11 Best Double Burner Induction Cooktops Reviewed

In the world of burners, there are not many alternatives that offer a Double Burner Induction Cooktop. The market for this type hasn’t been large enough to attract major players in comparison with other types such as full size and borderless stoves which have more variety but provide less surface area when compared against their counterparts on gas or electric ranges.

Some people might feel perplexed by having so few options available while others would rather see small numbers than anything greater since too much choice can lead one to be overwhelmed at times instead of deciding exactly what they want from something before buying it.

If you are looking for the best double burner induction cooktop, then this article is just for you. We have compiled a list of 11 of the top-rated models available on the market today and reviewed their features to help you make an informed decision. No matter what your budget or cooking needs may be, we will have something that fits your needs perfectly.

Double Burner Induction Cooktop

List of 11 Best Double Burner Induction Cooktops Reviews

1. NutriChef – Dual 120V Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • This kitchen countertop burner by NutriChef is a great option for those who want to make the most out of their cooking time. This two-zone electric range features independently adjustable temperature settings so that you can cook 2 dishes at once without having one flavor being altered due to other ingredients not being cooked enough or too much heat applied when making another dish.
  • The high-powered heating elements in this item will make you a lot more efficient when it comes time for your food. The cooking process takes just seconds and the appliance quickly warms, allowing you to prepare an entire meal without having any hassle or waiting around.
  • The built-in sensor touch controls and digital LCD screen make for a hassle-free cooking experience. It also has an easy-to-use countdown timer setting which allows you precise timing of your meal that is sure not to be missed with this countertop cooker.
  • The sleek and stylish design of this electric cooktop makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It can help you save time by minimizing heat loss during cooking, while also being highly energy efficient.

2. VBGK Double Burner Induction Cooktop 2000W Countertop

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  • Induction cooking is the next big thing in home kitchens. This professional digital kitchen countertop induction cooker can cook up two dishes at once while saving you time and energy.
  • The 2000+2000W induction cooker is a modern and efficient way to cook your food. It uses electromagnetic waves, so there’s no heat loss between the pot and surface- which means you can save time on cooking as well as money.
  • The top of our induction cookware is equipped with a child safety lock, timer, and overheat protection device. It also has round edges without sharp corners so it’s safe for kids to use. The set time can range anywhere between 1 minute all the way up to 180 minutes which gives you plenty of flexibility when cooking your food (and more importantly saving energy). Two upgraded low noise cooling fans help improve the heat dissipation effect while safely ensuring that there are no splashes or spills due to rapid temperature changes.
  • The induction plate uses 120V and 15A– standards in all homes. Child Safety Lock system, Auto Pan Detection will automatically shut down the unit after 30 seconds if no cookware is detected. Equipped with a diagnostic error message system that notifies you when it’s time to service your grill or replace parts like cables for safety.

3. GTKZW Portable Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • The GTKZW Double Burner Induction Cooktop features two independent heating areas and an LED display, meaning you can quickly cook 2 dishes delicious food at the same time. This saves a lot of precious minutes in between meals.
  • With its 9 levels of power and temperature, the GTKZW electric induction cooktop can be used to simmer or deep fry with ease. With six different modes ranging from 176℉(80 ℃) -510℉(270 °F), this sleek appliance will meet your every need.
  • GTKZW induction burners are the perfect solution for all of your cooking needs. They come with a child-safe lock, timer, and overheat protection that will keep you safe from any accidents at home or in restaurant kitchens. The GTKZW also includes two upgraded low noise cooling fans which improve heat dissipation greatly so it won’t get too hot when using this product on high setting.
  • Electric stoves such as the GTKZW stove will take your cooking experience to a whole new level. The electromagnetic energy is directly absorbed into cookware, which means that it’s efficient and fast-heating without wasting any on an additional heating element.

