The 10 Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cookers For Your Kitchen

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is the best of its kind because it has fantastic durability and flexibility. It cooks food quicker than other cooking procedures, which means you’ll be able to enjoy tasty fried foods without all those extra calories.

The Ninja Foodi is the best pressure cooker you will find on Amazon. With its sleek design and powerful features, it can cook meals in almost half the time of other pressure cookers. It has a special feature that allows you to steam foods at the same time as cooking under pressure so your food retains all its nutrients and vitamins while still tasting delicious. This makes it perfect for busy professionals or parents who want to get healthy, great-tasting dishes on the table fast without compromising quality or taste!
The 10 Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cookers For Your Kitchen are listed above with reasons why they make a good addition to your kitchen countertop. The devices have been carefully selected from Amazon by our team.

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

List of 10 Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cookers Reviews

1. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OP305/OP350 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp

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  • The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OP305/OP350 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp is a professional-grade cooking appliance that will help you create delicious, nutritious meals for your family in no time.
  • This pressure cooker is made with high-quality materials and features patented technology that will help you achieve the perfect tenderness and crispiness every time. 
  • Plus, it comes pre-owned and has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers, so you can be sure that it’s in great condition.

2. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OP305 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp

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  • The Ninja Foodi OP305 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp pressure cooker is the world’s first crisping pressure cooker. This amazing appliance can pressure cook, air fry, bake, roast, and boil all in one. 
  • The Pressure lid cooks food up to 70% faster* than traditional cooking methods, while the Tender Crisp technology produces the perfect combination of heat, fan velocity, and air circulation to give your food even crisping from top to bottom. 
  • Plus, with the built-in crisping lid, you can air fry, bake, roast, and broil or add a crispy finish to any dish. Don’t miss out on this incredible kitchen essential – order your Ninja Foodi OP305 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp pressure.

3. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker (FD302) 11-in-1 6.5-qt

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  • The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker is an innovative appliance that can be used as a pressure cooker, air fryer, dehydrator, and roaster. With 11 different functions, it’s perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. 
  • The 6.5-quart size is perfect for families or groups, and the pre-owned condition means you can get this top-of-the-line appliance at a fraction of the price.

4. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OP305/OP350 6.5 Quart TenderCrisp

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  • Ninja Foodi is the latest and greatest pressure cooker on the market! This top-of-the-line appliance has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. There will be no visible cosmetic imperfections when held at an arm’s length. 
  • Products with batteries will exceed 80% capacity relative to new ones. Accessories may not be original but will be compatible and fully functional. The product may come in a generic box.

5. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OS101 Foodi 9-in-1, 5 Quart, Stainless Steel

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  • The TenderCrisp Technology of this product allows for the best pressure cooking and air frying all in one pot. You can quickly cook your meal with a little help from our state-of-the-art technology to make sure that every ounce is flavor-packed without any loss or waste.
  • The 9-in-1 Slow cooker, pressure cooker, and steamer are all in one. The 5qt cooking pot is a perfect vessel for making yogurt or searing meat that’s ready to be cut into medallions with the 4 Qt plate. This set includes both nonstick materials so you can keep using your dishes as well as dishwasher-safe components which make clean up super easy too  (just don’t forget about those extra wine rings!).
  • You’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your food when cooking with this 4-in1 grill/steamer oven! It has a nesting broil rack that allows you not only to steam but also adds another layer of capacity. You can cook up 2 lbs (or 8 steaks) at once on top, hold 75% less fat than traditional frying methods and save time in the kitchen by using one appliance instead of three.

6. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt., Silver/Black

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  • The new and improved Instant Pot! The extra-large, family-sized capacity can handle everything from pressure cooking with ease or preserving your favorite dish by boiling it in just 30 minutes. With the ability to crisp up meats under one lid, this gadget is perfect for any size household that needs some time-saving assistance.
  • With the new revolutionary cooking technology, you can have steam and crisp at the same time for faster results without drying out. You’ll be able to double your cooking capacity or make 3-component full meals with ease thanks to this handy button.
  • Tired of deep-frying your artery-clogging French fries? Unlock the juiciest way to air fry and get crispy results with up 75% less fat than traditional frying. (tested against hand-cut, hand-pulled nuggets).

7. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OS301 Foodi 10-in-1

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  • The stainless steel pressure cooker ensures crispiness and tenderness. tender-crisp Technology lets you quickly pressure cook to lock in juices, then swap lids for a golden air fry finish.
  • This 10-in1 versatile kitchen essential is one of those things that has tons of uses for any household. You can use it to pressure cook, slow cooker, or steam food by simply adding water to the pot and turning it on. The stainless steel nesting broil rack helps you get a layer of heat from your dish while cooking too which means more yummy goodness at mealtime – perfect if you’re trying not to make everything taste bland like me.
  • The incredible ThermoTender oven is a game-changer for anyone who loves to cook. With up to three pounds of French fries, you can now eat your cholesterol without feeling guilty.
  • This new 6.5-quart cooking pot and 4.6-quart crisp plate are both nonstick, dishwasher safe, and come with 15 chef-inspired recipes for meal inspiration.

8. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker FD302 Foodi 11-in-1 Pro 6.5 qt.

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  • Designed to enhance the flavor profile of your food and save time, this pressure cooker beautifully spares you from having dirty pans. The pot is so non-stick that it’s impossible for nutrients or juicerette sauce to seep through into the dish.
  • The 4.6-quart Cook & Crisp Plate is the key to making guilt-free French fries with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, so you can enjoy them on your low-carb diet without sacrificing taste.
  • The stainless steel nesting broil rack provides the ability to steam, grill, and add an additional layer of capacity for your cooking. It stores easily inside the pot.
  • The Instant Pot is a programmable pressure cooker, air fryer, and more. It can be programmed to streamflow cook or bake at your preference with 11 different cooking functions that manage the bottom heating element for precise temperature control.

9. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker OL701 Foodi SMART XL 8 Qt.

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  • Now you can get your favorite meals on the table in record time with this extra-large, family-sized pressure cooker. It has all of those great features like a SmartLid and it’s also able to cook food fast under pressure which ensures that even tough recipes come out perfect every single time.
  • With the help of this appliance, you can achieve a variety of cooking styles and doneness levels. The 4 protein settings provide flexibility in your food while also saving time on less desirable tasks like flipping or sauce preparation because 3 auto-release features allow for quick pressure release options that work best with whatever setting is desired.
  • Slide to unlock 3 cooking modes and 14 functions all under one lid. Steam, crisp, or roast your food at the touch of a button for faster results with juicier meats that aren’t dried out without ever having to open up another pan.
  • Your cooking capacity is doubled with this new appliance. 3-component full meals can be made at the touch of a button and all done at once, so you’re free to eat on schedule without having an excuse not to.

10. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8 qt.

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  • The pressure cooker also crisps! Quickly cook ingredients to lock in their juices and give them a golden, crispy air-fryer finish.
  • This pot and basket set is perfect for feeding a family of four. With its extra-large capacity, nonstick exterior coating, as well as handwashing capabilities this great kitchen essential, will last you years.
  • The TenderCrisp up to 8 chicken breasts at once or add servings to layered 360 will provide you with crispy, broiled perfection.

Tips and guide to buying the best Ninja Foodi pressure cooker

There are many Ninja Foodi pressure cooker air fryers on the market, but before you make any final purchases it is essential that you think about each of these models in detail. We have outlined some key features and considerations when making your decision for which one will be best suited based on my experiences with them all.


The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is extremely lightweight which means that you’ll be able to easily transport your air fryer to wherever you need it. You can even bring it with you on holiday or when traveling if needed! There are other machines on the market that are very heavy, so be sure to check this feature before purchasing.

