13 Of The Best Sausage Cutters You Can Buy

Choosing the perfect sausage cutter is not an easy task. There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. This blog post will help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

We have found 13 of the best sausage cutters on Amazon to compare, so you don’t have to go through all that trouble. All of these sausages come with reviews from other customers who have had experience using them. You’ll also find links to where you can buy each one online or in stores near you if needed.

List of 13 Best Sausage Cutters Reviews

1. AVOSDER Wooden Sausage Cutter Cutter for Ham

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  • Cutting your own sausage is the new thing! But it can be hard to find a meat slicer that not only suits your needs but is also safe for you and easy to use. That’s why we made the AVOSDER Wooden Sausage Cutter, perfect for salami, ham, or cheese. 
  • Designed with an ergonomic grip handle, this slicer allows you to effortlessly cut foods of just about any size without any tricky carving. All you have to do is slice every inch of delicious food into your desired thickness using one simple back-and-forth motion. 
  • You won’t believe how quick it goes or how sharp our design cuts through even tough materials like hard cheese no problem at all! Just make sure to keep everything sanitary.

2. MoonyLI Cyclone Barbecue Sausage Cutter

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  • Open the clever design and place the sausage in-between the blades, close them together to securely lock it. Rotate one handle while using your other hand to hold down the sausage. 
  • The MoonyLI Cyclone Barbecue Sausage Cutter produces slices of consistently even widths at a time. 
  • It can accommodate any size or shape wiener; perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers with friends or family. Cleverly designed, this tool is built from 100% BPA-free material: safe and healthy for everyone to use! Cleaning couldn’t be simpler.
  • With proper care, your MoonyLI slicer should last for many years. Simply place it in your dishwasher after use- you’ll never have to worry about sticky food.

3. HERCHR Stainless Steel Banana Slicer Sausage Cutter

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  • This Stainless Steel Banana Slicer is designed to make getting evenly portioned banana slices quick and easy. This Kitchen Cutter Tool has an ergonomic curve design that will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand for easy peeling, slicing, cutting tasks. 
  • Its blades are made of high-quality stainless steel with no other substances which mean both the material quality and longevity have been increasing significantly over how it would be traditionally manufactured, unlike its plastic counterpart. 
  • The blade curves away from you so even if one side isn’t sharpened enough to meet desired standards. There’s still a chance you’ll be able to finish your task by using your side near it because this slicer operates much faster than traditional manual peeling methods.

4. 1pc Hot Dog Sausage Cutter Banana Peel Kitchen Tool

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  • Kitchen tools include a variety of different shapes and sizes. From cake pans to ice cream scoopers, every sort of kitchen product imaginable exists. And now you’ll also have the right tool for your hot dogs.
  • Just squeeze this sausage cutter into a piece of meat, push it halfway through so that one side is finally dangling from your hand, and pull.
  • This ergonomic banana peeler will even come in handy when you want to slice up some bananas or remove them from their skin quickly and easily. 
  • The handle is comfortable to hold even if you have large hands–and there’s no need for sharp knives nearby either because the blade is made with quality stainless steel that doesn’t hurt at all (just like any other professional knife.

5. Aiky Sausage Cutter 

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  • The Sausage Cutter will help you make custom potatoes for your next BBQ. You can spiral them, twist the ends to create a tornado shape, or just cut them in any other way that suits how much fun it is when everyone gets together.
  • The Creative Potato Slicer is a kitchen tool that can cut or peel potatoes with ease. It has an easy-to-use design and offers you the option of slicing across, through or circularly depending on how much your food item requires. 
  • The suction base of this machine makes it easy to attach and fix the bottom anywhere you need. With its safety features, users can focus on other tasks while getting their work done without worrying about damaging anything or themselves in an accident with a flimsy handle.
  • The Potato Slicer is a safe and easy way to slice potatoes. It has a stainless steel 304 blade that makes it durable, while also making for long-term profits with its high-quality materials used in the construction of the product itself.

6. Multifunctional Sausage Cutter Ham

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  • The multifunctional sausage cutter ham is an essential knife for your kitchen. This blade can be used to cut hot dogs, sausages, and ham.
  • The ergonomic curve of the handle makes it more comfortable to hold and won’t hurt your hands like some other knives. Plus this one is easy to maintain too, all you need are running water and soap.
  • It’s also handy that the blade is made of high-quality stainless steel so you can use it with confidence knowing that it will last a long time. The patented stainless-steel cutting fins make slicing different types of meats fast and efficient, not to mention delicious too.

