Reasons Why The GE Double Oven Is Better Than Other Double Ovens

For those who love to cook, the GE Double Oven is a dream come true.  It’s not just for cooking two dishes at once. It can also bake and broil better than other double ovens. This post will look at how the GE Double Oven compares to others in terms of space, capacity, and energy usage.  

When you factor in all these features with its sleek design and affordable price tag, it’s easy to see why this GE Double Oven is one of the best in today’s market.  With a little research into what makes a great appliance, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your next kitchen purchase.

GE double oven ranges offer an exceptional experience in terms of features and reliability. For those who are on a tighter budget, GE still provides outstanding performance with their lower-priced options too.

GE Double Oven

List of 4 Best GE Double Ovens Reviews

1. GE Double Oven JTD5000SNSS 30 Inch in Stainless Steel

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  • After long debates that left you with a temporary kitchen, it is finally time to invest in the all-new GE Double Oven JTD5000SNSS 30 inch oven. Get an oven that will be there for generations to come. 
  • With European convection technology, rotisserie cooking becomes fun and easy. It’ll make your Sunday roast feel like a summer picnic with creative recipes delivered straight from the google assistant or Alexa using IFTTT applets.
  • The large LCD display lets you know when your food is ready without interrupting conversations at the table where someone’s day was made by getting their favorite color of ice cream on top of their chocolate cake.
  • Its clean stainless steel exterior has five quartz heating elements that give even heat coverage both inside and out.

2. GE Double Oven JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop

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  • This GE full range is perfect for your family’s busy lifestyle. No matter if you are slow-cooking a pot of chili, baking bread rolls, or frying eggs, this range can help to make things easier. 
  • The ovens feature the Double Oven Technology which allows you to cook two different dishes at the same time with no compromise in quality. 
  • The appliance includes an extended storage drawer that provides plenty of space for pots and pans to keep them out of sight but close at hand. 
  • With extra-low heat capability on the available fifth element warming zone, you never have to worry about overcooking meats without browning them first so fear not when looking through your recipes looking for one that might need this feature.

3. GE Double Oven JGSS86SPSS 6.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Slide-In Front

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  • With a Continuous Edge-To-Edge Cooktop and all the features you need, this GE into oven boasts two power boil elements that produce rapid, powerful heat. Get all the cooking space you want with a 6.7 cu. ft. total capacity (4.3 uppers, 2 lower). 
  • Imagine an integrated griddle for breakfast sandwiches followed by Christmas ham in the same it. In between or after? Throw on your favorite pot or pan from this full range of expanded cookware options using either convection baking or broiling to finish your dish in minutes. 
  • With industry’s largest integrated non stick griddle and a host of other great features like European convection, 18000 BTU power boil burner, stainless steel construction and smooth glide storage drawer.

4. GE Double Oven JTD3000SNSS 30 Inch in Stainless Steel

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  • GE Appliances is committed to bringing you innovative products with the latest technology. GE Double Oven JTD3000SNSS 30in Stainless Steel has many new features that give it a modern look, while still keeping it traditional.
  • One of these unique features is Scan-to-Cook Technology which uses WiFi Connect, so you can cook even when you are away from home. If 5.0 Upper and Lower capacity ovens are not enough for your needs then this double oven will fit the ticket with 10 Cu. Ft. 
  • Capacity (5 Upper & 5 Lower) – do not worry about cooking two different dishes at once because GE Double Oven JTD3000SNSS 30 in Stainless Steel has 10 Pass Hidden Bake Element to evenly distribute heat throughout your dish.

Tips and guide to buying the best GE Double Oven


While the cooking space in a double oven may not be especially important to everyone, it can make a big difference if you regularly host large dinner parties. There are two main considerations when it comes to GE double oven size: total interior capacity and available baking space.

The first step is to consider how much food you normally prepare for your family and friends, and how much space you need for roasting and baking. For example, if your standard oven can accommodate 9×13 pans without touching the walls, then a 15-inch interior will be perfect.

If nine or more people often visit your home for holiday dinners or other celebrations, then twenty inches of total cooking space could be a must-have. If you’re not a big entertainer, a fourteen or fifteen-inch size will be fine for your family’s needs.

In terms of GE double oven space, the most important measurements to consider are width and depth. The overall footprint doesn’t impact performance, but it does influence how much counter space the appliance takes up. That could force you to rearrange your kitchen layout if there isn’t adequate room in your current design to accommodate a larger model.


Once you’ve determined what size range works best with the amount of food you typically prepare at home, think about how many dishes you can fit in your oven at one time. The total interior capacity will determine how much food fits in each compartment. The cooking space will depend on the interior dimensions of the oven and how many racks come with each appliance.

Be sure to consider if you need to cook large dishes on one side while baking small ones on the other, or if you simply want separate GE Double Oven compartments for baking pies and roasting turkeys alike. It’s also worth noting that some units allow for extra pans or racks to expand their capacity even further.

GE double ovens come with either three racks or two when they’re brand new. There are no GE models that offer four racks at once. While it may be tempting to buy a larger unit because you could fit more in at one time, keep in mind that smaller compartments heat up faster than larger ones do. That means your food may cook faster if you use a smaller oven instead of a larger one.

Energy Consumption

Before you buy any appliance, it’s important to look at its energy usage statistics. The last thing you want is for your new GE Double Oven to contribute to an increase in your monthly utility bills. Fortunately, GE offers several different models with impressive ratings.


All GE double ovens are self-cleaning, so you’ll never have to scrub grime off the interior walls of your range. Furthermore, every unit is also capable of both broiling and baking.

