11 Best Enamel Tea Kettles: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s a drink that is received for its taste, freshness, and health benefits. And yet, many tea kettles are less than perfect. Here, we will recommend the 11 best enamel tea kettles from top brands. If you’re looking for a perfect tea kettle, look no further – our list will have everything you need to make perfect tea.

Enamel Tea Kettles

List of 11 Best Enamel Tea Kettles Reviews

1. Kenmore Broadway Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.5-quart, Glacier Blue

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  • The big, bad sun is out, and they’re not even going to start about the cleaning part. This 1.5-quart Kenmore Broadway Enamel Tea Kettle allows you to fill your cup with just a little bit of water and quickly turn your boiling water into a delicious tea. 
  • The stay-could grasp sturdy bakelite handle provides stability and safety when pouring spoutWheels a pleasing note when water is boiling. A Rove easy-to-clean instructable will show you how to fill and clean this 1.5-quart Kenmore Broadway Enamel Tea Kettle, ensuring your tea is perfect every time.

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2. Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt., Cerise

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  • The Le Creuset Kettle is the most popular single-tone whistle kettle and is designed with a single-tone, Ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip. The 1.7 qt. model is perfect for 1-4/5 gallons of water and has a heat-resistant, ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip. 
  • The round-shaped lid with a stay-cool phenolic lid knob means you can use the kettle even on a hand wash day means approximately 6.0 IN 10.0 IN 10.0 IN. Quickly and easily boil water for tea, hot chocolate, or cider with the Le Creuset Kettle. This beautiful kettle has a single-tone whistle that alerts you when your water.

3. Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.6 quarts, Onyx

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  • The ERGONOMIC design gives the person drinking from the pot a motion. The arching ergonomic stay-cool handle provides contact and comfort. The fast boiling water reaches the burner quickly which helps with rapid boiling. The wide, flat bottom provides maximum contact with the burner which helps for quick boiling. The stainless steel single-tone whistle alerts you when your water has boiled – it is always a good sign.
  • Chantal’s enamel is fired to create a smooth, glossy finish that is easy to clean. The 1.6-quart functional capacity will allow you to easily access and clean the resourceful enamel. You can also Haven’t had any mineral build-up on the durability of your enamel due to the wide opening and easy access to entry.

4. Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.25 qt., White

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  • This is 1.25 qt. the white enamel tea kettle is perfect for any kitchen that wants a bit of extra warmth and comfort, and it comes in at just 1.4 kg. This is perfect for either hand-washing or using with water heat (including induction), and measures about 4.4 IN 9.5 IN 6.0 IN. 
  • The carbon steel core makes this vessel heat resistant, the ergonomic handle locks into place for easy lifting and pouring, and the removable round-shaped lid with a stay-cool phenolic lid knob makes it safe for any hand-washing or use of water heaters.

5. Cuisinart Valor Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettle, Red

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  • The Cuisinart Valor tea kettles are perfect for those who love the convenience of using only one type of beverage. They come in two different colors, the red they select for this review, but they also offer a similar product to these other teakettle reviews.
  • This one has an enamel exterior and the other does not. The Cuisinart Valor tea kettles offer a more muffled whistling sound than these other reviews, which is why they think they work well in both public and private habitats.

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6. Chantal Oolong 1.8 quart Enamel Tea Kettle, Aqua

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  • This chyme enamel is firing at high temperatures which creates a smooth, glossy finish. This makes it durable, not to mention easy to clean – they have a right to be happy with a durable enamel that is fired at high temperatures.
  • Stay cool and stay warm with this ergonomic stay-cool handle. The stainless steel single-tone whistle lets you know when your water has boiled. They also offer a handcrafted, 100% organic glove in this Engelsbach distillery addiction control line range.
  • The wide flat bottom of this Rapid boiling model helps create a rapid boil, which is great for all stovetops including magnetic Induction. The one-piece body construction helps prevent mineral build-up and easy cleaning. The wide opening lid for easy cleaning makes it simple to load and unload.

7. Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.4 quarts, White/Red w/black handle

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  • The 1.4-quart Enamel on Steel Whistling Teakettle is a great choice for those who want a stay-cool handle and a stylish look. The enamel is made with magnetic carbon steel, meaning it will work on all cooktops INCLUDING magnetic induction.
  • The 1.4-quart Enamel on Steel Whistling Teakettle is also easy to clean and will not fade over time. It has a functional capacity of 1.4 qt. It may require hand protection when using a gas or professional stove.

8. Chantal Sven Enamel Tea Kettle, 1.4 quarts, Blue Cove

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  • This national design is a light wood color that Senators might see in the Capitol. The light color helps to create a unique and appropriate look for the building. The enamel finish makes it appear as if the teakettle is north European. They believe this to be a beautiful and unique design.
  • The blonde wood handle and knob are made of 100% rubberwood; the wood stays cool to the touch when boiling water. This hand soaks up heat and is refreshing on both terms. It is also Made for both personal and professional use, perfect for a hot day in court or an afternoon in the office.
  • Chantal enamel is fired to create a smooth, glossy finish that is not fade. The one-piece body construction eliminates an interior seam and prevents rust, while the premium ‘boiler’ enameling on the interior provides extra durability. This dishwasher features a perfect fit for all cooktops, including magnetic induction.

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9. Chantal Anniversary Enamel Tea Kettle, 2 quarts, Marigold

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  • The Chantal anniversary enamel tea kettle is a durable, lightweight tea kettle that is perfect for on-the-go drinking. The 2 quarts Capacity provides plenty of tea for multiple cups of sweet, sweet cake. 
  • The ergonomic stay-cool handle ensures that you’ll be able to pour and drink quickly. The heavy-duty enamel interior prevents hard water and mineral build-up, and the smooth, flat base provides a great impact moments after each cup.

10. Anolon Enamel Tea Kettle, 2 Quart, Umber

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  • The given content is about the given design. The perforated steel construction with a tough enamel finish is perfect for shouldn’t and areal ratings. The easy-cleaning exterior means that your tea will come from a machine that is easy to clean – even if it’s in an open environment.
  • This exterior resisting starch and cleaning system includes a beautiful, colorful enamel finish for the stovetop or countertop. This also includes easy stripes and patterns that can be used as an external clean or inside of the kitchen to keep your dishes clean.
  • The versatile Teakettle lid seals tightly for maximum heat retention and protection against burns. The stylish handle offers a secure, comfortable grip with the easy spout lever action. The whistle will announce when water is boiling.

11. OLYTARU Enamel Tea Kettle, Small Retro Classic Design

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  • They carry a variety of stainless steel enamel tea kettles in different shapes and sizes. This one is the LEAD-FREE, non-toxic, healthy, and safe enamel tea kettle. It has a durable design and they own it. It’s easy to use and comes with a health warning that warns of the potential for rust.
  • This teapot is perfect for either tea or coffee. It has a high concentration of acid and alkali-resistant glaze, so it will be serviceable for any drink. It is also sturdy, beautiful, and weighty – making it a good choice for large cups. The handle works well for most hands.
  • Electric and ceramic stovetops are best for boiling water on, while gas stoves are better with electric appliances. Halogen and induction cookers are worse than no cooking at all, as they heat up the food instead of cooling it down.

Tips and guide to buying the best Enamel Tea Kettle


The size of an Enamel Tea Kettle is very important. You need to choose the right one. The most popular sizes are 1, 2, and 3 liters. You should also consider the weight of a kettle. A heavy-duty 3-liter tea kettle is better than a lightweight 1-liter tea kettle.


Enamel tea kettles are made of ceramic, stainless steel, or aluminum. They are usually made in an enamel finish, which makes an enamel tea kettle look more beautiful and elegant than other types of kettles. However, many people prefer stainless steel or aluminum over enamel because they don’t have any special coating that makes them rust or tarnish after some time. Some people also prefer stainless steel or aluminum because they are heavier and more durable than enamel.


Enamel tea kettles come in a variety of colors. You can choose the color of your tea kettle according to your style or taste. Some people also prefer enamel because it is an easy-to-clean material.