7. Multifunctional Hotdogs Cutter, Sausage Cutter

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  • The multifunctional sausage cutter is the perfect tool for any chef who needs to slice both sausages and bread in an instant. 
  • The ergonomic design of the handle maximizes comfort while slicing, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hands while you enjoy great-tasting food. 
  • This product is made from quality materials that are healthy, rustproof, and anti-corrosion so it’s completely safe for use by adults or kids alike. 
  • There are no sharp blades on this slicer since it uses an elastic spring instead, making it especially suitable for young chefs that need something to help them out with their cooking.

8. Hot dog Sausage Cutter

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  • Get the whole family laughing with this Hot dog Sausage Cutter. Don’t have room on your grill? Use our simple-to-use sausage slicer to create giant hot dogs right in your kitchen.
  • This food grinder is perfect for any occasion or mealtime, whether you are catering a large event or preparing breakfast sandwiches for Sunday morning brunch. 
  • Let us do all the work of dicing, juicing, mashing, and pureeing so you can enjoy more time making memories with family instead of spending hours in the kitchen.
  • Benefits: Dishwasher safe design lets you slice multiple sausages without ever having to wash appliance between uses, easy-grip handles keep fingers away from blades during use; comes with 4 fixed blade inserts.

9. 2PCS New Cyclone Barbecue Sausage Cutter 

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  • You’ll finally have the perfect hotdog with this product. The 2PCS New Cyclone Barbecue Sausage Cutter lets you turn your standard, boring hot dog into a fancy, delicious treat with ease.  
  • When you hold your finger or thumb in front of the tip of the plastic so as not to carve too deeply into the sausage, it spirals delicately through just like at street-side street vendors. 
  • This will cut right down on wasted time spent trying to wrap an ongoing struggle for amusement. No more tired fingers or tiring muscles- now you can enjoy that summer barbecue every night if want to.
  • With only enough work for one person, these beautifully spiraled sausages make multiples in less than fifteen seconds.

10. 2PCs Manual Fancy Sausage Cutter

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  • Want to cook those sausages up as quickly as possible? This ingenious device is perfect for quickly and evenly slicing like a pro. 
  • Think thin, thin, thin roasted beef or pork sausage with sliced potatoes and vegetables in healthy preparation with no added salt or fats needed. The spiral slice is easier to hold onto when preparing the toppings. 
  • Slicing sausages properly prevents them from drying out during cooking and creates that crispy bite that everyone loves. Keep it all together with this fancy new slicer that’s easy enough for both lefties and righties alike.

11. Shimohurano Japan Sausage Cutter Mold Set

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  • These octopus sausages are so cool. It is not just a product with one shape, it has 3. Not only that, the butcher meat has been imprinted on each sausage so your guests can tell where to place them in their mouths.
  • This makes for an enjoyable experience and a memorable time at your party. Make sure you don’t cut these up ahead of time because they will turn out less crisp.
  • Try a cake decorating tip if need be, though we have seen people do some creative things like pre-cutting the pieces down the middle lengthwise after frying till crispy brown on all sides and then stacking back together on top of each other before baking into stacks of 4 like little burger patties.

12. Sausage Cutter Ham 

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  • The sausage cutter is a great way to make delicious, hearty food with the speed and convenience of any modern kitchen. 
  • It has undergone tons of tests and inspections so you can rest assured that it will always be good for your cookie-cutter lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for cutters that offer versatility or just want one tool that does everything on its own. 
  • Its heavy-duty stainless steel blade won’t rust over time, while the ergonomically curved handle offers comfort on all levels when preparing deli sandwiches, hot dogs, ham sausages, meatballs, and anything else needed for your next party platter.

13. FRIEND Sanrio Hello Kitty Weiner Sausage Cutter Press

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  • This presser is perfect for pressing seams open on your sweaters, shirts, and pants. You can also use it to shape the dough (round or oblong) into an even thickness after rolling the dough out. 
  • The cuts are perfectly aligned with markings on the ruler so you always know where to cut. This adorable tool makes cooking fun again, because every time you make something special, all of your friends will want one too.
  • The bold design makes cutting fast and easy. Picks are color-coded by type to identify what they’re used for. Ergonomic grip provides powerful pressure – The soft rubber pad cushions your hand.

Tips and guide to buying the best Sausage Cutter

If you want to choose the best Sausage Cutter you must consider the following tips:

Blade of Sausage Cutter

The blade is the thing that does all the work as soon as you turn it on. Sausage cutters come with different sized blades, from 1 millimeter to about 7 centimeters for the thickness of sausage that you can use for cutting.

If you are slicing a lot of meat and want to do so very quickly, then a larger blade will do this for you. However, if you have a smaller blade or just want to cut sausages evenly and thinly, you should choose a model with small blades as well.

