20 Best Cast Iron Tea Kettles: A Complete Buying Guide

Cast iron tea kettles are a great way to brew a perfect cup of tea. They have been used for centuries and they still remain the best option for brewing tea today. In this article, we’ll look at 20 of the best-cast iron tea kettles on the market so you can find one that’s right for you.

List of 20 Best Cast Iron Tea Kettles Reviews

1. US STOVE CO Cast Iron Tea Kettle Fireplace 3Qt Black

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  • Burning logs to keep your room cozy this fall? You might start by boiling a pot of hot water. That’s right! All you need is the US STOVE CO Cast Iron Tea Kettle and you can add plenty of humidity and warmth to your home without turning up the thermostat. 
  • Made from durable cast iron, our tea kettle looks like it should belong in an old-timey cabin next to a fireplace hearth.
  • It has a cool-touch chrome spring handle that makes it easy to pour even while wearing mittens or gloves on chilly days. And instead of just 1 gallon, this 3-quart capacity tea kettle loads up with all kinds of goodness, enough for the whole family. 

2. TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle 

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  • A cast iron tea kettle allows for gradual and even heating on the stove. It will help infuse the greatest amount of flavor from your leaves into the water, as well as break down elements like Fe2+. Japanese-style teapots have longer heat preservation than their Western counterparts due to design features that allow them to absorb less quickly thus keeping food warm better.
  • SERVE for 2-3 people, 3 cups WHEN the teapot is FULLY LOADED. The durable cast iron tea kettle protects your pot from getting dented easily and preserves its taste which helps you enjoy a more original flavor with no bitter aftertaste.
  • The suggested maximum capacity of the teapot is 25 oz. It can be used on top of your stove or in place if you have one. The infuser does an excellent job at separating leaves from the water, making it easy to remove and clean after use. To keep this small kitchen appliance looking new for years without having too many pots cluttering up counter space. Simply wash by hand with dish soap when needed instead of using detergent which will leave behind residue buildup leaving colors stuck onto steel surfaces over time.
  • The aqua cast iron teapot is a classic, modern design with the simplicity and purity of nature on its surface. The beautiful packaging has been designed to store this elegant accessory for any occasion – from weddings or parties as well as everyday use at home.

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3. KIYOSHI Luxury Cast Iron Tea Kettle 

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  • This Kiyoshi Luxury Teapot is not your average pot. Each individual color of this handcrafted, two-colored tea ware was painstakingly worked on by an artisan who has spent more than 2 years perfecting the technique and making sure they are as beautiful in person as they look online.
  • This beautiful and unique teapot is perfect for brewing your favorite Japanese green tea. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron, which means it will last long enough to be passed down through generations. The exterior comes with glazed enamel paint that protects against rusting even when left out in the rain or immersed underwater during an earthquake; not only does this make cleanup easy but also ensures no part of this pottery goes into landfill after use.
  • When heating water for tea, it’s important to pour the boiling liquid into your cast iron pot after placing loose-leaf or bagged teabags in an infuser. This way you don’t overfill and risk scalding yourself with hot spots on top of delicate skin. Once done steeping (about 3-5 minutes), remove any residue using cool water then dry thoroughly before storing away safely out of direct sunlight until next use. This should happen at least once per week depending upon how many people are drinking their own brewed beverages throughout each day while they’re home together.

4. STAUB Round Cast Iron Tea Kettle 

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  • Are you a lady who wants your morning tea to be as beautiful as you are? Look no further, the STAUB Round Tea Kettle is here for you! Made from cast iron in France and oven safe up to 500F, this kettle takes care of all your stovetop cooking needs. 
  • With an enamel bottom that works on all surfaces and a rough texture to help create those gorgeous browning marks, it’s sure that there’s nothing else like it out there.
  • What separates this from other products that claim they’re healthy is its dishwasher-safe technology. The people at STAUB know how time-consuming life can be so they created a product easy enough so even someone with three jobs has time for themselves.

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5. DAMUI Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle Black

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  • Pair this cast-iron kettle with a matching teacup and saucer, or add in an infuser and you’ve got the perfect setup for brewing up tasty tea. 
  • The durable material creates a pot that’s sure to last for years and will heat up the water in no time at all because it retains its heat so well. 
  • From brewing spicy roasted cayenne pepper tea to taking your matcha off the stovetop early enough before it frays, this pot can do it all.
  • Unlike other pots from different brands who warp from too much heating or rust for not enough drying out after use. The cast-iron construction makes your potential worries a thing of the past.

