20 Best Griddle Pans: The Complete Buying Guide

A griddle pan is a cooking utensil that can be used for frying, sauteing, and searing. It’s versatile because it can handle both meat or vegetables at the same time. The best ones are made of cast iron including some with aluminum mixed in to provide even heating. We compiled a list of 20 great options so you know what to look for when buying one.

You’ll find that our comprehensive guide has something in it for everyone. Check out the list of 20 best griddles pan below, or scroll down for more info.

List of 20 Best Griddle Pan Reviews

1. Farberware High-Performance Nonstick Griddle Pan

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  • Found just the perfect accessory to add that special touch to your kitchen? You can’t go wrong with this all-inclusive aluminum griddle. 
  • It features Smart Glide Nonstick System, which ensures fast even heating and provides food with an amazing release for increased browning capabilities.
  • The exterior is bold in colors, making it stand out from the rest of your appliances. The handle provides comfort while you cook up dinner (and also makes cleanup a breeze). 
  • Add this square griddle to your collection today, you already know how good Farberware products are, but now they’re better than ever before.

2. Goodful Aluminum Non-Stick Square Griddle Pan

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  • This silicone griddle is the perfect accessory for any gourmet kitchen. Made with a high heat resistant, 8 mm thick nonstick material that’s safe to use on even your most delicate cookware without scratching it.
  •  Cook pancakes, eggs, bacon, and more. The durable non-stick coating is made without PFOA which helps ensure a wholesome cooking environment. 
  • The accompanying nylon pancake turner makes flipping your ingredients a breeze.

3. Gotham Steel Nonstick Griddle Pan – 10.5”

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  • Cook delicious breakfast with our Gotham Steel Nonstick Griddle Pan, 10.5”. 
  • This lightweight pan is heated evenly on the inside so you never have to worry about guessing the doneness of the food. 
  • Durable aluminum composition ensures even heating distribution all around, making it perfect for flipping pancakes or cooking bacon along one side. Its award-winning non-stick coating is resistant to scratching, peeling, and failing while still being easy enough for metal utensils.
  • And if that wasn’t enough – dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. Its reliable size makes it easy to store yet it’s big enough to cook everything from egg breakfasts with friends on weekends or an omelet any day of the week.

4. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan

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  • Need dual heating for your stovetop? Really try to bake a cake in a frying pan? The Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Griddle is the answer. 
  • This full-size cast-iron griddle has two heat levels, allowing you to use it in both high and low settings.
  • It also heats evenly from edge-to-edge so that you can get just what you want out of whatever food item you’re cooking. 
  • Don’t have room over your stovetop for this griddle? No problem! Place the Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Gringle on your gas grill and enjoy its versatility there too. Perfect for buffets or tailgating gatherings surrounded by outdoor gear like a campfire.

5. OXO Good Grips Pro Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Black Griddle Pan

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  • Let your inner chef come out with the OXO Good Grips Pro Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Black Griddle Pan. Its durable, hard-anodized body delivers excellent heat conduction and scratch resistance. 
  • Three-layer, PFOA-free, German engineered nonstick coating for years of performance using less oil. 
  • You can cook low and slow or quickly on this griddle pan because any mess is caught in raised walls that increase cooking space and make it easier to flip food – without ever releasing your grip.
  • It’s oven-friendly up to 430°F/220°C (don’t forget the oven mitts). Thoroughly clean this dishwasher-safe griddle with a damp sponge or cloth between uses, allow it to dry thoroughly.

6. Granitestone Blue Nonstick 10.5” Griddle Pan

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  • The Granite stone coating is derived from minerals and reinforced with diamonds, making this frying pan free of PFOA, PFOS, lead & cadmium. 
  • The nonstick cooking surface is coated three times and reinforced with diamonds to deliver the ultimate food release. 
  • The INDOOR GRIDDLE PAN is ideal for pancakes, omelets frittatas, or bacon – all perfect breakfast favorites! Effortless cleanup thanks to the non-sticking properties.
  • Dishwasher safe up to 500 degrees F so you can enjoy your favorite pancakes at any time during the day.

7. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

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  • Plan your next breakfast extravaganza with the Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle Pan. This griddle lets you cook everything from pancakes and bacon to eggs, frittata, and Belgian waffles at the same time.
  • Made of hard-anodized aluminum that’s designed for versatility, this double burner griddle is dishwasher-safe so cleanup is a breeze. 
  • The Tri-Ply design heats up faster than standard nonstick surfaces while providing even distribution on both sides. 
  • Plus, it’s 3mm high walls offer perfect protection for fluffy omelets or delicate turnovers – no more burnt bottoms here! With its sleek stainless steel riveted handles (stay cool come preheated) and heat surround technology.

8. Blue Diamond Cookware Toxin Griddle Pan

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  • We at Blue Diamond know how important it is to cook and clean up with the help of our nonstick Toxin Griddle. 
  • This heavy-duty steel pan has a riveted stainless steel handle for a secure grip that can be used on all stovetops, minus induction stoves. 
  • It also works as an oven and broiler safe up to 600°F! Our diamond-infused ceramic coating makes this product 5x harder than traditional coatings, lasting 10x longer.
  • With free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium you’ll have peace of mind knowing your cooking surface is 100% chemical-free! Don’t forget the easy cleanup process with a dishwasher.

9. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 13-Inch

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  • Introducing the Cuisinart 13-inch Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Double Burner Griddle Pan. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it heats up and spreads heat evenly in any cooking situation you throw at it.
  • With durable, professional performance, this griddle is made of hard-anodized aluminum for fast heating with Dense non-porous material that will resist wear and won’t absorb flavors or odors.
  • The surface has Quantanium non-stick coating, which lasts 10 times longer than other surfaces without peeling or chipping. Let yourself get creative when preparing healthy meals with all these great features.

10. Sensarte Griddle Pan

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  • Introducing a griddle pan that features an imported nonstick coating and is oven safe. This griddle is sturdy, with grease channels to accumulate the mess of cooking bacon before it ruins your kitchen. 
  • Use this on-the-go product for eggs at breakfast, sandwiches on lunchtime break, or grilled cheese in the evenings after work for dependable stress-free meal preparation. 
  • Make cleanup easy because all you have to do is wash this nonstick coat in the dishwasher while waiting for less than 10 minutes. 
  • The large surface area allows more space to cook food while still making sure nothing gets stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be.

11. All-Clad E7951364 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe

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  • Developed with an ultra-hard, professional-grade aluminum core that is surrounded by thick gauge aluminum clad with nickel. 
  • The hard anodized nonstick technology offers even heating and the triple layers of PFOA-free nonstick repel food particles for incredibly easy release. 
  • The handles are securely riveted stainless steel which makes them indestructible, ensuring a safe grip for you in all cooking environments – gas cooktops, electric cooktops, or ceramic cooktops (not induction).

12. Scanpan Professional Griddle Pan

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  • This Grill pan is perfect for your next family barbecue with its nonstick surface that’s ideal for cooking a variety of dishes – from pancakes to steaks – without the added fat.
  • The Scanpan Professional Griddle Pan features a toughened glass-ceramic coating to ensure a professional finish and release. 
  • The glass-ceramic coating ensures there’s no scraping off non-stick material so you can cook your favorite meals – from BBQ chicken wings to fried eggs, to fresh-caught fish fillets – without using any oils or fats. Your food will have that crispy feel you love while remaining light and healthy.
  • A heavy-weight cast stainless steel base distributes heat evenly for searing meat at high temperatures. In addition, it includes raised edges.

13. Farberware Buena Cocina Nonstick Griddle Pan

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  • Nonstick griddles are a go-to for any home chef. From breakfast to dinner, this versatile pan can be used anywhere from the stovetop to the oven, and won’t stick when it’s time to clean up.
  • And with Farberware’s nonstick interior, your Griddler is guaranteed precision cooking every time. 
  • The whole thing is designed with professional cooks in mind: durable aluminum construction means long-lasting quality performance a comfortable handle that is dual riveted for added strength and comfort in handling while wearing oven mitts, and even an innovative angled front edge that prevents spills over the edge of skillet.
  • Experience perfect pancakes or delicious hamburgers on this heavy-duty cookware without hassle.

14. HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Griddle Non-Stick Griddle Pan

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  • Transform your kitchen into an industrial masterpiece with the power of the Hexclad 12 inch Hybrid stainless steel Griddle. 
  • This cutting-edge pan is designed to fits modern kitchens while giving them fashion-forward flair thanks to its sleek hexagon design. 
  • The inside contains 3 layers, one of which is made entirely of stainless steel so you can cook meals for friends and family without worrying about ruining expensive equipment or absorbing unhealthy chemicals like PFOA or PFOS that are found in other models on the market. 
  • Plus, it may be dishwasher safe if needed! With affordable pricing at $131, this product will give your cooking new life.

