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15 Best Ceramic Tea Kettles For Your Home

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the best ceramic tea kettles on the market. Our team has done a ton of research and testing to help you find the perfect kettle for your home. We have tried all sorts of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to provide you with a variety of options that are sure to meet all your needs.

With so many options available on the market today, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited for you. This article should make it easier as we break down what makes each type special in its own way along with our top picks from each category. Let’s get started now.

List of 15 Best Ceramic Tea Kettles Reviews

1. BELLA Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • Boiling water faster than a microwave and safer than a stovetop is just one of this kettle’s many features. With 1200 watt heating element, it will boil your favorite drink in no time. Plus with a 360-degree base that can be removed for easy storage or travel purposes while still providing power at home. You’ll have everything necessary to make tasty tea quickly – every single day of the week.
  • This sleek, portable kettle features an automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection as well as a concealed heating element for maximum safety. The gooseneck spout is ideal to take precise measurements without any overpouring
  • This sleek, stylish tea kettle is a must-have for anyone who spends time in the kitchen or wants to make sure that their morning cupboard has all of its bases covered. Boil water fasts with this reliable appliance and never worry about house guests getting colds when coming over.

2. AIDEA 2.3 Quart Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • For those hard-to-please coffee drinkers, the Black & Decker TEK06 Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettle will be your new best friend. With a 2.3 quart capacity and durable construction that guarantees not to fade or crack over time, this kettle can provide you with hours of boiling water for all sorts of beverages imaginable.
  • Not only does it come in beautiful colors like red (which may remind us, English speakers, here at B&D HQ just how much we love our tea), but their whistling noise is loud enough so as soon as it’s filled under the max line.
  • The handle and spout have been upgraded to make this kettle easier for you. You can open it up with one hand, but still, use it as before – just grip the handle of either side (or “lid”) while pushing down on the top cap with your other fingers until opens readily. Handles aren’t dishwasher safe though so always wash by hand after using; don’t put any heat source near them unless there’s water inside already.
  • Perfect for all cooktops including magnetic induction, electric and gas stovetop. DO NOT use in microwave or oven. The modern design will match your kitchen decorations perfectly – protrusions are normal but black spots aren’t so much (they’re called “ro Rut”). Handcrafted 100% Indonesia from high-quality material safety tested materials that won’t damage during the healing process like other products on the market today because we care about you).

3. Pinky Up Noelle 1.5 L Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

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  • This 1.5 L ceramic tea kettle features a simple on/off switch that triggers boiling with just one touch–and you’re rewarded for it. With this feature, the water will be at room temperature and ready in no time at all, not to mention how much less energy goes into making those creamy drinks as well.
  • This neoprene sleeve protects your hands from burns as you pour hot water with a long gooseneck-style spout. It’s perfect for hosting and making tea, coffee, or pasta.
  • A sleek and stylish tea kettle, the Noelle Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle is perfect for those that want to avoid chemicals. With its glossy mint ceramic glazing combined with a trendy rose gold base, it will be your go-to device when making brewed beverages.

4. Elite Gourmet EKT-1203W Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • The Elite Platinum Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle has a 1.2L capacity (5 cups) and is ideal for making hot tea, coffee, or baby formula to make foods like noodles which require longer cooking times than water does. It’s also great as an everyday kitchen accessory.
  • The stylish platinum design of this best-in-class appliance will add a touch of elegance and ease to your home kitchen. With its stainless steel exterior, you can enjoy cooking without worrying about the risks associated with BPA plastic.
  • Drink safe, healthy water with the assurance that it’s made of 100% food-grade stainless steel and PP for anti-scalding. No plastic comes into contact with hot liquid so you can be assured your drinking pleasure won’t come at any risks.
  • With an auto shut-off function, you can rest easy knowing that your kettle will turn off when the water boils. Plus it’s only got one switch – no need for any more buttons or dials.
  • With a powerful 1350 W of power, you can quickly boil 12L/5 cups in just 6 minutes. This means that these pots are perfect for making tea or instant soup on the go.

