12 Best Angel Food Cake Pans Reviewed For Quality Purposes

An angel food cake pan is a common kitchen instrument because it can be used for more than one purpose. People enjoy using this type of pan as they find the size to their liking and prefer not having an extra dish waiting in storage areas when done cooking with dishes that are only good at certain tasks, such as stacking or drying after washing due to its shape.

An Angel Food Cake Pan has become increasingly popular over time since it offers versatility among other standard styles employed by many homes today. The ability-to -use feature makes them attractive options compared against competing products that might otherwise meet our needs.

Angel food cake is one of the most delicious desserts out there. It’s light, fluffy, sweet, and full of flavor. But it can be tough to make without the right ingredients or equipment. That’s why I’m here today to review some of the best angel food cake pans available on Amazon for you. With my help, you’ll find what you need to make your next angel food cake a success.

What’s Angel Food Cake Pan?

An Angel Food Cake Pan is a pan that bakes food with the help of the material it’s made out of. It actually refers to any type of pan that can be used for baking cakes, but most people think of angel food cake when they hear the phrase angel food cake pan.

Angel food cakes are soft and spongy cakes made without even so much as one iota of gluten added to the mix. They’re best known for their light texture which results from separating eggs and whipping up egg whites until stiff peaks form, adding sugar at the very end, and then folding everything together into an airy meringue. The result is a cake that tastes as it came straight out of cloud nine.

An angel food cake pan is one of the most versatile pans on the market today since it can be used for more than just baking cakes. You can actually use this special type of baking dish to cook things like baked ziti, macaroni, and cheese, creme brulee, bread pudding, rice pudding, roasted vegetables, or even deep-fried pickles.

What's Angel Food Cake Pan

List of 12 Best Angel Food Cake Pans Reviews

1. Nordic Ware 12-Cup Angel Food Cake Pan Baking Supplies

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  • Looking for a reliable and sturdy angel food cake pan? Look no further than Nordic Ware’s 12-cup Angel Food Cake Pan. Made from premium, non-stick aluminum, this pan is guaranteed to provide even baking and consistent results.
  •  Plus, the soft classic colors are sure to brighten up your kitchen. Dishwasher use is not recommended as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating – but handwashing is easy and hassle-free. 10″ in diameter with a 12 cup capacity, this American-made pan is a must-have for any baker.

2. Fox Run Angel Food Cake Pan, 10 x 10 x 4.5 inches

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  • This mold is the perfect way to create angel food cakes that are always beautiful and tasty. The drop-out bottom ensures easy removal, while also providing you with an edge when making your next batch of delicate desserts.
  • This durable, high-quality pan is made of carbon steel and features a non-stick coating that will leave you saying goodbye to the days of scraping bits.
  • This angel food cake pan is a great choice for those who want to make their own fluffy, delicate cakes. You can use it as both the outer and inner layer in gelatin ice cream or fill it with any type of fruit puree. The 1.5-pound weight makes this an ideal dish that will last from appetizers all way through dessert time and at only 10 x 10 x 4 inches dimensions it’s easy enough even on cramped countertops.

3. Wilton Advance – Select Nonstick 10-Inch Angel Food Cake Pan 

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  • If you’ve been looking for a durable, high-quality angel food cake pan, look no further than the Wilton Advance Select Nonstick 10-Inch Angel Food Cake Pan. This fantastic pan is made with innovative DuraLast silicone infused nonstick and scratch-resistant coating, ensuring that your cakes will come out perfectly every time – even if you use high temperatures. 
  • Plus, the thick construction of this pan prevents it from warping up to 500° F. So don’t wait any longer – order your Wilton Advance Select Nonstick 10-Inch Angel Food Cake Pan today.

4. Winco 10″ Non-stick Aluminized Carbon Steel Angel Food Cake Pan

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  • Non-stick coating means no need to waste time prepping cake pans with butter or oil! The aluminized carbon steel bottom is durable and will withstand high demands. Free of lead, cadmium, zinc, aluminum.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Winco CCP-10A can be used in ovens up to 450°F (232°C). This seasoned professional staff has the knowledge and expertise that you need for this task, place your order today.

5. Nordic Ware 50919AMZ 12-Cup Angel Food Cake Pan, Navy

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  • Nordic Ware’s Angel Food Cake Pan is an aluminum pan with nonstick interiors. This classic shaped, leak-proof pan features premium nonstick coatings for easy release and removal of any baked goods you create in it – so delicately handle your cakes or other goodies while spreading the buttercream frosting on top.
  • The butter has never tasted so sweet before. Nordic Ware offers quality bakeware to all shapes and sizes including loaf pans, Bundt pans, cookie sheets & more. It also makes a terrific gift idea for family or friends who enjoy baking from time to time.

