11 Best Carbon Steel Woks You Should Buy Now

Best Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon steel woks have been around for decades, and the advantages of using them cannot be matched. A carbon skillet is one such essential kitchenware in your arsenal. It can do wonders with both Chinese food (like stir-fries) or anything else you want to be cooked on an open flame.

Carbon steel woks are a great way to add flavor and fun to your cooking. Whether you’re stir-frying, smoking or deep frying carbon steel is the best material for this type of cookware because it can last longer than other materials like aluminum which might break easily when used in high heat settings with direct flame sources.

The difference between a steel and cast iron wok is clear. The carbon content of one type will make it pliable, while the other becomes stiffer with time as you use them for cooking over direct heat or open flame such as burning wood in your backyard barbecue grill after dinner on occasion when friends come to visit from out.
Carbon steel woks are the best kitchen tool to use when cooking Asian dishes. They provide an excellent cooking surface and distribute heat evenly throughout the pan, creating perfect stir-fry results every time. Carbon steel woks are great for healthy eating because they cook with less oil than traditional skillets or nonstick pans, making them a healthier option than your average frying equipment. If you’re looking to try out this classic style of cooking, we’ve put together a list of 11 must-have carbon steel woks that will help you get started.

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List of 11 Best Carbon Steel Woks Reviews

1. Babish Carbon Steel Wok, 14-Inch

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  • The heavy-gauge steel pan is designed to evenly distribute heat, which provides an excellent cooking experience. The riveted wooden handles on these pans provide strength and stay cool enough that they can be touched without burning your hand. These durable pots are made from high-quality materials for lasting use in many years of kitchen duty. Just like you’re holding onto a family heirloom rather than something disposable.
  • This wok is the perfect cooking companion for any kitchen. It can be used on all types of cooktops, including gas stoves or in an electric oven with metal utensils. For safety reasons when using glass surfaces beware not to slide but lift your pans instead so they don’t get scratched up by other pots while heating up oils.
  • After washing and drying your wok, apply a light layer of oil around the entire surface. When setting it on high heat with no residue from cooking in order to smoke out any dirt or food that might be stuck between cracks before putting it away for storage. Then turn off after 10-15 minutes so as not to overcook anything.

2. Yosukata Carbon Steel Wok Pan – 14″

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  • The Yosukata 14 inch wok with round bottom is specially designed to lock the juice and flavor inside ingredients. Get an authentic taste of Chinese, Thai, or Japanese cuisine at home by using this quality utensil for all your cooking needs.
  • Give your kitchen the best tools with this carbon steel wok. The pre-seasoned surface will make cooking easier and faster. Unlike other pans that are unseasoned, you don’t have to give them time in an oil bath before use or worry about sticking because of lackadaisical seasoning techniques. This one is already done at high temperatures over 600F using special technics unlike any other type on the market today.
  • This large wok pan is made from heavy-duty, black carbon steel. The ergonomic design of the wooden handle ensures a comfy grip when you use these cooking woks so that it makes your hands feel nice and relaxed while simmering sauces or frying up some veggies.
  • The Yosukata 14″ Power Wok is an excellent choice for home kitchens because it can do so much. You’ll be able to make healthy meals like stir-frying, pan-frying, or braising with this versatile wok that will last years in your kitchen.

3. BK Black Steel Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok, 12″

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  • This wok is made of carbon steel, which means it will develop a patina over time. The more you use your new favorite utensil to make delicious Asian food, the better.
  • This wok is made of carbon steel, which means it will develop a patina over time. The more you use your new favorite utensil to make delicious Asian food, the better.
  • Black steel is stronger and more durable than traditional carbon steel. It’s corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant has three times the density of aluminum for increased performance in harsh conditions without fear of rusting or tarnishing – it will never lose its color.
  • This incredibly heat-responsive pan is oven-safe up to 600°F and powerful enough for the grill or open flame use. Metal utensil safe, it’s designed with a riveted cast iron handle that will fit on any stovetop including induction cooktops.