Self-cleaning models ensure that baked-on food comes off the walls completely, while non-self cleaning ovens leave behind a thin layer inside. That can lead to harmful grease deposits that are difficult to remove without resorting to harsh chemicals.

The only time you’ll need to clean your double oven by hand is when aluminum foil or other cookware leaves marks on the surface. Otherwise, self-cleaning models will take care of any residue after casseroles or other dishes are removed from the appliance.

Pattern and Design

The last step is to consider appearance. While you could purchase any GE Double Oven regardless of design, it’s better to opt for an appliance that fits the décor in your kitchen. Most models are available in either black or white finishes, with slate grey being a popular third option.

Fuel type

GE offers gas and electric double ovens, with the latter being less expensive to operate. Because there’s no need for a pilot light, electricity is your only energy expense if you buy an GE Double Oven. That also makes it much safer to use since you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. You’ll find that most units cost around $0.08-$0.10 per hour to keep plugged in, although this may vary depending on your local utility rates and other factors.

Heat uptime

It typically takes 15-30 minutes to preheat a GE double oven. Once the range has reached its maximum temperature, it will maintain that heat until the food is either removed or another dish is added to cook.

Some GE models are more efficient than others. Many of the lower-cost ovens take upwards of an hour to heat up, so you should consider this before buying. If you have a small kitchen or are looking for appliances to maximize countertop space, it’s crucial that your double oven isn’t too large. You should also think about how long it takes for your range to heat up when thinking about installation options. Ovens with smaller cavities will be easier to install if they’re brought into your home already assembled. However, those with larger compartments must be built on-site by professionals unless they come pre-assembled from the factory.

FAQs about a GE Double Oven

Can I use a GE Double Oven as storage?

Some people have successfully used their double ovens for this purpose. Because the appliance is often made of porcelain, it’s probably wise to check with GE before attempting to store anything inside an oven cavity. Porcelain can crack or chip if something heavy falls on top of it during normal usage, so you don’t want the same thing to happen if items are set down too heavily on top of your range.

Additionally, remember that every model has hot air vents on the back wall. Even though they’re not located directly beneath where food would be placed for cooking, they may still transfer some heat into the closed oven door over time. If you decide to store kitchenware in your double oven, be aware that the items may become damaged if they’re placed in an area that receives direct ventilation.

Can I use a GE Double Oven as a secondary stove?

Few models are designed with this function in mind, but many appliances can be used for more than one purpose. GE offers double ovens that come with electric griddles, for example. If you already have a range on your countertop and still want to cook pancakes or French toast without taking up too much room, it might make sense to buy an appliance that includes this feature.

However, it’s not advisable to rely on a second stove if you frequently prepare meals every day. Cooking food is exhausting enough when using just one burner at once. Trying to complete several different activities simultaneously will end up being too taxing over time if the workload isn’t spread out evenly between both cavities.

Can the GE Double Ovens run without any issues?

This is contingent on the model you’re interested in buying. As with all appliances, it’s important to consider design flaws and other technical elements before making your purchase. For example, some GE Double Ovens may take an extremely long time to preheat or shut down randomly after being turned off for short periods of time. Others may not work at all if they receive power but never reach the designated temperature inside the cavity.

Only buy a double oven that has been investigated by GE appliance engineers and approved for sale in each region where it will be sold to domestic customers. Double-check that previous buyers have found their appliances easy to use and reliable when cooking food. It’s also helpful to read reviews to find out whether or not other buyers would purchase the same appliance again.

How do I clean my GE Double Oven?

If you want to keep your double oven in good condition for the long term, it’s imperative that you learn how to care for it properly after purchase. When using a self-cleaning function, it’s critical not to use too much detergent. This could potentially damage the appliance and leave an unpleasant odor inside any compartments where food is cooked. To avoid this problem, simply wipe down the walls with a wet paper towel before turning on the cleaning cycle if there isn’t any visible dirt or debris stuck onto them.

You should also remove spilled food immediately after cooking is complete by performing a quick sweep with a broom and dustpan. If there are splatters of grease located around heating elements or hot air vents, use a dry cloth to get rid of them without creating the risk of fire. Keeping your double oven in perfect working order requires a little attention and elbow grease, but it’s preferable to buying an appliance that could have been damaged by improper handling while being cleaned.

Do I really need a GE Double Oven?

If your current stovetop already includes two separate rings for cooking, you might wonder why it’s worth purchasing an oven that has two cavities designed for food instead of just one. If the only thing you use your range for is to boil water and make meals in a Pyrex bowl, perhaps a single oven will do. However, if you bake cakes or prepare large dishes on a regular basis, it may be worth investing in a double oven right away.

You may also want to purchase this appliance if you have relatives or friends who spend time at your place but don’t want to eat whatever meal you’re preparing when they come over. In cases where there are multiple people sharing small spaces together, it can be a great idea to have a second oven that’s just for heating up food.

Conclusion for the Best GE Double Oven

The GE Double Oven is the perfect appliance for people who love to cook. It offers you plenty of space, steady heat performance, and easy-to-use features that will improve your entire cooking experience. With so many ovens on the market to choose from today, it can be difficult to find the best one for you.

The GE Double Oven is the best double oven on the market. It’s got some great features, including an even baking function that eliminates hot spots in your kitchen and a convection cooking system that allows you to use less energy while still getting great results. If this sounds like the perfect appliance for your home, do not hesitate. You can find it at several retailers online or by calling us today so we can get one of our experts on the phone with you right away. We are happy to answer any questions about your purchase or offer assistance if there are any problems after delivery.

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