10 Best 36-Inch Electric Cooktops Review And Compare

If you’re in the market for a new 36-inch electric cooktop, your search ends here. The following 12 best 36-inch electric cooktops are all worth considering and will suit any kitchen needs
Trying to choose the perfect appliance for your kitchen can be difficult. There are so many different types of appliances as well as brands, sizes, and features that it’s often hard to find what you’re looking for.

However, if you need a 36-inch electric cooktop that is 36 inches wide then this article should help narrow down your choices considerably!

List of 10 Best Whistling Tea Kettles Reviews

1. Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

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  • USA & Canada ETL Certified, the Empava 36 in. Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is perfect for quick and easy heating on any size of stovetop surface. 
  • The dishwasher-safe glass allows for effortless cleanup (no more food splatters) while its ability to be compatible with any 24/30 in the counter oven under it makes this cooktop ideal for any kitchen. 
  • 9 heat level settings can accommodate your cooking needs, features single 11 inches heat up to 3700-Watt along with two 7.5 inches, two 6.5 inches, each of which operate at 2400-Watts without considering stainless steel finish make this an affordable yet high-quality product that will satisfy all customers!
  • Intelligent digital timer with a display on both sides. All-around cooking from one cooktop. 3 oven elements in a single appliance – saves time and energy.

2. Electric Cooktop, thermometer 36 Inch Built-in Radiant Electric Stove Top

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  • The Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is an impressive stove with 5 burners, including 3 large high power ones. The Power Levels are adjustable and can be set to boil the water in seconds, slow cook foods for hours or simmer meat. 
  • It’s designed with safety features like a thermal cut-off switch function, if it stays on too long (when the pot is not present), it will automatically turn off the electric current. 
  • With one of these stoves at home, you won’t have to worry about having enough oven space while cooking all your holiday dishes! This gorgeous stove also looks good enough for Modern Living Spaces.
  • This induction stovetop has five high power burners with three 2300W/1600W/800W (9.1in/6.9in/4.7in) + two 2000W/1100W (10.6 in| 6.5 in)| 1800w(7.9 in)| 1200w(6mm). You can use any of the burners without interference from over-reliance on any single area, and adjust the cooking intensity to meet your needs for a given dish accordingly depending on their thickness or type of food being cooked.

3. Frigidaire FFEC3625US 36 Inch 

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  • Set your table and cook a meal with the Frigidaire 36 inch 240V Electric Cooktop. Featuring a space-saving design and an expandable element, this electric range gives you the largest cooking area in its class for all your meal prep needs when entertaining family or friends. 
  • The boiler is set to high when you need to quickly boil water while settings down warm plates for dinner. When it’s time to serve up food, switch it over to low or medium so that everyone doesn’t suffer from messy burnt fingers!

4. FRIGIDAIRE FGIC3666TB Gallery 36″ Electric Induction Cooktop

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  • Introducing the new Frigidaire FGC3666TB Gallery 36″ Electric Induction Cooktop unit. This stylishly designed cooking surface will revolutionize your kitchen space, bringing fast heat out of the future to enhance your culinary experience today.
  • The unit features excellent safety protections with its fun-to-use interface that automatically compensates for different pan sizes without compromising on the power of red hot induction technology that’s incredibly efficient and offers even heat distribution to ensure optimal cooking results each time.
  • It also boasts easy cleaning surfaces with no hot spots or burners inside, perfect for last-minute rush jobs larger families need during hectic cocktail hour phone calls.

5. IsEasy 36-Inch Electric Cooktops

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  • The IsEasy 36-Inch Electric Cooktops offers 9 adjustable levels of heat from simmering to boiling. This induction cooker’s total power is 8600W. 
  • With a timer that can be set between 1 and 99 minutes, the IsEasy cooktop stove electric has to overheat protection for your food, as well as a residual heat indicator. 
  • There’s even a child lock function on the oven knob to keep curious little ones’ hands safe while they explore their new kitchen toy.
  • It also features a cutout size 34.25″ inches wide by 19.49 inches deep with a 2.72inch height for an easy install in any kitchen design.

