled with water and they might melt or change color if left under high stress for extended periods of time.
  • Although copper is a naturally rust-resistant substance, it can still corrode when exposed to high humidity levels over long periods of time. This is why it’s always recommended to store your kettle in a dry area where there’s no risk of steam exposure or condensation.
  • If you’re looking to buy the best tea kettle, then make sure it has an easily manageable handle that won’t get hot when exposed to open flame even if it means paying more for this feature than other luxury add-ons like automatic shutoff capability.
  • Always pour hot water slowly and carefully without tilting the vessel too much since excess liquid streaming down its side will cause uneven distribution inside the pot which might warp its shape or disrupt crystalline structures within pure cooper causing discoloration or rusting marks along seams and engravings.
  • Don’t leave this product out on surfaces where it might be exposed to kids because pure copper is very soft and malleable which means that a determined child can deform a tea kettle just by throwing it against a hard surface.
  • Most kettles come with a small hole on the lid or somewhere else around their upper rim so if you want to discard hot water, then never place your fingers over this opening since there’s no need to take risks when handling these products.
  • Some models require dishwashing but others are dishwasher-safe so before buying one, check what kind of maintenance is required beforehand.

FAQs about a Copper Tea Kettle

Are kettles made from copper bad for your health?

No, most copper tea kettles are triple-plated so the only part inside the vessel that is made from this material is its outside layer which doesn’t come into direct contact with water or steam.

Can I replace a kettles plastic handle with one made out of pure cooper?

Yes, some manufacturers offer replacement parts like these but they might charge quite a lot for them and it’s always recommended to check what kind of warranty comes bundled with your purchase before making any additional purchases because these parts might not be included in your unit’s original warranty terms and conditions depending on where you buy it from and who manufactured it.

Is there such a thing as stainless steel tea kettle?

Tea kettles can be made from any type of metal or glass including stainless steel but there’s no such thing as a 100% stainless steel tea kettle made from only this material.

Is it safe to put my favorite teapot on the stovetop?

No, always use a heat diffuser when using appliances with exposed heating coils built-in like electric stoves and over. These items have been designed for making hot drinks not used as portable stovetops so if you’re looking for an item that can be safely used on top of a heated surface then consider buying a small tabletop burner instead.

Can I refill this copper pot after each brew cycle is complete?

Yes, some models offer this feature which makes them perfect for those people who love to drink different types of tea throughout the day.

What is a stovetop kettle?

These items are used for making hot drinks but they don’t come with any special features like automatic shutoff or thermostat control because their sole purpose is to heat water on top of an available surface which might be a small burner built-in on most electronic stoves.

Conclusion for the Best Copper Tea Kettles

If you’re looking for a product that can be both used as a traditional tea kettle and as a way to evenly distribute the heat on top of an electric stove, then this is the best product you can get but if you need something less expensive and more basic like a classic style teapot, then check out our other reviews because we covered these types of items too.

That’s all we had to say about buying the best copper tea kettles available right now so make sure you do your research before taking the plunge since there are some very good products waiting for new owners but there are also some duds out there just waiting for people to buy them! Just don’t let yourself be tricked by big brand names and flashy marketing campaigns because you need to do your homework before investing in any product, kettle, or otherwise.

Copper tea kettles are popular because of their beautiful finish. They’re also very durable and give an elegant touch to any kitchen decor. So, if you’ve been looking for a new kettle or want one as a gift, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your search. We curated these products based on expert reviews and customer feedback – so whichever product you choose from this list is sure to be of great quality. Buy now the best products we have shared above for a great experience with copper tea kettles.

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