A Comparison Of The 9 Best Ceramic Egg Cookers To Make Your Life Easier

The ceramic egg cooker is a handy product you used every day. It’s easy to use, and it makes quick work of breakfast. You’ll love that this one has tons of helpful materials too – so there are no excuses not to fix your morning meal in record time with just one press down on the button (seriously).

Ceramic egg cookers are amazing for all sorts of cooking, like omelets and desserts! They can be used by people who suffer from disabilities. Some versions even work to overcook your eggs so it is important to do some research before buying one yourself – they aren’t perfect though- on top of this many models also have very little storage space which means you’ll need extra pots or bowls as well if not using plastic wrap on its dishes during microwave use.

Looking for a quick and easy way to cook your eggs? If you’re looking for a simple solution, then a ceramic egg cooker is the perfect kitchen appliance. Ceramic egg cookers are designed with the user in mind by being easy to use and convenient. They have an incredible lifespan of up to 10 years so they will easily become one of your most-used appliances.
In this article, we’ll discuss 9 popular ceramic egg cookers on the market today so that you can determine which one is best suited for your needs. Read on for more information.

Ceramic Egg Cooker

List of 9 Best Ceramic Egg Cookers Reviews

1. Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style Ceramic Egg Cooker

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  • Imagine waking up to a perfectly cooked egg every time. That’s the dream with this new product from Dash Rapid, which has created an innovative sous vide-style bite maker that can produce perfect bites at home without having to spend too much money on them.
  • Parents, foodies, and busy people will love this versatile appliance. The perfect pick for those following Keto or Paleo lifestyles with up to 12g protein per serving! You can even use it as a dessert maker by using one of our recipes- cheesecakes or custard in minutes.
  • Weighing only 2 pounds, the Dash Egg Bites Maker is your must-have for a smaller kitchen or college dorm life. Plus its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space.

2. Telebrands Stone Wave Ceramic Egg Cooker(Pack of 2)

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  • The Telebrands Stone Wave Ceramic Egg Cooker is the perfect way to cook up delicious, gourmet dishes in minutes! This non-stick microwave cooker is made with durable ceramic material and features a unique wave design that ensures even cooking. 
  • With its compact size, it’s perfect for small kitchens or dorm rooms. Plus, it comes with a 2-pack so you can cook multiple eggs at once! Get your Telebrand Stone Wave Ceramic Egg Cooker today.

3. BELLA 17287 Double Ceramic Egg Cooker, Rapid Boiler

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  • This BELLA 17287 Double Ceramic Egg Cooker is a rapid boiler that cooks eggs perfectly every time. The clear lid lets you watch the cooking process, and the power switch and ready indicator light let you know when your eggs are done.
  • The 360-watt heating system on this cooker can cook, boil, and poach eggs quickly so you don’t have to wait for the water. It’s perfect if your family is looking for a quick breakfast or meal.
  • This amazing kitchen appliance will save you time in the morning! Boil up to 14 large eggs and 2 poached eggs at once. The best part is that it can all be made into breakfast or meal prep for weeks worth of breakfasts (or just one big omelet), so no more two overlapping meals ever again.
  • This cookware is all you need to make perfect eggs every time. The dishwasher-safe lid and poaching trays are convenient for quick clean-up, while the non-stick boiler makes it easy on your stovetop grill pan or oven rack.
  • This set of cooking gear is everything you need to make perfect eggs every time. It includes a PFOA-free Non-Stick Boiling Tray and poaching tray, as well as an easy pouring measuring cup with a piercing pin that prevents shells from cracking during boiling or poaching sessions for added convenience.

4. DASH Rapid Ceramic Egg Cooker – Aqua, 5.5 Inch (DEC005AQ)

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  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is the perfect way to make sure that your morning meal comes off without a hitch. It’s quick, easy, and convenient because you can cook up 6 eggs in soft or hard-boiled firmness while saving time and water.
  • This is the perfect appliance for those who are picky eaters, have large families or busy schedules. With hard-boiled eggs, soft boiled ones poached just about any way you like them, and even scrambled eggs available within minutes of pressing that button – no more waiting around in line at restaurants.
  • The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is an amazing, must-have for all of those who are looking to maximize space in their kitchens. It only weighs 1 lb and comes with sleek design options that will look great anywhere.
  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is the best way to make perfect omelets and fluffy scrambled eggs every time. This electric cooker has all of your favorite cooking features in one easy-to-cook package that will leave you feeling satisfied with only 30 minutes of prep work.

5. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Ceramic Egg Cooker, Silver (25475A)


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  • The best part about this sandwich maker is how easy it makes breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you want a quick and healthy meal on the go or just need something to take with when dining out at brunch, there are endless options for endless tastes.
  • This breakfast sandwich maker lets you make your own delicious, keto-friendly sandwiches with just a few clicks of the button. From opting in for meat and cheese to selecting from six different breads or making it completely Paleo compliant – this appliance has all of the fixings.
  • This sandwich maker has a durable, nonstick coating to make cleanup easy. All removable parts on this machine are dishwasher safe and can go in the oven or microwave.

6. Chef Buddy Microwave Ceramic Egg Cooker, White

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  • Microwave egg makers are perfect for a quick, easy breakfast. You can make fresh fluffy eggs in under one minute with this cookware that comes complete with ingredients like bacon or ham.
  • With the ability to make an egg in under a minute, this convenient cookware makes breakfast sandwiches quick and easy. This cooker is microwave safe as well as made of food-safe plastic.
  • The compact design of this egg maker means that it can be stored easily and does not take up much space. Cleaning up is as simple as rinsing with hot soapy water or putting it on the top shelf for dishwashing.

7. Telebrands Stone Wave Micro Ceramic Egg Cooker

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  • The Stone Wave Micro Ceramic Egg Cooker is a must-have for any home chef. This microwave-safe ceramic cookware features a comfortable touch handle and fits multiple Stone Waves in the microwave, making it the perfect choice for feeding your whole family. 
  • The ceramic surface is non-stick, making it easy to cook healthier meals. With its specially designed chimney and custom dome, the Stone Wave Micro Ceramic Egg Cooker ensures that every bite is infused with delicious flavor.

8. Bear ZDQ-B05C1 Rapid Multi-function Ceramic Egg Cooker

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  • Boiling an egg is not just for breakfast anymore. It’s also one way you can use heat to cook vegetables and meats in other dishes, like stir-fry meals or soups.
  • Ceramic materials are preferred without odor to make healthy and safe food. Dry-proof protection automatically turns off when the water is dried at cooking so you can avoid any risk of burning yourself with hot liquid or steam on your hands.
  • One-key operation is the best way to make breakfast, and it’s just as easy when you use this one key. The nonstick baking tray makes cleaning up after cooking much more simply because there are no burnt stuck on items like pans can have with other models Product Features.
  • The perfect set to keep you on track for breakfast, dessert and coffee is a nine-and-a-half-hour timer.  The preprogrammed time can be set before bedtime so that it’s ready when we wake up in the morning or at any other point during our day which will give us plenty of wiggle room without feeling rushed into making decisions later than what was originally planned.

9. Microwave 1 Minute Cooking Ceramic Egg Cooker

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  • With the Microwave 1 Minute Cooking Ceramic Egg Cooker, you can cook delicious eggs without any added oils or fats. This handy little appliance circulates heat up and down to cook your eggs perfectly, each and every time.
  • Whether you’re making a scramble, an omelet, or just some fried eggs, the Egg Cooker is sure to make them taste great. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in almost any kitchenette. So don’t go another day eating unhealthy breakfast foods – invest in a Microwave 1 Minute Cooking Ceramic Egg Cooker and start cooking up some real culinary delights.

Tips and guide to buying the best Ceramic Egg Cooker

Size and Capacity

Ceramic egg cookers are extremely compact which makes them easy to store and transport. They generally have a capacity of 1 to 6 eggs, but some models can handle more or fewer eggs depending on the design.

There is no reason you should put up with slow and difficult egg cookers when there is such a wide variety out there today. And the best part is that they are designed to be used for all sorts of meals using different types of cooking methods, quickly and easily.

If you suffer from a disability that limits your ability to cook then this type of cooker will make it much easier to perform simple tasks in the kitchen. For instance, instead of having to use two hands when boiling eggs – one to hold a pan and another to use a spoon, you can simply put an egg inside a ceramic cooker and press down on the center.

The best Ceramic Egg Cooker is designed for your convenience so you don’t have to worry about struggling with difficult appliances. They are also easy enough for children to use which is fantastic if you want to teach them how to cook from a young age.