6. Frigidaire FGEC3648US Gallery Series 36 Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

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  • Introducing the Frigidaire FGEC3648US Gallery Series 36 Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop. 
  • With a smooth ceramic glass cooktop and so many features, you’ll find yourself smitten with this appliance in no time.
  • Just imagine how easily you can make homemade soups to new heights thanks to its powerful 3,200-watt element.
  •  Can’t wait to try your favorite recipes on it? No worries – the hot surface indicator will let you know when things are ready for stirring or pouring.
  • Save time entertaining in the kitchen with this five-burner electric smooth top range; plus, forget about energy bills because it operates at either 208 or 240 volts only (a lot of other ranges use 120 volts.

7. GASLAND Electric Cooktop 36 Inch

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  • This 36-inch electric cooktop is a perfect addition to a kitchen with limited counter space. The 50 amp single-phase power requirements make this cooktop versatile, easy to install, and less expensive than other models on the market.
  • With 5 different cooking zones, it’s always simple to switch from boiling water in one zone to frying an egg in the next zone all the while keeping track of that amazing casserole simmering away on one of its 7 power levels. It has an 85% efficient heat transfer, so no more need for gas or charcoal grills.
  • In your busy life as a mother, wife, or working professional there’s never been a better appliance for you – Gasland assures quality performance at an affordable price.

8. Empava 36 Inch Electric Cook Stove

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  • The sleek and efficient Empava 36 inch electric stove has a robust design to match any modern décor. The flawless tempered glass surface allows for effortless cleanup.
  • Cook food like a pro with features such as 9 heat settings, 11″ heating element (3700W), 2 x 7.5″ heating elements at 2400 W, and 2 x 6.5″ heating elements at 2000W in power boost mode up to 5 minutes, an easy-to-read digital control panel that also remembers your last setting and over 99 hours of timer cooking time to help you cook perfectly and accurately no matter what cuisine you crave. 
  • Required 220–240V Wiring with 50A Breaker is included so all you’ll need is one outlet

9. Thermomate 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

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  • If you’re in the market for a kettle that’s anywhere near as sturdy and durable as it is stylish, then IronRen might just be your new kitchen mainstay.
  •  Boasting 5 burners with settings ranging from 1200 to 3000 watts, this electric kettle lets power-hungry chefs boil water faster than ever before so they can spend more time looking at recipes they’ll never have time to cook. 
  • With 9 total cooking zones, 4 security features including a safety shutoff switch if water level becomes too low or unfavorable pressure levels are detected, Xtreme convenience amenities like auto-reset feature each day of the week on a programmable timer up to 99 minutes for precise heating.

10. Empava 36” Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

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  • The Empava 36” Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is designed to make every aspect of your cooking experience as convenient and efficient as possible. 
  • The seamless, hassle-free tempered glass surface resists scratching, is easy to clean, safe from the heat of stovetop.
  • 9 heat settings for all occasions: perfect if you want a flared simmer or firm boil. Boils water 50% faster on average than old cooktops. This smooth yet dynamic stove will transform the way you cook!

Buying Guide for the Best 36-Inch Electric Cooktop

Range & Cooking Power

These are probably some of the most common questions that people ask when they’re looking for a new Cooktop. The best way I can describe it is to think of BTU as how much “oomph” your 36-inch Electric Cooktop has. Generally speaking, high BTU 36 Inch Commercial stoves have more power and can get things done faster with less effort on the user’s part. Having said that, remember to consider where your 36-inch Electric Cooktop will be placed since 36-inch Professional stoves may require 36 inches of a gas cooktop with venting. If a 36-inch professional cooktop is not properly vented, you’ll need 36-inch restaurant cooktops or 36-inch commercial cooktops.

