10 Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic: Reviews and Buying Guides

The best electric tea kettles without plastic are those created from stainless steel and the ones which use BPA-free vinyl or have a safe amount of just parts that don’t touch the water. This is because they’re designed to protect your wellbeing while providing more strength, endurance, etcetera, ensuring you get great service for many years.

The best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic is a staple in every kitchen. The key to the perfect cup of tea is using boiling water and waiting for it to cool down before pouring it into your favorite mug. With so many options available, we’ve narrowed down the list of the top 10 best electric tea kettles without plastic that is currently on the market today.

Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

List of 10 Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic Reviews

1. IFedio Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • The kettle exterior, liners, and inner lid of this 100% Stainless Steel Electric Teapot Kettle are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. To provide you with healthy water for your needs.
  • The Extra-Safe Double Wall Design ensures that your drink will stay warm for hours. The kettle’s interior is made from stainless steel, which insulates the outside and prevents scorching.
  • The 1500W electric kettle has concealed heating elements, boils a full 1.5L / 8 cups in only 5-7 minutes, and can be used for any type of beverage from tea to coffee – preparing it the way you like best. 
  • The Easy Access Kettle Spout is a wide spout and opening for easy filling, effortless cleaning of the electric water kettle. The bright green color makes it easier to see when you need a refill.
  • The electric kettle features a British Strix Thermostat, auto shut-off, and boil-dry protection for user safety. You can take this anywhere thanks to its cordless design so it’s perfect if you don’t want an additional burden on your kitchen countertop.

2. Elemore Home Gooseneck Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • The gooseneck kettle is a fantastic way to get hot water without having to wait for your traditional boiler. With 1000 W power, the energy-efficient design only takes minutes before boiling – have tea ready in a mug or pour yourself some coffee from the press.
  • The sleek and stylish design of this electric kettle will make you the life of any party. The slim, curved spout with 6mm gooseneck nozzle allows precise pouring so that your coffee never lacks in style or flavor, and its double-layer base means there’s no chance for leaks.
  • Now you can enjoy your tea or coffee without the plastic taste. The gooseneck tea kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel that does not come into contact with boiling water, ensuring a pure flavor for all to enjoy.
  • The electric gooseneck kettle is designed to serve many years of quality use. It comes with British Strix thermostat control, which eliminates any risks associated with using low-quality components and ensures safety for you as an owner.
  • Just plug it in, fill the gooseneck kettle with the amount of water up to your desired temperature and get boiling quickly. Designed for safety features that will keep you safe from scalds or burns while ensuring a smooth pour-over experience.

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3. Electric Gooseneck Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • This kettle is a must-have for those who love to make pour-over coffee. Not only does it give you perfect control of where your waterfalls are, but also because the slim spout makes creating beautiful ribbons easy as pie.
  • The tea kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel, which means the inside parts are all nonplastic. It has zero dripping chemicals that can come into contact with boiling water and give you harmful toxins in return.
  • The innovative design of this coffee machine makes it easy to use. Just plug in, fill the water up to wherever marked with an arrow by whatever amount you need for your desired beverage type and within minutes you’ll have boiling hot liquid ready. Make tea or oatmeal quicker than ever before while having French Press brewed coffee at any time when making breakfast in bed just got 10x easier thanks to our electric kettle that does all the work so quickly.
  • The gooseneck kettle is a long-lasting, high-quality piece of equipment. It has been designed with British Strix thermostat control ensuring safety and stabler performance in mind. Using genuine parts means you can be sure you are safe from low-quality imitations that may cause fires or other disasters.

4. Courant COUKEP102K Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • The Courant 1-L Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid obstacles while following recipes. With its 360° degree rotation and separated base, you can easily place it in any direction without worrying about knocking over delicate items or making a mess of your kitchen countertop.
  • This Electric Kettle has a Removable and Washable Scale Filter, ideal for hard water areas. This filter is designed to be easily removable so you can remove it when washing your kettle or simply take off the top plate if necessary- making this great in any environment.
  • The function to automatically turn off the water when it’s boiling helps you keep your kitchen safe and avoids accidents that come with using a stove. With this new technology, there’s no need for worry as we all can multitask without worries.
  • The 1000W power will boil water in a few minutes. You’ll notice when it’s ready when the Blue Light illuminates through your coffee/tea and soup with an interior window, so be prepared to make both now faster.
  • The electric heater includes Wraparound cord storage to keep your spaces organized and neat. Not stopping there, the Concealed Heating Element minimizes limescale build-up and lowers the chance of lightweight plastic goods melting.

