13 Best Cast Iron Griddles You Can Buy On Amazon

When you need a Cast Iron Griddle that can do it all, cast iron is the way to go. It’s made of an ultra-durable metal combined with carbon and steel which results in great heat distribution as well as cooked food having even browning on both sides due to its ability to stand up against scratches better than other types of pans.

Cast iron is a fantastic material for cooking and will not only sear your steak attractively but maintain that perfect temperature while deep-frying. You can also use it as bakeware to make cornbread recipes. Just be sure you keep up with the oiling so they stay good over time.

Cast iron griddles are perfect for making sandwiches, paninis, and grilled cheese. They offer the same smooth cooking surface that cast-iron skillets provide but with an added perk: excess fat drains off while simultaneously searing your food into deliciousness.

Do you need a new griddle? If so, this blog post is for you. We have compiled the best-cast iron griddles that are available on Amazon. All of them come in different sizes and shapes to make sure they meet your needs. Check out our list below to find what is perfect for your kitchen.

What’s a Cast Iron Griddle?

Cast iron griddles are the most commonly used surface for cooking, with a flat bottom and ridged sides. Cooks often use them on top of a stove to prepare their meals. Oftentimes the surface is flat, with an indentation in the center which can hold excess fat or oil from what’s being cooked directly above it so that any grease easily drains away.

The Enameled Cast Iron Griddle is typically made from cast iron with a porcelain enamel coating that is great for building up a non-stick cooking surface against sticking and scratching. Most models will have long handles that ensure you don’t burn your hands when touching hot cookware. It’s also very resilient well as being easy to clean.

The most popular uses for a cast-iron griddle include paninis, pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and homemade pizzas. You can also use it to make tortillas. Just keep in mind that the cooking surface is flat without ridges which makes it best suited for foods with uniform thicknesses that will cook into an evenly browned crust.

What’s a Cast Iron Griddle

List of 13 Best Cast Iron Griddles Reviews

1. Home-Complete Cast Iron Griddle

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  • This pan is constructed from sturdy and durable cast iron, which means that it will survive any tough wear and tear. It’s also able to withstand the test of time for many years with its high-quality material construction.
  • This versatile skillet is perfect for any kitchen. It can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, grill, or even over a campfire flame.
  • The 14″ skillet is a versatile multi-use pan that can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s great on pizza or to cook eggs in – just name your dish then give this little guy some TLC.
  • This long-lasting and convenient pizza pan is the perfect gift for any occasion. Your foodie friends will love this cast iron pan that can be used as an excellent anytime meal or party dish to share with family members.

2. FINEX Cast Iron Griddle

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  • Ready to cook right out of the box, each piece is pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil and has a nonstick bronze finish. The thick base will retain and distribute heat better than other pans making it an excellent choice for searing on any type of flame or stovetop range.
  • Each Griddle is CNC machined and hand-polished to give you the best cooking surface for near-non stick performance. You can clean up right after using it with no problems.
  • The 22″ x 12.25″ Cooking Wonder griddle is a versatile tool that can be used for all sorts of cooking needs requiring different size surfaces and heat distribution techniques, such as roasting or baking on an oven rack while still allowing you to fry foods at their optimal crispiness level. It’s large enough across two burners so no matter what food we’re preparing there will always be plenty left over after dinner time.
  • The shallow channel averages sixty-thousandths of an inch deep, making it easy to catch grease and allowing edge-to-edge cooking for pizzas or bread. Angled sides offer spatula access all way from one side until the other offers full use of your griddle with no hassle.

3. Commercial Chef Round Cast Iron Griddle Pan

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  • This cast iron griddle is an essential part of any kitchen. It can be used as a third burner for those days when you need extra space on the stovetop, and it will last throughout years with its strong material that resists rusting or scratching from contact with other metals.
  • The next time you want to make a mouthwatering dish, whip up an unforgettable meal on your new cast iron griddle indoors or out. The delicious smells from these crepe pans will fill the whole house as they grill meat and veggies over a campfire.
  • For the safety of your food, this pre-seasoned round cast iron griddle pans. With this process, there is no need to use harmful chemicals and they distribute heat slowly which ensures that all ingredients are cooked evenly on top.

