10 Best 36-inch Gas Cooktops: Reviews And Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a 36-inch Gas Cooktop that is 36-inches, there are many to choose from. All of the products on this list have been reviewed and ranked to help you find the best one for your cooking needs.

The 10 Best 36-inch Gas Cooktops: Reviews And Buying Guide will give you all of the information you need to make an informed purchase decision based on our extensive research. We’ll cover product features, prices, advantages, and disadvantages as well as customer reviews so that by reading through this article, customers can be confident in their choice before they buy.

36-inch Gas Cooktop

List of 10 Best 36-inch Gas Cooktops Reviews

1. Empava 36-inch Gas Cooktop 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners

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  • The LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops. Works manually w/o electricity Capable for multi-purpose such as RVs light cooking family small kitchen mobile home outdoor use etc Compatible with Empava 2430 under-counter single wall oven.
  • With its innovative, cutting-edge gas cooktop design and built-in safety features that protect against leaks, it’s easy to see why the Empava range is one of Italy’s most sought-after brands for quality cooking technology.
  • This high-quality range will provide you with a reliable cooktop for years to come. The stainless steel surface is stain and heat discoloration resistant, meaning it won’t show any signs of wear even after hard use.
  • Nothing beats a dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning, but these durable knobs and laser-cut grates are so well made that you can clean them right at home. This will not only enhance the premium look of your range top but it’ll save time too.
  • Empava’s recessed 36-inch Gas Cooktops are the perfect fit for any household that loves to entertain or just needs a versatile cooking surface. With four different size burners, you have enough power and options when preparing food with flair. Plus there is no fear of burning thanks in part because these units distribute even heat throughout each burner.

2. Empava 36-inch Gas Cooktop Pro-Style Professional Slide-in 

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  • The commercial-grade gas range offers a reasonable solid cast iron grill layout, which ensures there’s enough space between burners to use several pots at once. Capable for multi-purpose such as RVs and light cooking family with small kitchen needs outdoors too.
  • The deeply recessed gas range top with automatic reignition ensures a continuous flame and turns on automatically if you accidentally put it out. The zinc alloy control knobs allow users to see whether or not their stovetop is turned on from afar by lighting up blue LED lights that shine brightly against the dark surface, making them easy for everyone in any room of your home (or office) to use.
  • The heavy-duty one-piece 36-inch Gas Cooktop allows for an easy-to-clean surface – no crevices that can hold residue. Stain and heat discoloration-resistant stainless steel provide a reliable cooktop. With the ability of resisting staining due in part to food contact or overtime on your doorstep when shipping back home after closing hours.
  • A black burner cap and heavy-duty continuous cast iron cooking grates are designed for hassle-free, effortless cleaning. They can be placed in the dishwasher to enhance your premium look with minimal care.
  • With 6 versatile burner sizes, two 18000-BTU burners, and three 12000-BTU burners to choose from you can make all your favorite dishes with precision. The slide-in range top offers flexibility that allows the user control over how they want their food cooked – simmering or boiling for stir-frying is just one example of what this means.

3. Empava 36-inch Gas Cooktop NG/LPG Convertible

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  • LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops. Works manually without electricity. Capable for multi-purpose such as RVs, light cooking family, small kitchens, or mobile homes with an outdoor use option too. Compatible install above any Empava 24/30 inch under-counter single wall ovens.
  • The SABAF 5 burner 36-inch Gas Cooktop is one of the latest innovations from Empava. It features flame failure thermocouples that will automatically shut off if there’s a leak in your home, preventing potential danger for you and everyone else around it.
  • Enjoy cooking without worrying about food falling into the burner because it’s sealed. The glass surface is stain and heat discoloration resistant, so you can use this cooktop for years to come.
  • The durable knobs and laser-cut full-width edge-to-edge heavy cast iron grates can be cleaned with ease in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance which enhances its premium look.

4. Empava 36-inch Gas Cooktop Built-in Tempered Glass

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  • The LPG/NG Convertible delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops – Works manually with no electricity. Capable for multi-purpose such as RVs, light cooking family or small kitchen. It can also be used in mobile homes and outdoor settings where there’s a lack of electrical outlets nearby.
  • The Empava 5 World Class Made in Italy SABAF burner gas cooktops is a high-quality and efficient appliance that keeps your home safe from harm. It features one of the latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut-off protection technology, which prevents any leaks or accidents while you’re cooking.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a stylish, durable cooktop with sealed burners that will not stain or discolor your kitchen surface. It features an easy-to-clean glass top and stainless steel frame for lasting use in any home.
  • The durable knobs and laser-cut full-width edge-to-edge heavy cast iron grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher for hassle-free, effortless maintenance. This enhances their premium look.

