9 Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviewed And Compared

Double oven gas ranges are a popular choice among cooks and chefs alike. With so many different brands and models on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one is best for you. This article will help guide you through your decision by comparing 9 of the most popular double oven gas range options available today. We’ll tell you what they offer in terms of features, benefits, and drawbacks so that you can make an educated choice when investing in this major kitchen appliance.

Benefits of Double Oven Gas Range

Low Consumption

Double oven gas ranges come with two separate ovens that use a shared burner and surface. This allows you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures without having to wait for the larger oven to heat up. Many models allow you to change the temperature of one or both of the ovens from 100 °F all the way up to 550 °F, letting you cook everything from breakfast pastries to casseroles and roasts.

Short Preheat Time

With multiple ovens, you also get two separate preheating times. This shortens the overall cooking time because you can turn on one of the ovens while the other is still heating up. Not only does this increase your efficiency in the kitchen but it cuts down on energy use by lowering your total cooking time. (Note: Double Oven Gas Ranges with Bridge Burners that allow you to cook at two different temperatures at once do not have any benefit related to shorter preheat times.)

Efficient Cooking

Double oven gas ranges are more efficient than single oven models because they offer better heat distribution when using both. The distance between the top and bottom burners is much smaller so there’s less chance for heat loss. This makes your appliances run more efficiently and reduces the amount of heat the kitchen needs to maintain, which of course saves you money on energy bills over time.

Maximized Burner Capability

Some double oven gas range models come with bridge burners that can be used in addition to the traditional 4 or 5 burners that sit on top of the unit. The bridge burner lets you use two or more pots simultaneously, which means you can cook multiple dishes at once and save even more time while cooking. This is a great feature for large families and busy households who often need to prepare several courses at once.

Increased Storage Space

If you want additional cabinet space without sacrificing cooking power, choose a double oven gas range. We mentioned earlier that the burners and surface are shared between two separate ovens. Because there’s no need to make room for two stoves, you can use one existing space in your kitchen for other appliances like microwaves, slow cookers, electric grills, etc.

Convection Cooking

Many of today’s double oven models feature convection cooking to ensure even heating throughout both ovens. The fan circulates hot air around the food so that it cooks quickly and evenly on all sides. Convection cooking is great if you’re using both ovens because you get faster results without having to change the temperature every time you move an item from one side of the unit to another. Even baking has never been easier!

Easy Cleaning Up

Double ovens give you more control over your cooking, but they also make it easier to clean up after a big party or holiday meal. You can use one oven for messy dishes while keeping the other free of spills and splatters that would otherwise burn onto the surface and slow down your cleanup process.

This is beneficial if you’re taking several courses at once because you’ll be able to organize everything ahead of time and clean as you go instead of waiting until all the foods are done baking. The bottom line is that double oven gas range appliances take some extra prep work off your hands by letting two dishes finish at once without sacrificing good results.

Benefits of Double Oven Gas Range

List of 9 Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

1. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch Double Oven Gas Range

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  • The sleek and stylish stainless steel make the range ovens from Italy a perfect addition to your kitchen. With its 52,000 BTU output, this product has enough power for any cooking needs without sacrificing performance or durability.
  • This oven is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. It’s got a number of great features that will enhance your cooking experience, including 5 sealed gas burners and 2 turbo-electric convection fans. Its EZ clean porcelain surface means no more scrubbing pans or dishes by hand. Just slide them into place onto the self-basting rack before adjusting settings on the top control panel where precision temperature monitoring systems ensure even browning every time so you get fluffy loaves from softening doughs with ease while stainless steel rounded handles add an extra touch o elegance during use chrome knobs provide durable durability without being overstated.
  • This 2.4 cubic foot capacity model has an 18-inch wide interior with depths ranging from 17 inches on each side to 14 tallness points in the middle of its height. It’s large enough that everyone will be able to enjoy their meal while never getting too close or far apart because they can cook whatever tastes best without having any worries about burning anything down around them at once thanks to top 12″ deep racks which let food burn slower than ever before so it doesn’t go moldy after just sitting out.
  • The best security doors are now available with electronic ignition flame failure safety devices that will keep your family safe. The LP kit included in this package provides beveled, cast iron grates and caps for an extra layer of protection against intruders or defective gas lines. Those who purchase it can enjoy 35 7/8″ wide x 35 3/8″-37 1 4 inch tall sliding doorways measuring 24 deeps without any blackguards installed, making them perfect to match nearly every home’s layout no matter its size.

