12 Best 3 Cup Rice Cookers: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

A 3 cup rice cooker can be a great and useful kitchen appliance if you’re cooking for small families or your loved ones. All it takes is pouring some water into the appropriate line, pressing some buttons on an LCD display panel (press once to know when they are all done), waiting while this machine makes sure that everything’s cooked up right before serving – simple as pie.

3 cup rice cookers are the perfect size for singles, couples, or small families. They’re also great if you love to make large batches of rice that you can use later in the week. If you’ve been shopping for a 3 cup rice cooker but are overwhelmed with all of the options available, this guide will help point out some of the most popular choices on Amazon so you can compare them and decide which one is best for your needs.

3 Cup Rice Cookers

List of 12 Best 3 Cup Rice Cookers Reviews

1. JINGTIEDA Small 3 Cup Rice Cooker, cake, and Porridge

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  • The stainless steel exterior and non-stick coating interior of this durable, long-lasting pan make it perfect for any household. The detachable inner lid is designed with strength in mind while still being easy enough that anyone can use them.
  • Smart functions and a digital LED display, this mini electric cooker can cook rice or brown rice with the presets. It also has a soup function to make your day even better! The best part? You don’t need electricity for these features.
  • The small size and portability of the rice cooker make it perfect for smaller kitchens or college dorms. It has a 3 cup capacity, so you can cook up to 2 servings at once.
  • This Mini rice cooker features a 24-hour delay timer, automatic keep warm for 12 hours and the nonstick coating of its inner pan makes cleaning easy. It also has stainless steel housing that takes care to provide an elegant look while preserving functionality with ease.

2. Elite Gourmet ERC-003 Electric 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • The Elite Gourmet ERC-003 Electric Rice Cooker is perfect for anyone who loves rice. This rice cooker can cook up to 6 cups of rice at a time, making it the perfect size for larger families or groups. The cord length is 36 inches, so you can place the cooker wherever you need it in your kitchen. 
  • The heavy-duty construction ensures that this rice cooker will withstand frequent use, and the steamer attachment allows you to cook vegetables or other food items at the same time as your rice. The removable aluminum cooking pot makes clean-up a breeze, and the keep-warm function keeps your food hot and fresh before serving.

3. Aroma Housewares 3 Cup Rice Cooker, White

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  • Aroma Housewares’ 3 Cup Rice Cooker is perfect for individuals or couples. The sleek handle design makes it easy to lift and the programmable digital controls ensure precise, delicious results. 
  • The removable nonstick cooking pot is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Whether you’re preparing a meal for yourself or for two, this rice cooker has everything you need to get the job done right.

4. Tristar Products Inc. Perfect 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • This 3 cup rice cooker by Tristar is perfect for small households or singles. It has a sleek black design, and it’s easy to use – just add rice and water, press a button, and let the machine do its thing.
  • The cooker comes with a steaming tray so you can make delicious healthy meals without using oil. Plus, it’s compact so it doesn’t take up much counter space.

5. Tiger JNP-S55U-HU 3 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel Gray

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  • With the Tiger JNP-S55U-HU 3 Cup Rice Cooker, you can cook perfect rice every time. This quality cooker has a keep-warm function that will keep your rice hot for up to 12 hours, and it comes with a retractable power cord for easy storage. 
  • The non-stick inner pan makes cleanup a breeze, and the removable and washable steam vent keeps things neat and tidy. The included spatula and rice measuring cup make it easy to get started, and the stylish stainless steel gray finish will complement any kitchen décor.

6. Aroma Housewares 3 Cup Rice Cooker (ARC-743G), White

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  • Pour 3 cups of uncooked rice into the cooking pot, then cover with water. Push down on a lever to start it brewing and watch as your meal is cooked right before you.
  • This smart rice cooker not only has a timer, but it also detects when your dish is ready to eat so you never have to set one. The Keep Warm mode will keep the perfect serving temperature awaited on standby until someone gets hungry and then it switches over automatically.
  • This rice cooker is a must-have kitchen tool that can do it all. The 3 cup capacity means you’re not limited to just cooking your favorite carbohydrate, but with its large interior space, you’ll also be able to make omelets or soups without worrying about burning them on the bottom of an already cooked pan.
  • The perfect gift for any occasion, the 3-piece set includes a rice cooker that has maximum durability and can be used in the oven. It also comes with an elegant glass lid as well.