6. Nordic Ware Mini Angel Food Cake Pan, 6-Cup, Graphite

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  • Mini Angel Food Cake Pan 6 Cup Made in the USA Imagine light-as-a-cloud mini angel food cakes with vanilla whipped cream, blueberry ice cream, fresh fruit, or spun sugar.
  • Sweet dreams are made of these. This angel food cake pan’s deep sides make for tender baked desserts that are ideal to serve small groups. Recipe included in the packaging.
  • Mini Angel Food Cake Pan 6 Cup PFOA Free Nonstick Cooking Professional grade non-stick coating. The perfect pan for creating something incredibly special, the Nordic Ware Mini Angel Food Cake Pan is filled with charm and nostalgia. But more than just a cute little thing to add to your tiny collection of baking pans, this version has some secrets up it.

7. 52537 Fits for Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake Pan

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  • Nordic Ware’s 16-cup capacity aluminum cake pan features a 10-inch diameter for tube cakes, angel food and sponge cakes. Made from durable cast aluminum that distributes heat quickly and evenly, this non-stick coated pan is more than just a beautiful piece of kitchenware. 
  • With Nordic Ware products, you get superior baking performance with better rising abilities and a golden crust on your baked goods. The premium non-stick surface ensures easy release after cooking and easy cleanup too – no wasted time or effort.

8. Nordic Ware 12-Cup Angel Food Cake Pan, Mint

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  • Whip up a sweet, show-stopping dessert with this Nordic Ware 12-Cup Angel Food Cake Pan. Made of sturdy aluminum, the one-piece design is leak-proof and produces evenly baked, uniform results. 
  • The bright mint color will add a pop of cheer to your kitchen countertop, while the premium nonstick interior ensures easy cleanup. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your baking repertoire or want a pan that will make oven-to-table serving a breeze, this angel food cake pan is perfect for you.

9. Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan, Durable Aluminum, 10-Inch

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  • The Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan is the perfect way to whip up a delicious and healthy dessert. This pan is made from durable aluminum, and it has a removable inner core so that your cake comes out perfectly every time. 
  • The size of this pan is 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches high, making it the perfect size for one standard angel food cake mix. So next time you’re looking for a sweet and healthy treat, reach for the Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan.

10. Winco Non-stick Angel Food Cake Pan, Carbon Steel

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  • The Winco Non-stick Angel Food Cake Pan is ideal for bakers looking for quality cake pans. This professional quality baking pan measures 10″ round x 4″ deep with a non-stick coating that helps prevent cakes from sticking to the bottom of the pan, resulting in perfect baked goods every time. 
  • The medium carbon steel construction makes this product affordable and sturdy, while also ensuring it will last through many extreme temperatures without rusting or changing its shape. 
  • Dishes are easy to wash by hand or using the dishwasher since they are safe for oven use up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you can get perfectly clean pieces of Carbon Steel that will be ready again next time you need them.

11. WILTON INDUSTRIES 9-3/8″ Angel Food Cake Pan

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  • Wilton Industries 9 3/8″ Angel Food Cake Pan. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance, baking experts prefer perfectly-browned baked goods. 
  • The non-stick coating makes food release and cleans up a breeze. Serves as an excellent addition to any kitchen, serving great desserts with ease. Handwashing recommended. Measures 9 3/8 inch in diameter, 5-year warranty.
  • Constructed of 24 gauge metal quality material while still providing warmth on heating elements without the need for all of those oven racks.

12. Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan 7″ x 4.5″ – One Pack Silver

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  • No-sweat cake baking – Angel food cakes were often too tall and wide for most household ovens, so Wilton designed this handy pan. Silicone cooling legs and a removable inner core sleeve ensure that your angel food cake bakes flawlessly in minutes! You can then easily pop it out of the pan to serve. 
  • You’ll find creative ways to enjoy your angel food cake, whether you’re topping it with fresh fruit or ice cream (think strawberry cheesecake) or using them as ingredients in an open-faced sandwich like one filled with ham, cheese, and sliced strawberries  It’s great if you want the light taste – but satisfying when baked with whole eggs instead of egg whites.

Tips and guide to buying the best Angel Food Cake Pan

When selecting an angel food cake pan, there are a number of things you need to listen for. These will help guide your decision in which one is right for what kind of baking needs and taste preference match up with it.


