The 13 Best Grill Thermometers For Easy Grilling

You can never have enough tools in your kitchen, and a grill thermometer is no exception. This small device will help you cook meats precisely so that they don’t get foodborne illnesses from being undercooked or overcooked.

The wireless meat thermometer can help you determine the right temperature to cook your meats without drying them out. It also allows for remote monitoring so that you are not constantly looking at what’s happening on your grill and makes cooking easier by letting someone else monitor it!

Whether you’re a backyard grilling novice or a seasoned pro, there’s no denying the importance of using a grill thermometer. A good thermometer will help you ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time, without any guesswork. In this post, we’ll share our picks for the 13 best grill thermometers on the market today. So whether you’re in the market for a new thermometer or just curious about what’s out there, read on for some must-read information. Happy grilling!

Grill Thermometer

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What’s a Grill Thermometer?

Grill thermometers are used to take accurate temperature readings of food while it cooks on the barbecue. The thermometer consists of a metal probe that is inserted into the meat and placed next to the grill for an accurate reading. The probe rests outside so you can keep track of what’s happening without opening up your grill.

Since grills are not designed to cook with specific temperatures, a grill thermometer will help you regulate the heat to ensure your food comes out juicy and tender. Most models come with a long cord attached to the probe so you can monitor the meat from a safe distance while it cooks.

A good grill thermometer will ensure that your meats are cooked properly at all times without overcooking or undercooking them. Keep in mind that grills aren’t perfect and determining whether something is raw or cooked by just looking at it isn’t always accurate. This small device makes grilling easy for everyone by taking away any guesswork involved in checking doneness.

All grill thermometers are made to monitor meat temperature, but there are some variations. Some models include remote probes that attach to sensors placed inside your oven or smoker box so you can monitor the temperature without opening up the grill. Others have an attached timer with alarms that go off when food is done. “Instant-read” thermometers have a probe that registers the internal temperature in just 5 to 10 seconds after being inserted into food, while others may feature wireless capabilities so you don’t have wires running across your deck or patio.

The Best Grill Thermometers Brands


These grill thermometers come with long cables that allow you to monitor your food without opening up the lid. They also have fully waterproof designs that are rugged enough to handle some outdoor cooking! As far as brands go, ThermoWorks makes solid products at great prices while the Weber brand is more expensive but reliable.

ThermoWorks offers a wide variety of thermometers for different types of cooking. Some offer wireless capabilities, while others have pan clip designs that attach to the grill grate or smoker racks.


Offering a variety of wireless and non-wireless models, ThermoPro makes great products that can be used to monitor food temperature while you’re cooking. Some thermometers have a range of 300 feet, so you won’t have any problems getting readings from inside the house.

They also come with a long cord attached to the metal probe, making them easy to use. The ThermoPro Grill Thermometer is great for keeping an eye on your meat without opening up the grill lid all day!


Inkbird offers a variety of meat thermometers that are priced at a great value. Most models have long cords so you can monitor food from a safe distance and they even include alarms to let you know when your food is done cooking! Their models come with clip attachments and magnets, making them easy to mount on almost any grill or smoker.


This grill thermometer is a bit different than the others because it doesn’t have a metal probe. The MEATER has two long, thin antennas that you insert into your meat. It also includes a smart cooking feature that adjusts the cooking time and temperature for you, so you don’t have to worry about over or undercooking your food.

List of 13 Best Grill Thermometers Reviews

1. ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Cooking Meat Grill Thermometer

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  • This BBQ HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills, and BBQs. You can set your desired food temperature and the range for when to add more fuel. When the smoker thermometer goes out of this range, it will beep to remind you if needed.
  • This grill thermometer has two probes that can monitor the temperature of two pieces of meat or your grill. It also includes a set of preset temperatures from the USDA, and it is easy to adjust them manually, too.
  • The large, clear backlit display makes the BBQ thermometer the most intuitive experience when cooking at night outdoors. It’s a timer and meat thermometer with two separate screens so you can see what you’re doing simultaneously. The magnetic stand lets it rest on any surface within your kitchen or grill environment.
  • The probe features a step-down design, which makes it easy to read the temperature precisely. It also includes stainless steel cables that are rated up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit and can measure temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. The device is versatile too; it’s able to be used in any grill setup.
  • With front-facing buttons and a flip-out countertop stand, the ThermoTop offers convenience for placement. It also includes magnetic connections to allow it to be placed anywhere in your kitchen or grill.

