The 13 Best Whiskey Barrels For Your Home (Buyer’s Guide)

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for the best whiskey barrels. If you’re looking to purchase your own barrel to store and age your favorite whiskey, Scotch, bourbon, or another spirit, you’ve come to the right place. In this buyer’s guide, we will be taking a look at some of the best whiskey barrels on the market today and highlighting what makes them so great.

So whether you are a beginner just starting out in the world of barrel aging spirits or an experienced aficionado looking for something new, read on for our list of the 13 best whiskey barrels available today. Cheers!

Whiskey Barrels

List of 13 Best Whiskey Barrels Reviews

1. 5L Oak Aging Barrels Whiskey Barrel Dispenser Wine Bucket

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  • This Whiskey Barrel is a little guy with a big presence. It takes up very little space, but it packs in the class they all want for this home decor. The tabletop-sized wood barrel has an amazing silhouette that will look stunning on any surface because its smooth unfinished wood and faux-copper hardware are eye-catching.
  • This whisky barrel is a combination of form and function! Serve your drinks with style, or use it as an excellent drink dispenser for those special occasions. You can also pamper yourself and relax before serving the perfect glass that you deserve.
  • The whiskey barrel is a part of any home bar, and this one comes with the stand, too. It may be small enough to fit in most home décor themes without sticking out like a sore thumb. Put it in your kitchen if you want to emphasize the rustic theme there or display it on top of your minibar for an added touch when serving drinks!
  • With Cannon & Cannon, you can customize and infuse your favorite beverages by dropping fresh herbs and spices into the barrel along with various alcohol. The contents do not come in direct contact with wood, they have a plastic lining/bag inside of them.

2. Whiskey Barrel Vanity with Flat Back

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  • What better way to make your bathroom stand out than with the Whiskey Barrel Vanity with Flat Back! This unique rustic barrel sink is made from reclaimed whiskey bourbon barrels. The vanity has a back flat which allows it to stand snugly against the wall. It can be used as a bathroom vanity or for a barroom sink. 
  • The back of the barrel is left open for plumbing to be hooked up for the sink and faucet. This product will take about 3-4 weeks to receive. These vanities are made from Grade A barrels, please note that these are made of Oak, which will shrink and expand within the metal bands due to weather conditions.

3. Personalized Custom Engraved Premium Handcrafted Whiskey Barrel

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  • You will receive a personalized, custom engraved barrel that is perfect for your home bar. The barrel comes with a stand with rivets and a spigot for easy pouring. The barrel also includes a bung and cork in order to store your favorite beverage.
  • All engravings are done via laser engraving in one color. You can personalize the barrel by adding any type of design that you would like (logos or graphics). Please send us your design after purchase and type this in to the “Will send own design” box.

4. The Whiskey Experience – Premium Whiskey Whiskey Barrel

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  • After tasting your way around the world with a 10-batch whiskey kit, you’ll be ready to open up your own distillery. The kits include a mini barrel and all necessary materials needed for making unique whiskeys from around the world in weeks rather than years.
  • Chalkboard Barrel Front- Enter your custom text directly on the barrel. Wine, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rum cocktails– whatever the spirit enthusiasts enjoy. These handcrafted barrels can be used for many years and make great décor for a home bar or in a man cave.
  • These handmade barrels vary in the thickness of each stave, which affects its liquid content. The barrel size, altitude, and temperature can also play a role in determining how long to age your spirit. After two weeks you should start tasting it and Aging To Taste! Drink from the barrel or pour into a bottle if you want to stop the aging process.
  • Barrel-aged cocktails are perfect for aging cocktails such as Manhattans, Negroni, Old Fashions, Sazerac, and Boulevardier. These DIY craft takes flavor from the charred staves and infuses them into the spirit to procure a superb taste connoisseurs enjoy. After your experimenting is done with spirits in barrels you can dispense wine on your kitchen table or use it for decoration.