5. Enamel Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • In search of the perfect tea kettle? A new addition to your kitchen that will please both aesthetically and functionally is the Enamel Tea Kettle. 
  • The high-quality food-grade mouth-blown enamel stainless steel infuser makes this product durable, healthy, and safe with no harmful chemicals such as lead.
  • One feature we appreciate most on this versatile and attractive appliance is its U-shaped handle which stays cool during use – reducing those dangerous factors caused by hot handles. 
  • Safe for use on all types of stovetops, don’t worry about clunking it around in your dishwasher. Just be sure not to put it inside a microwave as it might melt. This would be an excellent gift as is or as part of a complete coffee.

6. GRACIRI Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • Our teapots with infusers for loose leaf and herbal teas offer you the convenience of brewing a large cup in just minutes. These best-selling pieces are perfect for when guests come over, or if your family is craving some quality time together. The ceramic material makes these durable enough to handle high temperatures without sacrificing taste or appearance – which means they’ll serve well even after years on the shelf.
  • The stainless steel teapot is a beautiful and sleek vessel that will make your tea drinking experience enjoyable. With its wide-opening cover, you can easily refresh yourself with some loose leaves without worrying about getting any of them into the cup because it has an innovative strainer system to catch those pesky bits. And since no one wants their drink spilling on accident while being poured–especially not after going through so much trouble making it just how they like. This pot also features a dripless spout for directing things right where we want them: Into our cups.
  • Beautiful and modern teapot ceramic is available in hoarse white, light green, bright yellow. Perfect Gifts for Family & Friend: It’s lead-free, BPA-free with filter-good present any time of year to give your relatives or friends the opportunity to brew delicious tea or coffee on demand.

7. BELLA 1.5 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • Ceramic with gleaming platinum scrollwork and a brushed-metal base, this sunflower yellow Bella Electric Tea Kettle is as practical as it is beautiful. 
  • The cordless design eliminates the risk of shortening or fraying power cables for an uninterrupted hot water supply whenever you need it. 
  • With 1 ½ liter capacity and variable temperature settings up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, we think that little details like these make all the difference.
  • The first time I saw her, she was just standing there – porcelain and pristine in my future kitchen. All slim bodied and straight spindled legs and golden appliquéd trim, showgirl but no dancer; graceful standoffishness crowned by vintage flowers with.

8. RSVP International Stoneware Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • The RSVP International Stoneware Ceramic Tea Kettle is a beautifully designed and stoneware ceramic tea kettle with various colors to choose from. You will be happy that the ceramic teapot has no lead, BPA, or plastic. 
  • Use it in the microwave for convenience and place it in your dishwasher with ease. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about dripping ever again because of its spout design. This also comes as a perfect gift during any holiday season.

9. Mr. Coffee Flintshire Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • This is a housewife’s best friend. Don’t let your tea and coffee go cold while you wait for the water to boil, with the Flintshire Tea Kettle by Mr. Coffee you’ll always be alerted when it reaches boiling point so that there are never any accidents, mishaps, or messes in the kitchen again. 
  • The kettle has a 1.75-quart capacity which means it can hold up to eight cups of liquid at once – enough for dinner parties too.
  • The exterior is made from stainless steel, but make sure not to leave this piece of equipment on top of an open flame because I know how much everyone loves this tea kettle. Hand washes only please as letting cooking oil come into contact will cause its surface to deteriorate over time.

10. Brew To A Tea Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • Have you been in the market for a beautiful tea set? Look no further, because Brew To A Tea is just what you have been looking for. This wonderful 38oz Porcelain Tea Pot includes a safe processed Ceramic design with 10-carat gold trimming. 
  • The Exquisite Floral Pattern is sure to impress your guests at any event. It will certainly create an atmosphere of true elegance when being used for guests or around the table on display in your home.
  • Brew To A Tea is truly one of its kind as it has saved you from having to undergo all those tedious tasks by safely packing this amazing teapot inside a beautifully designed gift box. Whether you are gifting this type of product, attending weddings, or holidays celebrations.

11. FixtureDisplays Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • From elegant to casual, the FixtureDisplays Ceramic Tea Kettle is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy your favorite loose leaf black, green, or herbal tea with this beautifully crafted and utilitarian teapot that comes in a variety of colors and designs. 
  • The kettle has a concealed heating element that’s difficult to see from the outside, boil-dry protection which will turn off the kettle once it runs out of water or before boiling dry, and an automatic shutoff system if either condition should occur. 
  • Adults looking for a safer alternative than their standard stovetop teapot should marvel at this cleverly designed kitchen tool.
  • It even features marks on its interior that display how much water is inside so you can set up teapots quickly without measuring.