Price Range

Just like any 36-inch Gas Stove and 36 -inch Professional stoves, the price range for 36-inch Electric Cooktops can vary greatly depending on the brand and features that it offers.

The best way I can describe 36 Inch Commercial stove without going into too much technical terminology is to imagine a light switch. Up until now, most of us are very familiar with those little toggle switches we press up & down to turn 36 Inch Gas Stoves on and 36 Inch Electric Cooktops off. 36-inch Professional stoves with 36-inch professional cooktop, 36 inches commercial stove, and 36 -inch Restaurant cooktops use a button to turn 36 Inches Commercial stove on. The fact that a 36-inch professional cooktop works this way means 36-inch Gas stoves do not get hot immediately so it’s safer for kids and pets than 36 inches gas stoves and 36 diamond burners.

There are also 36-inch Electric Cooktops that come with remote controls which you can place in your kitchen or pantry instead of the traditional 36-inch commercial stove without sacrificing too much counter space.

Safety & Convenience Features

I won’t go into detail about this since I’ve already 36-inch Gas stoves, a 36-inch Professional cooktop, and 36 inches commercial stove Safety & Convenience features in the 36 Inch Electric Cooktops article above. With that said, 36 diamonds come with all sorts of nifty little 36-inch Electric Cooktop burner safety features such as 36-inch Gas stoves lockout buttons and 36 inches commercial stove burners with 36 inch professional cooktop time limit controls which can make 36-inch Commercial stoves a whole lot safer for kids and pets to use when you’re not around.

Features & 36-inch Electric Cooktops Quality

This should be fairly obvious but 36-inch Electric Cooktops 36 inches commercial stove 36-inch Gas stoves 36-inch professional cooktop 36-inch Diamond burner 36 Inch Professional cooktop 36 diamonds quality should be your number one priority when buying 36-inch electric cooktop. The truth is, if you take care of your 36-inch Electric Stove, it should last for years without any problems whatsoever. You can also get pretty much whatever features that you want on 36-inch professional cooktops depending on how much money you’re willing to spend (and what brand). If you plan to use your 36-inch electric stove quite often or need 36 inches gas stoves or 36 -inch Commercial stoves for 36-inch Electric Cooktops 36 inches commercial stove 36-inch professional cooktop 36 diamonds 36-inch Diamond burner 36-inch Gas stoves 36 diamond burner 36 -inch Commercial stoves, I’d recommend looking into getting a 36-inch Electric Cooktop that comes with 36 inches commercial stove, 36-inch professional cooktops, and 36-inch Gas stoves guarantees.

When it comes to features, the sky’s the limit! However, there are some features that you might not need so be sure to carefully read through your options before making your purchase. For example, the difference between a 36-inch gas stove griddle top and 36 x 1-inch electric range is simply whether or not your unit has the ability to convert into a 36-inch Electric Stove 36 inches commercial stove 36-inch professional cooktop 36-inch Diamond burner 36 Inch Professional cooktop 36 diamonds 36-inch Gas stoves 36 diamond burner 36 -inch Commercial stoves 36-inch gas stove griddle top. If you already have a 36-inch electric cooktop, a 36-inch gas stove griddle top might not be very useful to you unless you plan on converting it into a 36 inches commercial stove or 36-inch Diamond burner which most people don’t really need.


This is a tricky one. There are 36-inch Electric Stove that looks great but perform horribly and there are 36-inch Electric Stove that looks absolutely nothing like a 36-inch electric cooktop yet offer better performance than most other brands. I wish I could give you concrete rules about what to look for in terms of design, but the fact is, it’s really up to your personal preferences.

Conclusion for 12 best 36-Inch Electric Cooktops

The best 36-inch electric cooktops are the ones that will help you take your cooking game to the next level. We’ve gone through many of them and picked out our top 12 favorites, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, keep shopping around until you do! Whether it’s a stainless steel finish or an induction system, we’ve got something perfect for every home chef. So don’t wait any longer, buy now the best products we have shared above for a great experience.

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