6. Cast Iron Tea Kettle with Infuser for Loose Tea

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  • The material of the cast iron teapot is sturdy, which protects it and greatly prolongs its service life. To prevent boiling water from damaging your precious vessel we recommend using a small fire on an open stovetop flame or even better yet; use one of those electric teapots.
  • If you’re a connoisseur of loose leaf teas, this is an excellent choice. The stainless steel infuser helps to separate the leaves from water and can be easily taken out so your cupboard stays clean.
  • The interior of the iron kettle is coated with enamel and easy to clean. In order to keep it in good shape, avoid washing your teapot with detergent or soap. Just rinse after each use and dry off quickly so as not to allow any water spots on the outside surfaces – this will help prevent rusting too.
  • The iron kettle is a great way to improve water quality and enhance the taste. The many benefits of using this appliance include releasing Iron ions. Which can help you get better grades in school or perform at your best on an athletic field. Absorbing Chloride Ions that make drinking healthier for everyone.

7. TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • The optimal capacity for a teapot is 520ml. It can be used to make tea or boil water on the stovetop. But it’s best if you use small fires so as not to overheat and damage your stoneware pottery with its coating that falls off easily in high temperatures.
  • The cast iron teapot is a great way to make your drinks healthier and more flavorful. The TOWA model can improve the quality of water by releasing ions that neutralize acidic flavors. Such as chlorine or calcium chloride found in some types of drinking mineral springs. This allows for sweeter tasting iced tea brewed with tap sources instead.
  • The TOWA cast iron teapot is the perfect decoration for any kitchen. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to boil water or make tea. It’ll work well in both modernist spaces as well as traditional designs without clashing with either aesthetic preference. 

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8. Old Mountain 10129 Pre-Seasoned 2-Quart Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • The 2-quart cast iron tea kettle is seasoned for you. From the mountain to the table, this stylish accessory will make an ideal present, as well as practical addition to your growing cast iron pot collection. Cooks food evenly and retains heat four times longer than stainless steel cookware. 
  • To take the cooking experience one step further, pick up our stackable cast iron cooking grates which allow meats and veggies to be cooked on the grill or in the oven together with forgivingly crispy results.

9. STAUB Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle

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  • This Cast iron tea kettle is made in France, oven safe up to 500°F, and designed for all stovetops including induction. 
  • The smooth enamel bottom never corrodes like higher-end stainless-steel options can do, so you’ll live with it for life. 
  • Choose from one of the many different colors available meaning your pot will be as unique as you are.
  • An added bonus, the rough texture on this cookware results in exceptional browning abilities even when used at low temps.

10. Cast Iron Tea Kettle Infusers For loose Tea

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  • The teapot is a great way to enjoy your favorite drink at home. Not only does it make brewing quick and easy, but the pot also helps you get all of those essential vitamins from each sip. You can add more flavor by adding fresh or dried fruit into this tough metal mug while boiling water in order to create sweet tea that has been known for its medicinal properties too. If nothing else will do then there are always herbal remedies based on native plants used within our own country’s culture.
  • The interior of the teapot is smooth and has high thermal conductivity, which can extend the preservation time for your favorite drink. The uneven texture on its surface not only looks great in any kitchen but also makes it a toy collector’s item.
  • The 900ml saucepan is made for either gas cooking or charcoal. This pot can be used by 2-3 people, and it’s very personalized due to its many uses.

11. Juvale Red Cast Iron Tea Kettle


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  • The Juvale cast iron tea kettle is a superb option for those who prefer the simplicity, delicious taste, and added security that comes from using an old-fashioned piece of cookware. 
  • Constructed with a polished stainless steel infuser that promotes flavourful brewed tea every time, our choice for this category doesn’t disappoint. The heavy-duty black finish maintains heat much longer than its counterparts offer to reduce the burnt residue on your kettle.
  • Simple to clean following each use with water or vinegar to avoid overflowing boiling water onto your stovetop or countertop. This sturdy contraption will last you many years as it goes from oven to table. Bring home today and enjoy peace of mind in knowing how well-loved your purchase will be over time.

12. Fire Beauty Humidifying Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • If you’re sick of your tea tasting like dirty dishwater, we recommend the Fire Beauty Humidifying Cast Iron Tea Kettle. Why drink water alone when you can also get a touch of healthy minerals. The healthy humid air removes dryness from your throat and brings out the flavor. 
  • It features a wide black bottom, keeping anything from coming in contact with heat directly beneath it while maximizing heat distribution around its edges to minimize scorching that could ruin your food or crapware. 

13. RUIKA Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • This is my favorite spot in the house. It was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law and I can’t say enough about it.
  • The larger capacity allows me to make tea for myself and for my husband after work when we don’t feel like going out and getting another meal at a restaurant or cook in my kitchen. 
  • And with the convenience of no electric teapot, flavors don’t get burnt out of our water by leaving on too long. 
  • With so many variables in this world that try to wear you down, sometimes all we need is a little hot water that doesn’t hurt our hands as much as those other pots do.