2. Wireless Meat Thermometer, DecorStar 4 Probes Grill Thermometer

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  • The DecorStar wireless meat thermometer with 4 probes of different colors features four levels, which you can use to monitor up to four types of meat or places on one. It has an 8-level maturity setting and comes with 5 common types of food so it is perfect for everyone in the family.
  • This grill thermometer can get the data after being inserted into the meat for 1-3 seconds, and its accuracy is ±1℃(±2℉) with a wide temperature range of -22℉ to 572°F(-30°C to 300°C). It has an easy LCD display that will be visible in any lighting condition.
  • This wireless meat thermometer is a great tool to monitor the temperature of your food without having to stay by the grill/oven/smoker all day long. It has a 328ft range and can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi, so you don’t have to be near it at any point in time. When you reach preset temperatures or set timers, this device will start beeping continuously until that amount has been reached.
  • No need to reset the transmitter and receiver, they are already paired. Just plug in a battery or two and you’re ready. No worries if your grill thermometer shuts off automatically when it gets below 40 degrees Celsius because this model has an extended service life of 10 minutes without power-saving mode.

3. Inkbird WiFi Grill Thermometer IBBQ-4T with 4 Colored Probes

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  • Download the Inkbird Pro app, which is connected with your phone over Wi-Fi. This smoker grill thermometer can be set to and controlled by more than one person at once. You should not put it near high temperatures like a stove or oven as the temperature of plastic will melt.
  • This Kitchen cooking thermometer is convenient and eco-friendly because it has a rechargeable battery. It will last about 26 hours once fully charged, so you don’t need to worry when the power goes out while grilling outside.
  • With a wireless meat thermometer, you don’t have to worry about losing the data. You can download it onto your phone and keep it up-to-date at all times. The range of this device goes from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit with a measuring time range from 0 minutes up to 250 minutes.
  • This thermometer features a magnet design to easily stick onto the surface of your appliances like ovens, refrigerators, or other metal surfaces near it. You can also use this thermometer as a grill thermometer by using its probe tip without any additional attachments! The four colored probes help customers not only find their desired temperature more quickly but they’re easy on the eyes too.
  • This digital meat thermometer has a countdown timer, which is very convenient for you to check the temp during cooking regularly. What’s more, this device and its phone will trigger an alarm when the temperature reaches your desired level so that you can free yourself from worrying about it.

4. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Grill Thermometer with Dual Meat Probe

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  • This nifty device is the perfect solution for people who want to monitor food without being interrupted by going on a bathroom break. Its wireless range allows you to monitor an oven, grill, and smoker temperatures up to 300 feet away.
  • The hassle-free setup for the oven is that there are no synchronization or tedious configuration steps. The large LCD displays food and cooking temperatures, which make it easy to use in low light conditions.
  • A kitchen timer is an essential cooking accessory. It has a count-up and countdown setting for long-time cooking that beeps once it reaches the desired temperature. A thermometer receiver will also sound a warning alarm when the desired temperature is reached.
  • USDA preset temperature settings offer nine different types of meat and their various doneness levels, with a thermometer to help you achieve the perfect cooking temperature. You can reset these temperatures on your own so that they are customized for yourself or your tastes.
  • Wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking features a food-grade stainless steel probe with a step-down tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly. The wires on the wire can withstand up to 716 Fahrenheit.

5. ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Grill Thermometer

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  • The ThermoPro cooking thermometer is specifically designed for meat, ovens/smokers, or stoves. It also has an alert that can be programmed to a specific temperature and then reset if you want the food cooked at a different high or low temperature.
  • The timer mode of the Digital Kitchen Timer features a countdown and countup ability, up to 99 hours 59 minutes. The high accuracy and heat resistance makes it suitable for cooking meat in wide temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (-300 degrees Celsius). The digital kitchen timer has a 1-degree resolution, which means that the temperature will be accurate within 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit/degree Celsius.
  • The 6.5 inches food-grade stainless steel probe is designed with a step-down tip to get the temperature precisely and quickly, while the 40 inches cable connects it directly on top of your oven without needing an extension cord.
  • Whether you’re cooking for one, or a large family or hungry friends, this digital food thermometer has everything you need. It features a magnetic back so it can attach to any metal surface and comes with hanging holes in case your kitchen hooks are not available. The device is also tabletop-friendly.

6. DOZYANT BBQ Barbecue Charcoal Grill Thermometer

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  • The DOZYANT BBQ Barbecue Charcoal Grill Thermometer is a practical, reliable, and simple to use device that will help you cook your favorite food at the perfect temperature. The large face of the temperature gauge makes it easy to read and classify the temperature of your food. 
  • The stem is 2 7/8″. For maximum durability and reliability, the case is made out of stainless steel. This is not only safe but also environmentally friendly. Easy to install on your grill, oven, or oven panel for convenient usage. 
  • The surface of the temperature gauge is waterproof and will not get foggy due to the heat so that you can read the temperature at any time you wish to do so. The temperature range goes from 50F~800F (2.27C~427.6C). Though the exact surface temperature of the DOZYANT BBQ Barbecue Charcoal Grill Thermometer is 100C.

7. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stainless Steel Grill Thermometer

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  • Necessary for food safety, the Grill Thermometer displays true oven temperature instantly to ensure the safe preparation of food. The extreme temperature range of this thermometer is between 60° and 580° degrees Fahrenheit – 20° and 300 °Celsius.
  • These oven mitts are designed for today’s high-quality professional kitchens and commercial spaces. They’re perfect for traditional ovens, toaster ovens, grills, and other heat-based food appliances in your home or business space. You’ll be able to use these products no matter what type of cooking you enjoy.
  • This NSF certified product is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and has a durable shatterproof lens. It also boasts an instant-read thermometer without the need for batteries, making it especially great for kitchen environments where they are hard to come by.

8. ImSaferell Grill Thermometer for Cooking


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  • This meat thermometer comes with a 1.7mm probe head, which enables the temperature to be accurately measured within just 2-4 seconds. It has an accuracy of ±1°C/2°F so whether you’re cooking beef steaks, pork, or fish and potatoes this digital meat thermometer will have your back. This is a must-have for outdoor BBQs as well.
  • The food thermometer is designed for easy usage and it starts reading immediately. If there’s no operation, the device automatically switches off after 10 minutes. This highly accurate device supports both Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). It also has a range of -58 degrees to 300 degrees celsius so you can use this to check the temperature on either frozen ice or broiling meat.
  • This food thermometer comes with a large backlight screen, enabling you to see the temperature clearly in any situation. The built-in magnet and hanging hole make storing it easy. In addition, its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for every step of cooking making your experience more enjoyable.
  • The grill thermometer is coated with premium ABS material, which means it lasts longer and works well without being affected by water. It does not corrode or rust like other materials would do. The probe can be washed easily to ensure you get the best performance out of this product.

