A Review Of 11 Best Apple Peelers You Should Buy On Amazon

Apple peelers are a delicious, healthy snack. You can make tea with them or use them in salads as an ingredient! Some people even remove the skin to create apple pie snacks for their kids and pets. But if you’re looking for something faster than using a knife- Apple Peeler will do wonders on all of those stubborn pieces that always seem impossible without causing damage to fingers (or teeth!).

If you’re an avid cook, you know the importance of having a good apple peeler. It can make peeling apples so much easier and faster – which is especially helpful if you’re making an apple pie or another dish that calls for peeled apples. If you’re in the market for a new apple peeler, check out our list of the 11 best ones you can buy on Amazon. We’ve included peelers of all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Keep reading for more information on each option.

How to use Apple Peeler?

Before you purchase an apple peeler, it’s important to understand how it works. Most apple peelers are simple devices that consist of a few basic parts: an arm or handle a blade, and a cradle or stand. The armor handle is what you use to hold the apple peeler, and the blade is what peels the apple. The blade typically rotates around an axis, and the peeler comes with a crank that attaches to the bottom of the blade. As you turn the crank, it spins the blade while also pulling it down toward your apple. When this happens, a strip of skin is peeled away from the apple, leaving behind a newly “peeled” apple.

How to use Apple Peeler

List of 11 Best Apple Peelers Reviews

1. Johnny Apple Peeler with Suction Base VKP1010

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  • Peel and core any apple variety with this easy-to-use peeler. The quick and easy body design means that you can peel any apple quickly and easily. The cast iron blades are stainless steel and the peeling blade is adjustable for a thick or thin peel, so you can get the perfect peel for your apple. 
  • The handle is wood, making it comfortable to hold, and the suction base ensures that you can keep your apple peeled even in situations where other peelers might not work. Product Dimensions: 12-1/2″L x 4-1/16″W x 5-3/4″H; Made In Taiwan.

2. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

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  • If you’re looking for an easy and fast way to remove the skin from apples, look no further than the Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler. This fast and easy-to-use product is perfect for peeling apples quickly – without making a mess. The peeler has a fast arm that adapts to different shapes and varieties of apples, as well as a bonus corer slicer for slicing and preparing apple pies. 
  • Plus, its suction-grip feet make it stable even when handling large chunks of apples. Best of all, it comes with a bonus corer slicer so you can quickly and easily remove the entire apple with just one pass.

3. Apple Peeler Slicer Corer 3 in 1 Slinky Machine Durable Heavy Duty

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  • The apple spiral peeler is made from the most durable and stable stainless steel. It won’t rust, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.
  • The Apple Peel Machine is an efficient and easy-to-use peeler. It can be used simultaneously to peel, coring, and slice apples in just seconds. It has a turn-the-handle design that makes it simple and convenient to use. As well, the Apple Peel Machine is precision Cut technology which means you get slices without any loss of quality or accuracy.
  • The Apple Peeler, Slicer, and Corer is a versatile tool that makes preparing apples for pies, tarts, salads, and canning easy. The orange citrus peelers are also good for removing the peel of oranges, lemons/limes, etc.
  • The Apple Pear Potato Peelers Corer and Slicer Machine is a heavy-duty cast iron machine that can be used to peel apples, potatoes, or other fruit. It has a flat vacuum suction countertop base and a thin metal side clamp for secure placement on your kitchen counter or tabletop. The machine has a corer and slicer that are both incredibly efficient with their cutting abilities.
  • The Apple corer slicer peeler is a high-quality and durable slicer that measures 11.8 x 3.94 x 5.1 inches in size and is made out of food-grade material. It’s hand-washed with a damp cloth to clean it, making it safe for use in the dishwasher.

4. Prepworks by Progressive Apple Peeler and Corer Machine



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  • The Apple Corer Slicer Peeler is a great product. It measures 11.8 x 3.94 x 5.1 inches, and it is made of cast iron so it will not corrode or tarnish over time. The food-grade material makes this device safe to use in the dishwasher, which is perfect for stainless steel parts.
  • Additionally, the Mounting Options allow you to place this machine on your counter or tabletop so that you can peel, core, and slice apples quickly and easily without having to take your time slicing them into small pieces first.

5. Apple Peeler and Corer by Cucina Pro

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  • The perfect peeler for your apple corer needs – the Cucina Pro Apple Peeler has a stronghold and chrome cast iron construction for years of service. The peeler is also easy to use with its suction cup adheres to the countertop with a stronghold peels, slices, and cores in one simple motion. 
  • Great for peeling potatoes. The handle of your apple peeler might appear like it’s on backward when you receive it – this is to keep the product safe during transportation. You should remove the handle and put it back on correctly upon receipt. The CucinaPro Apple Peeler does it all. It peels cores and slices your apple with the turn of a handle. It features a suction mount.