5. Dacor HCT365GSNG Heritage Series 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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  • The 36″ Energy Star Rated Heritage Series Gas Cooktop from Dacor will be the best addition to your place. Featuring 5 Brass Burners with variable Flame settings, this unit provides you with endless cooking options and permits the installation of a Double Oven below. 
  • Explore all the features on the 36″ cooktop such as Perma-Flame Technology that delivers even heat distribution and less cleaning. SmartFlame Technology that extends burner life by reducing overheating. 
  • The design reduces storage space requirements by offering fewer controls and knobs for more unobstructed counter space (compared to standard models). 
  • Accurate and precise simmer control and fast boils, tight memory seal edges for easy cleanup, cast stainless steel burners with the polished exterior finish for better looks.

6. Empava 36-inch Gas Cooktop 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners NG/LPG Convertible

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  • The LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops, it works manually without electricity. Capable for multi-purpose such as RVs, light cooking family, small kitchen or mobile home use, also outdoor duty with its 24″ x 30″ size. Empava will install this grill over their 24in, wide countertop in any under.
  • The new, state-of-the-art SABAF burner gas cooktops by Empava is designed with one of the latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut-off protection technology. This prevents any leaks and keeps your home safe.
  • The new stainless steel cooktop will provide you with a reliable surface. Minimal cleanup and stain-resistant features make this an ideal addition to any kitchen, especially if it’s more on the minimalist side.
  • Empava’s recessed gas cooktops, with their 4 different burner options and 12000-BTU dual ring flame will give you the ability to create any dish your heart desires. You can use this sleek range for simmering or boiling water while also melting chocolate in creamy sauces on top.

7. GASLAND GH1365SF 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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  • This 5 burner 36-inch Gas Cooktop is designed by reddot Award team to help you streamline heavy cast-iron grates. It won’t drop even a mini pan, and the five melt-proof zinc alloy knobs can respectively control them all for easy cooking that’s perfect any time of day or night. With this appliance in your kitchen, shorter dinner party preparation times are guaranteed too.
  • The 36-inch gas cooker features 5 Italy Sabaf high efficiency sealed burners that produce a range from 13,300 -10,300 BTUs to ensure variety in your cooking style. With three additional 4k and 7kBTU simmer Burner sets available for those who prefer low heat but need constant precision regardless of what they’re making or how delicate it may seem.
  • The sleek, stainless steel surface of this cooktop will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. With 5 sealed burners that prevent food from falling into them and a 120V AC power source (comes with 47 inches cord), cooking is more convenient than ever before. The 34-inch x 19 3/4″ built-in size makes it easy for small spaces while providing ample room on all sides including height as well 4 1/2 “deep space between burners which can accommodate large pots or pans without worry about getting caught anywhere along its length.
  • The 36 inches NG/LPG gas stove-top is CSA certified for use in Canada and the US including a built-in fire detection system. This will shut off your gas automatically if there’s no flame detected, ensuring safety during an emergency situation.

8. LYCAN Stainless Steel 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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  • The LYCAN 36-inch gas cooktop is a great way to re-discover your passion for cooking with the option of 5 dishes at once and saving time. With performance that can be tailored specifically according to what you’re preparing, this device will make life easier in more ways than one.
  • This gas stovetop is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its 5 x Italy Sabaf burners, you can fry anything from soup all the way up into pizza dough. The middle burner covers 1,700 BTU while each of the front and rear heat sources provide 10200/60000+ BTUs respectively. This means no more waiting around for your food or drinks when they are ready. Just switch them on with one touch thanks to their smart meters technology which also helps save energy both indoors.
  • If you’re sick of digital buttons that always seem to stop working, our metal knobs are here for the long haul. With their easy-to-use design and sturdy construction they’ll be your go-to selection.
  • The time you spend cleaning your gas range cooktop can be spent cooking yummy meals instead. The 304 stainless steel surface is easy to wipe clean and will never rust, so there’s no need for scrubbing.

9. Thorkitchen Pro-Style 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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  • The Thorkitchen Pro-Style 36-inch Gas Cooktop is perfect for large families with different cooking needs. With 6 burner configurations, two combinations of front and rear burners, this gas stovetop has the power to serve any kitchen’s needs. 
  • From high or low flame control to simmering, you can find just the right adjustments for your family’s meals. It’s built of professional-grade materials including durable cast-iron grates, adjustable range legs. 
  • The controls are distinctly marked so they are easy to read at a glance while being mounted perfectly in an ergonomic position on both sides of the cooktop for ease in use.