7. CUCKOO CRP-EHSS0309FG 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • Induction heating completely surrounds your inner pot, making the cooking process quick (white rice in as little as 20 minutes!) and energy-saving. This algorithm automatically detects grain type to take the guesswork out of perfectly cooked rice.
  • The splash-proof X-Wall coating guarantees that the stainless steel inner pot will not burn or damage your food. This feature also ensures optimal temperature distribution across all parts of the cooking surface, so even though meals are cooked perfectly every time.
  • All in one, the VooDoor Automatic cooking machine has all of your favorite features. From a convenient touch-screen interface with LED menus and voice guides (in Korean or Chinese) to reheating for leftovers so they’re perfect every time.
  • The Instant Pot is a must-have for anyone that likes to cook, clean and eat healthily. With 15 menu options including GABA rice or brown rice cooked in just 20 minutes (or less), this appliance can also be used as an electric pressure cooker so you’ll never worry about your meal being undercooked again.

8. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • You can have a delicious and satisfying meal in just minutes with your rice cooker. Whether you’re craving chicken jambalaya, steamed vegetables, or soup to warm up on a cold day, the possibilities are as creative – if not more so.
  • The perfect one-pot meal is just a press away. This cooker boasts an easy, foolproof design that can be set and forgotten. With the touch of one button, you’ll have dinner on your table in no time at all with plenty left over for leftover lunch or even another day’s worth if there are hungry friends coming by later.
  • The cook has never had so many options in one appliance. With a steam tray and rice, soup or any other meal simultaneously cooked below it is easy to save time without sacrificing the quality of food.
  • Your appliance will automatically turn to Keep Warm mode after the cooking cycle is completed so you can enjoy foods at their perfect serving temperature.
  • The included nonstick inner pot will make cooking a breeze! When the meal is complete, you can put it in your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

9. Zojirushi NHS-06 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • The Zojirushi NHS-06 3 Cup Rice Cooker is perfect for small households or anyone who wants to make just a little bit of rice at a time. The single switch control is easy to use, and the see-through glass lid makes it easy to monitor your cooking progress. 
  • Plus, the stay-cool knob and handles make it easy to transport your cooker safely. The durable nonstick inner cooking pan ensures that your rice will come out perfectly every time, and the included plastic measuring cup makes it easy to measure your ingredients accurately.

10. BLACK+DECKER Uncooked 3 Cup Rice Cooker, White

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  • The small rice cooker is great for single servings or dinner for two. The one-pot cooking makes it so easy to prepare, and the automatic switch from “cooking” mode into “keep warm” will keep your food hot at all times.
  • Perfect addition for any kitchen, this rice cooker is one of the most popular and effective ways to cook your favorite dish. It features an easy cleanup design that can be removed from its base for simple washing in just minutes thanks to 300 watts.
  • This rice cooker comes with everything you need to make delicious, fluffy white or brown rice. Measuring cup and spoon included.

11. IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • Capacity: 3-Cup (Uncooked) 6-Cup (Cooked). Automatic Cook/Warm Switch. Tempered Glass Lid with Air Vent. Removable Nonstick Cooking Pot. Cooking and Warm Indicator Lights. 
  • The IMUSA Rice & Multipurpose Cooker will make the perfect rice dish at the touch of a switch. The glass lid will allow you to monitor your rice as it cooks, ensuring that it never becomes overcooked or burnt. 
  • Cleaning is easy with the removable nonstick coated pot, which prevents your rice and other foods from sticking – making for a quick and easy cleanup process when you’re done cooking. Make your favorite rice dishes, vegetables, oatmeal, and more with your IMUSA Rice.

12. Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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  • A rice cooker is a must-have appliance for any home. The Multi-menu cooking functions allow you to make white, mixed rice, sushi, or brown rice with your choice of GABA Brown Rice and Steel Cut Oatmeal in just one pot.
  • With its triple heating system, the appliance can generate enough heat to cook up a storm. With an internal capacity of 3 cups or 0.54 liters and measured in comparison with raw short-grain white rice as 6 oz. This pot will hold other grains with varying volumes accordingly for you so that they’re all cooked evenly and thoroughly.
  • This gas range will have you cooking like a pro. The removable steam vent cap allows high-temperature cooking without messy overflows, while its 120V or 450W rating ensures that this is one efficient appliance. It also features an electrical cord so it can be used anywhere in your home with a power supply.

Tips and guide to buying the best 3 Cup Rice Cooker

The 3-cup rice cooker is the best for those who like to cook large amounts of food. It’s helpful if you’re cooking with an excess amount of ingredients, and also saves time because all your dishes don’t have to be served individually.