2. Thor Kitchen HRG4808U 48 in Double Oven Gas Range

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  • The ultimate in cooking versatility, Thor gives you the capacity to create any culinary masterpiece. Built with three 5,000 BTU duel burners and an 18,000 BTU stainless steel griddle for searing perfection. 
  • And when you need to hammer out some breakfast favorites – three 15,000 BTU single burners separate hot spots keep things steady – so your pancakes don’t scoot across the whole surface of the pan. 
  • Plus a brilliant oven that boasts both convection and infrared capabilities- giving amazing results no matter what foodie fantasies come up.

3. Cosmo F965 36 in Double Oven Gas Range

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  • 5 SEALED BURNERS: Get the most out of your kitchen with these high-performance gas burners that allow you to cook from a boil or sear to low simmer for delicate sauces. Choose between an 18,400 BTU burner and 10200 in size.
  • TURBO TRUE EUROPEAN CONVECTION ovens cook food more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than standard ovens. With 3 cu ft capacity, it’s perfect for your home kitchen. 8 functions: Traditional Bake. Convection Broil high or low steak with an accurate digital control panel that precisely monitors broiling times as well as temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When it comes to designing your home, no detail is too small. That includes choosing the perfect commercial-grade kitchen appliances for you and all of its guests. The Cosmo Dual Fuel Range will not only match any modern design scheme but also has exceptional speeds that make cooking easy as pie (literally). 
  • The commercial-grade stainless steel construction of this grill will be the last one you’ll ever need. With a fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish, it’s easy to clean with just water. Plus there are high-quality features like cast-iron grates for superior heat retention and distribution that make using your outdoor kitchen as an extension of what is indoors more enjoyable than ever before.

4. ZLINE 48″ Double Oven Gas Range

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  • Double oven range with extra-large 6.0 cu. ft. of oven space for you to take on all your cooking needs, this is what pro chefs have grown accustomed to when in the kitchen. 
  • With smooth slope ball bearing racks that glide effortlessly, heavy-duty porcelain Italian 1 piece cooktop that provides an easy clean surface- no crevices for messy residue, and imported stove burners from Italy costing you less than other ranges by eliminating any need for cleaning out dirty crevices or extracting dirty burners this double oven has it all. 
  • And although 6 .0 cu. ft. may seem like a lot of room it’s nothing compared to how much space there is inside which will help allow up to three different layers.

5. NXR SC3611 36″ Double Oven Gas Range

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  • In the kitchen, there are few things more important than a good oven. This gas range from NXR not only has a large 5.5 cu ft oven capacity–perfect for a big Thanksgiving dinner, but it also has German-made high power 18,000 BTU and low power 6,000 BTU burners to make cooking even easier on heavy-duty cookware without the need to turn up your stovetop heat to extreme levels. 
  • With a 22k BTU oven burner and single stacking elements, this is designed for maximum bake efficiency with minimal waste in energy consumption. 
  • This range also features a 12″ warming drawer perfect when you just want everything set out at once but don’t intend to use them all immediately.

6. FORTÉ FGR488BSS 48” Double Oven Gas Range

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  • Cooking is an art. And with FORTÉ FGR488BSS 48” Double Oven Gas Range, each dish will transform from a culinary delight to a work of art. This gas range displays four convection ovens and a sleek design for a tailored look in your kitchen. 
  • Free up space on the countertop by going ahead and mounting that eight-burner cooktop right onto this beautifully designed appliance. 
  • Not only that, but you can have an entire meal cooked at one time with the double oven capacity – two whole chicken roasts or pot pies can be baked simultaneously.
  • There’s no excuse not to claim victory in the kitchen when equipped with such incredible pieces from FORTÉ.