5. MN Meet Your Needs Gooseneck Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • The 1200 W electric kettle can boil an entire pot of water in just 3-4 minutes. Switch on and relax with the peace of mind that your tea or coffee will be ready when you finish grinding out some beans, preparing them for consumption. The quiet operation is perfect if you want something quick to drink before bedtime – no more waiting by the stove all night long while it boils away.
  • The electric water kettle is crafted with safe, food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free. It has a 304-grade interior that ensures purity in your coffee making.
  • The gooseneck spout on this electric kettle allows you to pour your water slowly and steadily so that it reaches a precise stream without any leaks. The ergonomic handle makes for comfort when pouring, in addition to its long length-perfect tools of precision brewing.
  • The British Strix sensor offers a trusted, premium responsiveness in automatic shut-off protection against overheating and dry boiling. Globally renowned for its accuracy when shutting off without water or tipped over from the base, this is your peace of mind as you make coffee every day.
  • The kettle lights up with an elegant LED glow when turned on. New modern design adds a touch of class to your countertop and kitchen, while stylish durability makes it perfect for any morning cup o’ joe.

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6. Dezin Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic, 0.8L

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  • With a 7.9x7inch compact size and 0.8L capacity, the electric kettle will fit nicely into your suitcase or luggage without taking up too much space on the countertop for those who have limited kitchen real estate at home. The mini design of this portable travel drink maker means it can easily be carried around with you should need to arise while traveling as well. Not only does this save valuable hands-free time but also helps reduce potential injury from spilled boiling water storms everywhere by accidentally bumping into furniture etc..
  • The anti-scalding outer layer and stainless steel inner provide safety in your daily life. The ergonomic handle gives you a cool touch while making it easy to hold, preventing scalds from occurring when pouring hot water over ice for tea or coffee that will keep you safe from potential burns.
  • The Dezin electric tea kettle is a must-have for any home. Not only does it make hot water, but this sleek and stylish appliance also comes with an easy-to-clean stainless steel interior that will not leave behind any pesky residue like other products on the market do.
  • The anti-splash lid is designed to keep water droplets from spilling when you fill this electric tea kettle. The flexible and wide opening makes it easy for anyone who’s having trouble with a complicated spout, as well.
  • This electric kettle is the best choice for your busy life! It has many safety features that will keep you safe. This includes boil-dry protection and auto shut off, so it’ll beep when there isn’t enough water inside or if the temperature reaches boiling point. But this travel kettle can rotate 360 degrees without much effort because its base swivels smoothly on any flat surface where you want to place it down again.

7. COSORI Gooseneck Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • Designed in California, this Cosori’s Gooseneck Kettle features 5 precise temperature presets. The accurate variable settings allow you to never again burn your coffee or tea leaves while having a Keep Warm function that automatically keeps water at the same high-quality temperature for 60 minutes.
  • The kettle features a ready tone that beeps three times when water reaches the preset temperature. If you don’t want this alert, simply press and hold “HOLD TEMP” for 8 seconds to turn it off or on as desired.
  • The kettle is made with 100% food-grade stainless steel in its housing, lid, and spout. It has no Teflon or chemical linings to keep the perfect taste for your coffee.
  • The COSORI is a precision pour spout designed for the optimal coffee flow rate. The counterbalanced handle helps keep your pour steady and steadily moves the center of mass back towards you, encouraging slower pours that are more comfortable as well.
  • The 1200 watts of power boil a full kettle in just 3-5 minutes, meaning you can enjoy your favorite coffee drink without waiting. Stop wasting precious time standing by the microwave or stove. A 1-hour keep-warm function ensures that hot water will always be available when needed – no need to start up another pot earlier than necessary and risk burning out any other appliances on standby while getting ready for work (or school).

