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 Chilaquiles with tortilla chips is a dish that is eaten all over Mexico. They are typically made with corn tortillas that have been fried, covered in a red or green sauce, and then topped with cheese or cream.

Chilaquiles with tortilla chips is delicious food

Chilaquiles with tortilla chips is delicious food

Ingredients for chilaquiles with tortilla chips

  • Red or green salsa (optional).
  • 1/2 cup Chipotle.
  • Cup of chicken broth (or broth of your choice).
  • Arrange green onions on top (optional).
  • Cheese (optional).
  • Tortilla chips.
  • Shred the chicken with chicken broth, add salsa and cornstarch, pan fry. Add cheese to mix. 

Instructions for chilaquiles with tortilla chips

  • Place tortilla chips on a plate and cover with the chilaquiles.
  • Garnish with cheese, onions, sour cream, avocado slices, or any other ingredient you like.
  • Enjoy with tortilla chips.
  • The chilaquiles recipe above is a basic chilaquiles recipe, which you can modify to your own preference – use different types of chili, add more or less salsa or cheese, etc. Iguanas don’t like chilaquiles, so I’d rather not either…

Enjoy with tortilla chips

Enjoy with tortilla chips.

Cooking notes for chilaquiles with tortilla chips

  • Drain the chicken stock so that there will be no water in the chilaquiles.
  • A scrap of the excess fat on the tortilla chips, it can make your stomach feel bloated.
  • Use a mixer to combine the ingredients, it can make chilaquiles more delicious than just using a spoon and fork to mix it.
  • Add sour cream and avocado slices to your chilaquiles recipe for an amazing flavor.
  • If you put too much salsa in your tortilla chips, it can make your chilaquiles taste a little too strong, so try to keep the salsa to a minimum.

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Some questions about chilaquiles with tortilla chips

Is it worth using tortilla chips in a dish if you could use corn tortillas?

Tortilla chips are the traditional and most used for chilaquiles. They are hardy and can be used to make different types of chilaquiles recipes. If you don’t have tortilla chips, you may use corn tortillas.

Is it okay to use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth when making chilaquiles with tortilla chips?

 If you use chicken broth, it will help your tortilla chips to be crispy and crunchy. Vegetable broth may leave the tortilla dough soft and mushy, especially if it is not cooked fully, you may find that your chilaquiles aren’t as crunchy as they could be.

Why do people like to add cheese to their chilaquiles recipe?

It’s a personal preference, if you don’t like cheese, then you don’t have to add it.

Add cheese to chilaquiles recipe

Add cheese to chilaquiles recipe

Does the amount of salsa you add affect the taste of your chilaquiles?

The amount of salsa you use is all up to your liking. If you want a creamier flavor, then add more salsa and cheese.

Is it okay to add hot sauce to your tortilla chips?

I’d suggest just adding a little pinch of hot sauce to make it taste better.

Why do people put shredded cabbage in their chilaquiles recipe?

 People often put shredded cabbage in their chilaquiles recipe because adding shredded cabbage will give the dish a better texture and a fresher flavor.

What makes the best chilaquiles recipe?

  • Adding shredded chicken and cheese will make the best chilaquiles recipe.
  • The tortilla chips you use for your chilaquiles recipe have to be fresh and crispy because that is the most important ingredient in making a tasty chilaquiles recipe.
  • The red or green salsa you use for your chilaquiles recipe has to be fresh and spicy.
  • The vegetables you choose to add to your chilaquiles recipe should be crunchy and fresh in order to make a great-tasting chilaquiles recipe.
  • The green onions you use for your chilaquiles recipe should be fresh and crispy, which can make the plate look a little more cheerful.
  • Sour cream on top of the chilaquiles will make it more delicious.
  • The chilaquiles recipe should have the right amount of cheese, sour cream, and salsa to make it taste amazing.
  • The recipe should have enough chicken broth to make the chilaquiles smell and taste amazing.
  • Cheese is an important ingredient for a delicious chilaquiles recipe, so don’t forget to use it!
  • When making the best chilaquiles recipe, you have to be creative and use your imagination since that will allow you to boost your creativity and intelligence!

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Are there any schools of thought on what makes a great chilaquiles recipe?

 A great chilaquiles recipe will have a good amount of salsa, chicken broth, and cheese. Some people even add tortilla chips as the main ingredient for their chilaquiles recipe. This can make a crunchy texture and provides the best taste.

Why do people like to mix their cream with their tortilla chips?

If you mix your cream with your tortilla chips, it can make the chilaquiles taste even better.

Ice cream with tortilla chips

Ice cream with tortilla chips

Who invented the chilaquiles recipe with tortilla chips?

The chilaquiles recipe with tortilla chips was invented by the Mexican chef Ignacio Anaya in about the year 1932. 

What are the differences between chilaquiles and nachos?

Nachos are usually served with melted cheese, while chilaquiles use sour cream, and some of them have no cheese.

“Chilaquiles with tortilla chips” is an easy-to-make meal that can be adapted in many different ways, and has been served in many different restaurants across Mexico. The great thing about this recipe is that you can use your own imagination and creativity to make the best chilaquiles recipe – just use your favorite ingredients.

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