9. Veken Wireless Grill Thermometer, Orange

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  • 490 Feet Wireless Instant Readings is an innovative design to take the guesswork of measuring temperatures. This wireless thermometer gives you more control over your grill, making it easier for you to cook and multitask while cooking.
  • This grill thermometer features four individual probes that simultaneously monitor internal food temperatures. It’s like having four bbq thermometers in one to check different foods or read your grill, oven, or smoker at the same time. This is important for the overall quality of your food.
  • The Veken grill thermometer offers fast, accurate temperature readings with an accuracy tolerance of ±1.8°F/°C – in as little as 2-3 seconds! It also has a built-in alarm that notifies you when your BBQ is preheated to the right temp and ready to cook on.
  • If you’re already a smoker, don’t stress – everything can be done in the box. With our transmitter and receiver already paired, your desired cooking temp is easily set without any hassle. And for those who need it specifically- 8 kinds of meat with 5 levels of doneness are preset by the USDA as recommended settings.
  • This wireless thermometer is essential for all your grilling needs, whether in the kitchen or outdoors. It can be used on gas, charcoal, and infrared grill- perfect for anyone that enjoys a plethora of cooking options.

10. Inkbird Bluetooth Grill Thermometer, Oven, Drum

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  • Make sure to insert the Bluetooth meat thermometer probes into the wireless BBQ thermometer ports firmly. If you hear a click sound, then it will be more accurate than other temperature readings if not inserted well enough. The temperature range is from 32 degrees Fahrenheit up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can continuously monitor food temperatures for short time periods or continuously as needed.
  • This Inkbird 4 probes grill thermometer is perfect for cooking your meal. It sends the temperature of your food to a phone on its range up to 150ft/50M, so you can make sure it’s cooked right without worrying about overcooking it. This wireless grill thermometer comes with a plastic protective film that needs to be removed before use.
  • The digital thermometer magnetic design on the back of the Inkbird IBT-4XS could be adsorbed in a smoker or oven, firmly. Another amazing feature is that you can read temperature values from any side. The digital tube of Bluetooth meat thermometer LED is 2.2” x 1” and it’s waterproof too.
  • A grill meat thermometer battery can last for about 40 hours once fully recharged. It has a Bluetooth remote control range of 150 feet, and the app is with graph function. You can view temperature changes on a graph.
  • This Bluetooth thermometer is a must-have gadget for any griller. It includes enough probes to enable you to monitor all your meat’s temperature at once, and the wireless feature lets you keep an eye on progress from across the room.

11. Kizen Digital Grill Thermometer, Grilling, & BBQ (Red/Black)

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  • With this wireless grill thermometer, you can be sure your food is cooked to perfection without worrying about overcooking. This meat thermometer also has an ultra-fast response time and a USB port so it’s easy to read it from any device with GPS capabilities. Simply tear off the plastic protection film on the screen before using it.
  • This Inkbird 4 probe grill thermometer is easily paired with your phone and can be used to find out the temperature of any location. Temperature accuracy allows you to make sure that your meal isn’t overcooked, so there’s no need to worry about getting a bad meal in this Wireless Grill Thermometer. This digital meat thermocouple works great with beverages, deep frying or candy making, baking, and more.
  • Enjoy the freedom of grilling anywhere with this Kizen thermometer. Perfect for outdoor cooking, it pairs with your iPhone or Android device to help you monitor and control your grill temperature. The wireless design allows for Bluetooth 4 connection range up to 150ft (50M). It is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water causing a mess during cleanup.
  • This cooking thermometer is a convenient way to measure oven, grill and stovetop temperatures. It displays these temperature readings on an LCD screen.

12. MEATER Plus Smart Grill Thermometer with Bluetooth, Smoker, Rotisserie

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  • The 165ft Long Range Model is perfect for outdoor cooking and takes the worry out of monitoring meat. It requires no wires, working through your smartphone on its own. You can monitor your cook’s progress in real-time with the app that comes for free with it.
  • This dishwasher-safe meat thermometer is perfect for monitoring the internal temperature of cooked or uncooked meats. It has dual sensors that can measure up to 212°F and 527°F respectively, so you know your food will result in a perfectly cooked meal every time.
  • The Guided Cook System provides you with all the information needed to cook your food perfectly and consistently, including how long to cook it for depending on temperature or time. It also includes an advanced algorithm that can help plan your meals and manage your time.
  • The Connectivity Suite is a Bluetooth-enabled phone and tablet app that lets you monitor your cook from any device. It also gives you the option of using MEATER Link WiFi, which allows for monitoring remotely over a computer or smartphone.