12. White Country Rose Ceramic Tea Kettle

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  • The White Country Rose range of drinkware is beautiful, elegant and collectors’ pieces to your home. 
  • This 1-liter capacity, cordless base tea kettle will last you years after it has provided so much joy in making tea for you and your family during the cold winter days. 
  • The contemporary design features a modern faceted handle that tapers up sharply from its flat base to provide an easy grip when lifting the pot away from the stovetop. 
  • This lovely ceramic body kettle comes with an auto shut-off function that activates when the boiling point has been reached which makes sure that you never have any water leftover on the hob just waiting to be burnt or spill all over your preparation area. The 360° rotating base means this Kettle can find a spot anywhere in.

13. FixtureDisplays Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

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  • A petal for every occasion, the FixtureDisplays Ceramic Electric Kettle will enable you to mix and match colors. Make your kitchen neutral or create a mood with this modern flower design–making your morning routine fun.
  • Product description: This electric kettle is best suited for two cups of tea enthusiasts on the go. 
  • With its lid lock function, you can use it while it heats up without worrying about boiling over. And since there are no plastic parts except for the silicone seal for water tightness, it’s safe to use anywhere in your home too.

14. HOME-X Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

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  • This fun, the white teapot is a must-have for any sheep lover. The kettle has an adorable black-spotted body and matched lid to complete the design of this collectible piece.
  • Nothing spruces up a kitchen like the charm and charisma that a novelty tea kettle brings. This adorable design will give your kitchen an instant personality with its fun, eye-catching shape. Throw one of those fancy teatime parties to impress friends or family – this striking pottery piece would make any event it’s featured at more enjoyable for everyone involved. 
  • You could express yourself by using something different from what other people might think about as “normal” in order to show off how creative you can be. Then come back later when we talk price points because I’d seriously consider buying one myself if given enough time (and money).
  • Drink your tea while listening to the soothing whistle of this loud, steamy kettle. The lid fits snugly on top and keeps hot vapor inside so you can drink delicious cups without worrying about scalding yourself or burning out that expensive appliance Repairmen are always telling us not to replace it immediately because they don’t last forever.

15. 10-Piece Porcelain Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

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  • The perfect kettle for loose-leaf tea drinkers. You will get 1 x 750ml/25oz ceramic teapot with a wooden lid, 4 x 150ml/5oz ceramic matching cups, 4 x wood-made coasters for cups, 1 x 304 removable stainless steel infuser, and a beautiful giftable packaging box. 
  • Made of high-quality porcelain with a polished finish. The design is both modern yet traditional at the same time.
  • You can set up to brewing yourself some cups by using a wire mesh coffee filter that separates tea leaves from brewed tea through 2 openings on the carafe’s rim – without having any contact with boiling water in the pot which is heated electrically via a power cord sitting tucked inside the unit. Unlike regular kettles.

Tips and guide to buying the best Ceramic Tea Kettle

Heating Surface

The heating surface is the area where heat from the firebox of a stove comes into contact with water. A larger heating surface means that more energy will be transferred to your kettle, making it boil faster.


This factor determines how long you can expect your tea kettle to last. After unboxing and first use, all brands state a lifetime of 10+ years, but after using and cleaning the product over months and years this lifetime may decrease as parts become worn or break.


Ceramic tea kettles are usually made either of porcelain enamel steel, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, uncoated aluminum, clay, earthenware clay, cast iron or glass. Our ceramic top pick features a combination of a stainless steel interior and exterior.


Ceramic tea kettles generally come in two sizes – small, single-person models or large, family-size models. We have selected our top choices based on their suitability for every household size. Some of the larger kettles also feature an auto shut-off safety mechanism which can be very handy if you happen to forget about your boiling hot kettle on the stove!


With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to make up your mind on what style would suit you best. Generally speaking, ceramic kettles are available in either traditional styles (with a spout) or Moka pot style (no spouts). For more detailed information about each style, check out our detailed article here.