Unlike other types of pans, they aren’t measured in any standard measurements like cups or inches. The reason for this is that there are all kinds of angel food cake pans available on the market today ranging in size from 6 to 12 inches. Some bakers prefer smaller cakes while others might be looking for something that can serve a larger crowd at once. It’s important to look into what kind of baking needs you have when selecting your pan so you don’t end up with an item that doesn’t meet your requirements and expectations.


Most people tend to think of stainless steel Angel Food Cake Pans when they hear the words “angel food cake.” While this type of pan is common due to its versatile nature, it’s not the only option available on the market today. Some bakers prefer to use ceramic pans or even cast-iron styles in order to get the best results when it comes to baking with angel food cake.


When most people think of an Angel Food Cake Pan, they usually think about a round pan with a hole in the center that’s used for baking by suspending the pan over the opening in your oven. This isn’t always true though since some bakers might choose to use square shapes with rounded edges when selecting their baking dish. It’s important to consider what kinds of needs you have before making your decision since each one of them has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


As with all things, there’s a distinct difference between professional and personal choices. Professional bakers need to select an item that will help them bake the best cakes every time they make one while personal cooks need something less expensive and easy to store. There are even options available for those who like to entertain guests at home such as electric angel food cake pans which can be used to make desserts in minutes.


Regardless of what type of Angel Food Cake Pan you select, it’s important to look into how much you have to spend before buying one. While there are plenty of good options available even at the cheapest price points, you might find that spending a little more money will get you a better quality pan depending on what your baking needs are. After all, if you’re an avid baker who spends several hours in the kitchen every single day whipping up delicious meals, then it makes sense to spend a little extra money to get yourself an item that can help make your job easier.

Non-stick Coating

Not all angel food cake pans are created the same way. Some of them might have a non-stick surface while others don’t include one at all. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use option that doesn’t require you to add any oil or grease before baking, then it’s best to choose a pan with a built-in non-stick coating. This will help keep your cakes from sticking every time you remove them which is great for when it comes to clean up time too.

FAQs about an Angel Food Cake Pan

Do all types of Angel Food Cake Pans have non-stick coatings?

No, not all of them will include a non-stick surface though there are some brands that offer this option as an upgrade with their bakeware selections. Look into what kinds of needs you have before making your decision since it might just help you select the right one without having to spend too much money on it either.

What are some common types of Angel Food Cake Pans?

One of the most popular is the stainless steel style which tends to be fairly thin but durable. There are also cast iron options available along with ceramic ones that are several inches in size. Take your time when selecting one so you don’t end up spending too much money on something that doesn’t meet all of your baking needs.

How do I clean my Angel Food Cake Pan?

Carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth before adding warm water and dishwashing liquid to wash away any leftover food particles or oils if needed. Avoid using abrasive cleaners since they might damage the non-stick surface in some models which can cause them not to work as well in the future. Make sure you rinse it away to get rid of any excess soap before placing it on the dish rack until it’s dry to keep your kitchen clean and free from bacteria that can make you sick if ingested.

What makes a good Angel Food Cake Pan?

A sturdy construction along with a thick bottom is usually one of the best things to consider when selecting one even though they tend to be more expensive than some other types on the market today at the same time. It’s also important to look for a non-stick coating that will help create new recipes every single week while making clean-up easy too without having to spend hours scrubbing off leftovers or greasy oils that might end up ruining your cake instead of helping strengthen it.

What are the benefits of using an Angel Food Cake Pan?

Besides being easy to store and use, you’ll find that they are great for creating healthier meals every week since baking cakes is one of the best ways to get rid of fatty oils or greasy items in your kitchen. If this sounds like something you might enjoy taking advantage of, take a look at what kinds are available today so you can decide which one will work best with your needs before buying it right away. You’ll be glad that you did once all is said and done.

Conclusion for the best Angel Food Cake Pan

Angel food cake pans are great for creating healthier versions of cakes every single day. It’s important to select one that has a non-stick surface since it will help keep your cake from sticking whenever you’re ready to pull it out which can save you time when it comes to cleaning up too without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners which might damage your pan instead.

When you are looking for the perfect angel food cake pan, it can be hard to find one that works perfectly. We’ve done all of the research so you don’t have to. Our team has put together a list of 12 best-selling products on Amazon with reviews from verified purchasers who tell us their thoughts about each product. Read our in-depth review and purchase any of these great pans today. One thing is certain, if you want an easy way to bake an incredible tasting cake at home, this article will help make your life easier.

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