Ease of use

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is designed to be easy for everyone who uses it. There are three different pressure settings, meaning you can cook a wide range of dishes depending on your skill level, and the digital display makes it easy to monitor everything as you go. The unit also features a great non-stick pan which means that food doesn’t stick to the base and you don’t need to add much oil during cooking.

Another important thing to consider is how easy it is to clean your air fryer. The device comes with a cleaning brush and the pan can be removed for an easier time when cleaning, so if this is a concern in your purchase then make sure you check these things before buying. Food also shouldn’t burn in an air fryer like this one, which means that you can cook all sorts of different meals without worrying about damaging it or ruining any meal times!


The controls on the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker are really simple and straightforward. It has just three dials: two for preheating, and one for adjusting the temperature. These features allow you to cook many different dishes, as long as you have the timing right.

The machines also have a steam function which allows you to cook your food and at the same time infuse it with flavors. This helps ensure that every dish is simple and delicious, and should allow for more variety in your cooking repertoire! This machine should be perfect for first-time users and those who aren’t too sure how to use a pressure cooker just yet because it’s so user-friendly.

Special safety features

In order to make sure that nothing goes wrong when using the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker safety features are very important. There is an automatic alert system on this device that will warn you if anything needs adjusting or if something hasn’t been done correctly. This will help you get the most from your air fryer and enjoy cooking healthy dishes with minimal supervision!

Other features

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is designed to be lightweight and portable so you can take it with you no matter where you go. It has a locking lid which works perfectly for ensuring that you don’t lose any steam during cooking, and also ensures that the temperature in the device doesn’t drop. The non-stick pan makes sure that food comes out easily when cooked, and there are three different pressure settings on the digital display to suit whatever dish you’re making.

FAQs about a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker

What can the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker do?

There are many different recipes that you can cook with this machine. It is also extremely portable, so you won’t have any trouble taking it with you on vacation or if you need to move somewhere else for whatever reason. Finally, the pressure cooker has a super easy clean-up feature which lets you complete your dishes quickly and without any problems.

Is the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker worth it?

This air fryer is a really great purchase which will give you lots of uses. It’s extremely easy to set up and use, and also very simple to clean after cooking. Recipes turn out perfectly every time you cook them in the unit, and it’s easy to get creative with this machine because of its fantastic portability features!

How healthy is the food in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker?

This machine will help you cook all types of healthy foods. Pressure cooking means that you’re not frying your food and this means there’s no grease or oil to add extra calories, instead just savory meals every time! Anyone who wants to lose weight should look into getting a good air fryer, and this device is a great choice for those who need to watch their weight.

How does the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker work?

The machine is extremely easy to set up and use as well as clean. There are different recipe sheets that you can follow if you want some guidance on how to cook different types of food. You can also change the temperature and pressure to customize your dishes, even if you’re just starting out with this type of cooking! It’s a very straightforward machine so it’s perfect for first-time users who don’t want to have a lot of problems when they cook.

Can I use the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker outside?

Yes, the machine is designed to be very portable so you can take it with you wherever you want. It’s also light, which means that you will have no trouble carrying it around even if you’re out hiking or on a camping trip. This way, your delicious treats are only a few minutes away.


The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is a great purchase for anyone who wants healthy dishes on the go! It’s easy to use and even easier to clean. There are three different settings on the machine which you can change depending on what type of food you’re cooking, and it comes with a recipe book so you can get started right away. But the most important features are the great safety features that will keep your family healthy and safe when they eat.

We hope you have found our list of the 10 best Ninja Foodi pressure cookers to be a valuable resource. Whether you’re in need of a small or large appliance, we are confident that one of these products will meet your needs and expectations. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know. With so many different choices out there it can be hard to decide which product is right for your kitchen. But don’t worry because after reading this article, should have no problem finding an excellent product from our list above.

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