5. 5L Whiskey Barrel Dispenser Oak Aging Barrels Home

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  • Standing at a mere 16 inches high, this whiskey barrel still packs in the class. The tabletop-sized wood barrel is smooth and unfinished with faux-copper metal hardware that stands out to deliver an impressive silhouette.
  • Serving whisky in style means combining form and function. The cocktail barrel is a refined drink dispenser that’s sure to impress your guests! Alternatively, pamper yourself with a glass of whisky and serve it from the classically-styled whiskey decanter.
  • Sophisticated display and home accent. The solid wood whiskey barrel includes a matching unfinished wooden stand that’s small enough to integrate into most home décor themes. It can be used in your kitchen or minibar, depending on the theme you’re trying to establish.
  • Customize and infuse your favorite beverages by infusing them with unique, personalized flavors. Drop fresh herbs and spices into the barrel along with your spirit of choice, for a special treat. The plastic lining within the barrel keeps ingredients from coming in direct contact with wood which prevents any flavor transfer to its surroundings.

6. 2 Liters American Oak Aging Whiskey Barrel

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  • This exquisite 2 Liters American Oak Aging Whiskey Barrel is handcrafted in the USA out of 100% American White Oak Wood, with a Medium Charred Interior, and Black Steel Hoops. This whiskey barrel has a capacity of approximately 2 liters, perfect to age your own spirits, wine, whiskey, or even honey. 
  • These barrels are unfinished and raw, they recommend that they get a heavy coat of varnish upon request. If you’re looking for an unusual gift for someone special, this would be an excellent choice. As with all these products, variations may occur from the picture shown.

7. Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. Whiskey Barrel

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  • This small, new-age barrel comes with features that are unique in the market. It uses American White Oak as its material and is equipped with a tool to make pouring easier. The tool enables you to have your desired taste age even faster than regular barrels. This mini barrel can be used for distilled alcoholic beverages like whiskey or bourbon aging purposes only, not beer due to its size and shape.
  • These barrels are handcrafted for a special touch inside and out. Choose your favorite type of liquor or cocktail, then enter your text onto the barrel. These barrels make great décor for the home bar, kitchen, billiard room, video room theater, or man cave. They can also be used as a thoughtful gift to dad – grandpa style.
  • As these are handmade bottles and the thickness of each stave varies, the liquid content of your spirits may also vary. The barrel size, altitude, temperature, and wood type all affect how long you will have to age them before they reach their optimal aging time. After 2 weeks taste your spirit from the bottle or stop it at its current location with a cork in order to stop fermentation.
  • Barrel-aged cocktails are coming back into the spotlight. To make your own, you can use fresh infusions or a charred barrel (or both) to flavor spirits like Manhattans, Negronis, and Sazerac’s in order to get the unique taste that connoisseurs enjoy. After you have made all of your cocktail creations with Barrel Aged Cocktails, save them for decoration on the kitchen table or just drink wine.

8. 5 Gallon New White Oak Barrel For Aging Whiskey Barrel

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  • It’s time to take your next step in whiskey barrel aging. These 5-gallon white oak barrels are the perfect size for aging your favorite spirits, including bourbon, wine, and beer. They’re made from 100% new American white oak wood that is kiln-dried before cutting to ensure its quality. 
  • Each barrel also includes a wooden barrel plug and #7 rubber stopper for easy access. As with all of these products, these barrels are crafted with a focus on high-quality craftsmanship and durability so you can get the best results possible when barrel aging your drink of choice.

9. Whiskey Barrel Vanity Sink Flat Back

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  • The Whiskey Barrel Vanity Sink Flat Back is a unique rustic barrel sink made from a reclaimed whiskey bourbon barrel. Can be used as a bathroom vanity, or a sink in a barroom. This version of the barrel vanity has a flat back that goes against the wall snugly. The back has holes cut for plumbing to be conveniently hooked up for the sink and faucet. 
  • SHIPS FREE TO THE LOWER 48 states. This product will take 2-3 weeks to receive. These vanities are made from Grade A barrels. Please note that these are made from Oak, and this wood will shrink and expand within the metal bands based on weather and humidity.