6. COWSTOOK Automatic Apple Peeler, COWSTOOK(Red)

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  • This button design is humanized, so you can just gently press it to start peeling automatically. There’s a movable fixed needle that adapts to different vegetables and fruits height, and the Robotized arm can adjust the thickness and automatic balance in the peeling process. This way, the Peeler keeps peeled vegetables evenly sliced without any waste or disturbance.
  • New kitchen peelers come with 18 replacement stainless steel blades and 1 plastic knife. These tools are gifted underneath the peeling machine, so you can get a better quality product for your money.
  • Dulux’s durable and environmentally friendly peeler is made from high-quality ABS and stainless steel. It peels fruits and vegetables quickly, without nicks, cuts, or wasted chunks of fruit or vegetable. The non-slip base keeps the peeler steady on the desk or other working place.
  • The head of the kitchen knife can be disassembled for quick peeling. The blade can be rotated to achieve quick peeling and avoid the trouble of hurting your hand with traditional Knife techniques. This product is powered by 4* AA batteries (not included).
  • The electric peeler can be used for multiple purposes, such as peeling fruits or vegetables. The upper and lower parts of the peeler are firmly connected, so you can quickly and easily Peel fruits and vegetables with it.

7. Tatida Apple Peeler, Stainless Steel

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  • This apple peeler slicer corer is made of high-quality Die-Cast stainless steel, which means it won’t rust and will be very durable. It also has greater stability and strength than other steel-based peelers.
  • With the help of an Apple peeler machine, you can quickly and easily slice apples and coring them at the same time. Plus, it slices and cores apples simultaneously. This is a great way to get started with apple Peeling.
  • The apple peeler can be firmly gripped on a smooth surface, and it will stay put even when you try to remove the apple skin. This is important because it means that you won’t have to worry about losing the Peeler in between your hands.
  • Quick and easy snacks with the help of an apple peeler are a great way to have healthy and delicious options. Plus, by slicing apples into different types of salads or meals, you can make a lot of tasty snacks in one fell swoop.

8. Tatida Apple Peeler Corer

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  • The apple peeler is made of high-quality, durable Ultra- Strong Die-Cast Alloy and 304 Stainless Steel Blades. It has advanced technology and materials to ensure its greater stability and strength, will not rust or corrode and can be used for a long time without wear.
  • The vacuum rubber suction base on the peeler is designed to hold firmly onto smooth or non-porous surfaces. When you flip the lever, it will stay attached to the surface by suction thanks to its powerful vacuum. After adding some water performance, this Peeler should be able to handle even more difficult tasks.
  • The Apple Peeler Machine is versatile and perfect for peeled, cored, and sliced apples in just seconds. It can slice and cores at the same time or peel without coring or slicing. This machine is great for potatoes, pears, etc.
  • With the Easy to Use Peeler, it’s much easier and more efficient to peel apples than using a knife chopper. You can use this peeler for seniors or children as it is much more fun and efficient than using a knife- which is typically used for peeling fruits and vegetables.

9. COOAK Apple Peeler, Stainless Steel Apple Corer Slicer Peeler

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  • This apple peeler is made from durable stainless steel, meaning it won’t rust and will be very strong. It also has great stability so it won’t break or bend easily.
  • Apple peeling machines are easy to use and can be quickly turned into a slicing machine or a coring machine. Additionally, the slices and cores can be done simultaneously or just peels without coring or slicing. The apple peeling machines also have a wipe-clean feature so you don’t have to worry about leaving any residue on your apple surfaces.
  • The Apple Peeler, Slicer, and Corer is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for preparing apples for pies, tarts, salads, and canning. The orange citrus peelers are especially useful to remove the peel of oranges (lemon), lemons (grapefruit), limes (lime). It’s easy to wash and clean.
  • With a strong suction base, this product firmly gripped and smooth non-porous surfaces. It is perfect for apple pies or pear fruit tarts, potato au gratin, or fresh apple slices in cool spiral shapes for kids after school snacks.

10. Cast Magnesium Apple Peeler by Spiralizer

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  • The Cast Magnesium Apple Peeler by Spiralizer is made to last. It’s forged from ultra-strong die-cast magnesium, not brittle steel for greater stability and strength. The Highest Quality – Rust-proof Chrome Plated Winding Rod and 3 prong extension with safety cap. 
  • Stainless Steel Blades and Chrome Plated Parts and Poly Handle. Easy To Use – Powerful Rubber Vacuum Base holds onto tabletop for tremendous stability. Excellent peeler for seniors and those with arthritis. Versatile – Slices, Cores and Peels Tomatoes, Fruits, Apples and Potatoes. Easy to Wash and Clean Fruit Knife.Live Friendly Customer Support & Lifetime Warranty – All of our Spiraliators have a lifetime warranty.