Not all ceramic kettles are created equal. Cheaper models tend to come with fewer features and our top pick on this list does not even feature a whistle – however, we still recommend it as the best whistling tea kettle for your home. On the other hand, some higher-end models like our first pick (with traditional style) and second choice (with Moka pot style) include convenient features such as auto shut-off safety mechanisms and ergonomic designs that make them easier to use.


Tea kettles are designed to boil water for drinking purposes. Most ceramic models have a contamination-free surface so you can enjoy your drink free of harmful chemicals, metals, or other impurities that may be found in metal or plastic tea kettles.


Tea kettles are generally designed to be lifted by the handle for boiling water. Some companies include an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to pick up the kettle without burning your hand or making it easy to pour hot water out of your tea kettle.


While this may not seem like a necessary feature, an accurate whistle can help you time boiling water for your favorite teas and determine when you need to remove the kettle from the stove before your next drink is too bitter. Our top choice features our most precise whistling technology!

Tips for Using your Ceramic Tea Kettle

  • To avoid staining or discoloration, do not use plain tap water when boiling your kettle. Instead, place 2-3 tea bags in your copper kettle before boiling.
  • Do not leave hot water inside the teapot for extended periods of time to prevent damage to the enamel lining
  • To avoid limescale build-up on your kettles exterior, simply rinse with some vinegar and salt after every use along with regular cleanings!
  • Though it may be tempting to cool down your teapot’s exterior by rinsing it in cold water, this can also lead to damage over time due to thermal shock. Instead, wait until all parts are room temperature before refilling with cold water (or simply use a freestanding unit with no handle).
  • To avoid rust, dry your tea kettle off after every use and consider applying a coating of metal polish before storing it away. This will also speed up the cleaning process when you want to boil water again next time!
  • The best way to clean your copper teapot is with some very hot water and salt or baking soda, then rinse thoroughly before drying it as needed.
  • Copper kettles should be left on their side for storage as opposed to stacking them as this can damage the spout over time.

FAQs about a Ceramic Tea Kettle

What is a Ceramic Tea Kettle?

A ceramic tea kettle is a vessel used for boiling water. Usually made from porcelain enamel, these kettles are easy to clean and maintain after use. They have become very popular in recent years due to their convenience and durability compared to metal models.

How Does It Work?

As the name implies, the body of a ceramic teapot is typically made from porcelain enamel or glaze which makes it non-conductive and resistant to damage from hot liquids. The spout is usually pointed directly upwards (or at an angle like our top choice) with a convenient handle that allows you to lift up and pour out your freshly boiled water without worrying about accidental spills.

What are the Benefits of Using Ceramic?

Ceramic tea kettles are non-conductive which makes them very safe for boiling water over an open flame or electric stovetop. Because they are usually lighter than metal models, ceramic teapots can also be more convenient to lift and pour out hot water when needed.

How do I Use a Ceramic Tea Kettle? 

Using your ceramic tea kettle is very easy – simply fill up the interior with fresh water before putting it on your stove to boil! Once the water begins to boil after 5-10 minutes, carefully pour out some hot water into your favorite cup or mug and enjoy. If you wish, you can choose to remove the tea kettle from heat before pouring your hot water so that it stays hotter for longer.

How do I Take Care of my Ceramic Tea Kettle?

Because most ceramics are non-conductive, they can be used to boil water on an open flame or electric stovetop without the worry of damage. However, you should always check with your specific model before doing this just to be safe! After every use, rinse off your tea kettle with some warm water and wipe down the exterior with a soft cloth until all residue is gone. Avoid using any soap or harsh chemicals as this may cause damage over time! Once clean, let dry thoroughly before storing away inside a cabinet or cupboard near other kitchen items.

Conclusion for the Best Ceramic Tea Kettle

In general, a ceramic tea kettle is a great choice for boiling water over an open flame or electric stovetop. They are also very easy to clean and maintain after use. If you’re in the market for a new tea kettle with these qualities, be sure to check out our top recommendations above.

After reading this blog post, we hope you’ll be able to find the best ceramic tea kettle for your home. We’ve shared our favorite options and their pros and cons so that it’s easier than ever before to figure out which one is right for you. If there are any questions left unanswered, please feel free to send us a message via email or on social media with what you’re looking for in a tea kettle. You can also get more information about these products by visiting their corresponding Amazon page. So don’t wait- buy now the best items we have shared above and experience them yourself today.

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