10. 1.5L Oak Aging Barrels Whiskey Barrel

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  • Every wooden wine oak barrel is pressure tested for leaks to ensure quality. This whiskey oak barrel has 1.5L/3L/5L/10L liters of capacity and it is made entirely by hand with a guarantee in functionality and durability. The solid wood stand is small enough to fit into most home décor themes, but also subtle enough so that you can integrate it into your kitchen or minibar without taking away from the rustic theme of your bar room.
  • The barrel is a perfect centerpiece for your dinner party or bar setup. It’s made of durable plastic and has been designed to be used in outdoor settings. This piece can also be easily displayed inside the kitchen, which would accentuate a rustic theme.
  • Sophisticated Home Accents combine form and function to create a multi-purpose barware item that provides an impressive drink dispensing solution. In addition, this piece is sure to impress your guests as it would make the perfect gift for whiskey connoisseurs.

11. 1.5L Whiskey Barrel Dispenser Oak Aging Barrels

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  • This Whiskey Barrel is an impressive-looking product. Its tabletop size and smooth unfinished wood finish make for a striking frame all on its own, but it also comes with a very classy copper color scheme that adds to the overall effect.
  • The whisky barrel is a refined drink dispenser that looks as good as it drinks! It combines form with function in order to go from the kitchen or bar table to your home thanks to its understated elegance. Or, for some pampering on your night off, serve up your favorite whiskey cocktail with style.
  • The whiskey barrel is a real-life piece of wood that looks great in most home décor themes. Its size is small enough to integrate into your entire room, but it’s still large enough so you can place it on top of the shelving unit or bar cabinet with ease. Alternatively, use this as an accent piece in your kitchen to complement rustic motifs and drinkware.
  • Customize your beverage by infusing it with unique and personalized flavors. Have fresh herbs or spices in the barrel along with your spirit of choice before you pour into an iced drink, cocktail, or juice. The internal plastic-lining/bag inside the barrel will keep any flavoring ingredients from coming in contact with actual wood – only contents come into direct contact when being poured out of this jar.

12. Sofia’s Findings Custom Whiskey Barrel – Personalized Wine Barrel

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  • The first step in crafting a barrel is finding the right wood. White oak is a sturdy and durable wood that also has an intense vanilla flavor, making it perfect for craft whiskey and wine barrels. This custom Whiskey Barrel will be handcrafted from American White Oak Wood Barrels and will provide you with the perfect vessel to age your own spirits, whiskey, wine, or beer. 
  • The barrel’s charred interior provides a medium char to help develop the flavors of whatever you fill the barrel with. Each barrel will come with its own unique engraved laser steel hoops and is sized based on what type of bottle or flask you plan to use it for (2 Liter American Oak Aging Barrel). Your personalized engravings are available as well. Just send us your artwork after.

13. Hammer + Axe Whiskey Barrel 5L, 169 fl oz Volume With Easy-Pour Tap

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  • The Whiskey Barrel, an impressive piece of furniture that makes a striking appearance and is designed to hold up to 169 ounces of liquid. It also comes with copper-colored metal hardware on the top and it has a rough unfinished wood surface.
  • The whiskey barrel strikes an elegant balance between form and function. It’s a sophisticated accent, perfect for the drink connoisseur. The whiskey barrel makes a great gift that is sure to impress your guests.
  • Customize your favorite beverages by adding unique and personalized flavors. All you have to do is drop them into the barrel with fresh herbs or spices, then let it infuse for up to a day before enjoying any of the delicious concoctions.

Tips and guide to buying the best Whiskey Barrel

Making Whiskey Barrels can be an art just like making any other alcohol. We discovered that many companies are producing barrel-aged spirits while searching for the best in class, but you won’t know which ones unless they have been properly aged and seasoned with time! To distinguish between real barrels of whiskey versus those made out of plastic or wood emulation products – here’re some important facts:


Whiskey Barrels come in different sizes and the standard size is 53 gallons. But don’t worry if you don’t have the space or funds to purchase a barrel of that size because smaller barrels are available that hold about 10 to 15 gallons.

Type of Material

Nowadays interior barrels are made from many different materials such as wood, plastic, and glass along with other composite materials. To decide which type is best for you, it all boils down to one thing: personal preference. Wood still remains the traditional material used for aging spirits but advantages of using a plastic or glass barrel include being easier to clean and not needing to be charred as a wood barrel does.


