12 Best StoveTop Griddles: Reviews and Comparisons

If you find yourself cooking for a lot of people, sometimes the solution can be as simple and easy to use as one appliance. A stovetop griddle lets your kitchen shine with its many uses.

Stovetop griddles are the perfect cooking companion for those who love to cook large amounts of food at once. They provide a fantastic way to put out meat, fried rice, or pancakes onto an entirely new level without always needing grease.

If you are in the market for a stovetop griddle, these 12 options offer some of the best available. All have been reviewed on their performance, durability, ease of use, and more to help you find the right one for your needs. With so many products to choose from it can be overwhelming to narrow down which ones are worth considering. Hopefully, this article will make that decision easier.

StoveTop Griddle

List of 12 Best Stovetop Griddles Reviews

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Stovetop Griddle

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  • The Lodge Pre-Seasoned StoveTop Griddle is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This griddle not only allows you to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it also comes with a measurement guide which makes measuring much easier than ever before. 
  • The dual handles make cooking even more convenient as there are two-handed grips for better control over the stovetop’s heat during use. It evenly distributes heat onto any surface of the food that you’re cooking.
  • We at Lodge understand how difficult it can be to find an amazing stovetop griddle that never needs its surface preheated or oiled again. If this sounds like something you could benefit from then the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Stovetop Griddle is right up your alley.

2. Cuisinart 655-35 Chef’s Classic Stovetop Griddle

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  • A well-designed pan maximizes the cooking surface of a skillet, and this one has sloped sides too. Skillets are designed for browning small pieces like mushrooms (or anything else that’s going into your dish). They also make great fried rice. The exterior is harder than stainless steel so you get durability along with professional performance – it’ll last longer while giving off less heat when frying meat or making scrambled eggs in another country’s traditional model.
  • The Hard Anodized Construction Heats Quickly and Spreads evenly, eliminating hot spots. The Quantanium Nonstick Surface is reinforced with titanium for lasting food release which provides healthy cooking results while also being easy to clean up. Metal utensil safe makes this pan great to use slowly cooking minced garlic in olive oil or frying breaded pork chops without the worry of scratching up your stainless steel cookware any more than necessary.
  • Stunning stainless steel handles are riveted for durability. The rim has been tapered to provide a perfect seal, so you can pour without any drips or spills. This 2- burner griddle made of hard-anodized aluminum will evenly distribute heat across its surface and make cooking super easy too.

3. Gotham Steel Copper Stovetop Griddle

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  • The Gotham Steel frying pan is the most eco-friendly way to cook up your favorite foods without worrying about unhealthy ingredients like PFOA, PFOS, or lead. It’s coated three times and reinforced with minerals that are free of these toxins so you can enjoy healthier eating while cleanup takes just 1 – 2 – 3 steps.
  • The coating of the pan is infused with diamonds, making it as strong and durable as possible. The diamond particles will not scratch or damage any metal utensils that may come into contact while also ensuring years’ worth of outstanding use.
  • Cleanup is a breeze with this dishwasher! After the cooking and prepping, simply put your cookware in for quick and easy cleanup. It’s compatible with all stovetops (gas/electric), but not induction or oven-safe up to 500° F so be sure you know what type of stove sets before purchasing it as well as if they’ll work on yours properly.
  • The Y-shaped design of the handles makes it easy for either right-handed or lefty users while also distributing heat evenly around to avoid hot zones and cold spots. The aluminum composition ensures that even if you move away from your grill, there will still be enough power behind every cooking task.

4. Imusa USA Copper Stovetop Griddle

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  • For a multitasking cook, the Imusa USA Copper Stovetop Griddle is an essential tool. This large griddle not only accommodates multiple items simultaneously but its low front and back wall make it much easier to keep an eye on your food as you prepare it.
  • Let this durable nonstick pan turn out delicious omelets, sandwiches, pancakes, and more all at once with great heat distribution from rivet-attached metal side handles that won’t become too hot to use for cooking.
  • When the time comes to clean up after your meal, a few spoonsful of soap and water can be used without worries – this beautiful gridded surface will still work like new.