10. Frigidaire Gallery FGGC3645QS 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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  • Express-Select controls let you easily go from a simmer to a boil with just a flip of the front dial. 3 Continuous Dishwasher Safe corner-to-corner cast-iron grates for maximum flexibility. 
  • A powerful 12,000 BTU right burner and 5,000 BTU right rear burner team up with left burners rated at 6,800 and 10,000 – producing 45,000 total BTU’s.
  • Powerful performance is in your hands when you’re cooking recipes that call either high heat or low heat on this Frigidaire Gallery Gas Cooktop. Cool pot handles in the recessed gas top allow easy transfers without hot pads or potholders required in most kitchens – including yours.

Tips and guide to buying the best 36-inch Gas Cooktop

The 36-inch gas cooktop is a valuable kitchen appliance that can make preparing food easier. There are some things you should be aware of, though, before making your decision based on these features alone:

Power output

Generally, a higher cooking power means that the cooktop will be more efficient and have maximum heat control. Some 36-inch gas cooktops can output up to an impressive 40,000 BTU per hour.


Many of these models come with a timer that allows you to time when your meal is ready so you don’t have to worry about burning it. This particular feature is especially helpful when you want to take a break from cooking or are having guests over for dinner.

Design elements

Look at the design of each model and determine what fits your personal style best. If you care about the look of your kitchen appliances, this might be important in your decision-making process. As well, stainless steel designs may fit with other appliances better than black or white designs.

Size of the cooktop surface

This is an important feature because the size will determine how much you can cook at one time. Make sure that if you have large cooking utensils, pots, or pans that are not small in size, they will fit on the stove without any problems. Some companies even make their products with two different sizes of burners to accommodate both needs perfectly.


If you’re looking for high-quality products, be sure to go with 36-inch Gas Cooktops made by reputable brands. These companies offer some of the highest quality products on the market, so you can rest assured that they’ll last through several years of use.

Tips for using your 36-inch Gas Cooktop

Using your 36-inch gas cooktop requires no special knowledge, but there are some things you should be aware of:

  • One of the most important jobs for this appliance is to keep it clean both inside and out. It’s simple enough to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth or sponge after use, but don’t forget to scrub it using warm water and baking soda at least once a month to keep it looking great.
  • If they’re dirty, food will not cook correctly on them, so make sure that they stay free of any debris. You can remove the burners from their housing for easy access if necessary.
  • Do not place these stoves directly on top of the countertop. They should be installed using an air gap to prevent you from accidentally brushing against them and getting burned.
  • Power output is always important because it ensures that the appliance will heat quickly and efficiently. Look at how many BTUs each model has to determine if they’re sufficient for your cooking needs. Some even have up to 40,000 BTU per hour.

FAQs about a 36-inch Gas Cooktop

What makes a good 36-inch gas cooktop?

Good 36 inch gas cooktops should have high power output for quick cooking times and high performance with many features such as timers and design elements so you don’t need to worry about safety when using them in your home.

Are all 36-inch cooktops electric?

No, there are actually ones that use natural gas or propane for fuel instead of electricity. However, most models sold in homes today are electric because they’re easier to install and use.

What are the things that I need to know about a 36-inch gas cooktop?

One of the most important things is power output, as this will determine how quickly it can heat up and if it has any features such as timers or design elements. Cleaning your cooktop regularly will help keep it looking new for years, too.

How do you clean a 36-inch gas cooktop?

If you use a 36-inch gas cooktop, clean it with warm water and baking soda, or a sponge to remove stains. If your burners are dirty, take them out to give them a good scrubbing before reattaching them so food doesn’t have any problems cooking correctly.

What are some common problems with these cooktops?

Although most models run without any issues, common problems include the inside of the appliance getting dirty quickly and problems with power output. Make sure that you clean your 36-inch gas cooktop regularly to keep it looking new for years to come.

Conclusion for the Best 36-inch Gas Cooktop

With so many different 36-inch gas cooktops to choose from, knowing where to start can be daunting. Use the information you’ve learned about today as a starting point and remember that if they’re high power output and have lots of extra features installed, there’s a good chance it will be a quality product. Make sure that you know how your model is cleaned before buying it as well.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best 36-inch gas cooktops on the market. Whether your focus is cooking, cleaning, or saving money, we’ve got a solution for you in this buyer’s guide. If all these options are overkill and you just want to buy one that will work great with your needs, take a look at what each stove has to offer before making your decision. No matter which way you go, be sure to read reviews from previous buyers so that it fits into both your lifestyle and budget. Enjoy using any of the products recommended above today because they will provide an excellent experience no matter why they were purchased.

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