When looking for a whiskey barrel, be sure to check the construction quality. The best barrels are made of stainless steel and have a seamless interior. This will help prevent any unwanted bacteria from growing in your barrel.


Cask-shaped barrels are the most popular type for home distillers because they have a smaller surface area to volume ratio, which causes less spirit loss when filling and emptying. Rectangular-shaped barrels are also another option if you don’t want to spend extra money on wood staves.

Barrel Head

Before sealing, many whiskey barrels have a small amount of liquid remaining in the barrel head. This is generally around 5% and comes from the cleaning process. If you’re planning to use your barrel for aging purposes, we recommend that you drain this liquid before sealing it to avoid oxidation or bacterial growth.

Storage Location

Once you’ve purchased your whiskey barrel, you need to find a place to store it. Ideally, your barrel should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. The basement is often a good location for this, but make sure that the area is not too humid, or else your barrel will become moldy.


When it comes down to design, you have many different options. There are more traditional-shaped barrels with a tapered head and sloping body, flat-head barrels with straight sides, or stave-shaped barrels with a thicker head than the rest of the barrel.

Type of Wood

Oak is by far the most popular wood used in the construction of whiskey barrels, but other types of wood such as cherry, hickory, and maple can also be used. The type of wood you choose will affect the flavor and color of the spirit that is aged in the barrel.


Every time you open and close your whiskey barrel, a small amount of liquid is lost. This is known as ‘the angel’s share’ and the exact amount will depend on many factors such as how frequently you open your barrel and whether or not it has been charred. For optimal aging results, we recommend that you check on your barrel every 2 to 4 weeks.

Tips for using your Whiskey Barrel

Now that you’ve purchased your whiskey barrel, it’s time to start aging your favorite spirits! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Store your barrel in a cool, dark, and dry place.
  • Check on your barrel every 2 to 4 weeks and top up with fresh spirit as needed.
  • Each time you open the barrel, some liquid will be lost. This is known as ‘the angel’s share’ and can vary depending on conditions.
  • Remember to drain the liquid from the head after each use before sealing it up. This 5% of the liquid is generally water and won’t affect the taste of your spirit; however, over time it can lead to bacteria growth.
  • Oak is the most popular wood for aging whiskey, but other types of wood such as cherry, hickory, and maple can also be used. The type of wood you choose will affect the flavor and color of the spirit that is aged in the barrel.
  • If your barrel starts to become moldy, you may be storing your barrel in an area that is too humid.
  • Home distilling laws vary state by state; make sure that you check with your local authorities to understand what the legalities are in your region.

FAQs about a Whiskey Barrel

How do I know if my Whiskey Barrel is sealed properly?

If you’re not sure if your barrel is sealed properly, we recommend that you perform a water test. Fill your barrel with water and wait 24 hours. If the water has not leaked out, then your barrel is likely sealed correctly.

How many spirits will I lose each time I open my Whiskey Barrel?

The amount of spirit that you lose each time you open your barrel is known as ‘the angel’s share’. This can vary depending on conditions, but generally speaking, it’s around 5%.

What should I do if my barrel starts to become moldy?

If your barrel starts to become moldy, it’s likely that you’re storing your barrel in an area that is too humid. Try moving it to a different location and see if that helps.

Can I use my whiskey barrel to age other spirits?

Yes, you can use your whiskey barrel to age other spirits. Try aging rum, brandy, tequila, cognac, or gin in your whiskey barrel to find new and exciting flavors!

How long can I store my whiskey?

Technically speaking, you are able to store your spirit indefinitely inside the barrel. However, for optimal results, we recommend that you age it no longer than a year.

Conclusion for whiskey barrels

A whiskey barrel is a great way to add flavor and complexity to your favorite spirits. By following the tips and guidelines in this article, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your barrel.

Whether you are looking for a gift idea, want to spice up your kitchen decor, or need some premium bourbon aged in oak barrels on hand at all times, this article has something for everyone. We’ve compiled the best whiskeys that come from whiskey barrels and are distilled into liquid gold. You can purchase them now with our interactive product table above so you don’t miss out.

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