5. Legend Cast Iron Stovetop Griddle

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  • With a rich heritage and the modern cook’s needs, Legend cast iron combines to create durable products that can perform in any kitchen. This 20″ grill/griddle is perfect for those who love searing meat with an even heat distribution across all sides of food as well as making sure nothing sticks.
  • The Imusa USA Copper Stovetop Griddle is perfect for large breakfasts, oversized dinners, and impressive family gatherings. You can cook food without oil or butter thanks to the smooth scratch-free surface. The 20×10 size easily fits over two stove burners so you can cook more food at once. This griddle also has easy-grip handles so it’s safe for little hands too! It comes in various colors so it’ll look great as a matching piece with your current home decor as well as your outdoor living space.
  • If you’re looking for a pan that will last and stand the test of time, then these skillets are right up your alley. Made from 100% vegetable oil with no synthetic coatings or chemicals added in processing. This is as close to real cast iron as it gets without actually being “real” heavy metal. As I write more stories on my own seasoning (driven by what flavors resonate best), we’ll see if any might become legends themselves worthy enough to be passed down generation after generation.

6. NutriChef Stovetop Griddle

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  • The NutriChef Stovetop Grill has a versatile reversible side that will make your cooking experience more dynamic. Choose between making grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs on one side or use it for grilling food such as steak, fish chicken & hamburgers on the other.
  • The reversible grill and griddle are made from cast iron metal that has a nonstick surface, meaning foods release themselves easily. This also eliminates the need for butter or cooking spray so you can avoid unhealthy fats when making homemade food.
  • The extra-wide cast iron skillet is perfect for your kitchen’s largest meals and can withstand high temperatures of 480°F without singeing or burning food on the surface. It features an adjacent griddle plate measuring 19.96″L x 10.11″W x 090H”. Replaces any old cookware you may have with ease because this set comes complete scraper included.
  • The stove grill is a healthier way to cook your food. The ridged line surface will keep any oil from getting onto the dish, so you can enjoy more flavor with less fat. You’ll get those delicious grilled flavors on everything from chicken, steak, and vegetables—perfect for an appetizing meal at home or in restaurants alike.
  • This cast iron griddle is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It can be used on gas, ceramic and electric stovetops as well! The easy-to-clean surface makes this product ideal for families that want to enjoy a traditional grill cooking experience at home together.

7. HOMENOTE Stovetop Griddle

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  • This grill-to-griddle conversion item works well and gives the cook more control over surface heat variations than a free-standing carbon steel grille would provide. Innovative design provides an even cooking experience, with its wide 18″ x 13″ BBQ surface which can accommodate up to 17 1/2 inch diameter roasting pans as well as 10 ¾ ” pan sizes – giving you all of your foodies needs in one convenient package. This durable yet lightweight construction will last year after year providing satisfaction at every turn.
  • HOMENOTE grill top griddle is the perfect accessory for any gas Grill. Built with extra thick stainless steel, this durable one-piece design allows you to cook at up 600°F before it becomes hot enough to melt the plastic. The built-in grease well will collect all your excess oil or meat juices so cleanup never hassles again – just throw away what doesn’t belong on purpose because we’re not messy people.
  • The 6.1-inch handles of this grill are made to be easy for lifting and handling so you can take care of any cleaning tasks without difficulty. The heavy-duty pan makes sure that everything stays put while cooking. But also includes an attached catch-all container where all your burnt-on food residue goes when scraped off the plate during the cleanup time–minimizing stress from having pesky bits get stuck in between grates or around edges after use.
  • The HOMENOTE hibachi grill from Gaba has been designed to enable the maximum cooking surface area possible while still remaining within a convenient size. With 1.57 inch sidewalls that prevent flare-ups and spilling food over, this space under your cooktop can be used as an excellent ventilation system for any type of gas or charcoal grill.