4. Carbon Steel Wok Pan,13″ Stir Fry Pan

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  • The flat bottom of this wok ensures that it can be used on any stovetop. In addition to stir-frying, you’ll also find healthy meals cooked using various cooking techniques like pan-frying or steaming. You even have an option for baking in your oven with 450F safe temperatures too.
  • The wok is a great gift for any chef. It has the ability to distribute heat more evenly than other pans and it’s made out of stainless steel, which will keep its appearance longer even with heavy use.
  • The natural wood lid is a helpful addition to your cooking by retaining heat when needed. The wooden handle is detachable with no tools required, convenient for oven use, and easy storage.
  • No chemical coating and PFOA means that this pan will never lose its non-stick property. The process for seasoning it is much simpler than those which have a layer of protection to keep them from wearing down over time, so you can enjoy perfectly cooked food without worrying about sticking or burning. As an added bonus we also use nitriding craftsmanship in order to avoid rusting as well as other common problems with standard pans.

5. ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok

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  • Well, the 12 processes have been going on for 36000 hours and this wok shines like a mirror because of it. You can see all the hammer marks from when they were doing their work but you barely feel them in your hand when cooking with these babies.
  • These works have no coating nor painting. You don’t have to worry about the non-stick coat being peeled off from your iron as it will form a protective layer of Iron oxide over time, which is more durable than anything else.

6. Asani Carbon Steel Wok with Lid and Wooden Spatula

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  • Take your cooking skills to the next level with this carbon steel wok. The heavy-duty material will last for years and it’s designed so that you can cook more efficiently, making every meal delicious.
  • The solid wooden spatula and ergonomic wood handle will give you the perfect grip to stir fry or deep-fry your favorite ingredients. The 12.5″ carbon steel wok is so versatile it even comes with a lid for when things get steamy.
  • The wide base makes this pot stable on any stovetop surface while still allowing heat transfer, which means faster boiling time. Especially if using gas flames as opposed to electric ones because there’s no heating up required beforehand.
  • Are you looking for a nonstick wok that won’t leave behind chemical, toxic coatings? If so this cooking game changer is what you are searching for. Fish scale design prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning up incredibly easy.
  • Say good-bye to dirty countertops, because now you can cook with style. This sleek lid is designed for efficiency. It has an upright handle that keeps your cooking area clean and dry as well as a vent so steam won’t interfere when it’s time to pile onto those delicious lasagna noodles in peace.
  • The flat bottom of this carbon steel pan makes it compatible with gas, electric, and induction stoves as well. And thanks to its elegant design you can use the nonstick surface on a variety of kitchen gifts for women or men in your life.

7. Yosukata Carbon Steel Wok Pan – 13,5 “ Woks and Stir Fry Pans

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  • The Yosukata 13,5 inch wok with a flat bottom is an essential tool for anyone who’s looking to take their cooking game up a notch. This pot has been specially designed so that you can lock in all those rich and authentic flavors.
  • This carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned at high temperatures over 600F using special technics unlike unseasoned woks and stir fry pans. Still require full seasoning with oil like any Chinese wok.
  • The wok is a versatile cooking vessel. It can be used for stir-frying and deep-frying, but it’s also great as an all-out cast iron pan. The handle of the heavy-duty carbon steel construction ensures that you have excellent control while using this large 10-inch wide surface area model.
  • With the Yosukata carbon steel wok pan, you can cook healthy meals using various traditional cooking techniques like stir-frying. This product is convenient to carry and has easy to storage in your kitchen cabinet or closet when not being used.

8. Joyce Chen Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok Set

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  • This wok is the ideal tool for one-pot meal prep. Made from carbon steel, it can heat up in no time and will never scorch your food with its Birchwood handles that stay cool during use.
  • The beautiful color and sleek design of this pot make it a joy to cook with. The nonstick steel dome lid is perfect for keeping in heat, moisture, nutrients- everything you need from your food. 
  • Safe on either gas or electric stoves as well, hand wash only though because if there’s anything more delicate than an oven dish it’s going into the sink every night after cooking.