7. Thor Kitchen 4801 48 Pro-Style Double Oven Gas Range

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  • The Thor Kitchen 4801/48 Pro-Style Range is absolutely perfect for you to reach culinary mastery. It features a ventless oven with a catalytic fan, two oven racks, an 18″ range, and a broiler that boasts stellar quality. 
  • The porcelain drip pan will keep your cooking area clean at all times. The stovetop has 18000BTU that provides 20% faster heating than other ranges in this class – eliminating the need to wait when the food is ready. 
  • The 8200BTU combined with 9000BTU feature 2 burners provide versatility in cooking styles – durability without compromising performance.

8. GE JGSS86SPSS 6.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Slide Double Oven Gas Range

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  • GE’s GSJ27SPSS is a fantastic new gas oven with two power boil elements that create rapid, powerful heat. 
  • The cooktop features continuous edge-to-edge cooking and the industry’s largest integrated nonstick griddle for all your frying needs. 
  • You’ll also enjoy GE’s smooth glide storage drawer with a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet to store anything from holiday dinnerware sets to mixing bowls – even a turkey.
  • The range includes a number of other safety features including an in-oven broil setting and 18,000 BTU steam cleaning. It also has true European convection which ensures consistent baking results every time whether you’re cooking fish or fruit pies.

9. LG LTG4715BD 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range

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  • LG’s LTG4715BD oven is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, whether it’s a recent remodel or an upgrade from the dated appliance that came with your home. With its sleek black exterior and modern interior, this gas oven is ready for everyday use both as an oven and as a stovetop.
  • The ProBake Convection will bake goods as quickly as regular convection but with twice as many baked goods per hour, so you don’t have to wait around much longer than before to enjoy your bread or cakes. 
  • And updating your cookware has never been easier thanks to LG’s EasyClean interior. Pour in some dish soap and let the microwave energy do all of the work- no scrubbing needed.

Tips and guide to buying the best  Double Oven Gas Range

The double oven gas range suggests having two kitchens in one. While the lower section is reserved for browning and sealing, you can cook at different temperatures on top of it with no problem. For those who need to do multiple dishes simultaneously – this might be just what your kitchen needs.

This type of cooking is excellent for families large and people who want to get individuals at home since it will save you time by creating two distinct recipes simultaneously. At precisely the same moment, you are able to cook a main dish as well as dessert-like in this instance where I made macaroni noodles with ground beef served to overtop cheddar cheese sauce on top.

If only one oven was turned onto its heat setting then it had enough power to reach out towards another so both dishes could maintain warmth before serving them up too which adds even more convenience – not sure why anyone would go back now. Here are the tips and guide to buying the best Double Oven Gas Range:


One of the first things to think about is how your household plans on using this appliance. If you have a larger family or frequently host dinner parties and other large gatherings, it’s important to look for an oven with at least 4 cubic feet of space inside. This gives you plenty of room to fit trays and pans so that everyone can eat at once no matter what their dish requires.


The control panel should be easy enough for anyone in your home to use since the double oven gas range is always going to see some wear and tear as it gets passed back and forth through the kitchen. If there are small children living under your roof who might accidentally bump buttons as they scoot by, opt for double oven gas range models that lock easily to prevent accidental changes.


Today’s double oven gas range stoves are sleeker even though they still carry the same footprint as traditional ones. Since there is no need for a second burner and surface, you can use this space to store other appliances like microwaves and slow cookers which frees up valuable counter space in your kitchen. By doing away with the need for two separate cooking components, manufacturers were able to design slimmed-down ovens that look modern and attractive instead of clunky and outdated.

Power Source

Lastly, make sure the double oven gas range unit you choose is compatible with your stovetop setup at home. Some models come with electric elements while others require natural or propane lines hooked up through the floor. If you’re working with limited space and don’t know what type of power source is currently available, take a look at the installation guide before making your final purchase.