8. Viking Culinary Hard Anodized Stovetop Griddle

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  • The Viking 5″ Hard Anodized Stovetop Griddle is designed for comfort, balance, and control. The Cast Stainless Steel handles are raised to help stay cool during cooking. 
  • The pan has a triple-layer PFOA-free nonstick coating with an ultra-durable hard anodizing process that promotes the creation of a strong and lasting sealed surface perfect for metal utensils. 
  • Dual-sided pour spouts make it easier to remove grease when stir-frying without additional fat from bacon or butter when cooking eggs in the morning with breakfast sausage by its side. 
  • You will also find a gutter built in so you can cook healthier meals one side at a time while leaving the other side empty so food doesn’t spoil on top of one another inside.

9. Ecolution Reversible 19.5” x 11 Stovetop Griddle


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  • This reversible grill/griddle combo is a great way to cook large meals on either side. Use the ribbed side for cooking food like steaks and chicken, while using a flat griddle will give you pancakes or bacon eggs in no time.
  • This versatile cast aluminum reversible grill and griddle pan is a time-saver for your kitchen clean-up routine. The stylish design can be used as either a traditional gas or charcoal crowned surface, but also cleans easily in the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about getting scatches from cleaning products.
  • When it comes to cooking, not all metals are created equal. The heavy gauge aluminum construction on this stovetop ensures that your food will be evenly cooked across two burners – giving you more time in the kitchen and less waiting for things like pancakes or oatmeal.
  • What’s better than one pan to cook an entire meal? A whole lot of pans, that’s what. With the dual handle design and expansive 19.5″ x 11 ” cooking surface you can make anything on your mind – even if it is something ambitious like lasagna or stir fry vegetables with browned meat for two people who are not eating gluten-free but still want some WOW factor in their dinner.
  • This product is the perfect choice for use on gas and electric coil stovetops. It cannot be used with glass, ceramic, or an induction cooktop but it can work well when cooked over charcoals or natural gas in a grill pan.

10. FF ERA Stovetop Griddle

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  • The Ecolution reversible 19.5” x 11” StoveTop Griddle is an excellent option for your outdoor cooking needs. This durable griddle will last you many years of enjoyment on the barbecue trails and around the campfire with family and friends. 
  • A robust stovetop grill has numerous outstanding features including 1.2″ sidewalls to prevent flare-ups, 100% 12-gauge (2mm) stainless steel construction, a large 5qt deep angled grease well that can be used as a fryer or pot on one side, heavy-duty 700 series aluminum carburetor preheat plate that is specially designed for use with fluid oil or solid shortening, triple nickel plating to resist rusting and promote smoother.

11. CUKOR Stovetop Griddle

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  • A 14.96″ x 8.66″, CUKOR-sized pan is the perfect addition for any kitchen with an oven or range! It can be used separately on gas and electric stovetops as well, but please note – you won’t want to use this one if your cooktop has induction capabilities (since it’s not made specifically for those types).
  • This lightweight aluminum griddle is perfect for cooking everything from burgers to pancakes. The superior heat distribution results in even browning, so you’ll never have soggy or raw ingredients again. It can also be used outside since it’s corrosion-resistant and won’t rust after many uses, unlike traditional cast iron plates that are common among backyard BBQers due to their weight.
  • You will love the way your food slides off of this pan because it’s made with a special non-stick coating that makes cooking easier. You won’t have any more trouble getting exactly what you want out of thin air. With such an easy cleanup process, there is no time like now for Insta worthy breakfasts and lunches all week long.
  • This double-burner griddle pan is the perfect addition to your home. Not only does it have a durable, nonstick coating but you can also put this in the dishwasher when needed and take care of that pesky cleanup without fail. The handle makes hanging easy so there won’t be any space loss at all – just hang up or lean against something sturdy.