It’s best to clean your cooker right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to wash food particles out of your 3 Cup Rice Cooker without ruining it. A simple spray with some soap and water can often do the trick if it is made out of non-stick materials. Do not use too much soap or you may have problems with it later.

For difficult stains, use a sponge to scrub the cooker with dish soap until you see the water become clear. For more stubborn stains, you can also add some baking soda and vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing out the mixture and letting it dry completely. Do not soak your rice cooker in water for more than 30 minutes, or it can cause discoloration.

Cooking Options

Most 3 cup rice cookers have a variety of options that you can choose from to make the perfect type of rice for your family. The most popular option is to select “cook.” This will start warming up the cooker and warming up any water inside. Once it gets warm enough, it will stop heating and switch over to “keep warm” mode. Another popular option is “reheat.” This will start by heating up the water/rice again, and then switch over to keep warm mode. You can also cook brown rice, which means that you must clean out all the excess water once it’s done cooking.


It’s important to read the manual that comes with your 3 Cup Rice Cooker so you know how to safely use it. The most common safety feature is a “keep warm” setting. Make sure this is turned on after your rice is done cooking for food safety reasons, or if you are away from home all day long because no one will be there to turn it off.


If your rice cooker has accessories, you may need to put them in right before cooking your food. If you are making steamed veggies, it’s best to add the water last so the vegetables are not sitting in water for too long before they are cooked. It’s also recommended that you stir vegetables every 5 minutes because otherwise, they will be harder on the bottom of your cooker.

If you are making soup, make sure to add water first and follow any other instructions that were included with your accessories. You don’t want to cook too much rice because it will make soup taste bland and soggy.


3 cup rice cookers are relatively simple to use, but it’s important that you follow the instructions in the manual. This will ensure that you don’t ruin your rice cooker by leaving it on when there is no water inside or after all of your food is cooked.

If you have trouble reading, look for a 3 cup rice cooker with a simple display so you know how much time is remaining before your food gets done. Some models will also let you know when the rice is done cooking with a simple beep, but make sure this is one of the features that you like before buying.

FAQs about a 3 Cup Rice Cooker

How many people can a 3 cup rice cooker feed?

A 3 cup rice cooker will usually be able to feed 2-4 people, depending on the amount of rice you cook. Rice is a staple in most Asian households because it’s one of the main food groups that they eat.

How much rice should I cook in a 3 cup rice cooker?

A 3 cup rice cooker can hold anywhere from 1 to 4 cups of uncooked rice. This is typically the same amount your household will eat at one meal, but it’s best to look for a higher capacity if you have a larger family.

How do I cook rice in my 3 cup rice cooker?

Before starting the rice cooking process, you must make sure that your cooker is clean. You can run it through a quick rinse or wipe it with some dish soap and water to get rid of any leftover food particles inside. Then, fill up your 3 cup rice cooker with ½ – 1 cup of dry rice, depending on how many people you are cooking for. Add in an appropriate amount of water (see “FAQs about Choosing the Right Rice” below). Set your timer and let the rice cooker do its job!

Why is my 3 cup rice cooker growing mold?

If your rice cooker has a vent, make sure it’s open while the machine is on. If you still see mold, this may be due to the lack of ventilation around your rice cooker. You can also try cleaning it with some vinegar or dish soap if your problems continue.

What kind of rice should I use in my 3 cup rice cooker?

Any regular non-flavored rice will do! It’s best to use the recommended amount on the packaging because it varies depending on your taste preferences. You can experiment with different kinds of grains to see what you like best, but always remember that every grain has a different cooking time. For example, brown rice will need longer to cook than white rice.

How do I keep my 3 cup rice cooker clean?

You can always soak your 3 cup rice cooker in some warm water to loosen any leftover food particles before washing it with soap and water. If there are still stains or residue after you have washed it, try to use baking soda or vinegar to clean the container.


If you want to cook rice with just the push of a button, then owning a 3 cup rice cooker is ideal. It will always come in handy when you are making simple meals for your family, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

It’s important that you understand how much water should be added to your rice depending on what kind of food you are cooking and follow all instructions correctly. This includes applying heat after the lid is closed and opening the vent before turning it off.

Now that we’ve shared our top picks and you know all the features to look for in a 3 cup rice cooker, no matter what your needs are, it should be much easier to find one. We hope this article has been helpful! If you want more information on cooking or different types of rice cookers, please let us know. And if you buy any of these products from Amazon by clicking through our links at the very end of this post, we will receive a small commission which helps keep this blog running and allows us to share great content like this with others who might not otherwise see it. Thank you so much for reading.

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