9. Excegucok Carbon Steel Wok, 13 Pcs Wok Pan with Wooden Lid

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  • This wok is a versatile cooking vessel that can be used to prepare many dishes. Its very fast heating speeds mean it excels at pan-frying, deep-frying, and boiling but the carbon steel material makes sure you don’t have any issues on other types of stove as well.
  • The carbon steel wok is perfect for high-temperature cooking because it can handle the heat without bending or warping. The frying pan also has an even heating rate that makes your food taste better than ever before.
  • The heat-resistant wooden handle not only allows you to easily hold the wok, but its textured design makes it an effective anti-slip grip. In addition, this durable material can be used for cooking soups or sauces without worrying about any spills.
  • The lids on both pots are made from fireproof materials so they won’t crack at high temperatures like other glass lid models might do in your kitchen range if left unattended while preparing food items inside them.

10. Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok

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  • Chinese woks are a popular cooking utensil in many parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and North America. This heavy 14-inch pan with round bottom is designed to be used on the stovetop or over an open fire for its high-quality carbon steel which will not rust even if you leave it wet when cleaning up without oiling first.
  • The wok is hand-hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. The proven choice of many professional chefs, this heavy and sturdy model will provide years of service as you whip up delicious meals for your family or friends.
  • You can use the steel helper handle to avoid burning when you stir-fry over high heat, and it’s also helpful for hanging up your wok. However, if cooking on a wooden surface make sure not to slip since their hygroscopic properties will cause oils from sauces or fats in foods like deep-fried chicken to attract moisture which makes them slippery.

11. Souped Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok For Electric

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  • Doing a stir fry is easier than ever with the addition of this carbon steel wok. Not only does it have sloping sides that allow for better flipping, but you can also cook soups and stews if you just need an extra pan or pot that day.
  • In order to meet more needs, this handy little number works on gas ranges, electric stovetops as well as induction stovetops. Add some veggies and protein to make a complete meal faster than ever before.

Tips and guide to buying the best Carbon Steel Wok

A perfect carbon steel wok is an essential tool for any avid cook. The versatile pan can be used in high heat, making it a favorite with industrial chefs but finding one that suits your needs could prove difficult. This article will help guide you through the many types so see which best suit yours:


Carbon steel woks with wooden handles are usually more expensive than those with metal handles. Woks without wooden handles are easier to store because they don’t use a material that could burn or break in high heat conditions. On the other hand, woks with wood handles allow for better grip when stirring the contents of the pan.

Shape and size

Carbon steel woks come in a variety of shapes and sizes which is simply dependent on preference. Some prefer round-shaped pans while others opt for square or rectangular ones, but all in all it’s down to what you will be using your carbon steel fryer for most often. Square pans are great for cooking larger quantities so if you plan on preparing side dishes or featuring Asian cuisine as part of your menu then look for a larger wok.

Handle and base

Make sure that the handle on your Carbon Steel Wok is riveted to the pan itself because this ensures long-term use. The same goes for the base, which should be made from cast iron or heavy-duty stainless steel so it can distribute heat evenly throughout your dish once you start cooking.


Carbon steel woks usually come with a lid as standard but if you’re looking for one without this accessory, be sure to check the size of the pan so that you purchase a lid that fits correctly. Lids are essential when cooking Asian dishes because just like casserole pots they help trap in moisture and flavor which means all the ingredients are cooked perfectly while remaining soft or crispy depending on what type of dish you are making.


When it comes to buying any kitchenware items, quality should always be your number one priority. Avoid cheap imitations because carbon steel woks need to be durable enough to take the heat and pressure of constant use while still looking good enough to serve up your dishes in. There’s nothing worse than a flimsy wok falling apart after 10 minutes of cooking, so instead opt for one that will last you years just like any other quality kitchenware equipment.