Cooking Process

As mentioned above, ceramic egg cookers are ideal for eggs but they can also be used for desserts and other types of food. They work by surrounding the food which then cooks in the heat that is produced between the vessel and a heating element. The most common type of heating element in ceramic cookers is a microwave oven.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ceramic egg cookers are very simple to clean because they have non-stick surfaces that are easy to wipe down. Use warm soapy water for the inside of the vessels, then wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.

You’ll love using ceramic egg cookers because they are not only easy to use but also incredibly clean. The surfaces of these appliances don’t build up any dirt or bacteria, plus they will last much longer than other types of cookware because there is no risk of rusting, unlike metal models.

Price and Value

Ceramic egg cookers are much more affordable than electric pressure cookers. They offer the same types of conveniences in a compact, uncomplicated form. The best ceramic cooker will last for up to 10 years and comes with tons of helpful materials too – so there are no excuses not to fix your morning meal in a matter of minutes.

Take the time to compare prices online for ceramic egg cookers – you shouldn’t pay more than $20-25 for a great model. You will find that you’ll save money in the long run because these appliances are very durable and last much longer than plastic models which have many moving parts that can break easily with frequent use.

There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a tasty, nutritious meal first thing in the morning other than having to wait a long time for it – and a good ceramic cooker will make this step much easier. You can find one which is right for your needs by considering size and capacity as well as the cooking process. Most importantly, think about your budget so you can find the best Ceramic Egg Cooker for your purposes.

FAQs about a Ceramic Egg Cooker

What’s a ceramic egg cooker?

A ceramic egg cooker is a small, round container with a top that slides open and closed. Eggs are cracked into this container and then cooked in a microwave oven. This device makes it easy to have breakfast ready for kids or yourself – just pop the lid back on the pot after you’ve done your cooking, set it on the table, and get started!

How do you use a ceramic egg cooker in the microwave?

Most ceramic egg cookers are exactly the same as other types of microwave-safe dishes. You simply open it to crack your egg, pour in whatever other ingredients you want to be cooked at the same time, cover with a lid or plastic wrap, and zap. The ceramic material holds heat extremely well so that when you take off the lid, you have a nice, hot meal just as if it was steamed.

How do you clean a ceramic egg cooker?

Ceramic is one of the most non-stick surfaces on the planet so washing your cooker is as simple as running water over it and wiping it with a cloth or paper towel. Don’t use steel wool, scouring pads or abrasives of any kind to clean it. Just rinse and wipe down your egg cooker after each use and you’ll be able to enjoy the same great performance for years to come.

Why should I buy a ceramic egg cooker?

Ceramic cookers are designed with health-conscious in mind. Since they are made from ceramic, there is no need for any oils or butter to cook in them. This is a healthier way to prepare your meals and also saves time because you can cook so many different types of recipes in one bowl.

Why do I need a lid on my egg cooker?

A ceramic egg cooker with a lid cooks faster, but it also helps to retain heat and moisture. You can cook eggs without one (particularly if you only want the eggs to be runny) but they will take longer and won’t be as warm when you remove them from the microwave. A lid also prevents splatters of liquid from spraying all over the inside of your microwave oven – just remember to allow some room for steam to form.

How many almonds fit in a ceramic egg cooker?

One ceramic egg cooker can hold up to three or four large eggs. If you want to cook more than that, just crack them into other bowls and cook in the same microwave. Alternatively, if there are not enough egg cups in your ceramic cooker to fill it, you should just set out multiple layers of egg cups with no coverings on top. You can stack them up this way to cook more eggs at once.

You don’t need to worry about how many almonds fit in a ceramic egg cooker because it is not meant for cooking other food items besides eggs! However, you should be able to place 1-2 large handfuls of almonds into your egg cooker if you wanted to make some oatmeal and add almonds to it.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to cook your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a ceramic egg cooker makes a great addition to your kitchen. You can have all the meals that require an oven without having to heat up the whole place – just use your microwave and make delicious food.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which ceramic egg cooker is the right one for you. We hope that this article has helped make your decision easier and given you a better understanding of what makes these products different from each other. Whether you’re looking for something simple or prefer features like an automatic shut-off timer or dual cooking surfaces, there are plenty of choices out there with everything you need in order to cook eggs perfectly every time. To get started on finding the best product for yourself, check out our top 9 picks below above.

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