4. HeroFiber Cast Iron Griddle with Accessories Includes Reversible

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  • The reversible cast iron grill and griddle is a two-in-one cooking surface that’s great for meats, fajitas, or vegetables. You can also make flatbreads pancakes without flipping the dish over.
  • This Griddle is made of high-quality sturdy cast iron, meaning it will last for years. It measures 20″ x 9.5″ inches and has two handles that make transportation easy.
  • This griddle is the perfect way to enjoy all those delicious flavors of outdoor cooking in your own kitchen. It can be used when camping or if you’re just looking for something easy and convenient.
  • The Cast Iron Grill Press allows you to grill without the need for oil, which is healthier and easier on your food. It can also be used as an effective fat remover when cooking other meats like chicken or seafood. The handle of this tool gives off comfort while keeping hands safe from burns – all in one convenient appliance that’s perfect at home or camping trips.

5. Staub Cast Iron Griddle 18.5 x 9.8-inch Plancha

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  • Staub’s cast-iron plancha is essential for family breakfasts. The textured black matte enamel provides great browning, the cast iron is easy to clean and does not need seasoning. 
  • With its raised sides, juicy pancakes are no longer a concern of yours, while the comfortable handles allow you to move it with ease even if your hands are covered by oven mitts.
  • This other-worldly griddle can withstand temperatures up to 500F so feel free to pop it in the oven or on any other cooktop – including induction. Cleaning this pan will be without fuss too as it only needs to be wiped down with soap and water before popping into the dishwasher. 

6. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle with Loop Handles

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  • You can get down to business with this heavy-duty cast iron griddle. The loop handles are super sturdy, so you’ll have better control over the pan when you move it and check if your food is cooking in the desired way (no more burnt fingers). 
  • Cooks meat and fish beautifully and evenly in the oven, on the stovetop, or grill because of its tight grip around these surfaces. Ideal for induction cooktops too. 
  • Overall this product does what it needs to do: heat up everything that’s put inside quickly and uniformly enough that they all come out tasting delicious.

7. Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle

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  • The durable, easy-grip handle with wider spacing than competitors is perfect for use when handling potholders. The large griddle can hold up to 2 standard burners so you’re able to cook breakfast items like eggs and pancakes or other meal prep in one go.
  • Ready-to-use seasoning 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil seasoned coating does not contain PTFE and PFOA, which can be harmful to your health. Flaxseed oils are vegetable oils perfect natural easy release seasonings that get even better with time.
  • The high-quality commercial iron casting is perfect for durability and excellent heat retention. Made in Colombia using European cast iron machinery, this product can be used to cook on an induction ceramic campfire grill or oven as well.
  • Food writer and author of “The Complete Guide to Seasoned Cast Iron Cooking”, April Henry shares her tips for using cast iron safely. She says that seasoned cast-iron cookware naturally releases trace amounts of minerals such as iron when used in a recipe which can improve the mineral content found within your diet.
  • The cast iron griddle grill is perfect for outdoor cooking. It has two sides: one which can be used as an indoor stovetop, and another side with more even heating that works great on hamburgers or grilled vegetables outside.

8. NutriChef Reversible Plate-PFOA & PFOS Free Cast Iron Griddle

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  • The NutriChef Stovetop Grill is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for both fun foodie moments and serious cooking. The reversible sides provide you with endless possibilities – perfect if your plan was always just to have something on there when guests come over, or if it’s time-saving during those hectic weekends.
  • The reversible barbecue is made from cast iron metal with a nonstick surface that ensures quick, effortless food release and eliminates the need for butter or oil. It also has an easy-to-clean design which makes homemade grilled dishes slide out of this grill easily.
  • This cast-iron skillet is the best for big meals and bbq’ing. The extra-wide size means you can cook a lot with it without burning your food, while also making sure that even if something does go wrong- like when using an open flame on gas stovetops which this pan isn’t safe at all, it still has great scrapping abilities.
  • The stove grill is a healthier cooking option that prevents excess oil from getting onto your food, adding to its appeal. It creates crispier grills for steaks and vegetables as well.

