The 11 Best Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Today we are going to take a quick peek at the Hamilton Beach rice cooker lineup. These models have been chosen since they’re all affordably priced, offer various features and capabilities for your needs, with long lifetimes that you can depend on.

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is an amazing kitchen appliance, which can cook rice with the best possible results. The 11 Best Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers: Reviews and Buying Guide will help you find out more about these products. You’ll learn all about their prices, features, pros and cons, ratings on Amazon among other things that you need to know before buying one of them. Read this article now for a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers

List of 11 Best Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Proctor Silex Commercial 37540

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  • The large capacity allows the operator to cook up to 40 cups of cooked rice in one batch. With an automatic shift into keep warm mode after cooking, you can be sure that your delicious and fluffy meal is ready when it’s time for lunch or dinner.
  • The nonstick aluminum inner pot is removable, easy to clean, and has visible water line markings to assist with accurate liquid measurement. The stainless steel hinged lid features a strong handle that makes it easy to open or close while taking up less counter space compared to other pots of this type on the market today.
  • The removable inner lid is a great way to keep your counter clean and dry while you’re cooking. The condensation cup will capture any extra water that gets released during the process, making sure no part of it touches what’s on top.
  • The rice cooker is an excellent investment for any avid home cook. It can be used to make white, brown, or jasmine rice as well as other varieties that are perfect such a macaroni and cheese dishes.

2. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups, 37541

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  • The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Rice Cooker is the perfect way to expand your menu with perfectly cooked dishes. With a 4 to 20 cup capacity, this rice cooker can handle anything from small sides to large entrées. 
  • The unique heat and simmer function prepare restaurant-quality rice without waiting for water to boil or watching over a pot, while the digital simplicity ensures foolproof operation. Whether you’re cooking white or brown rice, beans, whole grains, or flavored pasta and rice mixes, the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Rice Cooker is up for the task.

3. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 8 Cups Cooked, Black

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  • The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker knows just how to cook your rice perfectly every time – so it’s always consistent, fluffy, and delicious. Whether you want to make a small batch or 8 cups, this handy little appliance has you covered. 
  • You can even steam seafood or veggies while the rice cooks below, making for healthy one-pot meals in no time at all! Plus, with pre-programmed settings and an automatic shut-off timer, this cooker is super easy to use.

4. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker & Power Elite Blender with 12 Functions for Puree

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  • Hamilton Beach Automatic 8 Cup Rice Cooker is the perfect way to cook rice and other whole grains. Choose from pre-programmed settings or use the manual controls to get just the right texture. 
  • This cooker also steams vegetables and seafood, making it a healthy option for one-pot meals. The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker has a 2 to 8 cup capacity, so it’s perfect for small or large batches of rice.
  • Looking for a blender with real power? Look no further than the Power Elite Blender. With 700 watts of peak blending power, it can easily crush ice and blend your favorite drinks and smoothies. 
  • The Wave Action System ensures smooth, consistent results every time, while the 12 blending functions give you plenty of options. And when it’s time to clean up, the blades detach from the jar for easy cleaning – all parts are dishwasher safe. So get ready to enjoy delicious drinks and snacks with the Power Elite Blender.

5. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 90 Cup, Warmer, Stainless Steel (37590)

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  • Features that allow you to cook more than one dish at once make this a highly versatile model. It also has an option for automatic shift after the current task is complete, so operators can do other work while food cooks without worrying about it boiling over.
  • This high-performance gas range will have you cooking like a pro. The built-in safety features ensure that the food is cooked to perfection with its stainless steel construction and six burners, which come complete with bright colored on/off buttons for ease during use.
  • The hinged design of the heated lid makes cooking more consistent, with easier access to foods. This unit can be used in commercial settings and takes up less space on your countertop than a traditional stovetop range.
  • The pot has handles for easy removal, is dishwasher safe, and is made with a durable glass body. The clear markings on the outside allow you to monitor your water level during the cooking process – which also helps save fuel costs.
  • Rice cookers are a wonderful way to have hot, steamy rice on hand whenever you need it. They come with different amounts of capacity and an included measuring cup so everyone can enjoy their favorite meal.

6. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R

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  • An excellent cooking option for large groups of people, the rice cooker can cook up to 60 cups at one time. The easy and quick one-touch buttons make it super simple – just press set once all ingredients have been added and wait until your food is cooked before pressing start.
  • The stainless steel exterior housing is designed for commercial use, and the inner pot can be removed to make cleaning easier. It also includes visible water line-markings that will assist with accurate liquid measurements.
  • The hinged design of this pot is sleek and stylish. The condensation cup keeps it from taking up too much space on your counter, while the heated lid provides greater cooking consistency for those who like their food well done.
  • There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions to choose from when getting your hands on one of these rice cookers. Each comes with an included measuring cup as well as a serving spatula so you can prepare all sorts of delicious dishes like white or brown rice.

7. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Advanced Multi-Function

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  • Fuzzy Logic’s rice cooker is a device that uses advanced technology to help you get the best results. It has an internal microcomputer, which runs on fuzzy logic principles and knows when your meal needs more time in order or less heat exposure for example-perfecting all aspects of cooking without guessing.
  • You’ll never have trouble cooking delicious and healthy meals with this appliance. The versatile 9-function settings allow you to make rice or grains, slow cook food (perfect for those busy weeknights!), sauté vegetables on the stovetop without oil in an easy clean-up dishwasher-safe nonstick inner pot that is removable.
  • A cooking experience like no other with a vast range of features and functions, the benefit being that you can easily transfer from stovetop to table.

8. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 20 Cups Cooked, With Steam & Rinse Basket

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  • If you’re looking for a versatile rice cooker that can also steam vegetables and cook hot cereals, the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is perfect. It has a 4-20 cup capacity, so you can cook enough rice for a large family or batch cook for later. 
  • The delay start timer makes breakfast and meal planning easier, and the included rice rinse/steam basket is perfect for preparing oats, grits and Cream of Wheat cereal.

9. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 14 Cups Cooked With Steam (37548)

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  • The 2-In-1 rice rinser/steam basket is perfect for cooking time when you need to rinse your grains before they go into the pot. It sits on top of most popular brands and models, so it will work with anyone.
  • The rice cooker is a kitchen essential. It can make any type of dish you need for your meal with its versatile cooking options, like setting it on the warmer to keep cooked food warm or steaming vegetables right before they are done and ready.
  • This rice cooker has six different settings, so you can choose the perfect cooking time for your meal. Choose from white rice or quick-cooking brown or wild rice, whole grain pasta and hot cereal too.
  • Using your Instant Pot can save you time and energy when cooking dinner. One-Pot cooking is a great method, where all the ingredients are cooked in one pot together rather than separately-butterfish always residence well at this setting.
  • The delay start feature on rice cooker lets you program cooking up to 11 hours in advance. This means that after your meal plan is done, all the ingredients are taken care of and ready for when it’s time.

10. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 8 Cups Cooked, With Steam, Stainless Steel (37518)

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  • The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker, 8 Cups Cooked, With Steam, Stainless Steel (37518) is the perfect appliance for creating healthy one-pot meals. The rice cooker can cook and steam food at the touch of a button, and includes a rice rinser/steam basket. Whether you’re making rice, whole grains, or steamed vegetables, this rice cooker is sure to make mealtime easier.
  • With its pre-programmed settings, this rice cooker can cook and steam food at the touch of a button, making it perfect for busy families.

11. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, 16 Cups Cooked

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  • The Hamilton Beach Electric Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is a great way to cook rice, whole grains, hot cereal, and steamed vegetables. This appliance has a 16-cup capacity for cooked rice and an 8-cup capacity for uncooked rice. 
  • The included rice rinser doubles as a steam basket. The rice cooker automatically cooks the rice and then shifts to warm mode, so you can focus on other parts of your meal. Plus, you can use the steamer tray to steam food while the rice cooks below.

Tips and guide to buying the best Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Easy to clean

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker allows you to cook rice probably in the easiest way possible. It has a dishwasher-safe bowl and nonstick inner cooking pan that makes it easy to clean after use.

Additionally, it features a steam basket that you can use to cook other foods alongside the rice.

Additional accessories

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker comes with its own steamer basket that allows you to cook vegetables or any other kind of food at the same time as cooking the rice. It also has a keep warm option for keeping leftovers warm until it is ready to be eaten.

Easy to use

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker has a simple and straightforward way of cooking rice. It comes with an easy-to-read, large LED display that makes the product user-friendly and gives you control over all the functions of this great appliance at hand reach without having to search for them in the manual.

It also comes with several useful programs that are pre-programmed in it so you can set up your own cooking schedule for rice without really worrying about how it is done. However, you may want to try out these helpful features to use them in their full capacity in case you aren’t familiar with what they do or how they work.

Design and durability

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is available in 5 different colors: black, white, red, and stainless steel. They all offer the same performance and features, but we should also mention that this product has a modern design that fits into virtually any kitchen décor. You will surely love it.

Additionally, the outer surface of the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is very resistant to scratches and stains. You can wash it using a dishwasher or hand-wash it with ease.

FAQs about a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

How much water do you put in a Hamilton Beach rice cooker?

The proportion of water to rice is a common concern among the owners of a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker. The cooking instructions on its manual will tell you what ratio should be used for each kind of rice, but you can always experiment by yourself and see if it works perfectly or not.

Can I cook brown rice in a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker?

Of course, you can cook brown rice by using the ratio of water to rice that comes with your Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker’s cooking instructions. Then simply follow its directions for cooking and everything should be alright.

What is the best way to clean my Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker?

A common concern among owners of this kitchen appliance is how they should clean it after each use. The best way would be to wash it immediately after finishing using it so there are no remains left over to make cleaning difficult later on.

You can also use a dishwasher if you have one. This way, cleaning would be super simple and you will not have to worry about going over the same area twice in order to get your Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker completely clean.


The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is a very handy appliance that allows you to cook rice perfectly each time thanks to its pre-programmed features and electronic controls. It comes with several accessories for cooking other foods at the same time as the rice is being cooked, or for keeping it warm when necessary. You can choose from 5 different colors of this product depending on your preference, but all of them share the same performance levels. Overall, we rate this Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 4/5 stars and we recommend it to all avid rice eaters.

The Hamilton beach of Gourmet Digital Rice Cooker is an amazing product for those who love healthy and delicious meals or snacks. It will be your good cooking partner in the kitchen, which can bring you happiness and convenience of cooking.

When it comes to buying a rice cooker, you have many options. But with so much variation in price and features, how do you know which is the best option for your needs? That’s where we come in! We reviewed eleven of the top Hamilton Beach rice cookers on the market today. This way, when you’re ready to buy one that will last until you hand it down to your grandchildren or pass away yourself (whichever comes first), there are no surprises left waiting for you at checkout. Let us help make sure this purchase goes smoothly by providing all of our research below! What feature would be most important to you when looking into purchasing a new rice cooker?

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