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 Chilaquiles with chorizo ​​is a delicious Mexican dish made with fried corn tortillas and topped with salsa Picante and crumbled Mexican chorizo. This dish constitutes one of the many typical breakfast dishes in Mexico and is often eaten as a hearty entree. It’s also a common dish to prepare on Sundays because it can be prepared the night before and then reheated in the oven or microwave. 

The recipe for chilaquiles varies from region to region, but is always centered around tortillas that are soaked in water, fried until crispy, mixed with salsa Picante or tomato sauce, eggs scrambled into to until set firmly yet still moist, then topped with crumbled chorizo meat. 

Chilaquiles with chorizo ​​is the perfect combination

Chilaquiles with chorizo ​​is the perfect combination

Ingredients for chilaquiles with chorizo

  • 3 or 4 corn tortillas.
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.
  • 2 eggs, beaten.
  • Salt & pepper to taste.
  • 1/4 cup salsa Picante.
  • 1/2 cup crumbled Mexican chorizo (approximately).
  • Cheddar cheese grated in a quarter cup.
  • 2 cloves diced garlic.

Instructions for chilaquiles with chorizo

  • A medium skillet should be heated over medium heat. Add 1 tbsp of oil, the shredded Cheddar cheese, and diced garlic. (optional: use 1 tsp. of chili powder).
  • Add 1-2 tortillas at a time to the pan and fry until browned on each side, approximately 2 minutes per side. Set aside in a ziplock bag or bowl lined with paper towels.
  • Heat another large skillet with the remaining vegetable oil on medium heat and add the remaining tortillas, one at a time to check for crispness. When all tortillas are fried, add them immediately to the salsa Picante.
  • Add the eggs and stir well to combine with the tortilla batter.
  • Top with shredded Cheddar cheese, crumbled Mexican chorizo, and additional salsa Picante to taste.
  • Garnish with a choice of garnishes.

Decorate Chilaquiles with chorizo

Decorate Chilaquiles with chorizo

Cooking notes for chilaquiles with chorizo

  • Making ahead is possible if you so desire. Prepare the chilaquiles as instructed up to adding the eggs, then turn off the heat and cover with a tight lid. Allow it to sit for at least 2 hours before adding in the egg mixture to ensure the crispiness of the tortillas. 
  • To reheat, place in a pan or oven on low heat for 15 minutes or until warmed through and the cheese has melted fully.
  • If needed, add more salsa Picante if you desire a spicier dish.
  • For a vegetarian rendition, skip the meat and eggs. Use shredded cheese instead.

Use shredded cheese for dishes

Use shredded cheese for dishes

Some questions about chilaquiles with chorizo

1. What are the variations of chilaquiles with chorizo?

  • Sliced radishes and fresh cilantro or diced avocado.
  • White onion sautéed in oil until clear, then add the tortillas.
  • Use just salsa verde instead of salsa Picante.
  • Add crumbled low-fat queso fresco instead of shredded Cheddar cheese, or use half and half.
  • Use yogurt instead of eggs. The result is a fluffy omelet-like texture.

2. What do chilaquiles with chorizo taste like? 

 It is made with fried tortillas, so it has a distinct crunchiness to it, with a heartier texture due to the chorizo and eggs. It has a slightly sweet and savory taste, but spicy at the same time.  It is also creamy from the addition of eggs.

3. How much chorizo can I use?

Mexican chorizo is the pork variety with very fat in it. Use as desired, up to 1/2 can since the dish lacks meat but has protein from eggs and cheese.

 For example: If you do not like chorizo, you can omit it and use 1/4 cup of shredded. Cheddar cheese instead, or up to 2oz per person if they are vegetarian or exclude meat altogether. (check the label for more information on sodium content).

You need to use chorizo ​​in moderation

You need to use chorizo ​​in moderation

4. What are chilaquiles in the U.S.?

In the United States, chilaquiles are prepared with green or red salsa instead of salsa Picante, but it has no relation to that dish and is not made with fried tortillas.

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5. How does chilaquiles with chorizo taste?

The main flavors come from salsa and cheese, which is quite strong so only a little bit is needed to have a delicious dish. This helps prevent you from eating too much and adds an extra layer of flavor. The taste of eggs can be detected in every bite when they’re cooked just right.

6. Can I use salsa verde instead of salsa Picante in this recipe?

Yes, However, salsa verde is less spicy than salsa Picante, as it was made for fresh green tomatoes and not ripened red tomatoes like salsa Picante is made from.

7. What are some toppings that can be added to chilaquiles with chorizo?

  • Sliced radishes and fresh cilantro or diced avocado.
  • Green onions, green peppers, and/or red bell peppers sautéed in oil until clear, then add the tortillas.
  • Black olives.
  • Sour cream.

8. How many calories does this dish have?

This dish has approximately 160 calories per serving without garnish, with 2 eggs and 1 tbsp of salsa Picante.  It also has 15g of fat, depending on how much cheese you add to the dish, it is high in fat due to the meat and cheese. For a vegan rendition, omit eggs and cheese, use shredded soy chorizo instead.

Chilaquiles with chorizo is a delicious dish that makes for an easy weeknight meal. If you like Mexican food, this recipe is a definite go-to recipe. Enjoy!

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