15 Best Flat Top Griddles On The Market – Reviews And Buying Guides

The best flat top griddles are the ones that will last you for years to come. They can be used on your stovetop, grill or in the oven. Flat-top griddles are great because they allow you to cook everything from breakfast pancakes to grilled cheese sandwiches and bacon (and everything in between). With so many choices out there it’s hard to know which one is right for you, but we did all the work for you by researching hours of reviews and compiling our list of 15 best flat top griddling options that will suit anyone needs.

Flat Top Griddle

What is a Flat Top Griddle?

A flat top griddle is a piece of equipment found in most commercial kitchens, but it’s becoming more popular for domestic purposes. The same concept applies, your flat top griddles are used to cook many different things. Whether you’re searing rib eyes, cooking pancakes, or making bacon, having one of these bad boys will make it easy to crank out restaurant-style dishes at home.

Flat top griddles have several benefits over other cooking forms. Let’s take a look at some of them: They can be used on any surface–stovetop, grill, and an oven It allows for even heat distribution across the entire cooking area Flat tops can get very hot which means healthier food by not adding excess butter or oil Versatility in what you can cook on them.

List of 15 Best Flat Top Griddles Reviews

1. Royal Gourmet GB4000F 36-Inch Flat Top Gas Griddle

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  • This griddle isn’t your average breakfast buddy. With its powerful heating systems, this gas griddle lets you cook up to 748 square inches of food at a time, and with 52,000 BTU that’s as good as it gets. 
  • Its grease management system is the cherry on top. You’ll be able to clean up in record time because cooking everything from eggs and pancakes to burgers and dogs won’t leave any residue behind.

2. Royal Gourmet PD1301S Flat Top Griddles

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  • This grill is perfect for any family with small outdoor cooking events. The sturdy feet and 20 pounds of propane make it an awesome choice, even if you’re not camping or tailgating.
  • With three separately controlled burners, you can cook up to 25500 BTUs of power with a simple push from integrated piezo igniters. The temperature is adjustable between low and high for your desired taste in food.
  • This premium grill is designed to be easy and convenient. With a 316 square inch cooking surface, you’ll never have trouble finding enough space on your patio or balcony for all of that delicious food that comes out so well from this amazing device.
  • The patented grease cup collects oil residue while cooking, and is easy to clean up after use. The removable griddle top also makes it convenient for washing in between uses of this large surface area on which you can cook all sorts of dishes.

3. Blackstone 1984 Flat Top Griddles

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  • This Flat Top Griddle is the perfect size for most meals and allows you to create greasy-spoon staples like pancakes, bacon, and other foods at your next outdoor cooking party.
  • The Camp Stove Grill has two prep stations to dice veggies and seasons your burger patties with the front shelf being magnetic so you can keep all of those griddling tools close by.
  • If you’re looking for a durable, versatile cooking surface that can cook food quickly and easily then look no further than our extra large 767 square inches flat griddle. It’s great when cooking with friends or family because of its capacity to feed so many people at once – from burgers on up.
  • Blackstone griddle has a four-burner design that distributes heat well and cooks your food quickly with amazing results. You can control each individual burner separately, making it easy to slow cook bacon on one side while making pancakes on another.

4. Royal Gourmet GB4000 Flat Top Griddles

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  • The Royal Gourmet GB4000 Flat Top Grill is the ultimate in grilling power! With four independently controlled stainless-steel tube burners with 13, 000 BTUs each, this grill has a total of 52,000 BTUs cooking power. 
  • The durable stainless-steel control panel has an electronic ignition system that offers a reliable spark at every push. And don’t worry about the hassle of cleanup because this grill makes it easy with its grease management system. 
  • There’s no need to deal with drippings falling on coals or trying to move a hot and heavy side table. This grill stays where you put it because four caster wheels come equipped with brake systems for stability while moving from place to place.

5. Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle

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  • Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle is the grease and hassle-free way to upgrade your campsite cooking experience. The Camp Chef’s flat top griddle is perfect for pancakes, bacon, and eggs in the morning or a quick evening meal. 
  • The 480 sq. inch grilling grate makes it easy to grill vegetables and pizza crust while still keeping smaller eaters out of the heat on the side tables.
  • Plus, with two large folding shelves inside this smart design camp kitchen, you can store away pots, pans, and utensils so they don’t take up valuable space around your site.