Tips for using your Carbon Steel Wok

When it comes to using your carbon steel wok, there are a few pointers you need to bear in mind before starting:

  • Make sure the pan is well seasoned and smooth before use. If you’re new to carbon steel woks then it’s best to season the pan with oil just as you would a cast-iron skillet or griddle.
  • Preheat your wok for one minute over high heat before adding cooking oil. If possible, don’t add cold oil as this could cause your food to stick. Once heated, carefully swirl the oil around so that it coats every part of the pan’s surface.
  • Keep your ingredients moving during the cooking process by scooping them up and pushing them back down into the center of the wok. This ensures that nothing sticks to the bottom and that every part of the pan is used.
  • Avoid using metal utensils when cooking with your carbon steel wok because this could scratch its smooth surface, leaving you with a less effective seasoning in the future. Instead, opt for wooden or plastic implements which will save your pan from any damage during preparation.

FAQs about a Carbon Steel Wok

What are carbon steel woks?

Carbon steel woks are heavy pans that are designed to cook Asian cuisine. They’re made from cast iron or carbon steel which is quite different from non-stick pans, aluminum pans, or stainless steel pans. Due to the nature of how they are manufactured, they need a bit more upkeep than most other types of frying pan but the results they produce make it worth it in the long run.

Can you use metal utensils with your carbon steel wok?

No, most manufacturers recommend using wooden utensils when cooking with your carbon steel fryer because this helps preserve its smooth surface and saves you having to re-season the pan once it has started to lose its gloss during cooking.

What are the drawbacks to using a carbon steel wok?

The main drawback with using carbon steel woks is that they need to be re-seasoned regularly so they don’t lose their non-stick properties over time, but this only needs doing every 6 months or so depending on how often you use your pan. Another small downside to carbon steel pans, in general, is that because of their polished surfaces they can sometimes be more fragile than other frypans, but this isn’t much different from other types of frying pans when it comes down to it.

How do I care for my Carbon Steel Wok?

Carbon steel woks are simple enough to maintain and there’s not much involved at all. The best way to keep your pan in tip-top condition is by simply washing it with soap and water after using it to remove all residues.

You can also use fine salt as an abrasive scrub to help scour off any burned chili residue or other stuck-on foodstuffs that you might have missed. Once clean, dry well before coating the cooking surface with a thin layer of oil so that it doesn’t rust. It’s important to do this just before cooking because if you leave the oil for too long then it could be sticky.

What are some of the benefits of Carbon Steel Woks?

Carbon steel woks come with several benefits compared to other types of pans, but chief among them is how they conduct heat. Carbon steel woks are able to heat up very quickly which makes them ideal for quick-fire recipes or for when you’re in a hurry. They also stay hot for much longer than other types of frypan, making them more suited to slow cooking ingredients like stews and curries. This not only saves time on having to keep reheating the pan but it helps lock in flavor as well.

Carbon steel woks are also extremely durable and long-lasting thanks to their sturdy construction and thick grade cast iron or carbon steel design. You can even use your carbon steel wok over open flames so they’re perfect for camping trips if need be! These pans will last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance so it’s well worth investing in one if you like to experiment with Asian cuisine.

Conclusion for the Best Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon steel woks are simple, easy to use, and provide great results whether you’re looking for a tasty stir-fry dish or want to slow cook a meaty Chinese stew. The only drawback with these types of pan is that they require regular seasonal maintenance but this is something which can be done in as little as 5 minutes every six months so it’s well worth the effort if you want them to last you a lifetime.

The reviews above should give you a good idea as to which woks are worth your time and money. We’ve shared 11 of the best carbon steel woks that we have found, so now it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you. If none of these products seem like a perfect fit, try our search bar at the top or head over to Amazon where there are hundreds of more options waiting for you! No matter what option you choose though, make sure they meet all safety standards before using them on an open flame (especially if this will be your first time cooking with such). Happy shopping!

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