8. Dioyano Double Wall Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • Built with 304 food-grade stainless steel inside and BPA-free plastic cover outside, the electric tea boiler is cool for touching without harmful metal substances precipitating into heating. It also brings you safer drinking water that’s always fresh.
  • This sleek and stylish water pot can quickly heat up a cup of coffee for you in just 3 minutes. It also has an incredibly large 1.5L capacity, so it’s perfect whether your family or friends want some hot tea too.
  • The most advanced kettle on the market, this is a must-have for any homeowner. The thermostat and boil dry protection will ensure that your water always remains heated to perfection.
  • The tea kettle is easily lifted from the base, allowing filling and pouring conveniently without having to worry about tripping over an extension cord or taking up valuable counter space. The wide-opening of this water boiler also makes it very easy for individuals who are not used to handling hot items like kettles with smaller openings in order to reach all around inside while only being scorched by its own heat.

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9. KRUPS BW260850 Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • The FAST BOILING 1500W kettle is a great option for those who need to use their water quickly. With one touch of the button, you can have 1.5L boiling hot tea or instant coffee in just 2 minutes.
  • The sleek stainless steel interior of this coffee maker will keep your drink hot and fresh, without any contact with plastic. The seamless surface makes it easier to clean for those who like their morning coffee or tea unsullied by detergents.
  • The exterior of this mug is made from high-quality, durable plastic that won’t chip or break no matter how often you use it. The double-wall construction keeps both hot and cold liquids safe inside the cup for hours.
  • Stainless steel heating element and glass control panel
  • Heating elements that are made from a patented British Strix material ensure proven quality, safety, as well as peace of mind. The On/Off indicator light with automatic shut-off for added convenience makes this grill perfect if you want to be able to cook without worrying about it.

10. Elemore Home Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

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  • Stay safe and enjoy the benefits of electric water kettles with this new design. The Strix thermostat allows for more durable, stabler results. Boil-dry protection ensures that your kettle will automatically shut off once boiled so there are no accidental fires or scorched surfaces on these bad boys – just peace at last (and better-tasting tea).
  • Covered by a BPA-free plastic exterior means the electric kettle body and non-slip grip handle stay cool to the touch while your water comes to boil quickly. The double-wall two-layer design not only keeps your drink warm but also prevents it from burning, making this appliance safe for both children as well adults who may use it without supervision depending on how thirsty they are.
  • The 1500 watts high-power heating element in this kettle is designed to quickly and quietly boil water, which you can pour over your favorite tea leaves or coffee grounds. A filter on the spout helps minimize spills while making it easy for pouring into different brewing recipes with ease.
  • Made from 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel, the inner pot is sealed with an airtight outer covering to keep water hot. With no plastic whatsoever in contact with your drink at any point during preparation or use of this mug for drinking purposes only (including spout), you can be sure that it will stay piping hot all day long.

Tips and guide to buying the best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

The best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic is not only healthy for you but also have some major advantages over their plastic counterparts. For example, the lack of many parts means more strength and endurance which ensures that this kettle will work well for many years until new technology comes out or something needs fixing. Let’s take a look at what makes an excellent choice when purchasing one:


The best Electric Tea Kettles Without Plastic are designed to be extremely sturdy with many parts that don’t come into contact with the water. If you drop your kettle, it shouldn’t leak or break as this can lead to rust and other health-hazardous contaminants in your water.


You want a stainless steel electric tea kettle without plastics for boiling water because of their long-lasting effects which provide more strength and endurance than other models. As mentioned before, plastic kettles may leach harmful chemicals which can offset your hard work and dedication to purchasing and using only the highest quality ingredients for drinking tea regularly. The lack of parts also gives it an advantage by making them easier to clean and maintain so they last longer.


While the majority of Electric Tea Kettles Without Plastic are cordless, there are some that are not. This is an important feature because it ensures that you’ll never have to fight with cords around your sink or countertops while boiling water. You should always try to choose one that has a long standby time as well if possible- this means less work for you.

Ease of use

One other advantage to investing in an excellent kettle is how easy they are to use. The best models either have the automatic shutoff or boil dry protection so you don’t have to worry about accidents happening while using yours at home or at work which can both be costly mistakes.


The weight of the product isn’t good for your joints, but it can tell you a lot about the quality of your Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic. The best electric tea kettles are sturdier and more durable which ensures that they’re not easy to break or damage, but also lightweight for convenience purposes.


The size is another thing to look at because it tells you how much water you’ll have to prepare with your own stovetop at once. If you have a larger family or regularly have guests over, you should purchase an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic that holds anywhere between 1-2 liters of water at once so everyone can enjoy their favorite drink during gatherings without having to wait around for freshwater every time someone needs another cup.