9. NutriChef Cast Iron Griddle, 18 Inch

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  • The NutriChef Stovetop Grill features convenient reversible sides, The smooth side is great for making grilled cheese sandwich eggs & pancakes. But the ribbed side? That’s perfect when you want to grill up some steak or fish.
  • This reversible cast iron metal grill and griddle is not only a great way to cook food, but also makes it easy for you. There’s no need for butter oil or cooking spray.
  • Get the most out of your meals with this cast iron skillet. It can handle high temperatures and is safe up to 480°F, so you don’t need a special tool for cooking food on it. The extra-wide size makes even large servings easy to remove from the pan after they’ve finished baking or simmering in their sauce. Perfect if there are more people at home who want something besides pasta.

10. Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

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  • The 12-inch square Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Griddle is perfect for searing, baking, grilling, or frying up a storm in the kitchen. Your atelier in the outdoors. Seasoned with oil right out of the box before it’s shipped to you to ensure that your discovery session with your new toy is all smooth sailing. 
  • Use this seasoned pro for every meal and whenever you want. With 3/4 inch deep sides you are guaranteed even heating paired with unmatched heat retention so no matter which way things turn out, there won’t be any missed opportunities when making breakfast on Sunday mornings, barbecuing burgers on Sunday afternoons, or making tea eggs late at night.

11. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle, Square, 10.5 Inch

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  • Lodge Cast Iron Griddle is not your ordinary pan. It’s a product for both the avid outdoor cook and the everyday chef alike. The cast iron griddle provides even heat distribution to create delicious food while staying cool on stovetop surfaces. 
  • This 10 ½ inch square grill pan has two handles for easy transport with an oven-safe maximum temperature of 500 ºF. 
  • Whether you are frying bacon or searing steaks, it never feels better than being able to move effortlessly between different cooking methods without every dirtying another surface.

12. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle and Hot Handle Holder, 10.5″, Black/Red

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  • The Lodge Cast Iron Griddle is the perfect addition to any camping or cooking arsenal. With heavy-duty performance, lower side walls and a wider cooking surface that’s great for both stovetop use as well as campfires or ovens this cast iron grill will be sure not disappoint.
  • You can tell that Lodge has been in the business for a long time when you look at all their products. Their cookware is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and no synthetic coatings or chemicals, which means they will get better over time as well.
  • Lodge has been an industry leader for over 120 years, creating cast iron cookware with high-quality design and durability. Their product line includes grills to steakhouses – you name it.
  • This silicone handle holder will keep your hands safe from the heat up to 450°F. It’s not intended for use in an oven, but it can be used on an open griddle or pan without problems. This dishwasher-safe utensil measures 15in long x 10in wide by 1 .56 inches thick with a lip measuring .687.

13. Hike Crew Cast Iron Griddle

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  • The multipurpose pan allows you to cook food in large quantities while outside camping or tailgating, and is perfect for feeding a crowd at sporting events. This 19 inch by 17 7/8″ x 2 3/4 “ griddle has an extra-large surface area that can accommodate up to 30 pieces of bacon at once.
  • You can fry, flip and grill your favorite foods on this pre-seasoned skillet to make the most delicious breakfast sandwiches. With a nonstick surface that’s easy to clean without harsh scrubbing just wash before use.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron is the perfect material for people who want their stoves to last. This durable metal withstands high temperatures, direct flame exposure, and water without warping or scorching so you can enjoy many years of dependable use on electric glass gas stovetops with propane & gas grills camp stoves burner combo kits.
  • The Smart Design doesn’t just minimize mess, it’s designed with your needs in mind. The raised walls of this immersion circulator allow you to flip and toss food without worrying about escape. Plus the deluxe handle makes moving easy for when grilling season is at its peak, or any other time really.