Types of Sausage Cutter

Sausage Cutters are available in so many different types from manual sausage slicers to electric meat slicer/sausage cutter combo machines. You can easily check out the type of these products by scrolling below after reviewing the benefits of each brand.

Materials of Sausage Cutter

Quality materials of the device help it to be durable and long-lasting. Top-grade stainless steel made sausage cutting machines can be very expensive than those which are made up of only plastic. It doesn’t mean that you should buy an expensive one but if you want a high-quality product then don’t fall on cheap products.

Maintenance of Sausage Cutter

It is important to maintain your equipment to prolong its life. Check all the parts of your machine and other attachments and clean them after using, so that it can serve you for a long period. If you don’t maintain your sausage cutter or slicer, then it will be broken fast as well as your valuable things also get damaged.

Price of Sausage Cutter

Before buying any best electric meat slicer/sausage cutter combo machine, first, think about how much money do you want to spend on it? You should know that high-quality product comes with a higher price tag than standard ones. But if you wish to save some money by spending less but still want a good quality product, we have added both cheap and expensive sausage cutters here according to different customers’ needs.

Tips for Using your Sausage Cutter

Things Needed Before Using a Sausage Cutter

Make sure the sausage cutter is unplugged before you attach it to your machine. If there are no attachments on, pull the trigger back and put the plunger into the cylinder with the pin attached to its bottom.

Pull Back The Lever

If you want to slice your meat then push the trigger forward which situates itself between the cutter head and feed screw. Then pull back on the lever for slicing your products easily. It will also ensure that everything is sliced evenly especially if you have made multiple sausages or meats simultaneously with one stuffer/slicer combo machine. You need an open loop handle with this model for step-less adjustment of cutting thickness from 5mm to 20mm pieces.

Sausage Cutting Technique

If you want to cut your meat into pieces then it is important to use the right technique as this will help to provide better results with less effort. Open-loop handle with stepless adjustment for cutting thickness lies between the head and feed screw of sausage cutter/slicer combo machine that you need to keep your hand on it while working or push the handle backward manually.

Filling Your Stuffing Tubes Properly

Find out what size stuffing tubes are included in your purchase of sausage cutter/slicer combo machine. Different devices have different sizes of tubes but all of them are tapered so that they can attach them firmly onto the mixer body, screw or piston.

FAQs about a Sausage Cutter

What is a sausage cutter?

A sausage cutter is a kind of manual or electric meat slicer/sausage cutter combo machine that has been developed to fill the skins with fresh meats, sausages, and pates. These are available in various types from manual to electric types. All you have to do is put your product into the cylinder then use a plunger or piston to push it into any desired stuffing tube

How long will the blade remain sharp?

The blades of manual and electric slicers/sausage cutter combos can stay sharper for a longer time if you clean them regularly after using them. If not, there may be some rust on these parts too due to moisture. So cleaning and maintaining your equipment properly will surely help you to get a sharp blade for a long time.

What is the difference between a sausage cutter and a slicer?

The main difference between these two types of devices is that you can use a slicer for cutting any kind of meats, cheese or bread; but the purpose of using a sausage cutter is to fill meats into casings. You can also store your meat in it so that you will not need to run your machine again and again.

How do you clean sausage cutters/slicers?

If you are talking about cleaning an electric slicer or sausage cutter which has removable parts, then first unplug the power cord before doing anything else for safety reasons. Remove all removable parts like blades, pusher rod, etc. Wash them with warm water and dishwasher or hand wash soap. After that, you can dry them with a clean cloth and arrange all parts back in place.

How to use a sausage cutter?

Now, if you are talking about using a manual sausage cutter then it is quite simple. First of all, fill the cylinder with your desired meats or other food products and apply some lube on moving parts like plunger or piston so that they can slide easily inside the feeding tube. Now you have to push your product down slowly by pulling back slowly on the handle until it gets filled into casings or wraps. You can also adjust its thickness according to your desire.

Conclusion for the Best Sausage Cutter

With the right technique, it can help you to cut your meat into pieces easily with a sausage cutter/slicer combo machine. Not only that, there are some other benefits of using this device which you will discover after buying one.

But before making a purchase decision, make sure to check out our top 13 list with pros and cons according to customer reviews. So take your time for checking all these products carefully if you won’t obtain the best device for your kitchen or restaurant etc with affordable price tags.

We hope that you found this article helpful and informative. As we mentioned, there are a lot of great products out there – so it might be hard to choose just one. However, if you’re looking for the best sausage cutters on the market right now, these 13 should definitely make your list. Have any questions or thoughts about our picks? Leave us a comment below.

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