Tips for using your Double Oven Gas Range

  • The first tip for using your Double Oven Gas Range is to make sure you’ve got plenty of workspace on the countertop. Since these units take up about the same space as a large oven, you’ll need some extra room to move and set things down so you don’t risk spilling or dropping food all over the floor.
  • The second tip for using your Double Oven Gas Range is to think about installing a rack in between both sections so that foods won’t drip onto one another as they cook side by side. This is especially important if you’re roasting vegetables as well as meat at once since moisture from the bottom section will drip onto those coming out of the top portion meaning everything comes out steamed instead of roasted.
  • The third tip for using your Double Oven Gas Range is to keep the door propped open slightly when you’re firing the burners up the first time so that there’s a clear path for fumes and excess water vapor to escape. This will prevent moisture from building up too much during long, hot steam baths which might lead to an oven fire in cases where nothing else was left open.
  • Lastly, be aware of when baking becomes an option since doing anything involving high heat can damage both ovens at once. The best way around this problem is to use the top-most oven solely for cooking and bake pies and cookies in the lower one instead since they don’t need as much power or evaporation going on under the surface.

FAQs about a Double Oven Gas Range

What is a double oven gas range?

A double oven gas range is a stove-top appliance that comes with two separate compartments in which food can be baked and/or fried. Since it’s equipped with two doors, one at the top and one at the bottom, you’ll often see this type of oven referred to as a bi-level and either compartment can function independently from each other making it easy to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without worrying about their flavors mixing together.

What are the benefits of owning a double oven gas range?

Some of the benefits associated with owning a double oven gas range include having more space for cooking larger dishes along with having quick access to foods that require pre-heating followed by longer cooking periods. This type of oven is especially helpful during times when you’re hosting large dinner parties or other special occasions since you’ll be able to set out more dishes at once and they’ll all give off a pleasant aroma in your home without having to worry about the different flavors intertwining together at the last minute.

What are the features of a double oven gas range?

Some of the features associated with owning a double oven gas range include lockable doors for safety, sturdy shelves that can store multiple pots and pans, and racks inside each compartment so that foods won’t drip onto one another as they cook side by side instead of creating steam in their place. These units also come with their own heat source, a small gas burner that helps heat up the upper oven quickly after being turned on.

How do I clean a double oven gas range?

You’ll want to begin by allowing your unit to cool down completely before unplugging it and lifting one of the doors on the top section so that you can scrub away any leftover food particles present underneath. While these door racks are sturdy enough for cleaning with regular sponges, they’re not recommended for use with wire scrubbies or anything containing steel wool since this might scratch off any of the burners which line their surface. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach since they might damage the silver coating used on these trays as well as discolor them over time if left untreated.

How do I use a double oven gas range?

The first thing you’ll want to do when using this type of appliance ensures that it’s turned on properly by pressing the knob located at the back of the bottom level in order to enable an ignition spark.

You should then wait until your oven reaches its desired temperature, usually around 350 degrees Fahrenheit for baking, before placing your food inside it so that they have enough time to cook thoroughly without being undercooked beforehand. Keep in mind, however, that all microwaves are different so be sure to refer to your owning manual or manufacturer website when in doubt since not all models are programmed in exactly the same way.

Conclusion for the Best Double Oven Gas Range

You know you’re in for a good time when the oven is hot, food smells divine and it’s ready to be cooked. The best double gas ranges will provide more than just heat though – this specific manual provides all of your needs regarding finding an efficient baking/cooking system with ample BTUs so that every dish turns out perfectly golden brown on both sides.

Now before purchasing any kitchen appliance make sure not only does its specifications meet what I’m looking at here but also see if there are other important considerations like budget or desired function (i.e., self-cleaning).

After reviewing the best double oven gas ranges, we have come to the conclusion that there are many great options on the market. However, not all products are created equal in terms of quality and features.

Therefore, it is important for you to carefully consider your budget when making this purchase decision because one product may be more expensive than another but offer better quality or additional features which make up for its higher price tag. We hope our guide has helped you narrow down your search so that you can find an excellent option without too much hassle.

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