12. Ballington Stovetop Griddle

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  • The Ballington stainless steel portable griddle is perfect for cooking lunch with friends, or all evening at your campsite. It’s solidly built to last and will easily handle the most ambitious of dishes. 
  • The surface is flat so it takes less than half the time than with an open fire, but still cooks evenly. With a dedicated grease well, you can drain off excess fat while cooking larger cuts of meat like brisket or spare ribs without any fear of having them soggy on one side due to juices running over the edge of your pan. 
  • Set up camp on our frontier range on level ground or elevate it by using tripods that are not included in order to cook food over coals instead.

Tips and guide to buying the best StoveTop Griddle

To be able to choose the Best StoveTop Griddle, you should consider the following tips and guide when buying a new one.


Stovetop griddles come in a variety of materials, each with its own pros and cons. Stainless steel is usually the least expensive option when it comes to stovetop griddles since it is one of the most popular metals for kitchen appliances. It’s unlikely you will find Teflon or other nonstick coatings on these products, but if you want them, they can be purchased separately.

You may want to consider an aluminum version if dealing with rust is not something that worries you; this material does not require any sort of coating because it’s naturally resistant to corrosion.

The problem with aluminum models (though inconvenient) is that they are heavier than others to lift and move around your stove. Cast iron griddles are available too, but they are on the more expensive side of the affordability spectrum. They require seasoning with oil before use, but once you do this, these griddles can also last a lifetime.

With so many different materials on the market, it’s recommended to find one that is durable and works for your budget.


Make sure to measure how much counter space you have before deciding on your purchase; some stovetop griddle manufacturers only offer one size option (which could mean that the product will barely fit), but others offer multiples that all measure differently. For example, some brands produce an 11″ x 20″ model while another makes one measuring 12″ x 17″. The measurements may seem insignificant at first glance, but make sure to consider the dimensions of your stove to ensure that the griddle will fit.

Durability with proper care

The more prolonged use for a product, the more essential durability becomes. If you want a stovetop griddle that lasts, look for something with sturdy metal construction. This is where it’s important to check customer reviews and find out what other customers have experienced with their purchases so you can avoid similar issues. It may be wise to stay away from aluminum models because of this reason alone. They are not as durable as stainless steel or cast iron options due to their vulnerability to damage resulting from chipping or scratching.

Price Your budget is going to determine most of your decision-making process; those who seek out affordable products will obviously end up with different appliances than those who are willing to pay more. It’s easy to get lost in the many price ranges of stovetop griddles, so it’s best to set a budget early on and stick with it. For example, if you have an unlimited amount of money at your disposal, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t just go ahead and buy the most expensive griddle available.

On the other hand, if you’re on a limited spending plan it’s best to find one that is within your means instead of looking at thousand-dollar griddles that won’t suit your needs. If you don’t mind buying used or refurbished items, eBay provides great opportunities for finding new options without paying full price.


If you purchase a model with a good warranty, it can provide you with some peace of mind in regard to your investment. Most stove griddle manufacturers offer warranties, but they may vary in length and type. You want to find one that is inclusive of accidental damage in addition to offering protection against manufacturing errors in the product itself. If possible, try to find the longest warranty available since this means that the company is more confident about their product.

There are pros and cons for each material making up the stovetop griddles on today’s market so doing your homework before investing your money will be beneficial no matter what version you buy. Hopefully, this article will make that decision easier.


It’s important to find a griddle that is more than just suitable for your stove’s burners; it needs to be powerful enough to cook an assortment of foods. These appliances are made with convenience in mind, so the ability to grill, sear, and sauté all on one surface isn’t too much of a stretch.

Griddles come with either cast iron or Teflon coatings (plus some additional features), but both can handle different foods without any problems. If you’re having doubts about whether or not this appliance is worth your money, consider how much time would be saved from being able to finish cooking multiple dishes in one spot instead of moving them from the pan to the oven over and over again.