15. Calphalon Square Griddle Pan

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  • Have you been in the market for a versatile, durable pan that does it all? This is your chance to make your Sundays easy. 
  • The Calphalon Square Griddle is perfect for breakfast when making pancakes or eggs.
  • It also works well when cooking dinner during hectic weeknights. You can use this single piece of cookware to sear meats, sauté vegetables, fry seafood, and stir sauces without added fat or oil. With just one pan! High-quality construction ensures even heating while the nonstick coating enables healthy cooking results.

16. Ecolution Artistry Non-Stick Cookware

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  • This multipurpose griddle pan is built to perform and last. Extra-durable construction offers even heat distribution. 
  • Riveted stay-cool silicone handle provides a safe grip and the nonstick interior releases foods effortlessly, and this griddle pan is dishwasher safe for fast, easy cleanup. 
  • The rings on the bottom of this griddle pan distribute heat evenly while its heavy-gauge aluminum construction provides excellent heat conduction. 
  • Its ecologically advanced water-based non-stick coating features extreme protection against wear that’s made without PFOA.

17. Legend Cast Iron Griddle Pan for Gas Stovetop

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  • The Legend griddle for gas stovetops is made from solid cast iron, its easy-to-grip handles are perfect for two-handed cooking, and has a large 20×10 inch size.
  •  Intelligently designed with heat distribution expertise, this grill/griddle can be used on any patio or backyard apartment without the worry of hot grease burning through your carpets. 
  • Imagine mastering that southern fried chicken recipe thanks to the perfectly seared skin. Or grabbing some waffles in the morning knowing they’re cooked perfectly by both sides.
  • For all these reasons and more, The Legend Cast Iron Griddle makes an excellent addition to any kitchen looking for best-in-class durability.

18. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan Griddle Pan

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  • Lodge’s cast iron grill pan is the ultimate in versatility. Whether you’re on the campfire, grilling out on the deck, or deep frying something risqué at home – this 12-inch skillet has your back. 
  • The hefty weight of our seasoned cast iron skillet ensures even cookware distribution and can be used with all cooking surfaces.
  • Give it a shot with sautéing veggies for some stir fry action, dredging up some bacon before you send it to town for breakfast prep, or sear that thick-cut steak destined for over BBQ flames. Whatever you do – get creative if only because Lodge’s not afraid of rust.

19. Nordic Ware Two 10230AMZ 2 Burner Griddle Pan

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  • This outdoor griddle is perfect for breakfast enthusiasts. Made of heavy-weight aluminum construction, it’s sturdy and perfect for the outdoors. 
  • It has a nonstick surface so you can cook eggs or pancakes without worrying about them sticking to anything.
  • Best of all, this spacious griddle fits over 2 stove burners or on any type of camp stove.

20. COOKSMARK 11-Inch Copper Griddle Pan for Stove Top

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  • This 11-inch nonstick griddle pan ensures you secure and green cooking as PFOA/Lead/Cadmium free. Premium nonstick coating allows food to slide off effortlessly, requiring minimal oil or butter during cooking. 
  • The copper interior surface is ultra-durable and highly scratch-resistant. A thick aluminum core provides optimal heat retention and distribution performance to cook delicious dishes.
  • Nonstick copper griddle suitable for almost all the stovetops including induction hob. The dishwasher is suitable and easy to clean. 
  • Oven safe up to 350℉ (180℃). These features make it perfect not only for frying eggs on Saturday morning but also even for making cozy pancakes! Its dual riveted handle is ergonomically designed so it will fit your hand.

Tips and guide to buying the best Griddle Pan


The material is very important if you are going to look after your purchase. Most people would want a griddle pan made from stainless steel as it will usually have a longer life. Always check if the griddle pan has been made from stainless steel, or try and find out what type of metal it has been made from.

If you are looking into buying the best griddle pan for you, then you should check out what type of heat conduction it has. The best material for heat conduction is cast iron as it will also distribute the heat evenly too.


When looking to buy a griddle pan, you should always look at how it hangs on your cooker hob. If you want to be able to hang your griddle on your hob, then make sure that it has either some sort of handle or hanging rope attached to it. If there is not any of these things then you could find that when cooking at high temperatures that the handle can melt or become very hot. So, check this before you buy one!