Enamel tea kettles are designed to boil water quickly, while the shape and design of the handle provide a comfortable grip. They are also made with special features such as a whistle to alert you when water boils or that informs how much water is left. Some enamel tea kettles have a built-in strainer, so you can use them without any problems.


Enamel tea kettles have different lid designs. The main reason for this design is that the lid can be used as a strainer to remove tea leaves from the water when brewing your tea. You can remove the lid and use it as a strainer after brewing your tea, or you can leave the lid on while pouring water into the kettle.


Enamel tea kettles are designed to be used in all types of kitchens. They are made with a wide base that allows them to sit firmly on any type of stove, including electric stoves with no problems. Enamel tea kettles are also made with a special handle that makes them easy to carry and use in any type of kitchen.

Ease of Use

Enamel tea kettles are designed to be simple and easy to use. They are made with a special shape that allows you to pour water without a mess, while the handle makes it easy to carry and handle. Enamel tea kettles also have a whistle that alerts you when the water is boiling or ready for boiling.


Enamel tea kettles are designed with different shapes and styles. While some come in classic designs, others have unique shapes that make them stand out in any kitchen. Some enamel tea kettles come in the shape of a teapot, so you can use them as a teapot on your stove or table while brewing your tea. Others have a unique design that looks like a kettle, so you can use them as a regular kettle on your stove or table.


Enamel tea kettles are made to be durable and able to last for a long time without problems. They have special heat-resistant materials that make them strong enough to withstand any type of cooking or heating process without problems.


Enamel tea kettles are made to be safe and secure. They have special handles that are designed to be safe and keep them from slipping and falling off the stove or table. The water level indicator also makes it easy for you to check the water level before boiling your water.

FAQs about an Enamel Tea Kettle

Are enamel tea kettles toxic?

Enamel tea kettles are made of special materials that are safe to use. They are made of food-grade materials, so they won’t release harmful chemicals into your water. Some enamel tea kettles come with special handles that have been designed to be safe and easy to grip, so you can use them without any problems.

What should I do if my enamel tea kettle gets broken?

If your enamel kettle gets broken, don’t worry about it. You can easily find new ones on the market that are available in different styles and designs and will be able to fulfill all of your needs as a tea drinker and a cooker!

Can I boil water in an enamel teapot?

You can boil water in an enamel teapot, but it’s not recommended. The surface of the enamel is porous and will absorb the water, and it will cause the enamel to crack over time. So, you should use a stainless steel or glass teapot instead.

Can I cook food in an enamel tea kettle?

If you want to use your enamel tea kettle for cooking purposes, then yes, you can cook anything in it. Enamel is a good conductor of heat and won’t release any harmful chemicals. It’s advisable to always use a lid when cooking food in your enamel tea kettle so that the heat doesn’t escape from the pot while cooking!

What about enamel tea kettles made of other materials?

Enamel is known to be a very durable material, but there are some other materials that can be used for making enamel tea kettles. One of them is stainless steel, which has the same properties as enamel. Another material is porcelain, which is also a good choice if you want to use your teapot for cooking purposes. The only difference between these two materials is that the surface of porcelain will not absorb any water and won’t crack over time.

Is enamel safe to use as a food storage container?

Enamel tea kettles are made of food-grade material, which means that they are safe to use as food storage containers. Enamel is a hard, long-lasting material that won’t absorb any harmful chemicals and won’t release any harmful chemicals. The only thing you need to be careful about is the heat generated by cooking in your enamel tea kettle!

Conclusion for Enamel Tea Kettle

Enamel tea kettles are very durable and long-lasting, and they aren’t indestructible. If you want to use your enamel tea kettle for cooking purposes, make sure that the heat won’t escape from the pot while cooking. Also, if you don’t want to use your enamel tea kettle for cooking purposes, you can still use it for storing hot water.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a new Enamel Tea Kettle. We made sure to include the best of the best in our review and buying guide. Whether you prefer a cordless Teapot Unique or one with an infuser, there is something for everyone here. If you are looking to buy a new tea kettle, we encourage you to read our detailed reviews and buyer’s guide before making a purchase.

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