6. Blackstone 1517 Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle

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  • The large 470-sq inch flat top grilling makes this the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner time for you. Grill up eggs or pancakes to serve them on your plate along with some Quesadillas that are just waiting in line at home too! Schmancy Teppanyaki-style foods will also be cooked up nicely by using both sides of this wonderful product so don’t forget about preparing those carbs before they go bad.
  • The battery-powered push-button ignition will have you cooking in no time! So, grab some friends or family members and get grilling. It’s easy to use with an assembly kit that includes everything needed for a simple setup.
  • Ease your way around the yard or to and from camp with this handy tool. The removable griddle top, foldable legs, four caster wheels make it easy to move anywhere.

7. U-MAX Flat Top Griddle

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  • The U-MAX Griddle makes just about anything taste better. With its sleek design and built-in match-safe ignition lock, cooking on this gourmet griddle is more convenient than ever before.
  • The U-MAX Grill is the perfect addition to any home grill. Its sleek design can be taken anywhere, and its heavy-duty casters make transportation easy. Not only does this item come with two shelves for extra storage but also folding legs so you don’t need an immense footprint on your patio or backyard space when not in use.
  • This griddle features four burners with individual, adjustable heat zones. As a result of this unique design, you can cook different foods all at one time and get perfect results every single time.
  • This barbecue grill has an ample 564sq. inches of cooking area that can cook like sausages, meatball and maize with ease.

8. Royal Gourmet GD401C Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle

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  • The Masterbuilt 584 Square Inch Gas Grill has a combination of features to make cooking fun and easy, whether you are preparing food for yourself or your friends. With four burners with 48000 BTUs each plus two individual zones in which 292 sq inches can be used at one time, this gas grill will not disappoint.
  • The rustic design of this table is perfect for your next cookout. With four locking casters and fold-down legs, it’s easy to move around the yard or bring indoors during bad weather.
  • The big, easy-to-use knobs on the stainless steel control panel give you a fast and manageable startup. A removable oil management system facilitates easy clean-up, but it’s a hassle to remove.
  • The bottom of the lower bar rests near your feet, so all you need to do is reach out and grab what it is that makes grilling such an exceptional experience.

9. Blackstone 1883 Flat Top Griddle


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  • This portable outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to cook food when you’re out and about. Whether it’s camping or just for grilling at home this thing has got all of your cooking needs covered.
  • This Propane Griddle has a hood to protect the surface and eliminates messes. The side shelves can be used as prep space, diced veggies, or meat patties for burgers on your next cookout.
  • This big 28-inch gas grill griddle allows you to cook for multiple people at once. This makes batch cooking a whole lot easier and quicker, so brunch won’t be an issue anymore.
  • The heavy gauge metal construction of this griddle not only makes it durable but also contributes greatly to the even heat distribution.

10. VBENLEM 30″ Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle

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  • The large size of this steel cooking surface measures 29″ x 15. 7″, and it has 0. 3″ thickness, so don’t worry about it deforming easily.
  • Don’t get caught without the right equipment! Dual precise temperature adjusting knobs with the clear scale of 50 – 300℃. LED light indicates heating status so you know when it’s time to turn up or down a notch, depending on what your needs are at any given moment.
  • The sleek and stylish electric griddle is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable. It also features a large oil spill beside the cooking board that conveniently drains into its drawer below for easy cleaning.
  • This extra splash guard on the sides and back of this griddle will protect you from hot grease drips while cooking, as well as any oil that may spillover. It has multiple vents to help with temperature control.

11. Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top Griddle

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  • Two independently controlled burners provide a total of 30, 000 BTUs and allow you to control hot and cool zones on your griddle surface. Whether for breakfast or lunchtime snacks, the big panini press will make all sorts of tasty sandwiches in no time at all.
  • The oversized 360-degree grease pan naturally funnels grease to the Grease Cup for easy cleanup. The stainless steel lid with vent allows you to roast, steaming or do baking while preventing splatters all around your house.
  • The folding prep table’s paper towel holder makes it easy to get rid of any crumbs, while the two heat zones ensure even cooking. It assembles in 30 minutes or less so you can enjoy your meal right away.