Tips and guide to buying the best Cast Iron Griddle

The choice of a cast iron griddle can be an emotionally charged one. Today, we’ll take you through the main elements and specifications that will help make your decision more informed:


Before you start cooking with a new cast-iron griddle, it’s important to season them by applying a generous amount of oil and heating it in the oven. Seasoning will prevent food from sticking to the pan while also creating a nonstick surface that water can’t penetrate.

You’re going to enjoy cooking with your brand new cast-iron grill. Once you get rid of the initial factory coating, proper seasoning is all about getting a dry pan hot enough for fat or oil to smoke before removing from heat and letting it cool down completely. Repeat this process 3 times to make sure your pan has been evenly seasoned. Afterward, wipe away any excess fat or oil left on the inside and outside of the pan and you’re ready to use it.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your cast-iron griddle will vary depending on what you plan to use it for. If you’re not sure about buying one or want to get more than one for different jobs, the absolute minimum that you should get is 10 inches in diameter where the cooking surface starts so that it covers two burners. The most common sizes are 8×11, 9×13, or 12×17 inches.

You can also choose between round, square, and rectangular shapes. Rectangular griddles are best used in a long, narrow area while round ones fit perfectly at either end of a stove. Make sure that when you buy yours that there is enough clearance around it so that nobody hits their limbs against hot surfaces or gets burned by the heated handles.

Material and maintenance

Enameled cast-iron griddles are very versatile food preparation tools for your kitchen. Since they’re made from cast iron, you’ll enjoy cooking on them because they’re quite durable, retain heat well and cook evenly. The enamel exterior makes it easy to clean without it ever rusting or flaking like untreated iron (although over time it might chip). You can even put them in the dishwasher after washing with soap and hot water.

Use mild detergent to wash these pans but don’t use steel scourers to avoid scratching or chipping off any of the enamel coatings since this could let small amounts of rust seep through onto foods which means that cast-iron griddles are not suitable for preparing raw meats unless enameled.

You can avoid this issue by seasoning the entire surface before use and covering them before putting them away. Handles should be cool enough to touch so you needn’t worry about picking it up while cooking but always remember to take care because these pans get very hot during extended periods of use when on or in an oven.

Open flame

When cooking with cast iron, most people assume it’s never safe to use on any type of open flame like a gas stove. However, there are some cast iron griddle models that can handle these heat sources. The most popular is the Camp Chef Griddle which has high edges and pre-drilled holes for sticking over flames.

This means you do not have to worry about your mess getting burned onto another surface or worrying about food items dropping through grill slats thus wasting materials or time. You just have to ensure that the propane burner is on low so that it doesn’t burn or melt your cookware.

Standard gas stovetop

If you don’t want to burn materials accidentally then go for a cast-iron griddle with adjustable heights. This lets you cook your food over lower flames, which is safer and can give you more cooking options since these griddles are perfect for slow cooking, warming up food, or pan-frying.

When shopping online, be sure that the product specs show if it can be used on gas stovetops because some products make it hard for people to tell what their limits are without further research. Just remember that always use extreme caution when using cast iron inside an oven or even in a kitchen setting where there’s any other type of open flame present.

Cast Iron Griddle Care & Cleaning

Regardless of whether any grease gets burned onto the surface, it’s always best to clean cast iron after cooking is finished. To do this you can use dry paper towels or a wire brush to remove leftover particles that are stuck onto the pan’s cooking area.

If there are some stubborn bits of food on your Cast Iron Griddle then leave them for an hour before using hot water with some mild dish soap mixed in. Clean thoroughly and make sure to rinse off all the soap residue because it will burn if left on too long. You don’t want to cut corners by cleaning quickly because you risk corrosion setting in, which means your cast-iron griddle needs more than just a quick wash with some soapy water if there are lots of tough bits of food at its base.

Oiling the griddle

After cleaning, you should dry it off completely to remove moisture from its metal surfaces. Then put a small amount of oil on a paper towel or cloth and rub it all over its cooking surface. This will add to how well your cast-iron griddle works by preventing rust from forming while also giving you a better chance at removing stuck food bits each time you cook which makes it easier to clean in the future.