4. COOKTRON Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • The 1800w quick heating Double Burner Induction Cooktop is faster than a standard double-induction burner. It has a higher heat conduction effect, which meets various cooking needs such as steaming and boiling. It also prevents damage to your countertops through its ventilation duct design that dissipates the hot air more effectively.
  • The safety lock is a great way to ensure your child can’t access the appliance while you’re cooking. The inductive cooktop will return to standby mode after 30 seconds if not selecting any function, and when in use it has special features like shutting off or displaying codes that make sure there are no unexpected accidents.
  • The induction cooktop on this modern-looking kitchen appliance will change the way you think about cooking. With 10 temperature levels ranging from 140°F to 464 °F, 9 power settings that range between 200W-1800W in 100 increments all for 1 minute up to 4 hours of time setting capability; no other burner has this much versatility. The sensitive touch buttons make using your new Induction Cooker quick and hassle-free while ensuring convenience when selecting.
  • The induction cooker is a great choice for any household with an active cooking lifestyle. It’s easy to clean, safe, and more efficient than other types of cookers. With its stylish design that will fit into your kitchen décor seamlessly – this product has it all covered.
  • The induction cooker is a sleek and portable device that can be used in small spaces such as kitchens, campgrounds, or office buildings. Made with scratch-resistant glass surfaces to prevent damage from being handled incorrectly while keeping it waterproof for when you’re not going near the water.

5. True Induction Portable Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • Cooking is about to get easier than ever. This portable double burner induction cooktop is quickly becoming high-quality cooking’s new go-to. It has a new carrying bag, which not only makes it easy for traveling but also prevents scratching your cooktop with your pots and pans. 
  • Plus, this cooking set heats cookware evenly in 45 seconds or less and boils water in 90 seconds flat. The best part? Cooking on the True Induction Portable Double Burner Induction Cooktop allows you to melt chocolate without using a double boiler before adding flavorings like vanilla extract or peppermint extract.

6. FOGATTI Electric Double Burner Induction Cooktop, FOGATTI Built-in

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  • This electric Double Burner Induction Cooktop is a portable stove that can work as either an independent unit, or it’ll fit seamlessly into your countertop for more cooking space. It’s ideal if you want to save on kitchen real estate, perfect whether camping in tents and trailers alike, taking along with me whenever my RV goes on trips or keeping at home when things get too crowded here.
  • The 1800W electric cooktop offers 10 power levels from 200W to 1800, and temperature ranges from 140°F – 460 °F. To ensure your various cooking needs are met the induction system will work with most stainless steel or cast iron pans as well.
  • With a stylish and elegant design, the black ceramic glass is both modern art as well as Scratch-resistant. Not only does it have high-temperature resistance but also easy to clean with no residue left behind on your walls or items placed near them.
  • With its sleek and modern design, the Induction cooktop is a joy to use. With an LED display that shows settings functions error codes if any without taking up much space on your countertop. It also has 240 minutes of cooking time before automatic shut off so you can enjoy peace of mind while meal prepping at night or morning rush times when there’s nothing else.
  • This cooktop has passed the ETL Listed of the United States and Canada. It also comes equipped with a 3-second child safety lock function, as well as an automatic turn-off after two hours if left without operations for your meal prep session or family lazy day.

7. Amzchef AMZCHEF Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • The Amzchef portable induction hob is perfect for those who want to spice up their kitchen with a sleek and modern-looking appliance. The black polished crystal glass surface catches the eye, while the silver edge gives off an elegant touch that would work well in any home décor style. With simple control features, so you can change settings on your own time, controls are intuitive enough even without touching them.
  • The double induction cooker is more than just a stylish addition to your kitchen. With two independent heating zones, this sleek and efficient appliance allows you the opportunity for faster cooking times while still having some quality time with family and friends over weekend parties or festival season.
  • There are two different heating modes on this induction burner. Power mode has 10 temperature settings ranging from 140-464℉, while Tempura Mode goes up to 450 ºF (232 °C). You can choose what is best suited for you when it comes time to cook an amazing meal. There’s no need to worry about putting too much energy into warming milk or even frying food – just turn the dial and let these babies do their thing without breaking a sweat.

8. True Induction Double Burner Induction Cooktop Vertical Orientation 1800W

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  • True Induction Cooktops are the only choice if you want to cook worry-free on your countertop. This product comes with a one-touch control that makes it easy to adjust cooking temperatures. 
  • The sleek design is open, giving you full visibility of food as it cooks without disturbing aromas or flavors. You’ll never again need to crane your neck for 180 degrees view of what’s happening in the kitchen.
  • This 1800W Double Burner Vertical orientation may be right for you if counter width is at a minimum and pots and pans take up precious space when placed flat on top of burners.

