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 Chilaquiles de mole is a traditional Mexican dish that is a great breakfast or dinner. It’s basically a tortilla that has been fried and then crushed, then simmered with sauces and usually other ingredients like eggs, sour cream, etc. Depending on the type of mole sauce you use it can be spicy or sweet. The meat can either be chicken, beans, beef, or pork. And in most cases, it also comes with refried beans on the side.

Chilaquiles de mole is a traditional Mexican dish

Chilaquiles de mole is a traditional Mexican dish

Ingredients for chilaquiles de mole

  • 10 tortillas.
  • 2 cups of mole sauce + 1/2 cup extra.
  • 4 cups of chicken, pork, beef, or beans (whatever you prefer) cooked and shredded.
  • Chunky cilantro or parsley, 1 cup.
  • 3 cloves of garlic minced.
  • 2 medium onions, medium size chopped.
  • 2 teaspoons of the oil for frying plus extra to cook the veggies later.
  • Salt.

Ingredients for chilaquiles de mole

Ingredients for chilaquiles de mole

How to make chilaquiles de mole?

  • Start by cooking the meat and beans.
  • Make the mole sauce by mixing all the sauce in a big pot. The mole should be 1 tablespoon of milder, 3 tablespoons of the medium, and 2 tablespoons of strong depending on what type of mole you’re making. Mix all together and let it simmer for 5 minutes while you chop up your other ingredients so they are relatively small to fit into the mixture.
  • Heat oil in a pan over medium heat, add garlic and onions then cook them until they are soft. Add cilantro or parsley before they have completely softened or they will turn brown quickly in a high heat environment (like if your pan is too hot).
  • Add the meat and beans to the pot of mole sauce and cook for 2 minutes. Stir to combine then let it simmer on low heat for 10-12 minutes. While you’re waiting for that to cook, make the tortillas by frying them on both sides in a pan with oil until they are lightly browned.
  • When the chilaquiles are finished cooking, drain them off from the sauce and add them back to the sauce making sure they are covered in mole sauce so they don’t dry out (if any of your chilaquiles start getting dry or crispy, just add some of your leftover beans to wet them back up).
  • When the pot is cool, cover it with a lid.
  • In another pan, heat some oil. I usually use about 2 tablespoons of oil for this part but you can use more or less depending on how many chilaquiles de mole you are making. Chop the tortillas you used for your chilaquiles into small chunks. Add half of the tortilla chunks to the pan and fry them until they are browned on both sides then take them out of the pan and put them in a bowl. Repeat with the rest of your tortillas then add both bowls to a plate.
  • When all the tortillas are fried, add the chopped meat mixture back into the pot. Add some of the sauce from your pot (about 3/4 of full), then add tomatoes, carrots, and olives.

Serve with sour cream and fresh (or canned) chips.

Serve with sour cream and fresh (or canned) chips.

Besides you can see chilaquiles here

Cooking notes for chilaquiles de mole

  • Make sure you’ve got your mole sauce ready before you start cooking your mole. It takes a while to make.
  • Some people like to make the mole sauce in a blender but I think it makes it too watery and it will take longer to cook.
  • You can eat the chilaquiles immediately or let them sit for a while in the sauce (it’s up to you).
  • If you make the mole sauce in a pot, make sure you use a sturdy pot that you can cook over a lower heat setting than your usual routine pots.
  • It’s super important to wash your hands after handling chiles or other spicy/toxic ingredients.
  • These flavors will most likely blend better if cooked for an hour but I find it’s plenty if cooked for 12 minutes.
  • If your mole sauce is too watery and doesn’t seem thick enough, add 1 teaspoon of almond meal to thicken it up and cook it for another 5 minutes on low heat until the almond meal softens (be careful not to burn it).
  • The chilaquiles are better the next day, so if you have any leftovers make sure you heat them up the next day.

Some questions about chilaquiles de mole

Do the beans add a lot of calories?

The beans add a lot of calories but they are also fairly high in fiber. There is no such thing as a low-calorie bean so it will depend on how much you eat. If you have them dry and medium-sized, they may be less high in calories compared to if you were to boil them or make pinto beans. It’s still better than eating a burger or other typical American entree (which can range from 300-600 calories depending on the size).

Beans contain a lot of calories

Beans contain a lot of calories

Are you supposed to leave the pot uncovered when cooking?

I personally recommend leaving it uncovered because I find that my mole sauce is better if it’s not over-covered. If your pot isn’t too big then cover it with a lid that has a hole in the middle of it so heat can still escape out of the sides (you can also just take the top off your pot and cover it with another lid if you don’t have a hole in your first one).

Does the dish need to be refrigerated?

It depends on how long you let it sit after cooking. I usually taste my food as I cook and then decide if I’m going to eat it now or let it sit for more time. If you are going to let it sit then I suggest putting it in the fridge right after you’ve taken it out from the stove (be careful not to touch anything hot with your hands as they will be sensitive for a while). If you are going to eat your chilaquiles right after you cook it and you don’t like things that are too spicy, then just add fewer chiles when making the recipe.

You can store your leftovers either in plastic containers and take them out of the fridge if you’re eating them later. If you are going to reheat them, then be sure to put them in the fridge to prevent them from overcooking. If you want to make sure they don’t go bad as well, then put the leftovers in a bowl and add some salsa in the middle. Cover with foil and freeze it until you need it later (just take it out of your freezer one hour before eating).

Can chilaquiles de mole be made vegan?

Most of my family loves tacos but I like chilaquiles better myself. I’ve heard that there are vegan chilaquiles but I have not tried making them myself yet.

Vegetarian chilaquiles de mole exist

Vegetarian chilaquiles de mole exist

What if I don’t want chilaquiles?

I would recommend using these as a base recipe to make other dishes like tacos or burritos with meat instead of beans. If you do decide to make them without a filling, then add a different kind of sauce (like vinegar and that’s it).

Useful knowledge: Ingredients for chilaquiles burrito

Can I use more or fewer chiles?

I personally think that you should add more chiles if you prefer something spicy and less if you want something milder (unless you are trying to save money). Using more chiles also adds a lot more flavor to your dish, so I really suggest starting out small with just 1-2 jalapenos.

Chilaquiles de mole is a delicious dish that has a lot of taste and color. The best part about it is that it’s very easy to make. All you need is some time, patience, and all the ingredients (usually fresh ingredients).

If you’ve got good food as your foundation of the meal, then you can’t go wrong with chilaquiles de mole. It’s served for breakfast or dinner but I usually enjoy it for breakfast because the eggs and sour cream are perfect ingredients for a meal like this.

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