With all of the different stovetop griddles available, see if you can find one that offers multiple cooking options instead of just one. They are generally affordable, so it won’t be too much of a stretch to buy more than one type even if your budget is tight.

Safety Once you turn on the burners under your new stovetop griddle, it’s important to take certain precautions when using this appliance. For example, always ensure that there is at least an inch or so between the pan and burner. This will prevent accidents from occurring due to excess heat.

Also, remember that these appliances get hot while they’re in use – very hot. Many models come with handles that allow for easier handling but even still many people forget how hot they can get. Always make sure to use oven mitts or a dry dish towel when touching the surface area of your stovetop griddle – you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself.

Tips for Using your StoveTop Griddle

  • Always allow the stovetop griddle to adequately heat before adding your food. If you add cold foods or liquid it can cause them to splash and burn you when cooking is in progress.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on what you are cooking because these appliances tend to cook quickly, especially if they are Teflon-coated models. It’s best for beginners to familiarize themselves with their new appliance by starting with a simple recipe like scrambled eggs instead of trying something more time-consuming at first.
  • Only clean your stovetop griddle after it has cooled down completely. This will prevent any accidents from happening since you don’t want water dripping onto a hot surface area that could end up causing damage if heated again.
  • Always make sure to unplug your stovetop griddle or turn off the burner(s) before attempting to clean it.
  • To prevent food from sticking, wait until the appliance has heated up and applied a thin layer of oil (e.g., olive, vegetable, etc.) to the surface area with either a cooking brush or dish towel.

FAQs about a StoveTop Griddle

1. What is a stovetop griddle?

A stovetop griddle is exactly as the name implies; it’s an appliance used to cook food without having to use your oven. It can be placed on any surface (e.g., stove burner, campfire) and makes it much easier to finish one or multiple dishes instead of simply cooking each one separately. Plus, you don’t have to worry about adjusting cupcake liners like you would if you were using a cake pan that was meant for the oven only.

2. How does a stovetop griddle work?

Stovetop griddles use heat from the burners beneath them to either sear meat or fry pancakes, bacon, etc. They’re made with either cast iron or Teflon coating to ensure even heating throughout the cooking process.

3. Are stovetop griddles safe to use?

Yes, if you are following proper precautions. This includes allowing it to properly heat before adding your food and always using oven mitts when touching the surface area of your stovetop griddle – never touch a hot stovetop griddle without using oven mitts.

4. Can I use my stovetop griddle on an induction cooktop?

Stovetop griddles are compatible with both electric and gas stoves, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. However, make sure that your burners are powerful enough for what you want to cook For example, most traditional cast iron stovetop griddles will require at least 5-6 burners to provide enough energy for heavy cooking.

5. Are there multiple types of stovetop griddles?

Yes, there are electric and self-cleaning models available as well. However, we only reviewed the old-fashioned cast iron and Teflon models in this guide because they’re much more affordable and can cook just as efficiently as their counterparts – but without all the bells and whistles.

Hence you should opt for a simple stovetop griddle instead of taking your chances with an expensive model that may or may not be defective. Do your research before buying so you don’t end up spending money on something that won’t work properly or might not even come with a warranty.

Conclusion for the Best Stovetop Griddle

Having a stovetop griddle can make cooking multiple dishes (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner) much easier to finish in the same amount of time it would take if you were using separate pots and pans. Also unlike their oven-only counterparts, there are no special tools required to use them other than a simple fork or spatula. With that being said, we hope this guide has helped provide insight on how to choose the best stovetop griddle for your needs so you can finally get the most out of your kitchen space without having to worry about replacement costs due to lack of product knowledge.

When it comes to cooking anything from eggs and pancakes, omelets, or even a delicious bacon sandwich for breakfast with your family on the weekends, nothing beats using a stovetop griddle. However, there are so many different brands of these products out there that picking one can be overwhelming. That’s why we have compiled this list of the 12 best stovetop griddles currently available in the market today! Check our reviews below and find what you need now

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