14. Primula Green Dragonfly Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle


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  • The high-grade stainless steel fine mesh infuser filter is perfect for loose leaf teas, keeping sediment out of your cup. Ideal if you enjoy brewing that specializes in many different types or flavors with the option to use either a strong black brew or fruit-infused green drinks at any time.
  • This cast iron teapot has an enamel coating on the inside, making it easy to clean and requiring no seasoning like other types.
  • You’ll love sipping hot tea from the cast iron teapot that’s been waiting for you on your kitchen counter. It features heavy-duty construction, ensuring great heat retention so it can keep up with all of those hours.

15. REONG Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • The versatility of use makes it the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a hot cup of tea, from work colleagues to a new baby’s first birthday. 
  • The happy flowers design on the deep blue exterior of this product makes it stand out and be admired by all those lucky enough to receive such a high quality and durable teapot as their gift.
  • A must-have for any avid user, we at REONG include everything you need to make an expert cup with perfection. A stainless steel infuser is designed not only to fit securely in your teapot but also looks good too. Loose leaf tea lovers will find they can enjoy more subtle flavors as well as varied textures when using our infuser.

16. VUDECO Japanese Teapot Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • VUDECO’s cast iron teapot is a great way to make your favorite brews. The thick metal and stainless steel infuser allow you easy access for removing leaves before pouring, while the deep capacity ensures that it will be enough tea at parties or smaller gatherings with friends & family members alike.
  • The beautiful and elegant VUDECO Japanese tea kettle is perfect for any occasion. The black cast iron body with the gold traditional design creates a steady but also gives off that authentic feel of an ancient culture. Which you can use to brew up some amazing rituals or just as decoration in your home.
  • The Japanese teapot is a strong and sturdy cast iron teapot, which makes the black infuser pots solid. It has an enamel coating inside for easier cleaning. This increases the antioxidant ability to protect against rusting while also making your brews better.
  • This tea kettle with infuser is the perfect gift for any fan of hot drinks. Whether you’re making a strong pot to share or an individual serving, this gold vintage wave/fish scale pattern from Japan will make your house feel like home again.

17. Ufine Koi Fish Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • The Teatulia comes with a trivet and lid holder, four 2 oz cups heavy cast iron teapot that’s stainless steel mesh strainer elegant bronze color koi fish design. A great gift for someone or yourself.
  • This tea kettle can be heated on various types of stoves like gas stoves, wood stoves, and electric. The best thing about this product is that it heats up evenly so you don’t have to watch your water boil over or keep waiting for a certain time before drinking from the spout.
  • The stylish design makes it easy to clean with the curve of its spout and handle. Its black enamel lining provides protection for rust, so you don’t have stains on your floor or table afterward
  • The perfect gift for any foodie, this set comes with a teapot and strainer. The design is delicate enough to be used as decoration on your stovetop or kitchen counter but its durable construction means it can also serve as an excellent addition to anyone’s cupboard.

18. PARACITY Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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  • Cast iron teapot is a healthy way to make your drink more vibrant. This Japanese classic design features an ergonomic fold-down handle and a shortly curved spout that allow easy grip, pouring of hot water without scalding yourself.
  • A trip to the tea house is always more enjoyable with this beautiful pot. The stainless steel exterior helps prevent stains and scratches while its enamel interior makes it easy to clean, too.
  • The body and the lid are made of relief craft, a symbol of natural simplicity. This teapot has beautiful packaging that makes it perfect as a gift to Dad or Mom friends who love going out on picnics with you in springtime.
  • A true work of art, the parasite cast iron teapot is crafted by skilled craftsmen to be durable and long-lasting. It can withstand stovetop use without issue or risk for damage due to its small fire suggested nature that won’t cause much harm when used correctly with care taken after each use in between sessions (wiping dry).

Tips and guide to buying the best Cast Iron Tea Kettle

It’s easy to see why this pot is perfect for tea drinkers. To begin with, it’s made from cast iron – a material that maintains the warmth of your drink and makes it taste even more delicious.

Second bonus? You’ll have better health since when water comes into contact with an iron kettle like this one does through evaporation or condensation on its surface (depending upon how much moisture there happens to be), chloride ions are released as well as some other important substances such us helpful minerals Ions which help strengthen blood cells against infections.