13. Yunbaoit Grill Thermometer, 500 FT Range&Dual Probes

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  • The wireless meat thermometer features a strong and stable signal, providing 500FT of remote range. It allows you to monitor your food without needing to stay in the kitchen or near the grill/oven/smoker all day. You also have more time outside when cooking meats with this device.
  • The grill thermometer can measure a wide range of 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300° C) with ±1.8 degrees F (+/- 1 degree C) accuracy and it takes only 1-3 seconds for the probes to reach their surface temperature. The food thermometer helps you cook meat perfectly, maintain its nutrition and taste, as well as avoid under or overcooking the product.
  • The digital meat thermometer that has 10 different types of settings and 5 levels of doneness is the perfect tool for BBQ enthusiasts. With probe2, you can even measure grill/smoker temperature while you’re barbecuing.
  • The wireless meat thermometer has a wide-view screen with a backlit function. You can see the temperature on the screen clearly, in dim light or under sunlight. The timer will count down and up to alert you when your desired temperature is reached – all without laying your eyes on anything.

Tips and guide to buying the best Grill Thermometer

The best grill thermometers should be checked for their accuracy, and wireless capabilities. Some also have a laser that reads the temperature of food’s surface so if you want an easy way to know when your meat is cooked just place it on top.


One of the most important features to look for in a grill thermometer is accuracy. All thermometers are not created equal, so it’s important to do your research and find one that is known for its accuracy. Look for brands like ThermoWorks, ThermoPro, or Inkbird that have a reputation for making accurate products.

Wireless Capabilities

Some grill thermometers have wireless capabilities that allow you to monitor your food from inside the house or on another deck entirely. Models with remote probes are also great for smokers, grills, and ovens since they save you the hassle of constantly opening up the lid just to check on meat temperature. Look for models with long cords so you can get readings without having to open up the lid while cooking. This is especially useful when smoking large cuts of meat where checking temperatures frequently can change your doneness levels.

Timer/Alarm Features

Most grill thermometers come with some sort of timer or alarm system so you know when your food is done cooking without constantly watching over it. Look for models that offer both so you can set it and forget it.

Laser-Guided Thermometers

Although laser-guided Grill Thermometers are more expensive, they make grilling a breeze because they help you read cooking zone temperature accurately. They work by emitting a laser from the grill lid that reflects off of the meat surface back to the probe, which gives you an accurate reading without opening up the lid once. This is great for smoking large cuts of meat because opening up the smoker or grill too often allows heat to escape and can alter your results.

Lid Mounted Models vs In-Meat Insertion

Some Grill Thermometers have models with clips that attach to the grate while others have long metal probes that insert into your food from outside of the grill. If you are grilling or smoking large cuts of meat, look for the probe models because the clip-on may fall in when you lift up the lid.

Temperature Range

The overall range of your Grill Thermometer is very important especially if it’s a grill with searing heat or one that cooks at high temperatures where there could be great differences between the inside and outside. For example, without a wide temperature range on your meat thermometer, there may be some major issues with accuracy considering how hot some gas grills get. Always look into the specific ranges that a particular model features to make sure that it will work well with whatever type of heater you have. Different from ovens, grills feature extremely high heats which can cause problems for inaccurate thermometers that may not be able to read past a certain temperature.


When looking into materials, you want to make sure that the probe is made of a durable material that can withstand high heat. The best option would be a stainless steel probe because it will resist rust over time.

Thermometer Calibration

Calibrating your Grill Thermometer is extremely important for proper usage because if the thermometer is not calibrated to the correct temperatures, it won’t give you accurate results. To do this, there are usually two types of calibration instruments that come with an analog thermometer. One type is a needle gauge that goes along the stem and the other is a dial gauge that you can read off of. You simply adjust the calibration to match up with an independent known temperature such as boiling water which should be at roughly 212°F (100°C).