11. Johnny Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer, Pie Maker, Red VKP1010

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  • The perfect tool for any apple lover, the Johnny Apple Peeler is a quick and easy way to peel, core, and slice any apple variety. The quick-acting Coring/Slicing Blade can be quickly removed for potatoes with its stainless steel cutting blades for a perfect even peel. 
  • The easy-to-read display shows you how much fruit is left after each peel and the blade is adjustable for a thick or thin peel. With a built-in safety feature and a 5-year warranty, it’s your assurance that this product will outlast any other option on the market.

Tips and guide to buying the best Apple Peeler

What are some important features I should consider when looking for an apple peeler? There are several aspects to consider when purchasing your apple peeler, including:


Without a doubt, the best apple peelers will be sturdy and durable. This is especially important because apple peelers are handheld devices; they must be durable enough to last through many uses. Look specifically for apple peelers that are made with stainless steel blades and cranks, which provide the most durability.


It’s also important to make sure your apple peeling device can handle all of your apple-peeling needs, including removing skin from more than just apples! If you’re looking for an all-around apple peeler, look for options that come with more blades, such as a blade to remove the seeds along with the skin or an additional blade that removes the core while it peels. You may even want to consider buying an apple slicer in addition to your apple peeler so you have everything you need in one convenient package.

Ease of use

Apple peeling devices should be easy to use, so you can effortlessly peel your apple in one quick motion. Make sure the apple peeler is comfortable and easy to hold by looking for options that are lightweight and ergonomically designed. You’ll also want to make sure that there’s little risk of getting cut or nicked while using an apple peeler, as it shouldn’t have any blades exposed when you’re holding it with fruit inserted into it. Also, look for models that require minimal effort on your part – automatic peeling machines work best.

Electric vs. Manual 

When it comes to apple peelers, there are two types: electric and manual. Electric apple peelers are powered by a motor, which makes them faster and easier to use than manual models. However, they can be more expensive and require batteries or an outlet to operate. Manual apple peelers are cheaper and don’t require any extra power, but they can be more difficult to use and may take a little longer to get the job done.


Apple peelers are typically made of durable materials, such as stainless steel or plastic. Before purchasing your apple peeler, you should consider what material will be best for your needs. If you plan on using the apple peeler often, opt for one that’s made from higher-quality metal instead of plastic to ensure durability. However, if you don’t plan on using it too often, a plastic apple peeler will do just fine.

FAQs about an Apple Peeler

Do apple peelers really work?

Yes, apple peelers do work! They’re simple devices that use a rotating blade to quickly peel the skin off of apples.

Do I need an apple corer if I have an apple peeler?

No, you typically don’t need an apple corer if you have an apple peeler. An apple corer is an additional tool that comes with some apple peelers and is used to cut out the core of the apple. Since it’s typically removed along with the skin when using an apple peeler, you don’t need a separate apple corer.

Are electric apple peelers worth it?

Electric apple peelers can definitely be worth it – they’re typically faster and easier to use than manual apple peelers, so they can save you time in the kitchen. However, this is only true if you’ll actually use your apple peeler often. If you don’t plan on using it very much, a manual apple peeler will do just fine for simple tasks like peeling an apple or two.

How do I clean my apple peeler?

Cleaning your apple peeler is a breeze – most of them can be washed with just soap and water. However, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before washing to avoid damaging the device. You may also want to consider purchasing a model that’s dishwasher-safe.

How do you peel apples quickly?

The easiest way to peel apples quickly is to use an apple peeler. If you don’t have one, you can also use a sharp paring knife and cut out the core of the apple before peeling it with your knife.


Apple peelers are a convenient tool to have in the kitchen, and they come in both electric and manual varieties. Before purchasing one, you should decide if you want an apple corer included and whether you want an electric or manual model. You should also consider what material the apple peeler is made of, as well as how easy it is to clean. Finally, think about how often you’ll use the apple peeler and whether the price is worth it for you. All in all, apple peelers are a handy tool to have around, and they make peeling apples a breeze.

We hope you found our list of the 11 best apple peelers on Amazon helpful. Check out one or more of these products to make your life easier when it comes time for cooking, baking, and even with food prep at work. If there are any other kitchen gadgets that you’ve used but didn’t see here, let us know in the comments below.

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