12. Blackstone 36″ Flat Top Griddle

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  • This kitchen comes equipped with an additional shelf for your convenience, as well as trash bag hooks and paper towel racks. Plus it has Blackstone’s new rear grease management system.
  • This is a great way to cook all of your favorite breakfast items, lunch meats, and cheeses in one convenient place. The side shelves are perfect for placing cooking utensils while cooking on top.
  • Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or just celebrating the great outdoors – this grill is simple to use and easy to assemble. Forget about kerosene, charcoal, and matches, it includes an easy start battery-powered push-button ignition so your meal will be ready in no time.
  • The durable plastic handle is heat resistant allowing you to safely grab the BBQ tool with bare hands. Plus, this high-quality stainless steel construction can handle high intense temperatures and resists odors/stains, it’s dishwasher safe too.

13. Royal Gourmet GB4001B Flat Top Griddle

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  • With four 13,000BTU stainless steel burners that provide a total of 52 thousand BTUs power to cook your food however you want. This ranges from low heat for delicate ingredients all the way up to high so nothing gets missed.
  • With its impressive 784sq. inches of flat top grilling, 36.22″ L x 21.65″ W cooking surface, and over 4 5 mm thick cold cast iron plate this double-walled gas stovetop will be perfect for your whole family’s breakfast lunch dinner needs with sausages steak potatoes teppanyaki style foods, or any other dish you can think up.
  • The metal feet, stainless steel control panel, and electronic ignition system are just some of the features that make this smoker last long. It also includes four heavy-duty casters with locks for easy transportation.
  • The large capacity of this grease cup makes cleanup a breeze. The flat top and side handle make it easy to remove for cleaning while holding up your accessories or seasonings in place with great stability.
  • The gas grill is easy to assemble and includes fasteners that are simple for you. With one button, there’s no need of trying different methods or contending with old-fashioned tools like pliers.

14. VEVOR 29″ Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle

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  • This commercial electric griddle features a large cooking area of 29″ x 15.7″, and it’s ideal for making breakfast sandwiches or reheating evening dishes with friends! With its half flat/half grooved surface, this 0.3-inch thick cast iron pan heats evenly throughout to give you delicious results every time. Perfect for whatever kind of meal you’re craving today at home-cooked food lovers such as yourself who want that “special something” in their kitchen again.
  • With the dual temperature control buttons, you can establish different cooking zones and cook foods for your customer at their preferred levels. With individual settings from 50℃ (122℉) all way up to 300°C (572 °F), it’s easy-adjust heat level as needed.
  • Your product is now more versatile and durable with the addition of a commercial-grade griddle. The thickened cast iron cooking plate means that it can handle even high temperatures, which will make your food last much longer.

Tips and guide to buying the best Flat Top Griddle

When buying Flat Top Griddle, there are a few things you should consider. Here is our guide for buying the best flat top griddle:


When it comes to size, bigger isn’t always better. It depends on how much cooking surface you need and what you will be using it for. A 12″ model can handle most cooking situations but if you have a smaller kitchen or do a lot of griddling, a 10″ might be more your speed. The biggest flat-top griddles on the market typically clock in at 16″, so if this is too big, look for something closer to 12″.

Type of Top Surface

Griddles come with either smooth tops or ridged tops. This impacts not only how well they are but also their cleaning convenience. Smooth tops are easier to clean but it’s much harder to get an amazing sear on your meat. If you’re looking for a true restaurant-quality steak, choose a griddle with ridges.

Carbon Steel vs Cast Iron

Carbon steel flat top griddles are lighter and easier to handle than cast iron ones. They also heat up faster and cool down quicker than their cast iron counterparts. The downside of carbon steel is that it tends to rust more easily and isn’t as durable as cast iron. Cast iron typically costs a bit more money but it will last forever if taken care of properly. Size of Handles – Small handles make moving kitchen equipment around difficult because you can’t get a good grip. Look for models with long enough handles so you’ll have no trouble picking it up.


The thing to consider when buying a flat top griddle is the reason you need one. Someone who doesn’t plan on using it very often might be satisfied with a low-quality one, but if you know you’ll be using it quite frequently, make sure to buy something that will last and won’t break down in a few months’ time. Price The price of these products varies greatly and the more expensive ones do not always mean they are of higher quality. If you’re looking for a lower-cost product, we recommend buying an aluminum model.

Cleaning & Care

You definitely want to properly care for your cooking equipment so it lasts as long as possible. Here’s how: Make sure to oil your cooking surface after cleaning or each time before cooking Don’t let it air dry, instead use a clean towel to wipe off excess water. Allow your griddle to cool down before putting it away Never stack pots and pans on top of each other or put hot items in a drawer or cupboard

Number of Burners

If you want to save some money, buying a two-burner griddle is better than getting one with multiple burners. These models are fine for occasional use but if you know you’ll be using it often, make sure to get something with at least three burners.