Tips for using your Grill Thermometer

Now that you’ve bought the best Grill Thermometer for your needs, here are some tips on how to use it for the perfect cookout:

  • When calibrating your thermometer, be sure to do so in a consistent environment. For example, do not calibrate it in direct sunlight because temperatures can vary greatly depending on the time of day. The best option would be to calibrate it indoors in the presence of nothing but your grill or oven that you will be using.
  • When checking the internal temperature, always check near the end of cook times because food typically takes longer to cook at higher temperatures. For example, if you are cooking a chicken cutlet at medium-high heat, it will likely reach 165°F (74°C) after about 10 minutes, but if you are cooking a whole chicken at the same temperature, it may take an hour or more.
  • If you are using a probe thermometer, always insert it into the thickest part of the meat to get an accurate reading.
  • When grilling or smoking large cuts of meat, be sure to use the lid-mounted thermometer models so that you can keep track of the cooking temperature without opening the grill. This will help to maintain heat and prevent any potential losses.
  • If your thermometer has a timer, be sure to use it in conjunction with the probe thermometer so you can time when your meats will be ready to eat.
  • If you are planning on cooking in lower or fluctuating heat levels, it may be worthwhile to invest in a model that allows for different probes so that you can monitor the internal temperature of more than one cut of meat at a time.
  • When grilling, it is important to clean your thermometer after each use. This can be done by either wiping it down with a damp cloth or using a cleaning solution specifically meant for thermometers. Failure to do so may lead to inaccurate readings in the future.

FAQs about a Grill Thermometer

What are the Benefits of Using a Thermometer?            

There are many benefits to using a thermometer over simply relying on time estimates. Some may include: Prevents undercooking or overcooking meats Allows you to monitor progress without having to endanger your hands Helps prevent burning meat by maintaining an ideal temperature Maintains consistency in food quality

How do I measure the temperature of my grill?                

You can get a grill thermometer from your local hardware store or you can simply use an oven/meat thermometer. The best option is to buy a grill thermometer because it provides the most accurate results. To measure the temperature of your grill, simply place the probe through a vent in the hood of the lid and then close it up. Then, read the temperature of the grill on your thermometer.

Can meat thermometers be accurate?                

Yes, meat thermometers are accurate as long as they have been properly calibrated. This is a simple process that can be done with most models and it just requires matching the gauge on the thermometer to an independent temperature, such as boiling water.

What is the best way to calibrate my Grill Thermometer?                

The best way to calibrate your Grill Thermometer will depend on the type of thermometer you have. For analog models, you will usually have either a needle or dial gauge. For digital models, you may have to use a software program or app that is provided by the manufacturer. In general, it is best to calibrate in a consistent environment away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. For example, you can calibrate your thermometer indoors by placing it in a pan of boiling water.

Can I use my Grill Thermometer for other types of cooking?        

Yes, most Grill Thermometers can be used for other types of cooking such as smoking, roasting and even baking. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure that your particular model is capable of doing so.

How do I clean my Grill Thermometer after use?                    

In order to properly clean your grill thermometer, you can either wipe down the probe with a damp cloth or use a thermometer-specific cleaning solution. Be sure not to submerge your thermometer in the water and make sure that it is completely dry before storing.


Using a Grill Thermometer is a great way to ensure that your meat is cooked evenly and to the correct temperature. By following the tips provided in this article, you can choose the best thermometer for your needs and make sure that it is properly calibrated for accurate readings. Additionally, be sure to clean your thermometer after each use in order to maintain its accuracy. With these simple steps, you will be able to cook delicious and safe grilled meats every time.

That’s it, we’ve shared 13 of the best grill thermometers on the market. Now you can make sure that your meat is cooked to perfection without having to cut into each piece or constantly check with a temperature probe. Whether you’re grilling for 10 people or just yourself and one other person, these products will ensure an easy cooking experience with perfectly grilled food every time! If you want more information about any of these items, click through to find out more details. We highly recommend purchasing one today so that next weekend when it’s time for some BBQing there won’t be any doubt in how well done your burgers are.

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