You may have heard the old adage that “tea is for friends,” and it’s true! Now you can make your own friend with this Cast Iron Tea Kettle. The best part? You’ll never need batteries or replacement parts because these kettles work on gas. So no more worries about running out of fuel (or getting an unhappy pet). Just pour in some boiling water and enjoy those perfect cups as often as desired

A quality cast iron kettle will last forever thanks to its high durability, but they also come at a price tag which many people cannot afford due to their economic background however there now exist amazing alternatives such whilst stainless steel teaware.

Material of Cast Iron Tea Kettle

If you’ve been a tea drinker for a while, you’ll know that there are several different types of teaware. Cast iron is an excellent choice because not only does it brew great-tasting tea, but it also retains heat really well which helps to keep the flavors inside your cup.

For those worried about toxins from metal leaching into their beverages, don’t be! Quality cast ironware has been used in households forever to make delicious and healthy cups of tea and many other drinks like hot chocolate and coffee (the key here is making sure you’re buying high-quality kettles).

Internal Structure of the Cast Iron Tea Kettle

There are two main types of kettles: those that use gas (like the one featured above) and those that use electricity. Gas kettles may be less expensive initially, but they require maintenance like replacing fuel tanks every now and then which is costly to say the least.

Electric kettles on the other hand are usually more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts but come with many other benefits which makes them worth their price tag. For example, you don’t need to refill them very often so they save you money in terms of both time and fuel costs. To begin with, electric tea kettles work by heating water using an element at the bottom of its base. This heats up water which then rises into the kettle’s spout.

Design of Cast Iron Tea Kettle

With that said, it’s important that you know what type of material is used to make the kettle before buying one. Stainless steel will not react with any minerals in your water, but it does have a tendency to get too hot on the outside which makes it difficult to handle when filled with boiling water.

If you are looking for a better option metal-wise, you’ll love teakettles made from strong cast iron because this material not only heats evenly throughout making sure that all your beverages taste great each time, but also stays cool enough to touch even when filled with boiling water.

Size of the Cast Iron Tea Kettle

The size of your cast iron tea kettle can depend upon how much beverage you like to prepare in one go. If you’re looking for something that can make a lot of tea, then the best bet is to buy a larger kettle. For example, if you want an 8-quart capacity, buy a 4 quart because it’s both big enough and small enough at the same time (see what we did there?).

The next important thing which you need to remember when buying a cast iron teapot is whether or not it has a whistle (a device that alerts you when the water starts boiling). Cast iron kettles don’t come with whistles by default so keep this in mind when making your purchase because trying to guess when the water starts boiling could result in accidental overfilling or burning yourself on hot water.

Tips for Using your Cast Iron Tea Kettle

  • Check for cracks and chips before using your kettle.
  • Avoid washing it in a dishwasher (handwash only) because the high temperatures and harsh detergents can damage its beautiful finish.
  • Rinse with cool water before filling because this will make sure that there’s no dust left inside the spout.
  • Always remember to put the lid on before heating because this will prevent mineral deposits (when water is boiled) from seeping into your beverage.

FAQs about a Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Can it be used on all stovetops?

Yes, a cast iron tea kettle can be used on any type of stovetop including ones that use induction or glass.

Can it be put in the dishwasher?

Though many people recommend washing your kettle with soapy water and a sponge by hand, you can technically wash your cast iron teapot using a dishwasher but only if the lid is safely secured so it doesn’t come off during cleaning.

Does rusting occur?

In order to prevent rusting, don’t let all the water boil off after each use and refill as necessary (the same thing goes for electric kettles) because that’s when mineral deposits seep into its inner workings which causes rusting later on. The other reason why rusting occurs is because of minerals in your water so always remember to use filtered or distilled water instead.

What kind of stovetop is best?

Any type of range will work (electric, coil, or gas) but if you don’t know which one to choose, then go for the latter because it heats up faster than an electric stove and offers more control over temperatures. However, there are certain disadvantages like having to refill with fuel tanks every now and then which can be costly over time.

Is cast iron safe?

The short answer is yes but make sure that you handle your kettle carefully whenever it’s filled with boiling water because this material tends to get very hot especially on the bottom where the element resides. You don’t want to burn yourself do you?

Conclusion for the Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Cast iron tea kettles are the best choice for people looking to buy durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing appliances. They come with different features like whistles or cool touch handles so make sure that you know what you need before making your purchase especially if you’re on a tight budget because these devices don’t come cheap. But if you really love drinking piping hot beverages, then it’s time to consider investing in one of our top 20 picks above.

This post has been created to provide you with a complete guide to the Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle rate by Food4Kitchen. We have included some great tips for each product, as well as links so that you can purchase your desired kettle today and enjoy it in no time. Our goal is to help you find the perfect one- we hope this list helps. Let us know which of these 20 products was your favorite and why in the comments below. Happy shopping friends.

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