9. COOKTRON Double Burner Induction Cooktop 10 Temperature 9 Power Settings

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  • For those who are looking for a quick way to cook, the 1800w double induction cooker is perfect. It only takes 1 minute under “BOOSTER” mode boiling water and can reach much higher temperatures than traditional electric burners do without becoming too hot or breaking anything.
  • A safety lock prevents children from accessing the cooktop when not in use. The induction machine will shut down after 30 seconds if no buttons have been pressed and stay off at a surface temperature above 60 ℃. If there was an error or it experienced unsuitable operations, then LED codes would appear on its display screen H to prevent overheating.
  • The powerful induction cooker is great for cooking up a storm. It’s got 10 temperature settings from 140 °F to 464 °F with an adjustable range, 9 power options ranging 200 W-1800W on the higher end, and 1 minute -4 hours as set timing so you can cook whatever your heart desires.
  • The induction cooker is a great way to cook anything you could imagine, and it’s even better with these awesome cooking utensils. This high-quality glass surface can be cleaned easily by using just water.

10. NutriChef Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • The Professional Digital Countertop Dual Induction Cooker by NutriChef is the perfect appliance for any professional chef. With 2 Circular Top Panel Heating Zones that can be independently configured with different temperature zones. This sleek and modern looking machine will provide you high quality food in no time at all.
  • With this one-touch switch, you can experience a different cooking mode with just the press of your thumb. The eco-friendly design means that your food is always fresh and cooked correctly – never dry or undercooked.
  • This product is also equipped with a Built-in Child Safety Lock which prevents all the operating buttons from being pressed by kids so they won’t get injured.
  • The heavy-duty 120v Electric Induction cooktop heats up food in a minute by using electromagnets, so there is no heat lost between the cooking surface and pot. This makes it highly energy-efficient as well as easier to use since you don’t need fire for this type of appliance.
  • This double burner is compatible with a variety of cooking surfaces. It can be used on any type of steel, cast iron, enameled iron or stainless steel pan and has an easy-to-clean flat bottom design that’s perfect for home use as well as outdoor adventures.

11. Duxtop LCD Double Burner Induction Cooktop

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  • This top of the line digital countertop induction cookware by Duxtop is equipped with two independent heating zones that allow you to set each one separately. You can adjust it using this LCD screen, which also shows what setting your selected for both sides. The burner uses 120 Volts and only needs 15 amps, standard in all North American homes today.
  • Child safety locks help to protect your child from injury. The touch control panel is simple and quick, making cooking easy with no open flame or heating element needed, food never burns on the glass cooktop so cleanup is a breeze.
  • The double-preset dial is a godsend for cooking experts. You can select from 20 different modes to suit your needs, and there’s no need to memorize any buttons as it has only one button that switches between settings.
  • Electric cooktops are a great way to avoid wasting energy on heating elements. They also provide faster cooking, with the Power Sharing Feature ensuring that all of your burners can work at once without any concern about electrical overload or lower efficiency.
  • This double induction cooker is the perfect size for two people to cook at once, without taking up too much space. It features an easy-to-use control panel with advanced safety technology that will not let you get burned by electricity or scalded when in contact with hot surfaces.

Tips and guide to buying the best Double Burner Induction Cooktop

It’s not always easy to find the best double burner induction cooktop. You might think that all of them will have similar features, but each one has its own unique selling point and it can be tough choosing which one you want. When looking for this type of appliance remember:


While it is true that most units have a maximum wattage of 3000, some can go as high as 4500. Although this might not make much difference when boiling water, anything else such as cooking pasta or even simmering sauces on low heat will be done in half the time possible with a lower-watt burner.

In some cases, even less power is required which means using only one of the burners instead of two which also saves you money and further makes cooking more efficient.

Different types of surfaces

Not everyone enjoys cooking with cast iron pans since they are heavy and tend to damage non-stick surfaces if cooked on for too long. If you want something more lightweight then look for Double Burner Induction Cooktops that have a coating such as porcelain enamel. This will allow you to use regular utensils and won’t be damaged by constant exposure to high heat.


It is understandable that most people don’t want to spend too much money if they can help it, but sometimes the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for holds true in this situation. The more expensive models tend to last longer and heat up faster than their cheaper counterparts which means cooking times and costs are both reduced and you can save yourself time and hassle when shopping by focusing on higher-end options only.