Size and Shape

Always remember that the larger the size of your griddle pan is, then the more food you will be able to cook at once. However, make sure that you have enough space on your cooker hob for it and also in your cupboard if you plan on storing it after using it.

If you want an easier way to clean up afterward, or if there are a lot of charred bits left on the top of your griddle pan after cooking, then why not try buying one with a Teflon coating. This will allow all the food debris to wash off easily and will leave no mess behind!

As well as this, always remember that different shapes give different benefits. If you want something that does not take up much room but still allows you to grill your food then buy a square griddle pan. However, if you want more room to cook bigger items such as sausages or burgers, then round griddle pans are perfect for this.

Raised Ridges vs Shallow ridges

There is always a debate as to whether you should buy a griddle pan with raised ridges or shallow ridges. The best way to start this discussion would be to say that the choice of either really depends on your personal preference and what type of food you plan on cooking.

If you enjoy those lovely char lines on your grilled food, then go for a raised ridge pan as it will allow you to achieve those marks whereas shallow ridges would not produce those marks as much.

However, if you are going to cook meat such as steaks which might fall through the gaps between the ridges ,or smaller foods such as sausages or bacon strips, then a shallower ridge griddle should be the one for you!

Heat distribution

One thing that you should always look out for when buying a griddle pan is how well it distributes and retains heat. This is very important as if your food cooks unevenly then this will spoil the taste of your food. If the griddle pan distributes and retains heat evenly, then your food will cook to perfection!

Griddle pans with an aluminum base are normally cheaper than those with a stainless steel base which can get quite expensive. However, aluminum-based ones tend to lose their non-stick properties much quicker than stainless steel ones do.

Bare or Enameled

The choice between bare or enameled griddle pans also really depends on your preference. If you are looking to save money and do not mind the extra cleaning time, then bare griddle pans could be perfect for you. They will reduce cooking oils and fats by up to 70%, which again saves money!

However, if you want a more hassle-free life that often comes with enameled ones, then this is also fine as they are much easier to clean and take less time too. However, bare griddles tend to heat up quicker than their enameled counterparts.

Grills and Ridges

If you are looking for a griddle pan that will allow you to grill food and cook it the way that your usual grills would then look out for one with ridges and grooves. These groves and ridges will help the heat transfer from the pan onto the top of your grilled food just like your normal grill does.

However, bare griddles do not have these ridges so if this is something that you want then make sure that you buy a ridged griddle pan.


When buying a new griddle pan, always remember that there are different types of materials used to make them. If you want one which heats up quickly and cooks your food nicely, then go for an aluminum base as their conductivity and heat distribution is much higher than stainless steel.

However, if you want one which doesn’t need to be scrubbed after every use and prevents your food from sticking then go for an enameled griddle pan. This will also help you save money as you won’t have to get the grill marks again!


No one likes food to stick to their pans and make a mess in the kitchen. Therefore, when buying a griddle pan always try to find one which has a non-stick coating. This will help you cook your food more efficiently and with less effort too!

One thing that you should be aware of is that if your non-stick pan does start to lose its quality, then it might release harmful chemicals into the air which could potentially make you ill! It’s best to replace this type of pan once it starts losing its non-stick properties.

Heat Conduction and Radiation

The main reason to buy a griddle pan is to cook your food. Therefore, always look out for one which cooks your food evenly and thoroughly. If you get one with good heat conduction and radiation properties, then this will result in tasty food!

One way of testing how well the griddle heats up and distributes its heat is by sprinkling some water onto it. If the water sizzles immediately when placed on the hot griddle, then you know that it has excellent heat conduction properties!

Also, make sure that it has an even heat distribution across the entire surface area as this will allow every part of your meal to be cooked perfectly.

Conclusion for Griddle Pan Buying Guide

With a little bit of extra knowledge, you should now be able to buy an amazing griddle pan from your local home store. No more will your food stick to the side of the grill and scorch every time that you cook.

We have shared with you the 20 best griddle pans based on their versatility, durability, and price. Whether you are looking for a pan that can be used to cook eggs or pancakes in the morning, sauté vegetables at lunchtime, or sear meats before dinner – there is something here for everyone.

We hope you find it helpful in selecting the perfect product for your kitchen. Thanks again for reading our blog post about finding the perfect griddle pan.

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