Lastly, this is another great indicator of how long your Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic will last. The best tea kettles are designed with an internal heating element that provides you with limitless hot water for 12-24 hours on average. This means less work for you if you’re trying to create the perfect cup of tea.


You want to invest in an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic that won’t be cumbersome when boiling water. The best designs are ergonomically designed with a chubby handle that is not only comfortable but also provides the grip needed to lift and pour your favorite drink without spilling water on yourself or dropping it. Not many customers like models which drip and spill their contents all over the place, so you want to make sure this isn’t a problem before purchasing yours.

Ease of cleaning

The last thing we will look at is how easy it is to clean for convenience purposes as well as safety reasons. The best Electric Tea Kettles Without Plastic come apart into many different pieces which allows you to clean them thoroughly every time you use them without much effort involved whatsoever. This means less time spent washing, more time enjoying your delicious hot drink.

Tips for using your Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

  • Always make sure to unplug your electric tea kettle as soon as you’re done using it because it can easily be left on and cause fires if the heating element is still active.
  • Don’t leave your home with an electric tea kettle plugged in and don’t risk burning yourself by touching the exterior either after pouring out a hot beverage. It’s best to simply wait until it has cooled down completely for safety purposes.
  • If you want to save time, invest in an electric tea kettle with a timer feature so it can start boiling water before you even get home from work or school every day of the week. This will allow you more free time while making your drink faster than ever before imaginable.
  • Make sure to clean your electric tea kettle at least once a month to get rid of the grime and mineral deposits – this will make it taste better while also being more hygienic.
  • Do not leave an electric tea kettle plugged in overnight while you sleep because you’ll run the risk of starting a fire or causing damage to the heating element if you don’t have a shutoff feature.

FAQs about an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

How does an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic work?

An electric tea kettle is a wonderful appliance that works by boiling water within its metal or plastic interior. The power of the heating element boils the water inside of them and sends it to a spout where you can pour it at will for sipping purposes. Some kettles may have more than one spout, while others only have one which can make pouring difficult if you’re trying to fill up teacups all across your countertops.

Is an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic safe to use?

Electric tea kettles are some of the safest appliances you can purchase for your home. They come with boil dry protection which stops the heating element from sparking inside when there is no water left after a certain amount of time passes. This means that if you forget about boiling water on them, they won’t start a fire or damage themselves in any way. There are also automatic shutoff features for safety purposes as well.

Can I wash my Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic in the dishwasher?

While most electric tea kettles can be washed in a dishwasher, some prefer not to do so because it can cause their plastic components to warp over time and it can also be a nuisance to keep the heating element dry if you have a metal interior. Cleaning your electric tea kettle with hot water and a mild soap is fine, but dishwasher washing isn’t recommended unless you know for certain it won’t damage the machine.

Which Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic colors is available?

Most electric tea kettles come in either white or black exterior colors, however, some still prefer transparent ones like glass for aesthetic purposes. Most customers will stick with the black and white color scheme because they’re cheaper and blend into most kitchen decor without any hassle whatsoever.

What is the average wattage of an Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic?

Electric tea kettles have an average wattage of 1500 watts. This is enough wattage to boil water within a short amount of time. However, it may take longer if you put more than 8 cups of water in at once. The best electric tea kettle models are designed with 1250-1500 watts for your convenience purposes.

How can I clean my Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic?

Cleaning your electric tea kettle is fairly easy considering you won’t need any harsh chemicals or materials to do so. You can simply use hot water and mild soap for all interior components which will make it safe to drink afterward without any health risks whatsoever. Your exterior will also look brand new every time if you wash it with mild dishwashing soaps.

Conclusion for the Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic

Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic is a convenient appliance to have in your home. Whether you’re drinking hot cocoa, coffee, or even boiling water for pasta the right way every time – it’s an item that creates convenience at its finest. You’ll also save a ton of money by not having to purchase bottled mineral water which is good for your wallet and the environment.

The 10 Best Electric Tea Kettle Without Plastic with no plastic is finally in your hand. We hope you found this article helpful and informative when it comes to making a decision on which one of these products will work for you, whether that be because they are BPA-free or have specific features like variable temperature control.

Be sure to comment below if we missed any great models. Buying an electric tea kettle without plastic can make all the difference in how much time and energy goes into getting ready in the morning. Buy now the best products we have shared above for a great experience.

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