In general, any kitchen that does not have space for storage shouldn’t bother getting a cast-iron griddle because these items are best when set out on a countertop. Make sure to store them in an area where they won’t get knocked over though since this could result in chips if the griddle is chipped or a burn if it falls onto a hot stove.

If you have limited storage space then opt for the 10” x 20” griddles so they don’t take up too much room in your kitchen cabinets. Be careful about setting them down on any surface because most cast-iron griddles are very heavy with some weighing as much as 7 lbs. Due to their weight, always be extremely careful when taking them out of a cupboard or putting them back inside.

Tips for using your Cast Iron Griddle

  • If you are cooking something that requires some high flame then don’t place your cast iron griddle directly on top of it. Instead, place a cloth over the stove first to help reduce the chances of getting burned if anything spills or splatters on this area.
  • Don’t think that you have to stick with traditional food items when using your cast-iron griddle. You can use them to cook many types of meals including steak, eggs, veggies, bacon, and pancakes.
  • Always remember to use medium heat with any type of gas stove even if the manufacturer says the product is compatible with high flames. Take it slow because food can burn onto the surface easily which will be hard for you to clean afterward After turning off your stove, let your cast-iron griddle sit and cool down for a while before cleaning to make the process easier.
  • Never use abrasive items like steel wool pads to clean any cast-iron griddles because this will scratch off their protective coating. Forgetting about the burn risk mentioned earlier, you also risk getting second-degree burns by using these types of abrasives because they can get red hot when held up against a flame source.
  • Remember that all cast iron griddles should only be used for cooking purposes since if left near an open flame they could turn into flamethrowers due to high heat, which is something nobody wants in their kitchen. They don’t need any oil or butter added during cooking either because these materials are already part of the product due to their metal construction.
  • Don’t be too focused on getting all of the old food bits off your cast-iron griddle because it’s good for the surface if some particles remain stuck onto its cooking area. This is because these burnt bits will act as an abrasive when you place the griddle back in storage, which could help remove stuck particles that haven’t come loose yet.

FAQs about a Cast Iron Griddle

Where should I store my cast-iron griddle?

Always make sure to place your cast-iron griddle back in storage after use. If you don’t have any room to leave it out on the countertop then opt for something like a plastic container to keep it safe while also reducing moisture issues. Just be careful about spilling anything since this could cause dents if left inside of the container with the griddle, or rust if placed against metal handles.

How can I remove stuck bits of food from my cast-iron griddle?

Place some water on top of the surface and let it sit there for an hour so that discolored parts soften slightly before washing them off.

If you want to speed up this process then place your cast-iron griddle in a 400°F oven for 20 minutes to make the bits come off easily.

How can I keep my cast-iron griddle looking good?

You should only use nonabrasive soaps and cleaners on your Cast Iron Griddle since this will help extend its life. If there are any deep scratches present then you could try buffing them out with fine-grit sandpaper, but that has to be done very carefully or else it could ruin the surface entirely.

Are there any foods that shouldn’t be placed on top of a cast-iron griddle?

Yes, foods like bread and dough products because will burn quickly due to their high sugar content which makes them stick to the surface more than other types of food.

Can I place my cast-iron griddle in the dishwasher?

No, never put any type of cast iron in a dishwasher because it will damage the griddle’s exterior since the extremely hot water could crack its surface or warp its handles due to their metal construction.

Conclusion for the Best Cast Iron Griddle

The best-cast iron griddle is the one you can use to cook all sorts of food since this will increase your chances of staying within a low budget. Forget about thinking about how much it costs and focus on what you can do with it instead. This is why getting a versatile product that also comes from a well-known manufacturer is going to be your best choice.

If you’re looking for a cast iron griddle, we have 13 of the best products that are available on Amazon. We also included a list with all the specifications and features so you can make an informed decision. Whether you want to sear meat or pancakes, these options will meet your needs. Make sure to buy now one of our top picks from this article before they run out.

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