Double Burner Induction Cooktops come in many styles, but not all are created equal. Some are sized to fit two pots or pans at once while others have full-size grates that can accommodate even the largest of skillets. Others still have an open design that might be better for cooking certain foods but doesn’t allow you to use as much surface area when compared with other types.


Single vs double burner is the first decision you will need to make before beginning your search for a new induction range or stovetop. Your final choice should be based on what your primary needs are and how often it will be used rather than price since quality units are more expensive overall despite being available at different prices depending on where you buy them from.


Double Burner Induction Cooktops come in a range of materials, but there are two that stand out from the rest: cast iron and steel. Although it might seem like an easy choice to go with something lighter such as aluminum or copper since they are lighter, they will get damaged more easily if dropped whereas cast iron is more durable.


A Double Burner Induction Cooktop’s size can be measured in inches or centimeters, but the most popular unit of measurement used for this purpose is inches which makes comparisons easier. The most common sizes on the market today include 30, 36, and 48 with some models having a small grate built into them while others have a single larger burner instead.

Tips for using your Double Burner Induction Cooktop

Using a double burner induction cooktop is almost the same as any other, although there are certain factors that will affect how long it takes for water to boil or food to heat up:

  • The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with each burner within your cooktop and imagine an 8-inch circle over each one of them. These areas represent the heat zone which means you can place pots or pans on these sections of the unit even if only using one of the burners instead of both at once.
  • If you plan on cooking different dishes at once, make sure they are not too close together since this might affect the speed at which food cooks due to them starting out with different temperatures. It would be best if you had more than one unit since then you could cook different foods on different burner grates.
  • The number of burners you will need depends on how much food you want to prepare at once, but keep in mind that the more powerful each one is the faster it will heat up. If your pots and pans are small you might be able to get away with using only one of them or if they are larger than usual using both simultaneously saves time for when cooking larger meals.
  • When cleaning your double burner induction cooktop, make sure you do it once the unit has cooled down since intense temperature changes might damage the grates. This is especially true if you need to use harsh cleaning products which should be avoided in most cases anyway.
  • Most of us are concerned about the heat when using an induction stovetop since the burners get extremely hot very quickly at their maximum settings, but it’s important to remember that they cool down much faster than drip pans or electric models so there should not be any issues while cooking. Using pot holders or mitts will help protect your hands and lower the chances of accidents occurring.

FAQs about a Double Burner Induction Cooktop

What is the difference between a single and double-burner induction cooktop?

A double burner unit contains two separate sets of coils that can be controlled separately or at the same time depending on your needs. There are several benefits to having one of these units, but it should be noted that they will take up more space because of their size and not all grates will accommodate both burners at once as some induction stovetops do.

Are crepes cooked on an induction cooktop the same as normal ones?

No, because each unit operates in a slightly different way and it’s important that you follow instructions so your food doesn’t burn. The temperature controls work by turning them up very high at first and then decreasing gradually while variable settings can differ from one model to another so check before purchasing.

Can a double burner induction cooktop be used as a regular stove?

Not really, but some units can give you the option of switching from one type of heat source to another which is extremely useful for those who need it. In most cases, these twin-burner grates will only work on the unit they came with so if you want two completely separate cooking zones you would have to buy two different units instead.

Does a glass top make a difference when using a Double Burner Induction Cooktop?

Yes, because there are specific pots and pans that should not be placed on the glass due to how they might interact with each other. If your cookware is compatible then this should not be an issue although some people prefer metallic surfaces since they are easier to clean.

Why should you turn off an induction cooktop before unplugging it?

All crated appliances are equipped with a system that cuts the power once they get tripped so this is not something you need to worry about unless your unit has other safety features installed in addition to this one. Sometimes the burners might still be hot even though they are turned off since residual heat can remain for a while no matter how much you try moving things around to cool them down faster.

Conclusion for the Best Double Burner Induction Cooktop

Double Burner Induction Cooktops are fast becoming the preferred choice for professional cooks and even some amateurs, but they can be very expensive so if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with more advanced models then this is something to consider carefully.

Choosing the right Double Burner Induction Cooktop can be a difficult task. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out by reviewing 11 different models that are on sale now and recommending our favorite ones to you based on their performance, durability, design, cost-effectiveness, and customer reviews. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or want to spend more money upfront for quality without sacrificing features like power output or multiple cooking zones, we have an option for everyone’s budget. All it takes is one click to start shopping.

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