Temperature Control

The best flat top griddles on the market have already been seasoned so they are ready to use. If you buy a new one, make sure to season it before cooking on it so food doesn’t stick. It is also a good idea to find a model with some type of temperature control because this makes it easier for you to adjust the heat depending on what you’re cooking.


If you don’t plan on leaving your griddle in one place, make sure to get a model with handles and/or wheels. This makes moving it around an easier task. For example, if you want to move it from the stovetop to the counter or outside for some alfresco cooking, having handles or wheels will help you do so much more easily.

Tips for Using your Flat Top Griddle

  • Make sure to set the heat between medium-high and high.
  • You can use your griddle for more than just making breakfast items – it’s perfect for dinner, lunch, appetizers, and even dessert!
  • If you have a two-burner griddle, cook one side of meat at a time rather than trying to fit both on at once. This will help keep the juices in the meat instead of running out onto the cooking surface.
  • When using oil or butter for cooking, make sure it has had plenty of time to melt (about 30 seconds) before placing food on top of it.
  • Try this trick: Place marinade in a pan over low heat for ten minutes or so. This will infuse your steak with flavor rather than just placing the marinade on top of it when you place it onto the griddle.
  • Let the food sit for a few minutes after removing from heat before cutting into it because hot items can cause steam that could otherwise seep into what you’re cooking and result in less-than-perfect results.
  • For big events, consider getting two griddles – one to hold your meat while the other cook’s pancakes, french toast, eggs, etc. If space is an issue, consider buying a stand-alone grill for meats instead.
  • Once again, having multiple burners is key if you plan to cook many different foods at once. Two burners give you a lot more flexibility than one.
  • Get a griddle with a thermostat if possible because it makes it easier to tell when the burner has reached its ideal cooking temperature.
  • If you’re cooking meat, be sure to use tongs instead of a fork because this will cause valuable juices to run out and dry up your foods.
  • Don’t overcrowd your griddle as items can take too long to cook and may not turn out as well as they could have if there was room for heat to circulate properly around them.

FAQs about a Flat Top Griddle

Does a flat top griddle come with its own stand?

No. A flat top griddle is typically used to replace an existing cooking surface and will sit on top of the one you already have in your kitchen.

Is it possible to fry eggs and other breakfast foods using a flat top griddle?

Yes. Although it takes longer, you can cook pretty much anything on a flat top griddle that you could normally cook on a frying pan. In addition, if you get one with high sides, you don’t have to worry about your egg(s) running off onto the stovetop or floor.

Can you broil foods on a flat top griddle?

Yes. However, keep in mind that you should never turn on your broiler without anything in it because this can damage the heating element. While a griddle doesn’t have a heating element, there is still a possibility of being electrocuted so be sure to position the grill at least four inches away from what’s being broiled before turning it on.

Can you boil water on a flat top griddle?

Yes. In fact, if your flat top griddle is made from aluminum, it’s actually quite easy to clean because most of the time, all you’ll need to do is put some dish soap and hot water in it and let soak for about 30 minutes before wiping with a sponge.

Can I use the cooking spray when using my flat top griddle?

Not unless otherwise stated by its manufacturer. Some manufacturers say not to use oil or butter when greasing their pans but this isn’t universal so always read the manual that comes with your specific product. Also worth noting – don’t forget to remove any spray residue before.

Conclusion for the Best Flat Top Griddle

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to owning a flat top griddle. Not only is it great for cooking eggs and meats but it’s also useful if you like making pancakes, french toast, tortillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, or any other bread-based product. Just make sure you get the right size. If your flat top griddle does not come with its own stand, be sure to measure how much counter space you have before starting your search so you don’t end up disappointed when your purchase doesn’t fit in the area where you planned on putting it in.

Shopping for the best flat top griddle can be tricky. There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to know which one is right for your needs. All of our favorite options have been shared in this article, along with other helpful information about what you should consider before making a purchase. Whether you’re looking for something basic or want an appliance that will last decades, we hope these 15 reviews help you find the perfect product! If none of them fit perfectly into your budget or kitchen space, don’t worry we’ll be sharing more soon

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